Two days before the trial, Harry apparated in Diagon Alley to buy some robes as he had decided that he couldn't just go into the trial dressed in Dudley's hand-me-downs, he was the Lord of a noble family and he had to dress to look the part. However before he headed to the shop called Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, he made sure to disguise himself as a muggleborn of his age, size and height, he did this so that when he gets himself fitted for the robes as a muggleborn, they would still fit him when he reverts back to his own form. An hour later, Harry had himself fitted a bagful of expensive but fine quality dress robes, before he then made his way to a shop that sold muggle clothes, as he needed to buy some normal clothes anyway, and being the first time Harry has ever had the chance to get clothes that fitted him, he had to admit that he did go a little overboard shopping for the clothes.

The night prior to the trial, Harry kept tossing and turning on his bed because he just couldn't get himself to sleep, and he had to admit it was because he keeps thinking about the trial and the fact that he would get to finally meet his godfather tomorrow, however there was still a little part of that was a little nervous and scared that Sirius won't be released even though with the evidence he had provided, it should be enough to get his godfather acquitted.

The next day, Harry was up, bright and early, made himself breakfast even though he barely ate any of the food, he was too excited and nervous to make himself eat anything. At 9am sharp, Harry flooed to Madam Bones's office, and on getting there, he was met by a stern but kind looking woman.

"You're Harry Potter, I take it?" she asked, a little bit surprised at the small boy that had just emerged from the fireplace.

"Yes, ma'am I am Harry Potter, pleased to make your acquaintance" the child replied with a slight bow. Madam Bones had to admit that she was a bit taken aback by how polite he was, as she led him out of her office and led him down a hall and when they got to the end of the hall they turned left and walked down another long hall. The walls were bare and there were no windows or doors except from a black one set at the very end of the hall, but much to Harry's surprise, they didn't go through the door, but instead they went past it and turned left again and found themselves in another hall however this hall looked a lot different from the other halls they had gone through. It had rough stone walls and torches in brackets, and it looked a lot like a scary hall in a medieval castle. The doors they passed here were heavy wooden ones with iron bolts and keyholes.

"Courtroom ten…we are nearly there, Harry" Madam Bones said gently to the child, sensing his nervousness. She suddenly felt a surge of maternal protection and sympathy for the child as she had an idea of how he was feeling at the moment. The child who had lost his parents at such a young age and then finding out that his godfather is being incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. That alone could make anyone fall into a pit of depression but as she had seen from the determined and stubborn look in the boy's green eyes, she could see that for such a young child that had experienced so much pain in his young life, he is quite strong.

Meanwhile, as soon as Madam Bones told him that they were almost at the trial room, Harry heart had begun to beat a violent tattoo against his chest and as they stopped in front of a grimy dark door with an immense iron lock, he silently prayed that the trial went well, not only for his sake but also for his poor, innocent godfather's. His breathe hitched as Madam Bones turned the heavy iron door handle and waited for him to step into the courtroom before she went in.

Harry gasped in surprise and awe at how grand the courtroom, he couldn't help himself. The walls of the room were made of dark stone, and dimly lit by torches. There were benches rising in levels along the walls of the square room, and held at least 200 people, including 50 at the far wall which had the highest rising benches. An empty chair stood in the very centre of the room. There was something about that chair that gave him the chills. Chains encircled the arms of it, as though its occupants were usually tied to it. He had a feeling that his godfather is going to have to seat in the chair for his trial.

