Chapter 5

PAIRINGS: Itachi/Sasuke, Hashirama/ Madara

Summary: ItaSasu HashiMada, The mind is an easy thing to break, the body even more. Mental illness plays its game within Madara and Sasuke's mind, and the abuse going on in a place where they should be helping isn't helping recovery. What will the brothers and an unlikely stranger do to get Madara the help he needs and make sure Sasuke doesn't experience the same fate his uncle had?

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They stayed at the hospital until visiting hours were over, and even a little after as, well, Hashirama was the mayor after all and could pull some strings. In fact, he stayed until Minato had gotten the charges dropped against Tobirama. With the evidence garnered at the hospital about the message on Tobirama's back had given the detectives a whole new lead. Hashirama had left Madara sleeping in the chair, slumped over Tobirama's lap, while he went and had a private chat with the police detectives.

Only the chief of police and a few other top brass had known about the top secret investigation Hashirama had ordered of Danzo. He filled them in on what had been going on with Madara- Danzo raping him, and Hashirama signing Madara out. That quick coffee break turned into three hours as the police got statements from Hashirama. Added onto the list of charges piling up against Danzo was an allegation of rape. At Madara's last few examinations by Tsunade, she had collected DNA samples and documented the evidence of forced sexual relations.

Now, the police wanted to talk to Madara. Literally, now. Hashirama had tried to get them to let him take Madara home, let him get some rest first, but the police wanted to wrap this up as soon as they could.

Hashirama sighed, feeling tired in body and soul, when he went back into Tobirama's room. His brother was sound asleep, and Madara was snoozing slumped in the chair. His wild raven hair his his face and most of his upper body. Hashirama walked over and knelt down, gently brushing some of that hair back and stroking the soft skin of Madara's neck.

"Hey. Mada-chan." He called gently to wake him up.

Madara eyes slowly opened and he gave a tired smile to Hashirama, "What do you want jerk?" He reached up and fixed Hashirama's collar. "You look like a mess, you should have taken a nap on your brother as well, he is full of himself, so it makes him comfy."

Madara stretched and stood up. "Are we going home? I'm tired… Your brother told me enough bad jokes to put me to sleep. He flirts with all genders, did you know that? Also, did you know that he also sucks at it?" Madara chuckled.

"My brother will flirt with anything that moves. He's not as bad as Jiraiya, Naruto's- that's Sasuke's little friend- godfather. Jiraiya will hump- well, he usually goes for the ladies but you're pretty enough I'm sure he'd try to peek at your panties, too."

Hashirama stood up as well, yawning.

The police were waiting at the entrance to Tobirama's room. Hashirama saw them and frowned, sighing in defeat. "Mada-chan, the police have dropped charges against Tobirama. They know someone attacked him, and they think they know who ordered it. Because of this, they would like to talk to you about Danzo."

Madara looked to Hashirama like he was nuts, "N-No! I refuse! I only told you and Itachi! I'm not going to tell people I don't trust! NO! Where were they when he did that stuff huh!? Where were those pigs when I had Sasuke call them about what was going on! Nowhere! I'm not telling them shit! I can't! I just can't! I can't even tell you or Itachi the full story, I-, I-..." He was freaking out. He moved back into one of the corners where a nurse had put a chair for him in case he needed a bit of space.

"Tell them to go away. I don't want to. I can't. The voices will come. The new medicine is helping, they will come back!"

Hashirama watched Madara crumble before his eyes. "Shh." He followed him over to the corner and knelt down, resting his chin on Madara's knees so he could look up at the face hiding under that shaggy mop of hair. "The police are insisting on talking with you. As your caretaker, I will stay with you, okay? We'll all just go down to the cafeteria for some coffee. No police station, no interrogation room. Just me, you, and a couple of questions. They have a forensic psychiatrist who wants to talk to you. You won't have to talk to any of these cops, okay? She's driving out here just for you. Can you just try? You don't have to look at any of them. Just try, okay? It would be better than getting escorted down to the station."

Looking up slightly he met Hashirama's eyes. "Ok… I will try. But if I say stop we stop… they can't hold me because i have done no crime, I know the law, my nephew is a lawyer."

He clung to Hashirama as he got up slowly trying not to make it so obvious that he was hiding behind Hashirama. He didn't want the voices to come back. That was his biggest fear.

"Can you…? Can you hold me while we talk?" Madara blushed though he tried to put his long locks in front of his face to hide the bright red going across his almost white skin.

"Thank you." Hashirama said. He caressed Madara's cheek and pulled some of his hair forward, hiding his face more, then slipped an arm around Madara's tiny waist, holding him at his side so Madara could press against him.

