Back in Time Chapter 1:

Time Travel

Ichigo entered Ryou's lab, having been summoned again. "Ryou, what is it now?" she asked wearily. "You already worked me to exhaustion; what are you going to do to me now?"

To her surprise, Ryou looked serious. "I have a mission for you," he said. "It's going to be far from easy, but this might stop the war."

"What is it?" Ichigo asked.

"I need you to go back in time," Ryou said. Ichigo's jaw dropped as Ryou continued, "I'm sending you four years back in time, and you'll be on the Cyniclons' planet. According to my research, that's about when Deep Blue appeared first."

"But I'm not a Cyniclon," Ichigo said.

"As long as you're on their planet, you'll be a Cyniclon," Ryou said. "It'll be fine. Just one thing- your Mew powers will turn to Cyniclon powers, so just be careful not to try to transform or anything."

"I'll get to teleport?" Ichigo asked.

"You like that idea?" Ryou asked.

"Yeah, it looks cool, and it would definitely cut down on my lateness problems," Ichigo said.

"Mmph," Ryou said. "Come with me."

Ichigo hesitantly followed him to a back room, and saw something that looked like a tube. Ryou pushed a button, and it opened up. "Step in," he said. Ichigo obeyed, and the tube closed up. Ichigo watched nervously as Ryou typed something into a keypad, and Ichigo felt her body start to tingle. The last thing she heard was Ryou's voice saying, "Good luck, Ichigo." Then she disappeared.

What no one would realize for a while was that Ryou had made a small mistake….

Eight years earlier, Cyniclonia: Ichigo reappeared, and saw a scene of total chaos. Screaming filled her ears, and she whipped around to see a tumble of huge rocks coming straight towards her. Cyniclons were running from it, or flying, but the rocks were coming too fast for everyone to get away.

Suddenly Ichigo heard a younger version of a familiar voice scream, "MOM! DAD!" Looking around, she saw a six-year-old boy running toward the rockslide. He had forest green hair, and Ichigo thought, That looks like Kisshu…. Then she noticed he was trying to reach a woman with green hair, and failing. She's going to get killed if I don't do something! Ichigo thought, panicked. Ichigo ran over as she felt power building up inside of her, and then she lifted her arms, stretching them out in front of her, her hands palm out. Her hands began to glow, and the glow flowed over the rocks near Kisshu and the green-haired woman who she assumed was his mother. She saw the woman holding the hand of a man with black hair, cut like Kisshu's, and focused her energy on getting them out of the way of the oncoming rockslide. Just as it looked like the rocks were going to crush them and Kisshu, light shot from Ichigo's hands, and hit them. They looked at her, startled, and then disappeared. Ichigo heard a slight popping noise behind her, and looked behind her. Kisshu and his parents were standing behind her, out of the way of the rockslide.

"You saved us…." the woman said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome…" Ichigo said; her vision was starting to go black, and then she blacked out. The last thing she felt was someone catching her.

Sometime later: Ichigo was starting to wake up. She was feeling kind of shaky as she heard someone say, "I think she's waking up."

Ichigo slowly opened her eyes, turning her head in the direction of the voice. She saw Kisshu and his parents looking at her, and another woman, who looked like Taruto. "Are you okay?" Kisshu's mother asked.

"I feel shaky, but other than that, I think I'm fine," Ichigo said. "Where am I?"

"You're at the hospital," the woman who looked like Taruto said. "You've been unconscious for two days. I'll see if I can heal the shakiness. I think you used up too much power." She came over and put a hand on Ichigo's chest. Her hand began to glow, and Ichigo started to feel stronger. Five minutes later, the woman took her hand away, and said, "How does that feel?"

"I feel stronger," Ichigo said. She sat up, and the woman asked, "What's your name?"

"I'm Ichigo," Ichigo said. "What's yours?"

"I'm Yuki," the woman said. "Thank you for saving my friends. Anzu and Higashi mean everything to me."

The woman with green hair- who Ichigo assumed was Anzu- said, "And thank you for saving Kisshu too."

"You're welcome," Ichigo said.

"Ichigo, do you have parents?" Higashi asked.

"No," Ichigo said. "I don't have anyone."

Kisshu had been silent till then, but now he asked hopefully, "Mom, can we adopt her?"

Anzu smiled and looked at Ichigo. "Is that okay with you?" she asked. "Kisshu has always wanted a sibling."

Ichigo smiled. "I'd like that," she said.

"We've also got a question," Higashi said. "Do you know what this is?" He held up something that looked like a metal bracelet.

"I've never seen it before," Ichigo said. "What is it?"

"We're not sure, we found it next to you," Anzu said. "It looks like a communication device, but it's broken."

"I don't know why I'd have a communication device with me," Ichigo said. "I'm not really into wearing things around my wrists, either. Maybe someone else dropped it?" Inwardly she was thinking, Probably Ryou wanting to spy on me. But since he obviously made a mistake, I might as well stay. I don't think he sent me to the right time period, either.

Higashi sighed. "Well, we might as well dispose of it; it doesn't look like our technology," he said. "And it doesn't look fixable either."

"Well, since it's not mine, I don't mind," Ichigo said. "I just hope whoever owned it doesn't mind."

Meanwhile, back on Earth, eight years in the future: Ryou slammed his fist down on a table. "The bracelet was broken," he snarled. "There's no way of getting Ichigo back!"

