Why? I really don't need to start anymore stories. I really don't. I don't even know how often I'll be able to update this thing. It is beyond insane to be doing this. But I absolutely love this movie and I liked most of the sequels and television series. Not the anime since I haven't really watched it and I am heartbroken about the idea of breaking up the pair like that, but at least they were apparently nice enough to have a reunion between our Hawaiian girl and genetic experiment in one episode. Anyway, I'm getting off track.

I'm a fan of Disney, so it really was only a matter of time before another of the fandoms pulled me in. And this one really does have so much potential. You can do so much with "Lilo and Stitch" honestly when you think of all the elements provided. You have Tantalog, the language that Stitch and his cousins use in the show with plenty of examples of various phrases and words that can be translated. You have over six hundred experiments running around the island, with "Leroy and Stitch" providing the names for all of them if you look during the credits. You have untold numbers of alien species in the United Galactic Federation, along with however many aren't part of the group. You have a little girl as Earth's representative in the Federation, which you know would be a little concerning for the various country leaders on the planet. You could do insane amounts of awesome stuff with all of this.

But the focus of the show was always Lilo and Stitch (hence the name of the show). And with good reason. If you actually think about them the right way, the two of them are certainly intriguing. And not just because one is practically an unstoppable force.

Stitch's mind can be broken down into three distinct aspects. One, he's intelligent. Very intelligent. In the words of his creator, he can think faster than a supercomputer. We know he can drive just about anything (and hotwire it). He can make an improvised explosive out of Scrump with objects in the Pelekai household. He can make a plan of escape or how to perform a capture on the fly. He might not be Jumba when it comes to pure brainpower, but he's a lot smarter than the average guy on the street. Two, his only instinct is to destroy everything he touches. Even if he turns good, those instincts have been shown to remain with him. Basically, anything he encounters is a target to be ripped, shredded, crushed, broken, exploded, or simply smashed into pieces. And because he's incredibly smart, he'll know exactly how to destroy whatever he's facing. Even if it is something like Jumba's computer, the couch in the living room, or the arm of a certain little Hawaiian girl that is giving him a hug. Just because he decided not to be a living weapon doesn't mean he forgot all his instincts. He just chooses not to act on them all the time. Three, he's actually fairly young chronologically and emotionally. Judging by what was shown in "Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch" and from Jumba's statements about him lacking any "memories to visit in the middle of the night" in the original movie, he wasn't very old at all by the beginning of the first film. His reactions and behavior is rather similar to a little kid at times, especially his emotional responses. And for all his intelligence, he's inexperienced and his world view is being formed mostly by what Lilo shares with him. She's the one who helped introduce him to the idea of empathy, morality, ohana, and gave him a framework to base his life on other than just his instincts. So she's fulfilled the role of not just his best friend. She's almost like his mother or older sister in an abstract way.

And while Lilo might be human, she can still be just as impressive as Stitch in her own way. She was about five or six when she lost her parents and Nani was forced to fulfill that new role. Even at that point, she's shown to be an odd and yet intelligent child (she could use the word "abomination" correctly and seems to read some rather atypical material). Over the next three years, she not only manages to turn a powerful and dangerous living weapon away from his original programming to the point where he's loyal to her to a fault, but she also converts over six hundred different experiments to similarly benevolent roles on the island of Kauai and she even has the ability to contact one of the cousins that now serves with the Captain of the Galactic Armada (Rueben and Gantu respectively). Let that sink in for a moment. A nine year old girl essentially has an army of genetic experimental weapons that she can easily summon up in an emergency along with her loyal ultimate living weapon that lives with her and she is on a first name basis with the commander of another army, this one with space ships. She is also the ambassador for Earth, which in theory means that she has a voice in regards to issues brought up before the council. That's ignoring the friends she's made due to the crossover episodes (such as Kim Possible, the girl who can do anything, and Jake Long, the American Dragon). She might not be as physically dangerous as her "dog," but Lilo has plenty of powerful connections due to her ability to gain ohana wherever she goes and turn evil beings into good without even trying.

