Mira smiled as the others followed her with the body. She was leading them to their destination with the green blanket.

They were moving quickly as they could; it was hard carrying such a heavy body in the middle of the night. If you seen the body, it didn't look like it was heavy.

Others in the group were also cheery, or tired from the heavy lift. By Mira, was her sister and brother; they were in on the plan too.

All of them has been planning this night forever, and now the first part was done. The only part was getting to the building to place the body.

She giggled as she came to the door; she quietly knocked on the door, and a old man answered. "Mirajane? he questioned as he rubbed his sleepy eyes.

"Hello, Master," she greeted in her calm tone. Her head was tilted sideways as she greeted the Master.

He was also in on the plan.

"It's time already?" he questioned; she nodded. He just yawned, but he had a evil smile on his face. "Right this way," he said while leading them through the building.

They passed doors; snoring could be heard. The hallway seem to go on forever, but they finally reached the end.

At the very end was a single door with a lighting strike indented on the pieces of wood. This was the place.

Master went ahead and opened the wooden door.

Heavy snoring, that would wake up a cow, was heard as the door crept open. The light from the hallway shined into the room.

It shined on the bed, letting the bump be visible. Again, Mira smiled brightly at her plan.

This was going to be perfect!

Max went first into the room, quietly walking across the floor. Each time a floor board creaked, he would stop.

The bump in the bed would move as if it was getting up to attack.

But it never did.

It would just snore louder and turn in the bed.

Max sighed, he thought he was going to be caught in action. It was bad enough walking through the city with a body; but now this was a war-zone.

If the object in the bed would find them, then all of them would be dead. This was worst than getting caught in the dead of night with that body.

He would be dead if the object awaken.

He gulped nervously as he quickly made his way into the room. He walked next to the bed, the place where their were space on the bed.

Max pushed the blankets over, allowing space on the bed.

He signaled for the others to come.

They followed in the room, stepping in the same places as Max did. All of them had to be careful since they were in the middle of the act.

Jet leaned the body onto the bed, allowing it to lay on the bed. The others did the same; and the body was in the bed.

Lisanna unwrapped the green blanket from the body; it would be bad if this was traced back to them.

She couldn't help herself from smiling at the peaceful face on the body. Elfman tipped her shoulder, getting her back to Earth.

"Come on, a Man gets out fast," he said. She nodded her head and covered the body with a blanket on the bed.

She and her brother made their way back to their sister, who was standing in the doorway.

As everyone was out of the room, Master closed the door and locked it with a key that hanged from his necklace.

He handed the key to Elfman.

And it was time to wait.


"AHH!" Laxus screamed. His eyes were opened, and they seen a figure who was wrapped in his arms.

A figure who shouldn't be on his bed, a figure who shouldn't even be here in the first place. He retracted his arms from the body.

"What's wrong, Laxus?!" screamed Freed from outside of his door. He tried to opened the door, but it seemed locked on the other side.

Freed started to panicked, so he bang on the door. When that didn't work, he left to get Bickslow.

It caused the body to wake up. She yawned and stretched her arms, hitting Laxus on his head.

"Mmm... It's too early to get up..." she moaned as she crawled out of the bed.

As she stood up from the bed, she opened her eyes. "Why am I?" she questioned.

None of the surroundings looked familiar. She had no clue where she was.

A grunt came from behind her, it was Laxus. His normal scowl on his face as he looked at the pink-haired; with the addition of a blush.

"I'm sure I didn't hired you for the night..." he said.

He didn't know what to say about a person who showed up in his bed in the middle of nowhere, so he just used his normal cockiness.

"Hired?" Natsa questioned as she turned to look at the blond. "I didn't take a job... If you wanted to fight, just say so!"

He just shook his head, nothing that came from the pink-haired made any sense.

"Whatever, just get out!"

She growled at him and turned to leave. She was mumbling a mouthful of curses to the blond.

How she wished she could fight him; but that couldn't happen in such a small space.

She walked towards the door, her hand reached out to the knob.

It wouldn't open.


"The door won't open," she said humming. After a second, she gotten an idea.

She kicked the door, tempting to break it down.

"That won't work. This place was built to protect those inside," Laxus said.

"So we're stuck in here..."




Master sighed, they've been going like this for hours.

Shouldn't Mira's plan work? Getting those two others?

So that Laxus wouldn't be so grumpy all the time.

He moaned as the noises became louder and louder. It wasn't helping that the Thunder God Tribe was panicking too.

This was going to be a long day...

Yes! This is my second Fem!NatsaxLaxus story! And, like the other one, Mira's plans never work. Does anyone have any ideas for Mira's plans on getting them together? I just love writing this. Plus, I like writing bed scenes (non-lemon, just sleeping). Also, I'm sorry about the beinnging sounding like a murder, I wanted to add suspense to people. And this is an Oneshot, I've no clue on getting them together so I'm just using Mira to plan them getting together.