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Her younger brother leaned over the arm of the couch, hands clasped together in front of him.

"Please, Aki-kun! We just need one more member!" As he begged, the girl gave a sigh, shoving his forehead.

"For one," she began, succeeding in pushing the blonde form atop her, "do not use -kun on the end of my name. For two, I am older than you, so even if -kun was correct gender wise, it is not the right suffix. And for three, I am not joining your swim team, Nagisa."

"But, Aki-kun-"

"No buts, Nagisa!" she sighed, removing her glasses to clean a smudge. Whether she wore them because she truly needed them, or to be more fashionable, Nagisa wasn't sure. "I already have enough on my plate; solo and ensemble, and student council! Besides, Nagi, I don't play sports, you know this."

Nagisa let out a cry, falling back down on his sister's lap. "But you wouldn't have to swim, Aki-kun! We already have all our members, a manager, and a teacher! All we need is a secretary; please, Aki-kun!"

She gave a sigh, elbows resting on Nagisa's back, "I would if I could, Nagi. I'm sorry, but I just have too much to deal with." Stretching her arm, she grabbed a bottle of nail polish from the coffee table, beginning to shake it up.

"Come on, Aki-kun! Solo ensemble isn't for another month, and student council only meets once a week!" he grabbed the nail polish from her hands, "Please, Aki-kun! I'll paint your nails for you; I know you can't do one hand!"

An annoyed sigh sounded from her throat as she reached for the nail polish back. "-Nagisa, I know that you're just trying to bring back the old team, but I really can't. I've already had to cover for you three twice for trespassing, the people on student council are talking-"

Nagisa rolled off her lap just as her hand closed round the bottle, flopping onto the floor. Their two dogs jumped up, gathering around Nagisa, sniffing at him. "I don't get why you're even on student council, it's not like they actually have a say in anything!"

He continued rolling around on the floor, letting out a droning, high-pitched noise as a whine. The older of the two dogs bucked up, a hearty bark at Nagisa as she pawed at him.

Akihiko sighed, "Nagisa, please stop making that noise-"

His whining went up an octave; the younger dog yelped, jumping up to cower on the couch.

"Hime, stop barking! Kairi, come here, it's alright-"

Nagisa continued thrashing about, doing no good to soothe Hime, who bucked up again, nuzzling the blonde's side.

"Hime! Nagi-"

Finally having enough, she slammed her arms down onto the couch, "Fine!" she finally yelled, "I'll be on your swim team! Just stop whining!"

As soon as she'd finished, Nagisa's whining stopped, and he bounced up to his feet, "Really?! Thank you, Aki-kun!" he plopped down on her lap once again, grabbing her hands and beginning to shake the nail polish once again, a tornado of glitter forming in the bottle.

"Just paint my nails, Nagisa."

After the discussion with her younger brother, she supposed she shouldn't of been all that shocked when Makoto Tachibana strolled up to her desk with a friendly smile plastered on his face, though she was.

"Akihiko-chan!" he greeted, bowing his head to the two chatting girls, who glanced up from their desks at him as if he'd grown a second head. "Your brother told me this morning! You joined the swim team?"

Akihiko blinked pink hues up at the boy, attempting to ignore her friend's look, "Oh- Makoto-kun! I didn't know we had classes together..."

"We don't, Akihiko-chan! I asked Nagisa-kun what your homeroom was so I could talk to you in the morning."

"Oh. Um- Mako-kun, this is Lando-chan! I- um..."

Lando gave a smile to the towering boy, leaning her elbows on her desk, "Hello, Makoto-kun." she greeted, excepting the hand he outstretched, "Um- what was that, you said? Akihiko joined the... swim team?"

Makoto nodded, "Yes, Lando-chan! Her brother talked her into it - which was a great idea, we only needed one more member!"

She smiled, "I didn't know Iwatobi had a swim team." she remarked, looking up at the boy underneath long eyelashes.

"Oh, for the longest time we didn't, Lando-chan. Nagisa-kun had to idea to start one." he gave another smile, "I'm glad Aki-chan decided to join, Lando-chan. We started the swim team to meet back with an old friend, so with her on the team again it brings back memories."

The brunette girl nodded, "Oh, really-" though was cut off by the bell before she could voice her question; she gave an annoyed tut, before looking back up at Makoto.

"Oh - well, I'll see you after school, Aki-chan!" he waved, turning on his heel, "Bye bye, Lando-chan!"

The two girls gave dainty waves themselves as Makoto darted out, though as soon as the boy rounded out the doorway, Lando turned in her seat, leaning over to her friend.

"Akihiko, you didn't tell me you joined the swim team! You don't do sports!"

Akihiko gave a sigh, "Lando, I'm not actually swimming, I'm just the secretary-"

"That Makoto, Akihiko! How do you know someone like that?"