So, after this insanely long intro, here are the last few pieces of info. I don't own most of these characters. I wish I did, though. Anything I did create, I'll point them out. Any characters, elements, or ideas that you like, you're welcome to borrow them. Just ask me first. I am also not going to try incorporating the "Stitch" anime series from Japan. I will be using the four movies and the television series that take place in Hawaii. So, please sit back and enjoy my insane journey into yet another fandom.


Even before he opened his eyes, he knew she was already out of their shared room. His sharp ears could no longer hear her breathing and her heart-beating from her bed. And even if her scent clung to practically every inch of the rooftop dome, his equally sharp nose could tell it was not quite strong enough for her to be present. While he preferred to keep her within easy-to-protect distance, especially during that time period when Gantu could still be considered an enemy, he didn't feel too concerned at the moment. There were currently over six hundred formerly-evil experiments, his "cousins," living on the island who would be happy to step in to help her if she was in trouble and they didn't even have any real enemies at the moment who were free to hurt her. They were either converted to good or were in prison. Not to mention she was currently in the kitchen trying to convince Pleakley that the extremely sugar-filled cereal was a reasonable breakfast choice and that Nani was being ridiculous about not having it every morning. Keeping track of her was thankfully easy to accomplish with sensitive enough ears. He could probably locate her in a pitch-black cave using only his hearing to navigate.

Deciding it was probably time to go down and join the rest of the ohana, he opened his eyes and slipped off his bunk. Anyone who lived off the island would have stared at his appearance, absolutely certain that no Earth creature could ever look this… alien. Nearly three feet six inches tall on his hind legs and with enormous ears that would make a bat proud, he was covered in blue fur that would be impossible to ignore. Sharp claws on his hands, a large and keen nose, black eyes, and teeth that reminded some beach-goers of a shark, he tended to draw stares and unnerve those not used to his presence. Somehow, most humans were willing to uncertainly accept the identity of his species as a "dog." Of course, his natural shape would ruin even that uneasy acceptance since no canine on Earth could sprout an extra set of limbs, antennas, and spikes along their back on cue. But that was the key detail. Even though he might be on Earth now and had even spent most of his life here so far, he wasn't from the planet.

He was Experiment 626. Created by the evil genius, Dr. Jumba Jookiba, as his ultimate masterpiece and the culmination of his work on the previous experiments, he was designed and built as the ultimate living weapon to destroy. The sheer attention to detail was rather impressive and he'd read enough of the doctor's files to be very familiar with them.

Everything about him was intended to make him the most powerful tool for utter destruction possible. His bones contained a mixture of titanium and iron rather than merely calcium and phosphate compounds to ensure they could withstand the impact and forces such a creature would encounter and they were essentially unbreakable while his joints were flexible enough to never hinder his movement even when he rolled into a ball. His individual muscle cells contained compressed myofibril to increase the speed of muscle contraction along with simply being made of sterner material than what is generally found in living creatures. They were so efficient that he could lift three thousand times his body weight. His skin and fur contained several durable polymers that left him fireproof and bulletproof while still remaining fluffy. His claws could rip through most common metals and leave slashes across the same clear materials used to craft the windows of spaceships or containment units that most would call impervious to damage. His teeth and jaws were equally powerful, tearing and crushing most materials including stone, wood, plastic, glass, and weaker metals.

In his natural form, he possessed a second set of arms of equal strength and dexterity as his first set, but with the unique features to his anatomy to allow their presence to be used as a surprise during an attack. Technically, he had two sets of shoulders: one below his neck and another pseudo-shoulder in his mid body. When the extra arms retracted, two sets of muscles alternated tensing and releasing to enable the lower arms to slide along the groove into a resting position inside. Thus, his second set of arms could be hidden inside his body so that an opponent would remain ignorant of their presence until it was too late. The spikes along his back were equally retractable, making it even more difficult to attack from behind.