The cops escorted them back to the all night cafeteria, where a tired looking woman in a suit with a badge waited for them. She stood respectfully and bowed slightly. "Senju-sama. This must be Uchiha-san. I'm Anko Mitarashi. .Lets get this started and over with."

She had been called in because Madara it was thought, with her training, she would be better able to deal with a mental patient and would be somewhat less abrasive than the regular officers.

Hashirama sat down, tugging on Madara's hand and having Madara sit down in his lap.

"I would like to talk to Uchiha-san alone." Anko pulled out a tape recorder out of her purse. "Just so you know, our conversation will be recorded and most likely used as evidence in court."

"And we would like to go home and go to sleep. You said you wanted to get this over with. Mada-chan is ….fragile. I'm his caretaker. I won't interfere in your discussion- as long as you're gentle in your questioning. Look, I'm a politician, not a policeman. But it doesn't take a genius to assess this situation logically. Madara is barely willing to talk to you. He is free to walk the hell out of here right now. Which, of course, after you file charges against Danzo, you would most likely try to subpoena Madara as a witness and get his testimony for the rape. Which, given his mental status, our lawyers will simply argue that Madara is not mentally sound enough to stand in court. We can go round and round like two snarling dogs, or you can show some foresight and allow me to be here and take care of Madara."

Hashirama wrapped his arms around Madara's shaking body, pulling him closer to his own while he looked Anko straight in the eye.

Anko was taken aback. Hashirama Senju was not known to be a growling bear. One look and she could tell he was on the verge of exhaustion, but it was more like he was going Papa Bear over having to leave the distraught looking mental patient alone. It was almost as if she was asking him to abandon his lover. She blinked. "Do you want him to stay, Uchiha-san?"

Madara nodded quietly and just bit his bottom lip. "I w-want him to st-tay…S-senju-kun helps m-me." He could have sworn his nails would tear the fabric.

"I r-really don't-want to d-do this... I r-really reallyy d-dont..." He muttered into Hashirama's shirt. To any in Mental health profession it would look like madara had a serious 'Hero complex' which would make him very clingy to Hashirama.

Hashirama stroked Madara's hair. "You heard him. I'm not leaving him." He stared hard at the forensic psychologist. His voice softened to a lover's caress when he spoke to Madara. "Mada-chan, you're being so brave. This will help lock Danzo away for a long time. This is you standing up to him, and naming him for what he really is. You're being so brave, Mada-chan. I really admire that." Hashirama had to suppress the urge to kiss the top of Madara's head. He rubbed the shaking back.

Anko shuffled a stack of papers and clicked her pen. "Very well." She softened her brusque demeanor, well, as much as she could. "Uchiha-san, I appreciate you talking with us. Its just a few questions. I appreciate that this is hard for you. If it helps, statistics show that generally, victims who confront their abusers fare better psychologically in the long run than those who don't. I'm going to start recording now."

Anko waited for a response from Madara, then pressed the little red record button. She stated her name, Madara's, Hashirama's, and the date and time. "Uchiha-san, please tell me about Danzo's interaction with you. I know these are difficult and personal questions, so take your time and I will stop for a break as often as you need."

Madara looked down and bit his bottom lip. He closed his eyes hoping he could make himself believe he was sleeping and he was just talking about a nightmare again. "H-He...kept me...a-as his- his-...I-" He couldn't do this in front of Anko. "Can Hashirama ask me questions… specific ones so I d-don't have to think about the big picture?"

The spiky haired victim looked up into Hashirama's eyes only trusting him. "U-Usually Nagato is here with me i-if I have to talk about i-it and then I just t-talk to him and he explains… I'm not used to being without him… I hope D-Danzo didn't kill him…He did that with my last roommate…"

Suddenly this got a lot deeper than expected, it went from rape…. to murder...the cops nearly jumped out of their skins from their hiding spots in excitement.

Anko's pen clicked and she furiously scribbled, making a note to inform her supervising officer to check on the status of a patient named Nagato. "I have to ask you questions, but Senju-san may repeat them so that you will be more comfortable."

"Uchiha-san, when Danzo would visit you in your room, did he insert his penis into your anus?" She had to use the correct terminology as slang words such as dick, pussy, cum, etc were not admissible in court.

Hashirama cuddled Madara close, rubbing his shoulder and murmuring in Madara's ear, his warm breath washing over Madara's skin. He spoke too low for even the machine to pick up. "Mada-chan. You can do this. You just give your answers. I'm sure Mitarashi-chan will be speaking with Nagato, too, and he can clarify or explain anything further. You're not alone and I'll never let Danzo touch you again. You're safe." He kissed Madara's cheek, not caring who saw.

