My Color: Gray

By: Riley Cat

Disclamer: Not mine. Enough said.

"There really is no difference between black and white," a fifteen year old Harry Potter muttered to himself. "they still make the color gray." Harry Potter, a young wizard who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, stared out of his window onto a world full of gray rain. It blended with his melancholy mood and Harry hardly noticed anything outside of his own head.

"Gray is my color. No longer will I let them control me, those who think keeping things from me will save me some sort of pain. Huh. They are so wrong", he said in a sing song voice. Harry's summer wasn't a fun one. Filled with manual labor, abuse, visions of horrible things, and suffering his own guilt, Harry was forced to do a little introspection. Why should he, a fifteen year old boy, listen to what they have to say? Couldn't he make his own decisions instead of everyone thinking that he would always do what they wanted him to?

"There is no black and white in this cold war that we have to fight and it's time they learned that." Harry walked over to his wardrobe and opened the door. On the wall of the door stood a full length mirror, smooth and whole, reflecting the image of a young boy of average height with the brightest green eyes anyone has ever seen. Harry's pale skin glowed with a sort of luster and his black hair, which touched his chin, conflicted with his pale skin and seemed to reflect blue highlights. All in all, Harry was a handsome boy with an air of mystery caused by a lightning shaped scar that presided on his forehead.

It was that scar that caused Harry's pain. "What do they see when they look at me? They all ask if I am alright but they don't care. Not about Harry, the Boy-Who-Has-To-Live-A-Fucked-Up-Life! No, they only care about their savior! They don't see how this war is tearing me up inside and no one would expect The-Boy-Who- Lived would wish for his death, night after night. No one would expect me to try and commit suicide. They only want to see me happy! Well, they will learn. My color now is gray, neither black nor white. For now on, I fight for myself. Alone".

Harry gave the mirror one last look at himself. Smiling dully, Harry watched as his mirror shatter into a thousand glittering shards, like his heart had shattered a year ago.

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