His senses were extremely acute so that nothing in his environment would escape his notice. His ears could detect sounds in a rather impressive range of frequencies and volumes even at a distance to the point where it could practically serve as sonar. His sense of smell would allow him to trace certain scents back to their source up to ten miles away in the right circumstances. His eyes were among the most versatile however. He could see in the dark, his large eyes able to make use of even the faintest traces of light to navigate his surroundings. Along with the normal visible spectrum, he could see both ultraviolet and infrared light. Even more useful was that he could easily filter through these different wavelengths so he could focus on the more important details without distractions. One of his less commonly-used senses was connected to his retractable antennas. They allowed him to detect, transmit, and receive various signals such as radar, radio, and microwave energy as a discrete method of communication and jamming other signals, which also enabled him to act as a audio amplifier for other sources of information such as a vinyl records. Unfortunately, the preferred frequency for his antennas was 2.5GHz, coincidentally the same as a microwave oven. This meant that if he happened to have his antennas out at the same time someone was using the device nearby, his senses tended to be flooded with an extremely infuriating amount of feedback.

But the key aspect to making the perfect living weapon was the mind. In the words of his creator, he could think faster than a supercomputer. His mind was a detailed information repository, though not quite as extensive as Jumba's. He could calculate and recognize the most efficient way to destroy a target, operate and hotwire nearly any vehicle he might lay his hands on, program and hack any computer, and solve any problem that might try to hinder his efforts.

He could understand and speak a number of different languages and sub-dialects, though he wasn't quite as talented as his cousin Reuben. His mind was wired specifically for Tantalog though and he tended to use that language as a default. His range of languages wasn't too surprising since most of the species who took part in the United Galactic Federation spoke multiple languages for practicality's sake and Tantalog was a popular secondary one for many populations due to its history as a native tongue for a supremely advance yet now-extinct civilization and was still in use for a few other scattered planets. According to the private files he wasn't supposed to hack into about his creator's past, Jumba even grew up in an area of Kweltikwan that spoke it fluently and he didn't learn the more wide-spread Standard until he was older and about to start Evil Genius University. It only made sense that he would use his native language as the default choice for his experiments.

His learning curve was intense, allowing him to gain any knowledge he didn't possess swiftly. Of course, there's a difference between knowing something because you are given the information and using it properly in reality, but that could be dealt with by gaining experience and his detailed memory of his life assisted in maintaining the lessons learned by practice.

And all of his physical and mental capabilities were crafted in order to make the best use of the sole instinct his creator gave him, the only purpose intended for the experiment. To destroy everything. Granted, there were a few specifics to help direct his efforts. He would be drawn to large cities, back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe. But everything boiled down to destruction. Experiment 626 was intended to destroy whatever he touched and to be unstoppable, no more and no less.

Of course, not even the plans of an evil genius can go perfectly all the time. The United Galactic Federation showed up at the worst possible time, arresting the evil genius and trying to take the newly created experiment in as evidence. The first time they didn't even manage to get him very far before he slipped away since they didn't know what they were dealing with. The second time they did succeed in bringing him to Turo for Jumba's trial, destroying the scientist's hope of getting out of trouble due to lack of evidence. But the second escape allowed him to get even further away and find what he didn't even know he was missing.

He wasn't just Experiment 626 anymore, the weapon with the sole purpose of destruction and a monster accidentally unleashed upon the universe. His name was Stitch. He had something more than just his programming to guide him now. He possessed a home, an ohana, and somewhere he truly belonged. All Jumba's hard work to create the perfect force for evil was essentially tossed aside now that he knew what he wanted out of life. Oddly, the scientist didn't seem overly-upset by the supposed waste of his creation's potential, adding evidence to Stitch's theory that he was more fond of the concept of evil and the possibilities it offered than he was of the realities of true evil. Regardless, he'd become far more than an experiment, a tool for destruction. He had his own identity and capability to choose whether or not to fulfill his original function. And he owed everything to the girl downstairs.

There was technically an elevator that connected the rooftop dome to the rest of the house installed by Jumba, but Stitch didn't bother using it half the time anyway. The blue-furred experiment simply climbed down the shaft, clinging to the surface without effort. There was a reason Pleakley tended to complain about having to clean footprints off the ceiling and walls.

