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Harry Potter: King of the Amazons

Chapter 15

After killing the basilisk and the specter of Voldemort Darna had reappeared in the Chamber with the Weasley girl who was beginning to come to, only to faint again when she saw Pythos. Leaving Pythos in the Chamber to explore the tunnels and see what all there was he and Darna had made their way back up the tunnel to find the five professors from before standing where he had left them along with the rest of the Weasley family.

After delivering the daughter, and having to refuse to marry the girl ten separate times, he finally managed to leave and return to his island. Exams were cancelled afterwards as a 'school treat' so he simply stayed on the island and spend time training with his friends and simply being with his family.

Partway through the summer he received his usual letter from the school with his booklists only, to his anger, to find that Dumbledore had tried to change what his elective courses were. After going to the school and drawing his now poisoned blade on the Headmaster he got the correct schedule and went to Diagon Alley to get his books and supplies. While in the alley he learned about Sirius Black, a mass murderer who had been the one to sell his parents out to Voldemort. When he had learned of that fact he had vowed to do everything he could to find Sirius Black, capture him, and put him through an Amazonian Trial.

Eventually the day of September the first dawned and he had his wives, children, and Darna join him in the train car that journeyed to Hogwarts, laughing merrily at his Children's antics as they ran around the large compartment. Halfway through the journey though the train slammed to a halt and a bone chilling cold filled the air. Almost instantly his children fell to the ground sobbing hysterically while his wives began shaking and shivering. He himself was racked with shudders as his mind relived the horrible beatings and abuse he had endured at the hands of his aunt and uncle.

Darna had quickly explained that it was Dementors, something he and the others had learned about the previous year when they were researching what the monster was, and he growled in fury. Ordering Darna to take his wives and children back to the citadel he went to work, tracking down every dementor he came across and stabbing it with his sword, their frail bodies unable to stand up to physical blows as they quickly crumpled before him until the survivors fled into the night.

When the train stopped at Hogsemede station the Minister of Magic was waiting there, along with the woman with the Monocle from when he first returned to England and some woman who looked like a toad. An argument had ensued that gained the attention of the majority of the students disembarking the train. The Ministry, or at least Fudge ad the toad woman, wanted him arrested for killing the dementors while the woman with the monocle seemed rather pleased at their destruction. They had looked rather defeated when he pointed out that the train was a part of the school, which he owned, and that he had not given his permission for the dementors to be there at all. When they tried insisting that the dementors guard the school against Sirius Black he had put his foot down and flat out refused, pointing out that he had an army of his own to protect the School if need be.

The trio had quickly slunk off at his declaration and he had entered the school. Dumbledore, to his surprise, hadn't been angry at his slaying of the dementors until he found out that, for once, the old man had a similar opinion to himself on something and found the Dementors just as repugnant as he did.

The first two months of the new year were rather simple and boring if he was honest, with nothing exciting happening of note other than him beginning his lessons in Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. On Halloween night, shortly after the feast, as he was talking with his friends in Slytherin for the evening they were all called back to the Great Hall to see the other three houses there as well. Neville explained to them that Sirius Black had tried to break into Gryffindor Tower and had made an escape after slashing at the portrait guardian to the tower.

The school was searched but there was no sign of Sirius Black. The next day he called in different groups to guard the School. During the day the main grounds and the school itself were guarded by High Elves and the traditional Amazon women while at night the Drow took their place. The forest was guarded by the Forest elves and the lake by the Water Elves.

After the break in people began questioning what Sirius Black was actually after as, before the attack, it had been common belief that Sirius Black had broken out of Azkaban to kill him. But since it was common knowledge that he was a Slytherin instead of a Gryffindor then people began wondering what he was really after.

As the year progressed he received several reports from the elves and amazons stationed at the school of one of the Gryffindors in his year, the arrogant Hermione Granger, being in more than one place at once. After having one of his Drow tail her he discovered that she had a time travel device known as a 'time turner'. He quickly confiscated the device from her and, when she complained about it being taken from her, pointed out that having a device that gives her almost infinitely more time to study and attend more lessons was cheating, plain and simple.

It was in March that Sirius Black was caught, trying to sneak in through the forest when one of the forest elves, Izmira, caught him transforming into a large black dog. He was captured and taken to the island before he invited the woman with the monocle to witness for the British Ministry during the man's trial.

After tying the man to a chair in the courtroom he had Propheta administer a potion known as 'veritaserum' which forced him to tell the truth. Through use of the potion he discovered that Sirius Black hadn't betrayed his parents, was his godfather, and was trying to hunt down his parents real betrayer, one Peter Pettigrew, who was a rat animagus and was in hiding as Ron Weasley's pet rat.

The monocle woman, Amelia Bones, quickly returned to the British Ministry and signed Sirius Black's pardon while sending out memories of the trial to Fudge and the other department heads as well as a squad of aurors to arrest Pettigrew.

Within the hour he learned of the aurors failing to catch Pettigrew as the rat escaped without a trace.

Sirius Black was released and sent to the Wizarding Hospital St. Mongos to receive medical care and recover from his stay in Azkaban before doing anything major. The year went surprisingly smoothly after that but he spent the entire month before, during, and after the exams twitching nervously, expecting to have to face some giant monster or series of traps.