Chapter 11

"Okay we need to down size. Shane and T can yall part with your vehicles?" Rick ask them and they nodded going to clean their stuff out and get whatever gas was left.

"Where's Merle?" Rick ask Daryl who shrugged. He hadn't seen Merle for about 30 minutes since he said he was going around the corner to take a piss.

"Right here. Got a solution. Daryl can leave his truck and ride this." Merle said walking a really nice Harley alongside him. Merle already had his bike to ride but Daryl's truck sucked to much gas and he knew his brother wasn't going to want to ride with the others.

"Hell yeah." Daryl said walking over to look at the bike. It was like the bike he was working on building before the world went to hell.

"Me and Ari can ride this. Abby can go with Carl and Sophia so she anit bored." Daryl said looking towards Arianna for her opinion she nodded and went to store their stuff in the back of Carol's jeep and got Arianna settled in with her friends.

"Ever ridden before?" Daryl ask her as he straddled his new bike. She smirked as he helped her on behind him.

"Yep. Never rode bitch though." She said and he chuckled before they started up and rode out towards Fort Benning.

Several hours later Arianna was loving riding on the back of the bike with her arms wrapped around Daryl. Daryl too was enjoying it. He never took a woman on a bike before but he couldn't imagine riding with her now.

"Damn." Daryl said when he saw the road block ahead. He and Merle slowed down and looked around before he doubled back to the RV where Dale was waiting.

"See a way through?" Dale asked. Daryl nodded his head back towards the cars blocking the way. Merle and Daryl led the group slowly around the cars until they heard the RV hiss and them stall.

"Fuck." Daryl said as he and Merle shut their bikes off and he held out his hand to help Arianna down as the others filed out of the cars.

"I said it. Didn't I say it?" Dale said storming out of his RV. "A thousand times. Dead in the water."

"Problem, Dale?" Rick asked looking around.

"Just a small matter of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no hope of—" Daryl walked around a random car and reached in pulling out something. "Okay, that was dumb."

"If you can't find a radiator hose here..." Daryl said pulling out more stuff. "There's a whole bunch of stuff we can find."

"I can siphon more fuel from these cars for a start." T-Dog said and Rick nodded to him.

"Maybe some water." Carol said.

"Or food."

"This is a graveyard." Lori said. "I don't know how I feel about this."

"Come on, y'all. Just look around, gather what you can." Shane said.

Arianna rolled her eyes at the chick before grabbing Abby and following behind Daryl and Merle as they walked ahead of the group and started to shift through the cars looking for anything they may need.

"Ari can I go with Carl?" Abby ask when she saw the other two kids walking alone ahead of their mom's.

"Not this time boo. Stay with us ok." She said and Abby nodded before helping Arianna pull some things out of the car they were looking in.

"Shit." She heard Merle hiss about 20 minutes later before she felt Daryl's hand pushing her to the ground.

"Herd's coming. Get under and stay quite." He whispered. Nodding she grabbed Abby and shoved her under the car. Taking out her sword in case she needed it she slide under with Abby and wrapped her arms around her god daughter, pulling her face to hide it into her chest.

"Even breathes in and out. Don't make a sound honey and stay still." She told her and the little girl nodded.

Ari saw Merle and Daryl had slide under a truck together and was looking at her and Abby with wide eyes hoping they wouldn't be found.

Arianna tensed as the walker feets shuffled by and she kept one hand on her sword at all times. No one was getting to Abby while she was alive.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Daryl curse under his breath and slide out from under the car. T it seemed had sliced his arm real good, bleeding everywhere attracting the walkers to him. Daryl stabbed the walker before laying it over T dogg to mast his scent before doing the same to himself.

Once she was sure the walkers she slide out from under the car pulling Abby with her. Merle and Daryl walked over and pulled T dog off the ground.

"Damn that's deep." Merle said when he looked at T's arm. Arianna grabbed a clean shirt out of the pile they had collected and wrapped it around his arm.

"We need to see if Dale has a first aid kit. He's going to need stitches." She said and they nodded, helping the man up as they walked to join the rest of the group.

"Oh Lori. There's two walkers are after my baby." They heard Carol sob out and Abby gasp when they saw everyone gathered around the guard rail and Carol in tears. Sophia nowhere to be found. .

"What happened?" Ari ask as they sat T down and told Dale what happened to his arm.

"Sophia got spooked and ran in the woods. Two walkers followed. Rick went after them." Loir told her and Arianna cursed pacing again.

