It was a new record for Ichigo, he managed to hold his breath for just under two and half minutes. That was before Miia's tail pulled him out of the fountain before he was thrown about by the inhumanly strong Lamia, thinking he was dead. From his half drowned state he could hear laughter from Rachnera, cries of sorrow from Papi while she profusely apologised and death threats from Miia to Papi if Ichigo was actually dead. How had he gotten himself into this situation? Why had Papi kidnapped him in the first place? Why hadn't Rachnera and Miia gone straight home from school like they should of instead of coming after him?

So many questions with no answers what so ever, practically the life of an average teenager.

"Oh, Darling, you're ok!" Miia sighed as she hung her head as she sighed in relief. "I was so worried when that strange girl flew off with you!"

"Truly, you should of seen the look in her eye, it was crazy. I thought she was going to snap and kill someone." Rachnera smiled as she usually does, highly enjoying the current situation Ichigo had gotten himself in. "Shame really." Ichigo's eyebrow twitched as he glared up at Rachnera who simply chuckled before leaning over and offering her hand to him. He grabbed it and she pulled him to his feet easily.

"Thanks." Ichigo mumbled patting his now wet uniform down with wet splats.

"You are most certainly welcome, Honey." There was a resounding splat as Ichigo patted his shirt down before stopping at the sudden nickname from the Arachne. Glancing up he saw Miia staring at Rachnera with hate in her eyes, Papi was still naked and sitting in the water her head tilted as she watched the three of them, Rachnera had a knowing smirk on her face making Ichigo groan. "What? Miia has a pet name for you, I figured I couldn't use Darling all the time, or you'd get confused." Miia looked down right ready to launch herself before Papi jumped up onto the spider woman's back and laughed.

"Then Papi will call him husband!" She cheered.

"You'll do no such thing!" Both Miia and Ichigo snapped as Rachnera roared in laughter. Ichigo sighed as he sat down on the edge of the fountain shaking his hair making water go everywhere. He stretched his neck out and rolled his shoulder as he looked at the three Monster Girls currently around him, they had gained a small crowd when Papi had been frolicking naked in the fountain, who by the way was still very much naked! Glancing around he noticed that the large crowd that had once gathered around them had gathered around somewhere else.

"First you steal my Darling and now you're declaring that he's your husband!" Miia shouted at the blue haired girl. "I won't stand for this! It's not fair! I want to run off with Darling too you know!" She cried. "It's just so unfair! Just go die!"

"What'd you say!? You want to fight!" Papi cried back at the Lamia, rearing her claws up as she rose in the air with her wings ready to attack.

"You stupid little bird bitch! I'll boil your booby ass and make soup out of it!" Miia shouted as she shot her tail forward wrapping the harpy in her powerful grip surprising Rachnera who was watching the two as Ichigo only got smacked to the side by the force of the powerful tail and went sailing back into the fountain with a splash.

"Who're you calling 'booby' with these things!" Papi shouted clawing at the lamia's shirt ripping it to pieces making her cry out and turn away from the Harpy only into the direction of the fountain to where Ichigo was just rising out of the water. Miia stared at the wide eyed Ichigo, Ichigo stared at the marvellous naked breasts of the lamia before his head shot back from the force of the nosebleed only to sink beneath the reddening water.

Rachnera was laughing hysterically off to the side as Miia sobbed, not wanting to have Ichigo see her in such a state without the privacy of Ichigo's own room. Papi was simply grinning placing her wings on her naked hips as she struck a victory pose butt naked. Yep, this was the most awkward fight Ichigo had ever had the chance of watching. Standing up, water splashing everywhere as he marched past the semi naked Lamia and the fully naked Harpy before pulling off his grey school jacket and held it out to Miia.

"Here, take this since your clothes are ruined. Papi get dressed before everyone starts to have a heart attack." Miia took the offered Jacket as Papi pouted at him.

