4 Months Later…

Dean stood beside his brother and his angel at the front of the aisle. Sam held Tristan and Christopher and Cas held Rebekah and Skylar in his arms. There was a small gathering. Bobby, Ellen, Anna, Pamela, Chuck, Zachariah, even Meg showed up. It was a happy day. Dean, Sam, and Cas were all wearing tuxedos. Music started play and everyone stood up and turned to look at the back of the room to the huge doors opening revealing a veiled woman wearing a beautiful long white dress. As the music played she walked down to the front of the room.

Once right in front of Dean, he lifted the veil to reveal Jo in all her beauty. "You think beautiful, Dean whispered.

"You look handsome." Jo replied.

They both turned to the priest and began the wedding. "We are gathered here today, to wed Dean Michael Winchester and Joanna Beth Harvelle to Holy matrimony…."

Dean looked at Jo and smiled. He was happier than he had ever been. He was marrying the girl of his dream with his husbands by his side with his four kids and a room for of his friends. As the priest continued with the speech that neither Jo and Dean were paying attention . They were too many caught in each other's eyes. They were snapped back in reality when Sam' nudged Dean and Cas nudged Jo.

"I believe the bride and the groom have written their own vows." The priest announced.

Dean and Jo both nodded. Sam gave Dean his paper where he had written his vows and Cas did the same with Jo. The priest looked at Dean signaling him to read his off to his bride. Dean smiled then looked at Jo. Sam gave Dean Jo's ring and Dean took her hand and held it.

"Joanna Beth Harvelle. Our fathers knew each other and didn't have very good history at the end. From the moment I met you, you seemed different from all the other girls I have been with. I was already with Sam at the time but I always seemed to like you. 2 years later I met Cas then and we quit hunting for good to start a family. You and your mother have been so supportive and have helped us through very tough times. You've been there for not just me or the babies, but for Sam and Cas. They love you as much as I love you. Through diaper rashes, coughs, colds, melts down from both the babies and the three of us, you have been there. I want you to marry me, and live with me, Sam and Cas and raise our kids together. I want my kids to have a Mom and only you can fill those shoes."

Dean slid the ring on Jo's finger. Dean saw a tear escape Jo's eye. She was smiling which made him smile. The priest looked at Jo and Cas gave Jo Dean's ring and she took Dean's hand.

"I have been playing this moment in my head for days nonstop and I couldn't think of anything that was good enough to describe how I feel about you…Sam and Cas. It didn't click until you finished your vows. I love you, Dean Winchester. I think I have always known that I loved you, ever since I held that rifle to your back. I want to be there with you forever. I want to wake up every morning to see the three handsome men in my life. I would love to raise those four beautiful babies with you. What else can I say other than I love you."

Dean smiled and could feel tears bubbling in his eyes but he refused to cry. The priest smiled and looked both Dean and Jo. "I, now, pronounce you Mr. & Mrs. Dean Winchester." He looked at Dean. "You may now kiss the bride."

Dean wrapped his arms around Jo's waist and kissed her as the small gathering clapped and cheered. They walked down the aisle and were off to the reception or just a small get to together at the house with beer and food. The Winchester reception.

Once everybody was at the house and talking and Sam and Cas had finished cooking and everyone ate and the sun went down that the attention was taken away from Jo and Dean. Jo was holding Skylar and Dean was holding Christopher. Bobby held a fussy Tristan and Ellen carrying Rebekah. Tristan just got fussier and louder so Bobby and Dean swapped babies. "What's the matter, Twist? Were you getting sick on grandpa Bobby holding you like a potato sack?"

"Hey, ya Idjit, I was holdin'em fine. He probably just wanted his Daddy."

"Well, Daddy Dean is here now. It is getting late. It's what 9 o'clock? They should be tired."

Most of the angels had left and all of the hunter and Ruby had left but Bobby and Ellen. "You guys can head on home if you want. We got everything undercontrol." Sam said lifted his youngest son out of Bobby's grasp. Ellen hand Bekah to Cas and they said their goodbyes and were off.

"Alright, Cas's got Bek, Sam's got Chris, Jo, you, got Sky, and I got Twist. Let's get them fed and changed and met in the nursery in 15." Dean said.

"You say that like we are a team and that's the game plan." Jo smiled.

"That's the idea. Now, let's go." Sam said.

All four of them went in different directions. Sam went to the nursery and changed Chris then fed him. Cas took Bek to the bathroom and gave her a quick bath, changing her, then fed her. Jo fed Sky then changed her. Bobby had already fed Tristan not 10 minutes ago, yet he was still fussy. Dean took her outside in the quiet, chilly January air. Trist was wrapped up in a thick blanket and Dean rocked him from side to side. It wasn't until Tristan burped then Dean realized Bobby probably didn't burp him after he fed Trist.

"Do you have air bubbles, little man?" Dean asked as he propped Trist up against his shoulder and started to burp him. He heard the burp but he also felt the burp slid now his shoulder blade. "Awh, come on, Twist. You had to spit up on me on my wedding night."

Tristan was smiling now and cooing at Dean. He was making random noise as Dean walked inside and up the stairs to change Trist. Jo, Sam, and Cas were all waiting in the nursery. Jo was rocking Sky to sleep still but Sam and Cas were just watching Chris and Bek sleep. When Jo saw Dean she gently laid Skylar into the crib and Dean placed Tristan in his and they all walked out.

Once out of the nursery Dean threw off his shirt and threw it in the bathroom. "What was that for?" Cas asked.

"Twist spit up on it." Dean laughed as they got to the bed room and all four of them collapsed on the bed in exhaustion.

Everyone crawled up to the top of the bed and slid in the covers. Sam, Cas Dean, and Jo in a line on the bed. Dean nuzzled his head in Jo's hair and whispered. "This is what you have gotten yourself into."

Jo whispered back. "This is everything I ever wanted. Three mean, four babies." Dean smiled and they all soon drifted to sleep.