While the rooftop dome might have a practical and plain style to it that was reminiscent of a spacecraft, the rest of the house felt cozy and warm. Not to say that the room he shared didn't have personal touches, such as her photographs, some books, the decorative lamp, and her doll, Scrump. It was just that the rest of the house seemed more complete. The furniture, the decorations, the colors, and the general atmosphere just seemed to make Stitch feel good. When he first arrived, he couldn't really identify the feeling and he'd been more concern with how much force it would take to break the items to fragments, but he now knew the place felt like ohana. It was home to a close-knit, albeit unusual ohana and he was part of it. The kitchen, the living room, and the rest of the house was a space for the entire family while the rooftop dome was just for the two of them. It only made sense that a space for the whole ohana would feel more home-like.

Three figures were currently in the kitchen. Nani, the dark-haired adult human woman of the family, was already left for her job apparently. The fact she was already gone was further proof that he'd slept in that morning.

The first of the remaining trio was sitting at the table, drinking from an oversized mug while chuckling over some blueprints. Dressed in a colorful shirt, the purple-and-pink-skinned, four-eyed, nearly-bald Kweltikwan was probably one of the smartest individuals in the galaxy. After all, Dr. Jumba Jookiba did manage to create all the experiments currently living on the island, not to mention inventing time travel using a surfboard as the base. It was rather interesting that someone who still called himself an evil genius could be happy living on a relatively low-tech planet. But, like all the members of the family, he found that he truly belonged here. His so-called evilness wasn't quite as evident these days except for the occasional maniacal laugh or his attempts to make a new experiment.

The second was leafing through the local newspaper, dressed in an orange muumuu and cheerfully commenting on various aspects of the human culture that he found to be fascinating. Thin, greenish-yellow, one-eyed, tripedal, and in possession of two purple tongues and a single antenna on top of his head, the Plorgonarian was certainly content living on the planet due to considering himself an Earth expert. Of course, Agent Wendy Pleakley didn't arrive in Hawaii with the initial intention of remaining, but circumstances left him and Jumba as roommates and now Stitch doubted he would leave even when the option was offered. True, he did want to share his knowledge with the rest of the universe, but he'd already given up a position at Galactic Alliance Community College. Perhaps he would write a book about it someday. Judging by the reactions from the human members of the ohana to some of the things his "research" suggested about Earth, however, he was a little suspicious about how much Pleakley would say that would actually be correct.

The third member at the table, shoveling her cereal while studying the back of the box, was a human child with black hair and brown eyes. She looked like just another native of the island, though one most of the locals tended to consider eccentric. She was also one of the most important people in his life. Lilo was the one who gave him everything; she was the reason he was more than just a living weapon. Her explanation of ohana and the story of the Ugly Duckling that first night was the point where Stitch stopped seeing her as a useful shield to keep from being captured and as someone special that he couldn't even consider allowing to be harmed by anyone.

Of course, that made it all the worse when he started glitching sporadically after joining the ohana and accidentally scratched her. Stitch would've rather jumped in the ocean without a surfboard than hurt her. He didn't mean it and he couldn't help it. Everyone told him that repeatedly, including Lilo who also apologized repeatedly for not realizing something was wrong with him. Luckily, he didn't directly attack her apparently. One of his arms just managed to graze her when the glitch caused his limbs to flail. It still knocked her down. It still left a scratch across her cheek. She and the rest of humanity were so fragile, so utterly and terrifyingly fragile. And if he'd gone after her directly…

No, he wasn't going to think about that. He wouldn't do such a thing on purpose and he was fixed now so he shouldn't glitch like that ever again. Besides, thinking about all the horrible possibilities was not the best thing to do first thing in the morning.

