The Dolphin Dreams of Dry Land

Chapter 7: The Future is a Sea

"Haru!" Makoto-voice screamed in his head again. "HARU!" It felt like he was shaking badly. He opened his eyes slowly to see Makoto's panicked face looking down at him. It's been at least 3 or more days since the last time he had dreamed about Makoto.

"Haru!" Makoto rocked him in his strong arms and then raised a hand to slap him. "Wake up!"

"Ow." Haruka widened his eyes and stared up at Makoto's worried, non-smiling face. "…Makoto?" he whispered in disbelief and touched Makoto's cheek, he was warm to the touch and completely different from the feel of the water.

"What are you doing, you're going to catch a cold!" Makoto – not the Makoto voice in Haruka's head, the real one – said and let go of Haruka, just long enough to take off his hoodie and wrap it around Haruka.

"How did you find me?" Haruka asked, still not entirely sure he wasn't dreaming.

"My mom told me you're on your way to the hotel, but I kept asking the front desk and since you haven't shown up and I couldn't reach you on the phone, I started looking for you around Shinjuku station," he uttered in one breath, then furrowed his brow. "Geez, I've searched everywhere…" Sighing, he looked down at the unique fountain. "I should've asked right away about fountains."

Haruka was still staring at his friend in disbelief. Makoto didn't seem hurt or hateful, just the same old Makoto, putting on the mother-hen/older brother act he always pulled when Haruka did something stupid – No, Haruka corrected himself, not stupid, rush? Spontaneous. That was a good word. He started laughing to himself, on the outside it was nothing more than a slight smile.

"Well, you look happy," Makoto said with a huff and got up, reaching his hand to help Haruka up on his feet. "Let's go to the hotel first so you could change your clothes, then look for a restaurant. You must be hungry, right?"

"Un." Haruka nodded meekly and inserted his hands into the sleeves of Makoto's hoodie. It was too big, but provided the warmth he needed. And it had Makoto's smell.

Makoto picked up Haruka's bag and pulled it onto his shoulder, throwing a glance at Haruka before starting to walk ahead. "This way."

Haruka didn't move, just stood, frozen, his hands, though hidden in the oversized sleeves of Makoto's jacket, clutched to fists at his sides. He bit his lip and frowned, then quickly leaped forward and hugged Makoto from behind, wrapping his arms around his stomach and making the taller boy stop in his tracks.

"I was wrong," he said quietly.

Makoto didn't move or reply, so Haruka lowered his head, resting his forehead against Makoto's back.

"I'm sorry…" he uttered softly. 'I need you.' There were some words he still couldn't say.

"You don't need to apologize," Makoto finally said quietly and turned around, forcing Haruka to raise his head again.

"I do!" Haruka raised his voice and then whispered, "I didn't mean a word I said."

In the dim light of the street lamp he could see the soft smile back on Makoto's face. "I know."

Haruka wanted to punch him. That Makoto. Wasn't he angry? Wasn't he hurt? Why would he just continue to be so gentle and forgiving? Haruka didn't deserve it.

"But you switched seats in class," Haruka said, lowering his eyes. "You even left the swimming club. You… you went away."

Makoto let out a chuckle. "Haru, you sounded like you needed some time alone to figure some things out; I didn't want to be in your way."

Haruka flushed. "I don't know if I have… not completely…" he sighed. "But…" he hesitated and continued staring at their shoes, Makoto's were so much bigger than his.


"Don't go…" he whispered, almost inaudibly. Then raised his head and stared directly into Makoto's eyes. "Don't go!" he raised his voice.

Makoto tilted his head in puzzlement. "Go where?"

Haruka scowled in annoyance and muttered, "Tokyo."

It was silly considering they were in Tokyo, but Makoto did not make fun of Haruka's choice of words. Instead, he smiled lightheartedly and touched Haruka's face tenderly.

"I told you, didn't I?" he said quietly. "I won't leave you alone, Haru. If you stay in Iwatobi, I will stay there too. If you decided for example that you want to go to Tokyo to study art and join a powerhouse swimming team to compete with Rin on a national level, I have a plan for Tokyo too."