"Nagisa used to swim with him; I watched them swim, and I'd help mom plan their celebrations-"

"Swimming practice is today, right? Is that what he meant? You're going, right?"

"What? I don't know, I should practice for solo ensemble tonight..."

"You can practice when you get home, Akihiko! I haven't seen Nagisa for awhile - I'll go with you!"

"I don't know, Lando-"

"Come on, Akihiko! I did my hair today, I might as well go hang around a bunch of shirtless boys!"

"I just feel like this won't end well, Lando."

"It'll be fine, Akihiko! I'm sure Makoto would love us there."

"... Well, I guess you're right."

"Of course I am, Ak-"

"Miss Hazuki, Miss Layton, books out, please!"

By the time the two girls had arrived, all shirts were already forgotten, laps currently being ran around the school. They greeted the napping Ama-chan, Akihiko introducing Lando to Gou, who both immediately hit it off with their shared love of muscles. The two girls were huddled together, making hushed conversation, when panting was heard from the side walk.

Nagisa jogged himself up, "Onee-chan!" he cried, running up, "You actually came!"

Akihiko turned at her brother's calling, waving a hand, glittering nail polish caught by the Sun, "Hey, Nagisa. Oh - I brought Lando, is that alright?" Her voice held arrogance however, declaring Lando was staying no matter what the response.

"Hiya, Lando-kun!"

"It's chan-"

"You must of given up on that diet the same time Onee-chan did, huh!"

The twos' eyes met, brown clashing with pink. Finally, Lando gave a defeated sigh-

"Yeah, nice to you again too, Nagisa."

"Right back at ya', Lando-kun!"

"You should be nicer to your Onee-chan and her friend, Nagisa-kun."

The blonde boy hesitated, turning round to the boy jogging up from the fencing surrounding the pool, "Oh, but, Mako-chan! She's just like us! Except she's a girl with a boy's name!"

Makoto smiled, walking over to them, "I think," he declared, "it's more of a unique name, than a boy's name."

Lando swooned, fanning herself with her hand, "Oh - thank you, Makoto-kun!"

Makoto smiled, flicking sweat-dampened hair from his eyes, "Here - I guess I'll introduce everybody, right? You've already met Kou-chan and Ama-chan, Nagisa-kun and myself." Makoto turned, holding his arm out to the pool; a noirette crouched on the concrete, looking longingly down at the water with intense blue eyes. "Right there's Haruka-kun." Makoto gave an awkward chuckle, "He didn't want to run..."

Akihiko smiled, "Haru-kun hasn't changed, has he?"

Lando hesitated, pulling her eyes from the boy beside the pool, "Oh, Makoto-kun, how come you're all running, in stead of swimming?..."

Makoto smiled down at the girl, "It's still too cold to swim, Lando-chan."

"Yeah!" Nagisa piped in, "Haru-chan learned that the hard way!"

As if on cue, a sneeze was heard; Haruka rocked on his heels before falling to his bottom, rubbing his nose with a sour expression.

Akihiko smiled at the scowling boy, then hesitated, "That's only - don't know need one more member?"

Nagisa pouted, "Yeah! Rei-chan couldn't make it to practice today, he's at track instead."

Lando sat down on the concrete, tucking her skirt in-between her legs, squinting her eyes up at the towering boys, "If it's not swimming season, how come you guys have practice?"

Makoto crouched to her level, a kind gesture so the girl wouldn't have to gaze up into the Sun, "We're having a joint practice with Samezuka this weekend."

Akihiko blinked down at them, "Nagisa told me about them - Isn't that the school Rin's going too?"

Makoto's smile faltered for a moment, though it quickly returned, not a second later, "Yes, ever since he's came back from Australia." he said, standing, offering a helping hand to Lando.

Lando excepted the hand, hauling herself up. She gave Akihiko a side-glance, a silent reminder to inform her just who Rin was.

Makoto dropped her hand a second before the contact would be considered intimate. "Akihiko-chan, Lando-chan, are you coming to watch us this weekend?"

"Oh, Mako-kun, I'm not sure, I should practice-"

"Of course we'll come, Makoto-kun! We'd love too." Lando volunteered the both of them, beaming.

Akihiko hesitated, her eyebrows furrowing together, "You're not even on the swim team."

"No," Lando began, clasping her hands together, "but I'll be Iwatobi Swim Team's number one fan!"

Nagisa, Makoto, and Lando all cheered. eventually roping Gou in; Haruka gave them barely a minute's look before returning back to staring at the pool; Ama-chan smiled, clapping her hands together lightly, parasol in the crook of her elbow; Akihiko however sighed, and couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go very wrong with this swim team.

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