Harry was still staring at the chair when Madam Bones gave him a gentle nudge to move, and they found a seat on a bench at the end of the room, the bench raised high above the others. He looked around him and saw that everyone seemed to be staring at the far end of the room, where there was a door. Just as he was about to turn to Madam Bones to ask when the trial was going to start, he heard footsteps. The door in the corner of the room opened and three people entered, or at least one man flanked by two tall cloaked creatures whose faces were completely hidden by their hoods, and were gliding slowly towards the chair in the centre of the room, each grasping one of the man's arms with their dead and rotten-looking hands. Harry's insides went cold. Harry had read about these creatures, they were dark creatures called Dementors that fed off human happiness and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them. The man between them looked as though he was about to faint, and as the dementors placed the man in the chained chair, everyone in the room recoiled slightly and they all breathed a silent sigh of relief as the dementors glided back out of the room. As they door swung shut behind them, Harry focused on the man now sitting in the chair. A mass of filthy, matted hair hung to his elbows, and if it hadn't been for the eyes shining out of the deep, dark socket, he might have been a corpse. The waxy skin was stretched so tightly over the bones of his face, it looked like a skull. He was dressed in thin and ragged robes and was slumped slightly in a resigned manner in the chair. As Harry watched, the chains on the arms of the chair glowed suddenly gold and snaked their way up, his godfather's arms, binding him there. His godfather didn't even move, and Harry was started to doubt if he had even felt it, he looked so resigned, as he had given up on life itself. Harry's felt a surge of anger at the people that had let this happen to his godfather, if they had done their investigation right, the poor man wouldn't even be sitting in that dreadful chair right now. He was pulled out of his thoughts when a voice rang out.

"Sirius Orion Black" said the curt voice to Harry's left. As the voice rang out, Madam Bones who Harry had forgotten about, reached out and squeezed his hand lightly in comfort, and all he could manage was a little smile at her before he turned his attention back to his godfather. "You were sent to Azkaban nine years ago for the killing of twelve muggles and a wizard, Peter Pettigrew in broad daylight in the middle of a street full of muggles and also for betraying the Potters to Lord Voldemort as their Secret Keeper; however it has come to our attention that you weren't given a trial before being convicted. How do you plead it?"

Sirius who had sat up straight in his chair as best as he could with him being tightly bound to it, glanced around the room, his expression defiant.

"I plead not guilty to all the charges counted against me" he said hoarsely, his voice sounded as though he had long since lost the habit of using it.

There was a collective murmur around the benches.

"To make sure the accused is speaking the truth, we are now going to question him under the influence of Veritaserum" the voice to Harry's left said. A man emerged from the door at the far end of the room holding a small glass bottle of completely clear liquid, he walked over to Sirius who without being told to had already opened his mouth, bent over him and poured three drops of the liquid into his mouth. The effects of the truth serum seemed to have worked because Sirius's face was slack and his gaze seemed to be slightly unfocused.

The voice rang out again over the loud murmurs in the courtroom, "Sirius Orion Black, were you Lily and James Potter's Secret Keeper?"

"No, I wasn't Lily and James Potter's Secret Keeper...Peter Pettigrew was. Initially I was supposed to be their secret keeper but I told them to change it to Peter Pettigrew because I was an obvious choice and Voldemort would have figured it out. "I thought it was the perfect plan . . . a bluff. . . . Voldemort would be sure to come after me, would never dream they'd use Peter" he replied in a flat, expressionless voice.

By now some of the witches and wizards around Harry were muttering again, some nodded while some others were frowning and shaking their heads.

"Did you kill those muggles and Peter Pettigrew?" the voice asked again.

"No I didn't, Peter Pettigrew did" Sirius replied in the same flat and expressionless voice.

"Can you explain to the courtroom, the incident of that day and how the muggles were killed" the voice asked.

Sirius took a deep shuddering breathe and began to speak in the same flat tone.

"The night Lily and James died, I'd arranged to check on Peter, to make sure he was still safe, but when I arrived at his hiding place, he'd gone. Yet there was no sign of a struggle. It didn't feel right. I was scared. I set out for the Potters' house straight away. And when I saw their house, destroyed, and their bodies... I realized what Peter must've done . . . After my discovery, I went after Peter. I found him in a city street where I yelled at him for betraying our friends, and all he did was laugh after which he cut off his thumb and created an explosion that killed off those muggles, and before he escaped he yelled out that I killed the Potters, after which he turned into a rat and escaped into a sewage, for you see, Peter is an animagus and his animagus form is a rat"

As soon as Sirius finished talking, the whole courtroom erupted in a wave of loud whispering and murmuring, as if they couldn't believe what they were hearing or didn't want to believe it.