Dropping down from the ceiling into a chain beside her, he managed to startle Pleakley into shouting in response to the experiment's unexpected arrival. This caused Lilo to smile and Jumba to chuckle in amusement. Stitch couldn't help grinning himself as the Plorgonarian tried to calm back down. Perhaps not as satisfying in some ways as smashing the table to splinters, tossing the dishes against the wall to break them into ceramic fragments, and crushing the cereal into a soggy mess, but startling Pleakley was more acceptable than most of his destructive desires. Though it would have been nice to see the wood cracking and to hear the glass shattering…

"Morning, Stitch," Lilo greeted. "Sleep well?"

"Ih," he nodded, reaching over for his bowl of cereal that was already waiting for him.

Still glaring at him over the minor scare, Pleakley grumbled, "Apparently the little monster was overly tired from his efforts to drive us all crazy and stayed in bed for a while."

"Or perhaps Little Girl and 626 was busy reading new book of aesthetic repairs failing after Bigger Girl said for you to be sleeping?" suggested Jumba, glancing up briefly from his blueprints.

"I've been waiting forever for the sequel to 'Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong.' It has a whole chapter on noses," she pointed out. "And Stitch liked the pictures of the one guy who underwent liposuction. The one where they vacuumed out all the fat, but his skin was still really loose and dangling off him like he was wearing an oversized shirt."

The blue-furred experiment chuckled, "Ih. Skin flappy. Like flag."

Somehow Pleakley's complexion turned more green than yellow and he pushed away what remained of his breakfast with a whispered, "I think I just lost my appetite."

"Oketaka," shrugged Stitch, snatching up the Plorgonarian's bowl and dumped the contents into his open mouth.

"That doesn't mean you can steal it," he complained.

"It go to waste otherwise," pointed out Jumba.

Rolling his eye, Pleakley muttered, "Fine. Help yourself." As Stitch proceeded to drag his tongue across the dish in order to enjoy every tasty morsel, he asked, "Since you don't have hula class today or school, what's your plan for the day, Lilo?"

The experiment stopped eating long enough to turn towards the girl. While hula class was usually short enough to tolerate and could even be fun if he was allowed to watch or participate, school was just a boring distraction from his time with Lilo. Far too many days a week for far too many hours in his opinion, she was gone and he was stuck trying to entertain himself until her return. Granted, he spent some of that time visiting Angel sometimes. And, yes, Lilo brought him for Show and Tell once and he got to attend her class long enough to draw a diagram of the Turo system to show off before he accidentally caused the front desk to split in half while moving it. Now he wasn't allowed near the school. Honestly, there were times he wished she didn't have to go. It wasn't like he or Jumba couldn't teach her anything she might need to know about math and science. They could definitely teach her more than the instructor with the fragile furniture and no knowledge of the mechanics of long-distance space travel. Of course, she still needed someone for the boring stuff like Earth history since Pleakley wasn't quite as well-informed on those topics as he might believe. So Stitch was forced to admit school was something that would have to be endured. That didn't mean he didn't strongly prefer the time Lilo was free to spend with him.

"David told me that he would take me and Stitch surfing later and I was thinking we could check on Yin, Yang, and Cannonball while we're there," the girl stated, taking another bite of her cereal. "They're predicting some huge waves today, even without the help of 520."

Nani and David were complicated in Stitch's opinion. The young man was part of the ohana, there was no doubt about that. The fire twirling individual spent movie nights with them, played with Lilo in his spare time, and went out on dates and not-dates with the older girl. Everyone knew they would eventually get married. And by "everyone," he meant every human, alien, and experiment on the island. It wouldn't be that surprising if even Cobra Bubbles was quietly wondering when they would just hurry up. Of course, even after meeting Angel, Stitch couldn't claim to truly understand romance or love. And just asking why Nani didn't just marry David and have him move into the house would probably spark the older girl's temper or just leave her claiming it was complicated.

"That sounds like fun," remarked Pleakley. "After I finish repairing your hula outfit, there was a fascinating Earth tradition I'm planning to investigate in greater detail. Are you familiar with this Daylight Savings Time concept?"

Chuckling slightly, Lilo answered, "Sort of. It probably isn't what you think it is."

"Tried to tell him that already, but he isn't to be listening to me," muttered Jumba.

"And I told you I know what I'm doing. Who's the Earth expert here?"

