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Chandler still couldn't believe it was true. He was currently sitting on the floor of the small apartment, he used to share with Monica. That's right: used to. About half an hour ago, Monica had come over to ' talk'. There hadn't been much to talk about really. Chandler hadn't even been given the chance to speak, as she'd just coldly dumped him. He couldn't comprehend, how she'd just ditched him after nearly two whole years, of them being happily together.

But of course, that wasn't all, nooo! She'd also informed him of the trivial fact that Richard had proposed to her and that she'd said yes. That's right: the stupid mustache-man had finally come around, regarding the subject of children and Monica had suddenly realized, that she'd still loved him all this time.

Chandler sighed, then stood up and angrily pounded his fist into the table. This was supposed to be his night. He was going to propose, she would say yes and they would live happily ever after. That's how it was supposed to go. How he'd always pictured it.

Well, maybe not always. He used to be victim, to a serious fear of commitment, where he would run out of the apartment, as soon as Monica started fondly babbling about marriage or kids. But now, he finally wasn't in that place anymore. He'd finally moved past that stupid, irrational fear and had picked out an engagement ring.

' And what the hell for?', he thought to himself. Then he sighed, cause he really already knew the answer: for Monica, the girl that had meant the world to him. He'd done it for her, because he just loved her so fucking much. He'd cherished and respected her all this time and what did he get in return in the end? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

He went to sit back down on the floor, as he slowly pulled the little black box out of his pants pocket. As he subsequently opened it, he couldn't help the stream of tears, that escaped his normally bright blue eyes.

SHE was never going to wear it. The one person, that he'd though meant the most to him in the entire universe, wasn't going to wear his, carefully selected ring.

Looking at the small piece of jewelry, he only got more emotional. He just couldn't accept the fact that Monica wasn't going to be wearing this very ring. That instead, she was going to be wearing Richard's. That she would marry that bastard and have a happily ever after with him.

Chandler suddenly screamed, not bearing the thought of his beloved getting married to another man, a much older guy at that. He subsequently threw the ring on the floor and crushed it with his foot. " There, Monica Geller: I'm trampling on this ring, the same way you trampled on my heart.", he hissed softly, as new droplets of water, started a depressing journey over the expanse of his frowning face.

He then turned to look at the door, the same door his ex-girlfriend escaped through, not too long ago. He sighed again, cause deep in his heart, he had always known. He had always known she would leave him in the end. That's what all women ended up doing anyway. How he'd ever thought Monica could be any different, he couldn't understand at this moment.

It was all his fault: if he hadn't made all those stupid jokes all the time, if he hadn't talked to her about pig-sex, then maybe she would still be his right now.

But really? Who was he kidding? She'd probably never really loved him, during the whole course of their " relationship." She'd probably always longed to be with the hunky mustache-man.

He sighed once more, before taking an abrupt decision. First, he made his way over to the door, locked it tightly and threw the key into the trashcan. Then, he slowly walked over to the bathroom, as he kept thinking about the way Monica lied to him, for the past two years. He wasn't really aware of what he was doing, as he slowly picked up the razor, laying on the side of the tub. It was like he was becoming a whole other person, when he slowly placed it right up against his artery and carefully started dragging it over to the other side.

A little while later, a still unsuspecting Phoebe arrived at the door of apartment 20. She sported a broad smile, as she swiftly knocked on the greenblueish-painted wood. Her smile slowly faded however, when she still received no reply after fifteen whole minutes. " Chandler! Monica!", she yelled, as she started pounding on the door, with all her might.

There was still no reaction however, so Phoebe did the only thing, she could think of in that moment. She hurriedly pulled out her keys, unlocked the door and practically jumped inside. " Chandler! Monica!", she tried again, but to no avail.

Still getting zero reply, Phoebe decided to look all around the apartment, for clues of her missing friends. ' Perhaps there wasn't anything to worry about.', she found herself thinking, as she threw the bathroom door open. ' Perhaps, they're just out drinking co…'

Her thought process was brought to an abrupt halt, when she suddenly came face to face with the unconscious body of Chandler Bing. "Oh dear god, no.", she gasped, as she quickly strode over to her friend's motionless body. " Chandler, Chandler talk to me!", she yelled, as she started slapping him in the face. " Chandler, Chandler!" she tried again, still receiving no reaction.

It was only then that she noticed the dark-red stains. They were literally everywhere: on Chandler's face, on his plaid shirt, on the floor... Worried sick, she hastily stood up to flick on a light, and that's when she noticed something else: two rather deep gashes, just at the height of his wrists.

" Oh my god, oh jesus, Chandler sweetie, what did you do?", she whispered, right before grabbing a towel from a nearby closet and tightly wrapping it around the unconscious man's injured body parts. After she'd completed that action, she gently stroked his cheek and softly asked: " Why? How the hell could you do that to us?" Then she rose back up and started yelling: " Joey, Joey, get in here, quick!"

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