Title: Bet Of Will AU Finchel
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Author: MoncheleFan
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Genre: Romance/Drama
Published: 08-15-12, Updated: 10-12-12
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Bet of will

'Charmer and famous drummer Finn Hudson can't stand Rachel Berry, 'Golden broadway Babe', shes uptight and intense. So when hes dared to turn on the 'Hudson Charm' and woo her what will happen?'

Dedication: Another shout out and thank you to the lovely Aria,

FinchelFever33, seriously want to thank you for giving me all these amazing prompts. You are a godsend, thank you, thank you, thank you! And also for allowing me to write them.

Rating: M of course you know my rules, language is definitely mature, and some smut.

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Chapter 1

Finn liked to think that he was a pretty good drummer, I mean he made it this far, and his band couldn't be any better. He was lucky to have great guys with him to back him up, Puck and Mike were the ones who initiated the band…he was thankful for it, mostly because when he first started he had no money….well now he was famous.

It hadn't hit Finn that he was famous till a fan asked for his autograph as he entered his hotel to check in. It was a really surreal moment, and he was really lucky to have this in his life, luckily there were never any set backs and he was doing pretty well…especially on the money part.

"Dude, you seriously need to buy a new fucking couch man….this piece of shit's been with you since you were 15…"

Puck laughed at his own joke, but Mike and Finn just shook their heads.

"Man don't bag on the couch…it's sentimental…."

Puck scoffed "Dude, it's fucking ancient, and not to mention that we have this really nice pad, and you decide to bring it here and make the place look not cool…."

Finn sighed "Sorry to disappoint man….look enough with the couch jokes, Ronny said we had to make an appearance at that Le Mark joint….press and shit…" Finn noticed how both men kind of looked sullen and not really into what he was saying.

"Hey, it's not my fault….I hate these things just as much as the next person…but he said it's good for our image…."

Finn wasn't even sure if that was correct, but he knew that making appearances to these things…as horrible as they were, well it helped them show support and give them more leeway into the business. But since Finn usually was the middle man for all this, Ronny usually told him about it.

"Look we go for an hour, tops…then we can go hit a bar or something, just remember what Ronny said….we have to show our true natures…"

Puck and even Mike laughed at that "Man we are in a fucking band, one who girls…really hot girls, are wanting to get our attention…do you think some stupid press will give us more attention?"

Mike shrugged, he usually didn't like to agree with either one.

Finn shook his head "Look I told Ronny we are going…and I can't very well go by myself, a band is a band and we stick together…isn't that what you told me?"

Puck groaned "God, why do you have to remember every little detail I tell you?"

Mike laughed but patted Puck's back "Come on man, I don't want to go either, but Finn's right."

Puck finally sighing and agreeing to go.


Rachel squealed loudly. "That's the perfect dress. Zelda said I needed to 'pop', I mean I can't very well go out in public looking trashy….this is a really big event, and only the major people are going…."

Tina smiled at Rachel, Rachel loved Tina, she was a great assistant but sometimes she didn't even say anything.

"Feedback would be great…."

"Oh um, yeah no I think that'll look amazing on you Rachel, so what is this benefit anyway?"

"It's some charity ball or something like that, you take a bunch of photos with different people, and pretty much that's it."

She looked down fixing her shoes in place "What about these?"

Tina smiled again "Really hot…I like it."

Rachel was proud to say that everything from the minute she started on Broadway to now was a success, she had become really rather famous in the industry, and was thankful for it, but it also didn't allow her to have much of a life, her life usually consisted around rehearsals, and Tina helping her out.

"Well let's get ready…."


The night was going pretty well at least Finn thought so, but it was dragging on and an hour had passed and they were still here, he could see that Puck was starting to get anxious almost like he needed a drink, or someone to suck face with.

It started to die down, but every picture took almost 10 minutes, due to the fact that every single photographer wanted a picture with them looking directly at the camera, and there were about a gazillion of them.

"Man I swear I will kill you next time we have to do something like this…."

Finn wanted to laugh but sensed if he did, it would end up with Puck saying something he would regret or punch Finn. Either one would look bad, Mike was handling it better, but even he seemed rather annoyed.

"Last picture guys….you and Miss Berry…."

"Berry? Isn't that the Broadway star?" Mike asked a bit curious.

Rachel entered in their view and all of them just stared at her, she was really hot, but Finn had heard about Rachel, she was pretty famous….and from everything he gathered she was rude, and pretty much everything he couldn't stand.

"Damn she's hot…" Puck quietly whispered to them. "But isn't she like a bitch or something?"

"Puck…shhh.." Mike said noticing she was getting closer.

Rachel was with Tina, handing her the water bottle, god these events made her so thirsty and so nervous. She hated feeling so horrible for an event so huge.

"So um it looks like your last one is with the boys from Roundabout…"

Rachel looked over at Tina. "Ugh, god you mean the band? Oh just kill me now…"

Tina stared at Rachel's annoyed expression. "What's wrong with them?"

"Oh about a million things…let's just get this over with….I want to go home."

Tina nodded and followed her to where the guys were.

"Hello, I'm Mike…" Mike said giving Rachel a smile, which she did not return.

Mike looked over at Finn and Puck and shrugged.

Finn wanted to roll his eyes, who did this girl think she was? He didn't even know her and all these rumors about her were starting to make sense. She was a complete and utter bitch.

"I'd introduce myself, but I don't think you'd even give a hoot, so let's take the picture, huh?"

Rachel shot up at Finn and stared at him, what the hell? This guy, was he serious?

"I couldn't have said it better myself…." She said turning her attention towards the camera's that were screaming their names.

'Rachel, stand in the middle…' a cameraman shouted.

Oh god, this was getting worse and worse. But Rachel didn't even hesitate and headed towards the middle of the boys.

They just stared at her and didn't say anything. But Rachel could sense the weird annoyed vibe they were sending her way. She couldn't stand guys like them, they were always the same.

About 15 minutes later, they were all done.

"Bye…" Finn shouted in a rude tone as Rachel was walking away. She didn't even turn around, but kept walking away.

Tina wanted to laugh, wow she had really gotten under that tall guys skin. "He didn't seem too fond of you…."

Rachel shrugged and pursed her lips "And I care how? He's a jerk…let's go home…" Tina followed Rachel to their car.

"Wow that chick was a fucking cruise…whew, I swear I thought she was going to bite your head off man…" Puck said laughing.

Mike chuckled "Dude, as short as she was…I thought she was going to climb up to you and just slap you upside the head…"

Finn laughed "Well I don't like her, did you see the way she looked at us? Like as if we were trash or something…Jeez…lighten up, right?"

They all laughed as they headed home.


A/N: So again I want to thank Aria for this amazing prompt. Girl you seriously are THE best. Anyway, I hope you all like this story…if not, sorry…but it's really fun to write so hopefully you do.