Shaking her head in amusement, the girl remarked, "Well, have fun anyway and mahalo about my hula outfit. I'll try to change clothes after class the next time Stitch and I re-enact a scene from the Wasp Mummy movies."

"Well, I would certainly appreciate it. It isn't that easy getting mud out and fixing the torn out sections," commented Pleakley. "Rolling down the hill to 'escape from the undead insect menace' seems to do a lot of damage when you hit the ditch at the bottom apparently."

Smiling sheepishly, Lilo nodded and turned towards the blue-furred experiment, "Come on, Stitch. We have some waves to catch and David's probably already waiting."

Gulping down what remained of the cereal in his own bowl, Stitch leapt out of the chair and scurried over to her excitedly. He knew that Jumba was still mildly baffled by the experiment's fascination and enjoyment of surfing. After all, it was an entire activity that relied on water and the traits that made him practically indestructible also made him sink like a rock. Stitch knew exactly how vulnerable to drowning he was and possessed a perfectly-understandable dread of the hazardous material whenever he encountered more than could be contained in a water balloon. But surfing was just too much fun. Everything about it was exciting and he couldn't resist it. Part of it might even be because of the danger of trying, just like humans would engage in skydiving even if they weren't durable enough for the impact if something went wrong. Every single time he climbed on a surfboard, he ran the risk of drowning and yet it was too much fun to stay on the shore. Besides, Stitch trusted Lilo and David to help him if he was knocked off the board and his balance was good enough to keep him on most of the time anyway.

"Ih," he grinned at her. "We surf now."

To say that Dr. Jacques von Hamsterviel was unhappy sitting in his mostly-empty cell would be an understatement. His various attempts at galactic domination had been thwarted by a child of a primitive species and the genetic experiment that once represented the highest achievement of the Galaxy Defense Industries in general and Dr. Jumba Jookiba specifically. Okay, 626 was probably still the greatest creation of Jumba since 627 and Leroy unfortunately each possessed a crippling flaw that left them useless. That did little to improve the rodent-like being's mood since he still didn't like losing to something that should have been his weapon. If only he waited a little longer to turn Jumba over to the Federation Council, he might have grabbed the little monster for himself before the little Earth girl could ruin him. Circumstances forced his hand however and thus he lost the opportunity to possess the experiments for his own purposes.

While his continued defeat by the two individuals and their companions was certainly a large part of his state of frustration, along with being imprisoned, it was not the only contributing factor. He'd spent the last three years in confinement after all, depending on the incompetent Gantu to fulfill the mission to gain the experiments and hiding the elaborate technology that kept him connected to the rest of the galaxy. The same technology, he might add, that kept his prison sentence from being that problematic to his goals. Jail was not enough to stop his efforts to take over. Unfortunately, his short-lived victory to rule over everyone resulted in him back in prison, but with some notable and frustrating changes. His useless lackey was turned into an ally for the little Earth girl and the experiment and he'd regained his old role as Captain of the Galactic Armada. And that meant the grey-skinned buffoon spilt all Hamsterviel's secrets to the Federation Council, including all of his modifications to his last prison cell. Thus, he was far more trapped than ever before.

Not one to give up easily, the white-furred being was in the process of reconstructing his old systems. He might not be the one who could play with genes to create creatures who possessed the power to produce fireballs, ice, electricity, ear-piercing shrieks, black holes, or amazing sandwiches, but he did attend the Evil Genius University with Jumba. He was an expert at arranging shady business deals for funds to make such experiments possible and discretely converting technology to more suitable purposes, including turning the security system of a prison cell into a workable lair. And if he could do it once, he could do it again.

Placing the final red wire in the right spot on his creation and completing the connection, the small intergalactic communicator produced a soft beep and came online. Hamsterviel smirked and glanced out the clear side of his cell to ensure that the guards were still absent. This particular prison block was mostly filled with Leroy clones that were now essentially useless unless music was playing and didn't do much even then. Since he was the only one who could cause trouble in this corner of the prison, the guards tended to check on him more often than he liked and definitely slowed down his progress. At the moment, however, he seemed to be alone.