Haruka blinked. Study art? Powerhouse swimming team? Was Makoto thinking of future plans for Haruka too? That was a bit too much for him to take in. Still, he felt foolish for not thinking by himself of such obvious suggestions instead of wrecking his brain with doubts and fears. But was that what Makoto really wanted?

"No," he said quietly. "Makoto, you need to think of your own future, not do things just for my sake." There, he had finally put it on the table.

Makoto smiled. "That's not it, Haru. Everything I do is for my own sake." His eyes closed as his smile grew wider. "I want to be by Haru's side forever."

Haruka blinked. Even though he was cold, inside it felt like he was on fire. He let out a breath and then stood on his toes and grabbed Makoto's shirt, forcing him to lower his head and then pressed his lips against Makoto's mouth. His friend was taken by surprise.

"Haru," he mumbled into Haruka's mouth. "Someone will see us…"

"Let them," Haruka whispered back and forced his tongue into Makoto's mouth, in a rare act of initiative. Who would know them? Being in a city of millions had that advantage, at least.

He took in Makoto's familiar scent and taste, pushing for more and more. It was a taste of home. His heart started pounding harder against his chest and he wrapped his arms around Makoto's neck, moaning against his mouth as they took a little break to breathe. He soon felt his loins waking to life, he was getting hard, and by the feel of it, so was Makoto.

Perhaps for the first time, it was Haruka who broke the kiss first, although still not out of breath. Makoto was the one panting heavily.

"Let's go to the hotel."

Makoto nodded and turned around. He waited for Haruka to stand at his side before he started walking.

"Oh yeah," Haruka said when they were inside the elevator. "Aren't you here with your girlfriend?"

Makoto blushed and started stammering. "She's not… she's not my girlfriend!"

"Ohh?" Haruka eyed him. He knew as much, but it was fun to tease Makoto. "Auntie thinks she is. She'll be disappointed."

Makoto's face was still a deep shade of red. "Don't tell me she told you that joke…"

"Makoto, you took a girl alone to Tokyo, you've got to take responsibility."

"Ha~ru," Makoto whined, wrinkling his eyebrows. "I just accompanied Kazuya-chan because she was afraid of going to Tokyo by herself. We have separate rooms."

Sounds like Makoto, all right. Haruka chuckled.

They walked into Makoto's room. Haruka was surprised by how tiny and narrow it was. The queen size bed, pushed the wall, caught most of the space in the room. Well, he shrugged to himself, that was all they needed. That and a bath. He took his clothes off before Makoto even had a chance to put Haruka's bag down and turn around.

"Haru!" he called in surprise, then stared at Haruka's lower body. "You had your swimming suit on the entire day… figures."

Haruka calmly pulled down the tight swimming suit and freed his aching erection. Makoto's face grew pink again, to tip of his ears.

"You should take a bath first, you need to warm up, and then probably dinner—"

"Makoto," Haruka cut off his babbling and stepped forward, scaring Makoto back until his legs hit the bed and he sat down. Haruka straddled him and wrapped his hands around Makoto's neck, his hardness pressed against Makoto's tight stomach.

"I did mean one thing," he told him with a husky voice. "Don't fuss over me like a big brother or a mother." He pushed Makoto down on the bed and lowered his head to kiss him, his right hand roamed under Makoto's shirt, while his left unzipped his pants. Makoto groaned when Haruka's hand gripped his hard member.

"But I guess as a wife, it's okay," Haruka whispered and kissed him.

Later, they were soaking in the hot bath. Haruka was content, relaxing comfortably in Makoto's arms, embraced warmly by both his lovers.

Yes, he loved the water, and he loved Makoto. It was different kinds of love, but also kind of the same. Both made him feel good, safe, relaxed. Both felt like home.

Just two years until he's ordinary. But he wasn't going to worry about it right now. With Makoto by his side, he will be taking one step at a time and go with the flow, wherever it may take him. The future was a sea of possibilities.

For the first time in weeks, the future wasn't so scary.


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