Madara just stuttered unable to get a word out. He mind was being filled up. The voices would come back when he was nervous. His body wouldn't let him. "Y-Y-Ye-yes…." He looked ready to hyperventilate, the past trauma replaying in his head. "H-Hashi… make it stop…" He clung to his caretaker and shook.

"N-Nagato must be dead… they won't be able to get to them. He was going through 'special' therapy because he spoke to you Hashi… Danzo-sama didn't like it… He didn't… He didn't like that I kinda did too, Hashi! I kicked his teeth in! H-H-He…" He went back to barely being able to breath.

Hashirama rocked Madara in his arms, still rubbing his back. "You're doing so well, Mada-chan." Anko looked ready to speak, but Hashirama held up his hand, indicating Madara needed a moment. "Tsunade, Shizune, and others are there. She has taken over care of Nagato when she took over care of you. When we get done here, I'll call her and you can talk to Nagato. Right now you need to breathe kitten."

Hashirama kept rubbing small circles on Madara's back. He kissed his forehead. "Lay your head against me. Close your eyes. " He shifted Madara a little bit so that Madara's cheek was snuggled to his chest. "Just follow my breath with yours. In." Hashirama drew in a breath. "And out." Madara could feel the rise and fall of his chest. He repeated this until Madara's breathing synchronized with his own. "Just concentrate on breathing and following me."

Madara took in a few huffs of air but couldn't help that he was panicking. He whimpered. Though what he whimpered out was not what anyone in the room expected at that time…

"Im…. I'm not a kitten you dick…"

He calmed down more and more in Hashirama's arms just from the loving words that had sounded teasing in Madara's head. "You suck...C-Can I go home now… what other questions do you have? Shouldn't one question be enough?" He pressed his lips together and sighed.

Anko bit her lip to keep from laughing at Madara's first words. She coughed and cleared her throat while Hashirama just chuckled and rubbed his cheek against Madara's. "Of course you aren't a kitten." He whispered in Madara's ear.

"Just a few more questions, please, Uchiha-san. Did Danzo ejaculate inside your anal cavity?

Madara crinkled his nose, "Tell him to stop being a jackass first!" He scoffed but just answered Anko quickly, completely distracted by Hashirama to get upset by his own words, "Yes, he did." Madara was surprised by his own words that he felt so comfortable around Hashirama and could just say it like that once relaxed. He never thought he could ever EVER be able to admit it without one bit of nervousness in his voice.

He held Hashirama's hand beneath the table. He rubbed his thumb over the top of Hashirama's hand as a silent thank you for helping him relax too much. "D-Danzo, spoke of wanting to do it to m-my nephew...So… I kinda broke a few of his teeth and ran to where Hashirama was signing me out…." He took a deep breath and relaxed once more into his arms. He looked up into Hashirama's eyes, with a few stutters he thought maybe he could say it all in one statement. "Danzo r-r-r-..." He clenched his fists. "I can't say it… I'm sorry… Can that be all for now…? I want t-to go home. I'm t-tired. I used his brother as a bed for a few h-hours but he wasn't that comfy."

"Almost done, Uchiha-san. Just a few more." Anko asked several more questions, such as "where all did he touch you" and "where did he strike you" as well as a few questions about Danzo and Nagato, if Danzo had ever stuck his penis inside Nagato's anus, etc. It was still an obvious struggle for Madara but the rest of the interview went more quickly than the rocky beginning and soon they were done.

Anko clicked stop on the recorder, made a few last notes, then collected her papers and recorder. "Uchiha-san, Senju-san, thank you for your time."

Hashirama smiled. "You're welcome. I'm going to take him home now." Hashirama bowed a little, still sitting down and squashing Madara between his lap and chest. "I'm going to put this little kitten to bed." He stood up, Madara still in his arms.

Madara's head turned to him like the exorcist. "I'm. Not. A. Kitten. Don't tempt me to destroy you Senju!" He smacked him on the back of the head with a growling like pout.

He quickly removed himself from the area after bowing to Anko and grabbing Hashirama's hand. "Home. Now." He ran to Hashirama's car, said man in tow, and got in the passenger side seat and brought his knees to his chest.

"Hurry up…. I really don't want to be here. I just want to go home and sleep...and c-can I sleep in your bed tonight again with you?"

Hashirama just chuckled. He found Madara so cute when he was mad. "Alright, alright kitten. Don't get your panties in a knot." He started the car, then reached out and ruffled Madara's hair before pulling out. "And of course. You're always welcome in my bed."

