Okay so I have become addicted to the Walking dead. Especially Daryl. Yum. Lol. I love the fierce warrior blade wielding Michonne but I just don't think her and Daryl would be good together. Plus I was mad when Merle was killed. So I'm going to create a new character named Arianna that will be more Daryl's type and have a similar past as he does. This will be a Daryl/OC story as well as a Merle/Beth story. If you don't like don't read. This will be mature content and rude reviews will be deleted. I will follow some of the story line from the TV show but not all of it. Just an FYI this will be mature content. And I will update as much as I can between work and my new baby. Thanks for reading.

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Chapter 1

Arianna wiped walker guts off the blade of her Katana as she slipped out the back door of a building on the out skirts of Atlanta where she had gone for supplies. Loading everything into the back of the car where her 10 year old god daughter was waiting for her she closed the hood, filled the car with the gas she was able to find and was about to get in to head out of the city when she heard someone yelling.

"Help me. Don't leave me here." A male voice said from somewhere in the distance. She heard the sound of screeching tires and an alarm before there was silence again.

"Ari what was that?" Her goddaughter Abby ask in alarm.

"Not sure honey." She told her.

"Nooo. Come back. Help." She heard it again and the good person inside her just couldn't leave without checking to see if she could find the voice.

Sighing and slamming her car door shut she shouldered her Katana, grabbed her bag and checked for her knife strapped to her leg and made sure her small pistol was on her side she started making her way toward the yelling, Abby trailing along behind her carefully.

Took them 15 mins dodging walkers to find the building the screams where coming from and they realized the person was on the roof so she let Abby go first and they climbed up the fire escape.

When she got to the top she saw a man handcuffed to the building yelling for help. She observed him for a moment, keeping Abby behind her the whole time. He was older, with short buzzed hair; he was dressed like a mix between a biker and a redneck and was talking to himself.

"Must be high." She mumbled to herself. She had a lot of experience with men on drugs thanks to her father so she could spot a druggie a mile away.

"Is he ok." Abby whispered and Arianna shrugged.

"Um sir." Arianna said getting the man's attention.

"You there. Girl come help me." He demanded and Arianna raised her brow at him and put her hands on her hips not moving.

"Please." He added sighing when he saw she wasn't very responsive to demands.

"You got a name first?" she ask him moving closer to him and removing her bag off her shoulder. Merle was able to get a better look at her then and he finally saw the child with her.

The women was defiantly a beautiful women. Not exactly his type she was a little too curvy for him. He liked his women boney as Daryl called them. This women was short, small waist but had a pin up girl type figure, long dark brown hair and pale skin. Perfect for his brother Merle thought in his head. His brother loved this type of body on a women. The little girl had curly light brown hair and was clutching to the women tightly.

"Merle Dixon. What's yalls name sugar?" he ask and she kneeled down in front of him, the shy child staying behind her.

"I'm Arianna Williams and this is my god daughter Abby. So how the hell did you end up hand cuffed to this roof?" She ask him.

"I guess I got alittle out of hand with my group and some cop hand cuffed me here to calm me down. But then they rushed out of her and the black ass hole dropped the key. So I was left behind." He told her and Ari could tell he knew what he did was wrong but he'd be damned if he admitted it to the ones that left him.

"Can you help me out? I need to get back to my brother?" he ask. Arianna stared at him for a moment for sighing.

"I'll see what I can do. It's going to be dark soon so we may have to wait till morning to get you out but let's see." She told him and tried for over an hour to pick the lock with no luck. She finally gave up when he yelled out in pain again.

"Okay let's stop till in the morning. Give you a break." She said.

"You can't leave me here." He pleaded and Arianna felt really bad for this man. It was obvious a lot of people didn't like him due to his crass attitude stopped them from really getting to know him but she wasn't scared of him and she had dealt with worse men in her life.

"We're not going anywhere. Will stay and I'll keep watch. Here drink and eat this. Your dehydrated." She told him and handed him a bottle of water and granola bars. She handed Abby the same before standing and walking the building to check for dangers.

Merle drank and ate what she gave him quickly having not eaten or drank anything since he left camp. Wiping his mouth he watched the little girl finish her meal in silence before noticing the women didn't eat herself.

"Aint you gonna eat?" he ask and she glanced at him before going over and sticking a screw driver into the lock on the door to prevent walkers from getting in.

"I'll find something in the morning after we get you lose." She told him and Merle realized she gave him her share of the food she had and he felt bad for the first time in his life. No one had ever gave a damn about him or his brother to do something like give up there last bit of food to save him. This woman was saving his life and he decided he really liked this girl. She was different.