"There's two more problems," Keiichiro said, looking up from the machine. "You sent her eight years back in time, not four. If your calculations were correct, she's got another four years before Deep Blue actually tries to take over Earth."

"And sending another Mew is dangerous," Ryou said grimly. "What's the other problem?"

"Your machine turned Ichigo into an eight-year old," Keiichiro said. Ryou's jaw dropped as Keiichiro continued, "She still has full control over her Cyniclon powers, though. Still, I think you've made the worst mistake of your life, Ryou."

Before Ryou could respond, someone started banging on the door. "Come in!" Keiichiro called.

The door opened and Lettuce came in, out of breath. "There's a new alien," she said breathlessly. "But for some reason, Mint and Zakuro seem to think she's been here the whole time."

Keiichiro and Ryou exchanged glances. "What does she look like?" Ryou asked.

"That's the other strange thing," Lettuce said. "She looks like an older version of Ichigo-san. If Ichigo was a Cyniclon, and older, that would be how I imagine her."

"How much older?" Keiichiro asked.

"About sixteen," Lettuce said. "And she and Kisshu are pretty obviously in love."

"Anything else?" Ryou asked.

"Mint, Pudding, and Zakuro don't remember Ichigo-san for some reason," Lettuce said. "Did something happen?"

"Ryou made the biggest mistake of his life," Keiichiro said. "He tried to send Ichigo back in time to the aliens' planet, so she could stop Deep Blue. Unfortunately, he not only sent her back eight years, the communication device he gave her broke, and he turned her into an eight-year-old."

Lettuce looked thoughtful. "What's up?" Ryou asked.

Sounding like she was thinking aloud, Lettuce said, "Kisshu is fourteen now, so eight years ago, he would have been six years old."

"Your point being?" Keiichiro asked.

"If I tell you, you have to promise Ryou won't kill me," Lettuce said.

"I'll knock him out if he tries," Keiichiro said. "What's going on?"

"Pai and I are dating," Lettuce said softly. Ryou's jaw hit the floor as Lettuce continued, "Pai told me that Kisshu isn't actually his brother; they're cousins, and Kisshu was adopted by his aunt and uncle. When Kisshu was six years old, his parents were killed in a rockslide. My theory about this new alien girl is that Ichigo somehow saved Kisshu's real parents, and was adopted by them. It would explain why she and Kisshu are together, and why she appears to be about sixteen. She was eight when she got there; now, she'd be sixteen. And I don't think she remembers us; she attacked us the way the others do; with nothing other than determination. She didn't look surprised to see us, nor did she look confused. Another thing is that we almost lost. Kisshu was fighting with more power than he usually does, and Pai didn't even look at me, nor did Taruto look at Pudding. Something Ichigo did when you sent her back in time altered the course of history. Kisshu looked really serious, and the Chimera Anima he sent out was almost too strong for us. He's not in love with any of us, so he'll probably be fighting with his full power soon. And then everyone will die. We don't stand a chance if Kisshu fights with his full power. We need to offer them a truce. Pai complains about the pollution here; that may be the key. If we can get them to see reason about forming a truce, we could give them all our Mew Aqua, and have them heal their planet with it. And we need to do this before Kisshu actually uses his full power on us."

"What do you mean by 'Kisshu's full power'?" Ryou asked.

"Pai told me Kisshu is the best warrior in the Cyniclons' entire history," Lettuce said. "He started training when he was seven, and after six months, he was better than the instructors. By age nine he was undefeated, and only one person hadn't fought him- their strongest warrior, who was also undefeated. When Kisshu turned ten, the fighting instructors at Kisshu's school decided they would have Kisshu fight the strongest warrior at the time; a twenty-five-year-old man named Shiro. No one had ever defeated Shiro. Pai told me that ten minutes into the fight, Kisshu had beaten Shiro so badly he collapsed and spent two months in the hospital. Kisshu took the title of the best Cyniclon warrior at age ten, and four years later, he's now the best Cyniclon warrior in the history of ever. The only reason he fought badly before was that he was unable to kill Ichigo. With that factor gone, we're screwed. I've thought all along we needed to form a truce; now that Ichigo is no longer here, we have no choice but to try to set up peace talks. But Deep Blue will never agree, so we have to kill his human host beforehand."

"Do you know who it is?" Keiichiro asked. Ryou was completely speechless.

"Aoyama," Lettuce said. "Before Ryou sent Ichigo back in time, Pai told me that Aoyama was Deep Blue's human host. Before all this time travel stuff happened, the Cyniclons wanted to form a truce as well. But you've always been so against it that they were looking for a way to get around you. Now we need to convince them that this is the best way to go."

"Why are you the only one who remembers Ichigo?" Keiichiro asked.

"I think it's because we're the closest in terms of friendship," Lettuce said.

Keiichiro sighed and looked at Ryou, who was still speechless, and poked him. "Well Ryou?" he asked. "Are you willing to form a truce, or are you going to let Kisshu annihilate the girls? I know it won't bring Ichigo back, but forming a truce will be beneficial to both parties."

Ryou sighed. "I'll form a truce if we can get them to see reason," he said resignedly. "But what about killing Aoyama?"

"We'll have to find some way of doing it that won't get us arrested," Keiichiro said.

"I think he's going out with Mint now," Lettuce said. "We have to get her on board first."

"Then let's get to work," Ryou said. "Go get the others, Lettuce."

Lettuce ran out, and Keiichiro sighed. "I never want to hear the words 'time travel' again," he said.

"Me neither," Ryou said gloomily.

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