'Especially when you're wearing those black panties.' Hashirama thought in his head, the backed the car out and headed home.

Hashirama pulled up his striped pajama bottoms. The heat was on, and even in the winter, it did not get very cold in Konoha. He had always liked to sleep bare chested, and only put the pants on to help Madara feel more at ease in case his boxers flopped open or something.

Speaking of underwear...Madara had insisted upon taking a shower. The door was open a crack, so that Hashirama could check on him to make sure he didn't accidentally almost drown again since he was so tired.

Madara stepped out of the shower with a towel around his waist. After drying off his lower parts and being very self conscious he put the underwear beneath the towel. These black ones had plenty of lace and silk and made his bottom seem perfect to even a straight man.

"Hmm… My hair looks like a mess." He spoke to himself. He dried the rest of himself off. Standing naked other than just the black panties, he brushed through the massive amount of hair and dried it. Bending over he grabbed a towel off the floor but at Hashirama's angle it looked like an actually stip tease.

Hashirama was just going to check on Madara, for the kitten's own saftey, of course. He peeked in through the crack in the door and saw Madara's deliciously round butt covered in his favorite black silk panties. Hashirama nearly started drooling and in his pants, his penis did a proverbial happy dance. His fingers itched to caress and squeeze that round bottom.

He accidentally leaned forward into the door, causing it to creak. At that, he said, "Ah, Mada-chan, just checking on you! Making sure you didn't fall asleep in there or something, hehe." He chuckled a little nervously.

Madara turned to Hashirama and began to doubt his words as each second past but let it go. "Well I'm fine… you c-can um… stop looking at me now...pervert…" He added a insult to make him seem more confident with someone looking at his body though his body movements showed him trying to hide it with his hands unsuccessfully.

Hashirama chuckled. "Yes, I see how fine you are, kitten. Hey, I'm not a pervert, I was just checking on you for your own safety. I can't help it if you happen to be in underwear at the time- though, I'm certainly not complaining."

He looked back to the mirror brushing his hair and drying it till it was soft and bouncy. He then was in horror when he realized he left his clothes out in the room. He took a deep breath and entered the room trying to ignore Hashirama's eyes. He looked around for his clothes that conveniently went missing. "Hashirama, have you seen my clothing?" He asked with a blush flooding his cheeks.

Once Madara scuttled his way out, acting every inch a virgin on their wedding night, Hashirama pretended to be preoccupied with turning down the bed sheets. "Your pjs? They were left in the other bathroom. If you like, you can wear a pair of mine. Second drawer over there on the left." He motioned with a hand to the indicated drawer. His own long hair was loose and he couldn't help but steal glances at Madara.

Madara groaned but just nodded and went over to Hashirama's pj drawer. He grabbed a shirt that was two times too big for him and then grabbed a pair of pants that just kept falling down making him have to bend over to pull them back up. "Hashi! Help! They are too big! Do you have any string I can make into a belt… ERG!" He growled till finally he just threw them across the room. "Screw that I'm sleeping in my underwear. The shirt is big enough I guess…"

"Is that okay Hashi? If I just sleep in my underwear or would it make your uncomfortable." Madara yes indeed thought that he could make Hashirama uncomfortable with his almost naked body. Go figure.

Hashirama laughed. He had called Madara kitten a few moments ago and got away with it, so decided to press his luck. "You're a tiny one, kitten. You don't have to be shy- the shirt is almost like a nightgown on you anyway. All your goodies are covered. When I was a child, I shared a room and a bed with Tobirama, who's always preferred to sleep fully naked."

Hashirama plopped down on the bed and held the covers up, patting the mattress in invitation. "Coming to bed, kitten?"

Madara just stared at the bed and accepted that he really couldn't win. He gave in without yelling at Hashirama for calling him kitten. "That must have been scary. Then again your brother is quite cute. Maybe I should flirt with him." He teased.

"Trying to make me jealous?" Hashirama teased back.

You see, he had aimed to sit down on the bed beside Hashirama but misaimed and plopped down almost completely on his lap. Madara's eyes widened. "I-I'm sorry I-" He could feel Hashirama's breath his neck making his body convulse shivers.

Hashirama felt Madara's ass and those panties he loved so much grind into his crotch and felt it stir to life. He wrapped his arms around Madara. "Gee, if that's how you really feel, kitten, all you had to do was say something." He still teased a little.

Madara just kept shaking from the burning breath making the little hairs on his skin rise with a passionate static. "Sh-Shut-Mnnnn…" He let out a small groan at the lovely feeling of Hashirama pushing against him and the flow of air making each nerve react.