An hour later of everyone waiting in silence they heard footsteps and turned to see Rick coming back without Sophia.

"You didn't find her." Carol ask collapsing in Lori's arm's.

"She didn't make it back. I told her to come back to the road while I took care of the walkers." He said and they all shook their head.

"You should stay here with the others." Daryl told Arianna when he saw her tell Abby to stay in the RV till she returned. Daryl, Merle, Shane, Glenn and Rick volunteer to go back and look for Sophia and Ari it seemed was coming to.

Arianna looked at him and Merle and scoffed.

"Yeah right." She said before climbing the guard rail and sliding down towards where Rick was waiting.

Merle chuckled at his brother. He got him a head strong feisty one this time. She defiantly wasn't no mousey girl. Daryl just shook his head realizing she would always do what she wanted and he smiled. He liked that about her.

"Ya sure this is the spot?" Daryl asked as he and Merle scanned the ground for tracks. Arianna right alongside them. She wasn't nowhere near as good a tracker as the boys but she knew her way around the woods.

"I left her right here. I drew the walkers way off in that direction up the creek." Rick told them.

"Without a paddle seems where we've landed." Merle replied standing from his crouch and jumping down in the creek with his brother.

"She was gone by the time I got back here." Rick said. "I figured she just took off and ran back to the group. I told her go that way and keep the sun on her left shoulder."

"Dude." They heard Arianna said and Daryl turned to see her glaring at Glenn who had no idea what he did.

"Hey, short round, why don't you step off to one side?" Daryl said to Glenn. "You're mucking up the trail." Glenn blushed before moving off to the side like he said and Arianna rolled her eyes. Some people were idiots.

"Assuming she knows her left from her right." Shane said.

"Shane, she understood me fine." Rick told his friend.

"Kid's tired and scared, man. She had her a close call with two walkers. Got to wonder how much of what you said stuck" Shane said looking at the others.

"Got clear prints right here." Daryl said pointing to where Merle was standing. "She did like you said, headed back to the highway. Let's spread out, make our way back. She couldn't have gone far."

They all followed Daryl and Merle as they tracked for about 15 minutes before stopping and kneeling down.

"She was doing just fine till right here. All she had to do was keep going. She veered off that way." Daryl told them pointing it out on the ground.

"Why would she do that?" Glenn asked.

"Maybe she saw something that spooked her, made her run off." Shane suggested.

"A walker?" Glenn asked. Daryl shook his head. "I don't see any other footprints. Just hers."

"So what do we do? All of us press on?" Shane ask and Rick shook his head.

"No, better if you and Glenn get back up to the highway." Rick said. "People are gonna start panicking. Let them know we're on her trail doing everything we can. But most of all, keep everybody calm."

"I'll keep 'em busy scavenging cars. Think up a few other chores. I'll keep 'em occupied." Shane said. "Come on." He said to Glenn and the two headed back to the highway.

Rick looked at Arianna to see if she would want to go with Shane and Glenn and she just raise an eye brow at him. Daring him to say something. Nodding to her in understanding he turned towards the two rednecks and followed as they continued to track, looking for Sophia.

"Tracks are gone." Rick said.

"No, they're faint, but they ain't gone." Daryl said. "She came through here."

"How can you tell?" Rick asked. "I don't see anything. Dirt, grass."

"You want a lesson in tracking or you want to find that girl and get our ass off that interstate?" Daryl ask him and Rick nodded.

Suddenly they heard leafs rustling and looked to see a lone walker. Rick ran ahead and got its attention by whistling. It roared before Daryl shot it with his crossbow. Merle and Arianna joined them as they looked as Rick searched the Walker for any signs of Sophia.

"Skin under the fingernails. It fed recently. There's flesh caught in its teeth." Rick told him and they all leaned down to look.

"Yeah, what kind of flesh?" Ari ask.

"Only one way to know for sure." Rick said ripping open the walkers shirt and taking out his knife gulping.

"Here, I'll do it." Daryl said. "How many kills you skin and gut in your life? Anyway, mine is sharper." He grunted as he stabbed the walker

"Now comes the bad part." He said before reaching in.

"Yeah, Hoss had a big meal not long ago. I feel it in there." Daryl said and Ari laughed as Rick gagged and about pucked. Merle just stood back clearly not affected by the blood and guts.

"Here's the gut bag."

"I got this." Rick said before cutting into it.

"This gross bastard had himself a woodchuck for lunch." Daryl said with half of a woodchuck skull on the end of his knife.

"At least we know."

"At least we know."