Dialing the device up, Hamsterviel sent out an inquiry towards all of his old contacts or help. Just because Gantu turned against him didn't mean that everyone abandoned him. Business associates, made over the twenty-five years he worked with Jumba, might be willing to help him for the right price. If he found someone still willing to speak to him while he rested in prison, the white-furred being might be able to wrangle a deal to have them break him out.

In a surprisingly short amount of time, the object beeped and a voice greeted, "Dr. Hamsterwheel, it has been quite some time."

"Hamsterviel," he snapped automatically. "My name is Hamsterviel."

As soon as the words left his mouth, the rodent-like entity realized exactly who'd responded to his request for help. Her image was on screen, staring at him intently. The basic description for her and her species was similar to that of the Earth insect, a praying mantis. Her head was certainly the appropriate triangular shape and the large yellow-green eyes with the tiny pupils matched. Her twin antennas curled above her head on either side of a gold crown. A white cape was tied around her small neck, but the rest of her body wasn't visible on the small screen. Still, the red coloration was enough to identify which member of the species he was addressing, even if the crown didn't prove it.

"Queen Soltus, what a pleasant surprise," he smiled, trying to regain any good favor he might have lost with his previous outburst. "How are things in your end of the galaxy?"

"The Swarm progresses, taking two new worlds since last we spoke," she replied. "Am I correct in my understanding that you require assistance?"

"Yes," Hamsterviel acknowledged. "Perhaps someone with as much smart-like smartness as you might be willing to spare a few of your undefeatable warriors to help break my trapped person out of this imprisoning prison?"

If she agreed to such a request, this might be the ideal way to deal with the situation. The Entolyterians, or "the Swarm," were a species that originally occupied a pleasant-enough planet called Entolytera, but now ruled over dozens of worlds. Neither they nor their conquered worlds were part of the United Galactic Federation. They possessed no interest in joining and obeying the laws that governed the collection of systems, but they also did not wish to draw the anger of the Untied Galactic Federation by starting a war with them. Yet. But battles and taking over other worlds was a large portion of the species' purpose and there were more than enough worlds out there who didn't have that protection. The war-like tendencies of the Swarm was why they served as one of his "shady business deals" in the past. The promise of genetic experiments designed for destruction was a tempting offer for a people based on conquering other worlds. That was also why they would be helpful for breaking him out of his cell. If that brainless fish-face, Gantu, could devise a successful breakout before switching sides, then a small team of highly-trained warriors should have no trouble with it.

"I might be able to arrange something if it becomes necessary," she responded. "But first, I must ask you something important. You promised us that your most talented scientist was just about to complete his greatest work, our perfect living weapon that our funding allowed to be created. It is peculiar that, just before your promised delivery, your United Galactic Federation discovered the project and arrested the scientist. The timing seemed a little too perfect at preventing the agreed upon deal."

Hamsterviel struggled not to react to her subtle accusation. It was true that the timing of Jumba's arrest was too ideal to just be luck. He alerted the authorities in the hopes that it would dissolve the contract with Queen Soltus, allowing him to gain control of the 625 other experiments for his own galactic domination. A double betrayal that would lead to Hamsterviel ruling the federation with a deadly force of genetic living weapons. Even if Jumba's possessions, including the experiment pods, were confiscated by the authorities during the arrest, he could still get them with a bribe or two. It all came apart when 626 escaped to Earth, the scientist was freed to pursue him, and the little girl became involved, however.

"It was troubling," he admitted carefully. "But the arrest did make it impossible to deliver the experiments for your war-like wars against other planets. There was nothing I could do about it."

"But he is no longer in prison," she pointed out sharply. "Nor is he in trouble with the law any longer, from what I understand. Would you like to explain why I still lack the promised experiments, even though you possessed time to provide them before your own arrest?"

Her glare was a little unnerving, especially since she was accusing him of breaking the deal and wasn't wrong about her accusations. But he still needed her help, so Hamsterviel needed to keep on her good side at least until he was free. That meant smoothing out the whole issue of the failed delivery of the experiments they funded.