"S-Sorry, y-your-, mnnnahh…." He tried to keep the moans under his own breath.

Hashirama felt Madara trembling. His pupils were dilated and a pink kitten tongue darted out to nervously moisten those petal pink lips. Madara didn't look like he was frightened, and he wasn't slapping Hashirama or pushing him away. Indeed, he looked quite the opposite; he looked like a lover just waiting to be kissed.

So Hashirama bent his head, pressing his lips to Madara's. His arms tightened around Madara's waist, pulling the soft pale body to him.

With the collision to his lips Madara just shut down in the best way. He moved his lips back, tasting Hashirama just enough for Madara to groaned for more. "H-Hashi…." He gripped onto his shirt and turned his body to face him and wrap his legs around the other's waist, attempting to get more of the man's taste to consume his mouth.

With that offering, Hashirama's self control evaporated. He moaned low in his throat, his hands caressing Madara's back through the shirt, then cupping that perfect bottom, rubbing Madara's cheeks through the silk panties making Madara moan needily. Hashirama groaned as if he were in heaven. His tongue licked along Madara's lower lip, then he sucked the soft flesh into his mouth. His tongue then invaded Madara's mouth, running along smooth teeth then dipping past to taste the roof of Madara's mouth. His tongue ran over, under, and around Madara's own.

"Hashi! Oh!" Madara moaned holding onto him tightly. He shivered with every slight touch to his bottom, the fear making him just more and more turned on. "B-Bite me. Give me a little bit of pain please… Mnnnn…I-It feels so good. Your hands. D-Don't stop….You taste so good too…" Madara spoke as he kissed the mayor with passion.

Hashirama nibbled along Madara's jaw then licked his neck. "So beautiful." He murmured against Madara's skin. He gently lay Madara down on the bed and licked one nipple, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around it until it was a hard, erect little nub in his mouth. "So soft." Just above Madara's nipple, Hashirama kissed then sucked on the velvet skin, then bit just hard enough for Madara to feel a little bit of pain, and hard enough to leave a little bruise in the morning. One of Hashirama's hands, still on the outside of the panties, rubbed against Madara's crack.

Moaning and completely helpless to the immense pleasure he had never felt with Danzo, Madara's arms flailed out as his eyes rolled back. "OH! Hashi!" He put a hand in Hashirama's brown locks and held onto it tightly. Pale hands went up and massaged the nubs Hashirama found so interesting and touched himself for Hashirama's viewing pleasure.

"Please, I want your hand b-beneath the fabric. I want to feel you against me. I want your hips against the back of mine grinding into me, Hashi… P-Please…"

If Hashirama Senju was meant to die happy, he'd have dropped dead then and there. "Mmmm…..kitten…..your wish is my command." He kissed those sweetly begging lips while his thumbs rubbed Madara's hard nipples. With each breath Madara drew, his skin pulled tight across his ribcage, revealing the outline of each bone. Hashirama kissed each scar Danzo had left on Madara, each healing bruise. He kissed his way down to Madara's thighs.

He nuzzled his cheek against Madara's aching erection that strained against the black silk. He kissed the tip through the silk, while his hands were still busy rubbing Madara's nipples. He rubbed his cheek against Madara's inner thigh, then licked it. His hands caressed Madara's stomach, stroking their way down to his creamy thighs. Hashirama took the delicate panties in between his teeth and tugged. He pulled one side down, then the other, slowly shimmying the silk down Madara's legs. Madara's skin was velvety soft.

"Ah, kitten! You shave your legs?" Hashirama's voice was delighted. Though he was bisexual- or, to be more accurate, he was pansexual; Hashirama tended to get attracted to someone for who they were, not the outer packaging. He still found certain outer ornaments- such as those delectable tiny panties and shaved legs- to be turn ons.

As Hashirama went the whole nine-yards to pleasure Madara… something seemed wrong…

Soft snores erupted from the man in panties.

"Just. My. Fucking. Luck…"

Madara was fast asleep….

For the first time,Hashirama Senju achieved a level of Blue Balls and Cockblocking, never before seen to man...

" I need a shower. A cold one. A very cold one." Hashirama muttered and started to get up. As soon as he lost contact with Madara, he heard a soft mewl, the tiniest of whimpers. He looked back at Madara, who was still fully asleep, shivering, and looking like he was on the verge of a nightmare. Hashirama immediately resumed his position and Madara snuggled happily into him, pressing his butt right into Hashirama's erection.

A certain Senju was in for a rough night.


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