HARRY POTTER – Life of Independency




"Hey boy! Get up!" the knocking and banging on the cupboard aka his bedroom kept up until Harry Potter got up and pushed open the door.

"What kept you so long boy...breakfast isn't on the table and you are still sleeping" his uncle bellowed, spit flying haphazardly.

This is usually how his day began with his uncle yelling at him and being so used to it, Harry had learnt to just brush it off but today was a bit worse as he hasn't been feeling too well which was why he had mistakenly slept in. Usually he is up at dawn to clean the house and make breakfast for his aunt, uncle and cousin, not that it helped avoid his uncle's and aunt's yelling. He dragged himself to the kitchen and made breakfast for his "family" and after they ate and left the dishes to be sorted out by him, he found little scraps of food at the bottom of the pot and ate, before dragging himself up to finish up his chores.

When he felt like he was going to faint as he was too weak to be doing anything he snuck into the first-aid kit and took some pain relieve pills, luckily his "family" had left him at home to visit the museum as it was his cousin Dudley's birthday and won't be home until late at night which was fine by Harry.

This has been Harry's life for as long as he could remember because according to his aunt, his parents died in car crash when he was just one year old and he had been according to her "saddled" with them ever since because they were the only relatives he had left. At the age of nine, he had never known a mother or father's love as he had always been maltreated by the Dursleys, he barely got to eat three square meals a day and slept in the dark cupboard under the stairs. At school he had no friends because anyone that associated with him ended up being beaten by Dudley and his gang of followers, which by the way Harry was used to as he has always been his cousin's punching bag for as long as he could remember and because he was so malnourished he was quite small and fast for his age which made it a lot easier for him to escape Dudley's beatings these days.

As he went to bed that night, he prayed as usual to himself that someone or something would come and rescue him from this suffering. And as usual as he slept, he dreamt of green flashing light, and flying motorbikes.

Little did Harry know that his prayers were about to be answered.

AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry this was a bit short, you know being the introductory chapter and all I couldn't make it too long but not to worry the next chapter is longer. Please review...I love feedbacks and if there are anything you guys think should be improved, don't hesitate to tell me about them :) Thanks for reading.