"Silence!" the voice rang out this time, sounding slightly impatient and enraged. "As we can see, and from what we have heard today, Sirius Black was and is innocent of all the crimes that were charged against him. Those in favour of clearing the accused of all charges?"

There were hands in the air, many of them . . . more than half! Breathing very fast, Harry tried to count, but before he could finish, the voice boomed out again saying "And those in favour of returning the accused back to Azkaban?"

Only about two or three people raised put their hands up.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as the voice said "Very well, Sirius Orion Black is cleared of all charges. And on behalf of the Ministry of Magic, we would like to say that we are sorry for the misunderstanding and would be glad to compensate you enormously for all the difficulty and misery that you had gone through these past few years."

With that, the chains that had wrapped around Sirius fell away. Harry could feel the tears pricking at the back of his eyes as he watched his godfather stagger slightly to his feet, a smile pasted on his lips, lighting up his eyes. Before he could make his way towards his godfather, Harry felt himself being engulfed in a hug by Madam Bones and he fiercely hugged her back. Before he pulled away, he whispered, "Thank you".

She felt her throat constrict slightly as she hugged the child tightly to her bosom, "No, this was all your doing, Harry, you should be proud of yourself". After the child pulled away, his face masked by a blank stare, which she suspected was to hide his nervousness, she said, "Come on, let's go meet your godfather".

As Harry followed behind Madam Bones to meet his godfather, he could feel his heart beating hard against his chest. He was nervous, and excited. He was finally going to meet his godfather, the only real family he had left.

As they reach Sirius, who had been receiving handshakes and congratulatory pats on the back, Madam Bones tapped him lightly on the back.

As he turned around to face her, she said "Congratulations, Mr Black, on your freedom."

As he replied, he smiled at her, although his eyes still had a look of wariness in them, "Thanks, and I heard that you had something to do with it."

"Actually, I shouldn't receive credit for getting you out, it was all Harry's doing"

As soon as he heard the child's name, his eyes widen in surprise, "Harry?" he repeated in askance.

"Yes, Harry Potter, your godson...would you like to meet him?"

"He's here? Right now? With you?" Sirius asked, not letting the woman reply before asking the next question. He was finally going to meet his godson, his last link to his best friends.

Before the woman could reply, a small child emerged from behind her. He was dressed in expensive dark green robes, with a mop of unruly dark hair. His sharp, intelligent eyes were the lightest shade of green he had ever seen. Ignoring the people around him, he took a step towards the child but stopped short, not wanting to scare him, but before he could say a word, the child who had been regarding him with a cool guarded look until now, took a step forward and wrapped his skinny arms around his waist in a tight hug.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he hugged his godson back, equally tight but careful enough not to suffocate him.

Harry was happy. He finally had a family. Sirius had been back with him at Godric Hollow for almost a week now and things couldn't be more perfect.

Although Sirius still looked emaciated, he was starting to put on a bit of weight and gaining some colour back into his cheeks. As soon as they had gotten home after the trial, Sirius had asked him to fill him about his life in the Dursleys, as soon as he was done, his godfather had gotten up, enraged and threatening to deal with them, while cursing Dumbledore.

However, as touched as he was by this gesture, he couldn't care less about the Dursleys or Dumbledore, he had gotten his godfather back and now he had a family and that's all he cared about.

Since Sirius return, he had started making plans for them to move to one of the castles belonging to Harry as he felt it was a lot safer there than Godric Hollow. Right now, Harry was home alone, Sirius had gone to Diagon Alley to sort out a few family matters at Gringotts since he was the only surviving member of his family left.

An hour later, Sirius apparated at the door before letting himself in, as they had agreed to leave the protective spells Harry had put up around the house, just the way it is.

"Hey, Harry...I got you something for you", his godfather said excitedly as he entered the house, dropping his coat on a chair in the sitting room.

Harry who had never been bought a gift ever, except the ones he bought for himself, was really excited. He didn't care if it was little or big.

"What is it?" he asked excited, as his godfather pulled out a long, thin package.

"Why don't you open it and see for yourself" his godfather replied, laughing at the child's enthusiasm and watching excitedly and slightly nervous as the child ripped open the parcel with unbridled glee.

