A/N: This is a weird story that popped in my head, i'm sorry, if you don't like then don't read...i wasn't even sure if i should post this, but whatever. Hope you like it :)

Two pink lines. He smiled and walked out of the bathroom. He sat on his bed and stared at the stick. Dean was pregnant. Cas walked into the bedroom and saw Dean sitting on the bed with his back facing him. Cas crawled on the bed towards Dean and wrapped his arms around Dean body. Cas saw the stick. "Finally."

"I know, it took long enough."

"Sam is downstairs fixing supper. Let's go tell him." Dean turned around and kissed Cas before his hands moved down to Cas's abdomen. He was just started to show. Four months pregnant. "Sam is going to be so happy."

"I know. Finally. We can all have our own baby." Dean smiled and they walked down the stairs.

Cas laced his fingers around Dean's as they walked into the kitchen. Sam was setting the table. "Sammy?"

Sam looked up at Cas and Dean. "What?"

"I'm pregnant." Dean smiled.

"Finally." Sam said as he walked over to Dean and kissed him. "Now you're just a month behind me."

Cas four months pregnant, Sam 2 ½ months pregnant, and now Dean, just found out and he was almost 2 months already.

"I'll schedule an appointment with Dr. Blake after supper." Cas said.

"Sounds good. Let's eat." Sam said sitting down.

"I glad morning sickness is over for me." Cas smiled.

"Hasn't started for me yet." Dean said.

"Well, you're both lucky bastards." Sam replied taking a bite of toast.

Dean laughed and ate. "I'm excited. I'm having Cas's baby, Cas is having your baby, and you're having my baby. What makes this better, is that we'll be having them at around the same time."

"We are all going to be there for each other. In sickness and in health. Just like in our vows." Sam said.

Cas and Dean smiled and they ate. Once they finished they walked into the living room. Dean laid his head in Sam's lap and Sam ran his hands through Dean's hair. Cas walked around the room on the phone.

"Hello, Dr. Blake, this is Castiel."

"Hey, Cas. How are you feeling?"

"I'm great. The morning sickness as started to fade away. I wanted to schedule an appointment."

"You have an appointment in 3 ½ weeks."

"Not for me, for Dean."

"Dean's pregnant?"


"You do know that now you, Sam, and Dean are all pregnant."

"Yes, I'm very clear about that."

"Alright, You guys can come on in tomorrow morning at 9."

"Thank you."

"No problem."

"Bye." He hung up.

Cas walked over to his husbands.

3 ½ Weeks Later…

Cas 5 months, Sam 3 months, and Dean 2 ½ months. Cas had a sonogram to find the sex of the baby. All three of them were just dying to know. Dean was having serious morning sickness ever since they found out. Sam's morning sickness was fading away slowly.

Dean woke up that morning in between his lovers. He was wrapped around Cas with his hand placed on Cas's distended stomach. Sam had his head resting on his chest. He was hit by a wave of nausea. Dean shot up waking both Sam and Cas.

"Get out of the way. I'm gonna be—" Dean rushed out of bed and ran to the bathroom and retching in the bowl. Sam walked over to Dean and rubbed his back. Cas stood in the doorway rubbing his stomach.

"It's ok, Dean." Sam reinsured.

"Oh God, kill me."

"Both Cas an d I have been sitting right you are right now. It gets better."

"I know, I know. But this sucks."

"I know it does. If you're not up to it you don't have to go with us to my appointment." Cas said as Dean stood up. He walked over to Cas and placed his hands on Cas's belly.

"I want to, I'm your husband and I want to see development of my brothers baby growing inside of you. We are all in this together."

Cas smiled. Dean kissed his husband. Sam wrapped his arms around Dean. "Come on, let's go see our baby."

They all got dressed. Dean drove Cas sat in the passenger seat and Sam was in the back. Once they got to the doctors office. Sam laced his finger with Cas's fingers. They all sat and waited for Cas's name. It wasn't uncommon to see polygamist couples gay or not walking around Utah. Cas, Sam and Dean were all lucky enough to have the carrier gene, that was the uncommon apart. Yes, there was polygamist couple with some of the group with the carrier gene, but never all of them, yet alone pregnant at the same time.

"Castiel Winchester?"

They all got up and walked with the nurse. She led them to one of the room and Cas sat on the table. Dr. Blake came a few minutes later.

"Hello, Castiel, Dean, Sam. How are you guys doing?"

"I'm fine, the runt just started moving and kicking, Sam's morning sickness is getting much, much better, but Dean is getting hit pretty bad."

"Dean, I can prescribe you with some medication for the nausea."

"Thanks. This isn't my appointment, doc, focus on Cas."

"Dean calm down."

"It's ok, Sam. He is right. Let's get started." Dr. Blake squirted cold gel on Cas's stomach after he lifted his shirt.

"Well, there you go, Castiel. There's your baby."

"That's amazing." Sam smiled. "I made that."

Cas got teary eyed and smiled. "Yeah, Sam, you made that."

"You guys wanna know the sex."

"Most definitely." Cas replied.

Sam and Dean laughed. Dean saw a tear roll down Sam's face. Dean stood in front of his other husband. He wiped the tears from his face then kissed him. When they broke apart Sam had a huge smile on his face. They turned and looked at Cas and Dr. Blake.

"Well, Castiel, Sam, and Dean. You're going to have a little daughter."

"Aw, Sam, you have girly sperm."

"Shut up, Dean."

Dr. Blake laughed. She walked over to Dean. "Dean I forget how far along are you?"

"2 ½ months, why?"

"You look too big to be just 2 ½ months with one. Can you and Cas switch places really fast?"

"Yeah, sure. I didn't think I was that much bigger."

Dean sat on the table Cas was just sitting at and Dean lifted his shirt and Dr. Blake squirted the cold gel.

"Son of a bitch."

"Sorry, it's a bit cold."

"You're telling me." Dean smirked. Dr. Blake moved the transducer along Dean belly and pressed buttons on the machine. She had a concerned look on her face. Dean reached out his hand towards his husbands. Cas grabbed Dean's hand firmly and Sam ran his fingers through Dean's hair. "What's wrong, Dr. Blake?"

"Nothing is wrong, Dean. I do have some new information come to light. I don't know why we didn't see this at the last appointment."

"What? What?" Cas panicked.

"Dean, you're having twins."

"Aw, Cas, you have over active sperm." Dean mocked.

"Shut up, Dean." Cas mirrored Sam's statement from before. They all smiled before getting up and setting up Cas's next appointment. Four babies instead of three. That shouldn't be much harder.