"I would have brought you them, but it was already too late. Their destructive programming turned into a failing failure due to outside influences. They were rendered utterly useless for their original purpose, even if I could procure them for you at this time."

"I was under the impression that was impossible," commented the insectoid queen. "From what you claimed, they were programmed solely with destructive and aggressive behavior that could not be altered. You promised that all we would need to do would be to turn loose one of the later creations on a populated planet and nothing would stop their attack. Did you overestimate the effectiveness of the experiments? Perhaps I paid too much."

Feeling rather indignant, even if they were mostly Jumba's work, Hamsterviel glared at her slightly, "It is not because of some mistake on our part. They were perfectly perfect until that annoying little Earth girl got involved. There is something about her that allows her to wander around, ruining everything with her ruining-ness. The human girl with the name of Lilo Pelekai. That one. She is a devious and sneaky child. Somehow she ruins them. I don't know how she does it, but she destroys their programming."

Queen Soltus tilted her head slightly, "How curious. Is that a species trait?"

"No, just that one little girl. If she encounters a genetic experiment, then they become loyal to her and no longer follow their destructive programming to cause destruction."

"Can it be replicated?"

Hamsterviel blinked in confusion, staring at the small screen as he tried to decipher her meaning. He didn't expect her to ask a question at that point.

"Can what be replicated?" he asked finally.

"However that young human is able to override the experiments' programming," she clarified. "Can it be replicated? Can we use the same method in order to take over other living weapons for our use? Would it be possible to determine how this 'Lilo Pelekai' gets past the basic programming and to do the same thing ourselves?"

"I… don't know. I never really considered it," he admitted. "I don't know how she does it, so I don't know if we could replicate the resulting results."

"While a genetically-engineered weapon might be useful, the ability to acquire larger numbers and control them is a far more valuable commodity. If we can learn how she gained their loyalty when the experiments should not have the capability to ignore their programming, we should be able to do the same thing. We can regain command of the experiments you promised and others that we might find on other planets. We must learn this skill."

The white-furred prisoner began to feel a shadow of doubt creeping up his spine. This conversation was not going how he'd expected or wanted it to. Somehow he knew his possible escape was slipping through his fingers.

"That is all fine and dandy, but we were discussing how you will be breaking me out of here," he reminded.

"No, we were discussing how you failed to provide the promised experiments. And how we already paid for them," she said sharply. "You owe the Swarm and there is a high cost associated with such a debt." She paused briefly, glancing at something off-screen, before continuing, "Still, this news about the intriguing human child might be worth something. It will require further investigation. If we determine that she and her capabilities are as valuable as I suspect them to be, we shall consider your debt paid. Otherwise, I would suggest you spend your time in that cell contemplating ways to endear yourself to the Swarm so that you do not become one of our targets for destruction."

With that final ominous warning, the screen went black and Hamsterviel was left staring at it in shock. He wasn't quite certain what his actions might lead to, but he suspected one thing.

"I'm not getting out of here, am I?" he asked no one in particular.

Yeah, don't expect another update for quite some time. I mostly had this already written up and then got distracted. So I figured I'd post it. Lots of technical stuff about how Stitch does what he can do, but I hope that doesn't put you off too much. I found most of it from a variety of sources, ranging from the movies and cartoons to websites to an ancient copy of "Disney Adventure Magazine." Anything else, I made up based on that info and guesses. The Entolyterians are my creation. You'll be seeing more of them eventually.

As for the title, I know that the most common meaning for the word "aloha" is "hello" and "good-bye," but there's another meaning too. Specifically, it is referenced quite a bit in "Leroy and Stitch." They keep talking about "the aloha you give always comes back to you." The third meaning for the word would be "love or affection." That's the meaning that this story's title is referencing. Because there is a great deal of love involved.

Not all love is romantic love. There's familial love, the love between dear friends, and unconditional love. And I don't care what type of pairing you consider for these characters. There is no way you can deny the love displayed in this ohana.

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