Why do I kept getting the feeling that you guys are tired of these stories? Oh well, I can never think of a long story to get this couple together so I'm making these small stories of failed attempts of getting them together. I might make a long story for them with a good story and them getting together at the end. I already have ideas for it, but I don't know how get around into doing it (I'm lazy).

I added this to Snuggled Fairies since I'm a bit tired of One Shots (this sounds bad coming from me since that's what most of my stories are). So mostly, if I have a 'small' idea of the two of them, that involves the night, it will be under Snuggled Fairies.

But unlike the other ones, this is...

Oh, and this involves many pairings, which some I may support, or others I just added in because it's common and/or just because.

Lucy never knew this could happen.

She just invited some girls to stay the night at her house, because it was better than them walking in on her; which happens more often than you'll think.

And yet, they were already inside of her house.

The Strauss sisters, Natsa, and Erza.

They smiled as Lucy walked inside of her house.

All of them were doing their own things.

Erza was eating some sweets which was gathered in the kitchen.

Natsa snored on the couch; she was bored from nothing happening.

Sitting on the end of the couch, Lisanna was painting Natsa's toes red.

Mirajane gently laid her magazine on the table.

"Welcome home~!" Mirajane greeted her with a warm smile.

"Eh?" Natsa looked up from the couch's arm, "Oh, you're home."

"Shall the sleepover began?" questioned Erza.

She rested her hands on her skirt; looking at each one of the girls.

"Yes! We can have makeovers, chat, and all type of things~!" Lisanna said, clapping her hands together.

With each idea she stated, she tilted her head to the other side.

"Is that what you do at a sleepover?" Erza asked.

She never been to sleepovers before, so the concept was completely new to her.

"Yup! Me and Natsa has them all of the time~! Oh, and we can watch movies and..."

"Talk about boys," finished Mirajane.

She sent a knowing smile in Natsa's direction that anyone, but Natsa, took noticed of.

'Why am I having a bad feeling about this?' Lucy thought to herself.

She silently hoped that her house wouldn't get trash with all of them around.

"What type of movies do you have?" Lisanna asked Lucy.

"I have...uhh... Well, it's mostly romance comedies," she answered.

Natsa's stomach grumbled, "I'm hungry..."

Her hand was reached out as if she was saying, 'Leave me behind.'

Lucy sighed and went into the kitchen.

She brushed against the cabinets, getting snacks, sweets, food, fruits; to take into the living room.

Mira walked in, "Do you need some help?"

"Ah...yes," Lucy agreed.

She handed Mira some bowls and bags, "Thanks a lot."

"No problem."

The two of them walked back into the living room; Natsa was now sprawled out on the couch with her eyes closed.

Her arm was over her face as if to look dead.

Lucy laid the food on the table she had in the living room; Natsa jumped up, relive, and followed the smell of food.

Lisanna giggled because Natsa was hurling all of the food into her mouth.

Erza was feasting on the sweets that Lucy served her; her other sweets were already out.

Mira played with her fork and looked guilty at the table.

"So...why don't we call the boys?"

"Boys?!" exclaimed Lucy.

"Yes, they weren't invited."

And thus the males of the guild were invited to the sleepover.

This consist of Gray, Laxus, Elfman, Loke, and Max.

None of them seemed happy to be there; expect Elfman who was talking to his sisters.

Laxus seemed bored as heck; he was expecting much more of this great sleepover these females has been talking about for weeks.

Loke laid his arm behind Lucy, "Why don't we play Seven Minutes in Heaven?"

"As if!" she exclaimed.

"Come on, it will be fun."

Thus the mages were surrounding the backroom.

Lucy had too much stuff within her closet so it wouldn't do.

"What about Laxus and Natsa first?" suggested Mirajane.

"That was your plan all along?" questioned Max.

He was wondering why he was pulled into this sleepover; and now it made sense with Laxus invited.

"No way," Laxus answered.

"Come on, it will be fun!" Natsa said.

She pulled onto his arm, guiding him into the backroom.

"Does she know what this game is about?" asked Gray.

"Nope," Lisanna sweatdropped.

"Wa-Wait!" shouted Laxus when Erza shut the door.

The last look on his face gave away a blush.

"Plan C, in progress!" cheered Mira.

"Wait, you're already on Plan C, what was the first two?" asked Loke.

"Something with handcuffs and locking them in the same room," answered Lisanna.

"Both failed," finished Erza.

"Shouldn't we listen?" asked Max with a smile.

"As if I want to hear that," Gray declined.

"Suit yourself," said Loke.

All of them, except Gray, had their ears pressed against the door.

They heard banging, tossing, and little voices.

Lucy's timer went off and they opened the door.

They weren't ready to see what was behind it.

Laxus was making out with a broom.

Natsa was fighting a jacket.

"Told you," said Lisanna.

I had the ending implanted into my mind, but I could never get the start of it done. I chose random characters (other than the main couple, the siblings, of course), so the pairings that might have happened afterwards are off. All I know, Loke gotten Lucy in the closet, Max and Mira, Lisanna and Gray, Elfman and Erza (see told ya, I suck at side-pairings). The only pairings out of this I approve of, is Loke and Lucy.

Well, knowing me, I will say I'll make more drabbles of this pairing since it needs more love. I don't know if I'm ever going to make one with them getting together, but at least I can try, using Mira as the match maker.