As he opened the parcel, a broomstick rolled out onto the floor.

"Wow", he sighed as he stared at it.

"It's called a Nimbus Two-Thousand...it's the latest model out", Sirius said tentatively, as he couldn't tell if the child who was still staring dumbstruck at the broomstick, was pleased or not.

Dragging his eyes from the broom, he cleared his throat slightly to get rid of the lump wedged there before he looked up at his godfather, "Thanks, I love it."

Sirius let out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding.

"Do you really? Because I could always take it back and get you something else", he hastily said.

"No, no...I love it, really" Harry replied as he stared at the broomstick. He didn't know much about brooms but he thought it looked wonderful. Sleek and shiny, with a mahogany handle, it had a long tail of neat, straight twigs and Nimbus Two Thousand written in gold near the top.

"But I don't...I've never ridden one", he muttered shyly to his godfather, who just smiled at him and brought out another broom, the same model as Harry's.

"That's no problem, I could teach you" he said, before going into the kitchen to make dinner.

A few weeks later, Sirius and Harry moved into Potter Manor. They chose Potter Manor because Sirius thought it would make Harry feel closer to his parents and because his parents would have wanted him to stay there. Moving away from Godric Hollow, was a bitter-sweet moment for Harry, because it was where his parents had spent the last few months of their lives and where he had regained his freedom and found happiness. But he knew moving signifies starting a new chapter in his life with his godfather and he knew they just couldn't keep living there, not only were they not supposed to be staying since it was supposed to be a monument to his family and to Voldemort's downfall. Also since Dumbledore had heard about Sirius' freedom from Azkaban, he has been trying to contact him, sending him letters and asking for his whereabouts so that they could meet up and talk. Although Sirius and Harry suspected that the only reason he wanted to know of his whereabouts, was so that he could get to Harry since the press had mentioned briefly about Harry's involvement in getting Sirius's freedom and Dumbledore would have figured out that Harry was with him. When he didn't receive any reply to any of the letters sent to Sirius after a week, they found him loitering around the cottage trying to get in, but Harry's protection spells had prevented him from getting in and they had gotten a good laugh watching him being thrown back on his bottom repeatedly as he tried to get in. They had even solidified the protection with some blood protection spells, which meant only Sirius and Harry could get into the cottage.

They apparated somewhere in Scotland, in front of a forest. They walked for a quite while until they got to the edge of the forest, and right at the edge, Harry saw a huge grand gate.

"Do you see it?" Sirius asked much to Harry's confusion.

"What?" he asked, thinking his godfather had lost his marbles.

Smiling, his godfather said, "The Potter's Manor had been enchanted to be only visible to a the owner and anyone else they allow in, and technically I could usually see it before but since your parents are gone and the castle is now in your name, only you can see it and until you let me in, I won't be able to."

"Oh...how about the muggles?" Harry asked.

"The muggles can't see it either, your family enchanted the forest in such a way that when a muggle tries to go into the forest, they forget about it, turn around and go back to where they were coming from" Sirius replied.

With that Harry walked up to the rather imposing gate and as soon as he got there, he immediately knew what to do without being told. So he bent down and retrieved a little twig and transfigured it into a needle, after pricking his finger with it to draw blood, he ran his finger down the side of the gate, which glowed a deep shape of gold before flinging itself open.

As soon as the gate swung open, Harry took a step through it and beckoned Sirius to follow him, and with him giving Sirius permission to enter, Sirius could now see the gate.

Smiling slightly, his godfather went in through to gate, and found his godson gaping in amazement and wonder at the building that towered before them and its surroundings. Sirius understood why the child was so astounded, he had had a similar reaction the first time he had come to the Potter's Castle.

They were still looking around their surroundings, Harry in amazement and Sirius in nostalgia, reminiscing about his time here as a child with his best friend and later when he used to visit with James and Lily, when an elf appeared with a pop in front of them, making Harry jump a little.

"Welcome back, Master Harry and Master Sirius" the elf said with a bow.

"Who are you exactly" Harry asked, still a little surprised at seeing an elf, as he had never actually seen one and had only read about them.

"I is Dinky, the head elf in the Potter castle" the elf replied.

Sirius who hadn't said a word since the elf appeared, smiled at the elf "How are you, Dinky?"

"Dinky is very well, Master Sirius. I is happy Master Harry is back to the castle"

Harry blinked in surprise at his godfather.

"Without the master of the castle, they've had no one to care for since it's their job and so they have been waiting for you to return and take over, for you see house-elves are immensely devoted and loyal to the one designated as their master, which in this case is you" his godfather told him.

Understanding better, Harry turned to the elf, smiling he said "It's good to be back home. Would you mind giving me a tour of the castle?"

"I is glad to, Master Harry."

With that the elf gave them a tour of the rather large castle, and Harry also met all the other house-elves, and on their way back to the main room, he suddenly noticed a movement at the corner of his eye. Looking to the wall where he had seen the movement, he saw portraits lined on the wall, and they were all moving, some even moving from one portrait to another.

"Harry, these are the portraits of your family" Sirius said, before introducing the child to almost of all them and much to Harry's surprise, the portraits talked. By the time, they got to the end of the hall, Harry had not only met his grandparents, but also his great-great grandparents, and he had to admit that it felt good to meet and talk to them, even if they were just portraits. He spent almost half an hour, listening to his grandparent's regale him with tales of James and Sirius's mischievous antics as children.

However, when his stomach started rumbling noises, his grandparents told him to go and eat but before he left, they made him promise to come back to visit. Dinky led him to his bedroom, which was three times the size of the Dursley's living room, which was fairly large, and much to Harry's delight, it had an en suite bathroom and a ridiculously large walk in closet, which was already stocked with his clothes. The elves had unpacked their luggage.

His godfather told him to freshen up and come back downstairs as soon as he was done, telling him that he had a surprise waiting for him as he headed out of the bedroom, towards his own, which was just a few rooms down from his.

Excitedly Harry, hurriedly freshened up before heading down to the main room and in the course of his hurry, he got lost twice before calling for Dinky, who then led him down. As soon as they got down, he asked his godfather what the surprise was, but much to his disappointment, he was told that he had to wait until after they had had their dinner.

Soon they were led to the dining room where they were presented with what Harry could only call a banquet because instead of a simple dinner as he had expected, the table had been laden with so many dishes, that he actually thought there was going to be a party, for there were all the things he liked including roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, fries, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup. And he had dug in with gusto!

Excitedly he waited patiently for Sirius, who was taking a long time to finish his dinner, but as he finished, Harry asked, "So what's the surprise?"

Leading him to the main room, Sirius stopped in front of two portraits, and as Harry cautiously walked up to it, he gasped in surprise. Those were his parent's portraits and they were smiling at him.

"Hi, Harry" his dad said, and when Harry who seemed to have forgotten how to speak didn't reply, he went on "Wow, you have grown so big, to think just a few years back, your mum and I used to change your diaper."

"Merlin! James, you're making the poor child blush" his mother interrupted.

"What, he has grown and we did change his diaper. Sirius aren't I right?" his father asked his best friend.

Putting up his hands and laughing, Sirius replied "Oh no! Leave me out of this, James"

Harry who had now regained his ability to speak, whispered shyly, "Hi mum, hi dad"

"Oh, James, he looks so much like you" his mum said to his father before turning back to him. "Harry, Sirius told us how you were being treated by the Dursleys, I'm so sorry you had to experience that."

"Yes son, you were supposed to have been placed in Sirius's care but I guess with him stuck in Azkaban…" his father trialed off. "I still can't believe that Dumbledore put you in their care"

"It's alright Mum and Dad, all that matters now is that I'm with him and I'm happy" Harry said, smiling before looking up at his godfather, who grabbed him in a fierce hug.

Harry and Sirius talked with his parents for almost an hour, until Sirius announced that it was Harry's bedtime, who whined and said he wasn't tired. To placate him, his parents told him, that their portrait is always in the living room and he could come and talk to them anytime, satisfied by that, he grudgingly went up to his bedroom and as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was fast asleep.

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