"Honey." Ichigo turned to Rachnera who gestured around them. "Nobodies paying attention to us, so you can get back to frolicking in the fountain, I was just about to join you." She teased him before a scream reached their ears and all four of them looked across the park to where the majority of people were staring up into a tree, under a more intensified observation they noticed a young girl high up in the branches of the tree, all of their eyes widening in surprise.

"She doesn't want to take off?" Papi asked staring at the young girl up in the tree.

"This could be bad." Miia said.

"What's bad is you two causing a fuss, get dressed properly." Ichigo told them as he began to walk over to the large crowd of people, Rachnera following as Papi and Miia followed Ichigo's instructions of getting dressed properly. Everyone parted as the sight of the large monster girl, Rachnera not even caring as Ichigo walked in front of her. "How'd she even get up there?" Ichigo questioned himself observing that the tree itself had no way of being able to be climbed.

"Don't worry! Papi will help her take off!" Papi cheered rushing past Ichigo making his eyes widen at what she said before she spread her wings wide and went to fly only to land face first on the ground with a thud making her whine as she sat up. "Papi's wings are all wet! I can't fly like this!" She cried.

"Papi, listen humans can't fly like Harpies, we don't have wings so we're incapable of flying." Ichigo told her as he crouched down in front of her. "Pretty much, we're like you right now. With your wings wet like they are you can't fly. Falling from heights like this can be really dangerous for humans, especially one so young."

"Don't worry darling!" Miia cried triumphantly. "Tree climbing is one of a Lamia's specialities! Leave it too me!" She grinned at him before turning to Papi and poking her tongue out at her making the blue haired Harpy cry. Miia began slithering up the tree muttering things to herself clearly embarrassing to Ichigo as he heard her say to herself that it was all to impress him. Ichigo watched until Miia could no longer be seen as she disappeared into the leaves, he just hoped that she didn't scare the young girl...

"AHHHH!" Ichigo sighed as the girl screamed before Miia panicked and tried to reassure the young girl only for the girl to slip off the branch she was clinging too. Ichigo's eyes shot wide open as he saw the girl struggling to hold onto the branch, the cry of the mother gained Ichigo's attention before Papi flew past him making his eyes widen as the young girl fell. Ichigo dashed forward knowing that Papi's wings were still wet.

Papi caught the girl in mid air but quickly began to descend to the ground only for Ichigo to catch her and the young girl who was still crying in Papi's arms. Papi looked up at Ichigo with wide eyes as he sighed, glad that they were both ok. He didn't know what kind of mess would of happened had he not stopped them from hitting the ground.

"Nice work Papi." Ichigo gave her one of his rare smiles making her blush at the sudden praise Ichigo had given her. "You doing ok?" Ichigo questioned the young girl still wrapped in Papi's wings. She sniffled before nodding her head making Ichigo let out a relieved sigh as he placed Papi on her feet so she could let the young girl down before she rushed into the arms of her mother who thanked Papi who scratched the back of her head with her wing.

"I tried so hard yet she gets treated like a hero!" Miia cried as she slithered up to Ichigo. "I did good to right!?" She questioned tears running down her cheeks.

"You've got leaves in your hair Miia." Ichigo told her as he rose both his hands up and began to pull the leaves from Miia's long hair, Miia stood there as she watched Ichigo concentrating before he locked his gaze with hers making her blush and look down. Ichigo heard a bike pull to a stop and glanced over his shoulder to see a police office having just arrived.

"I heard that their was a young girl stuck in a tree around here." He called out.

"Bit late." Rachnera chuckled to herself.

"No worries, we already got her down thanks to this girl here." Ichigo said placing a hand on Papi's head making the police officer smile as Papi saluted him with her wing, the police officer returning the salute.

"Good work there young miss." The police officer smiled before noticing the girls around Ichigo. "Oh, you three must be apart of the Cultural Exchange program between the species correct?" Ichigo shrugged. "Can I please see your paperwork, it's common to find some of the exchange members want to go out exploring without their host family so it's been made that if we ever come across some we need to ask for their paperwork."

"Shit." Ichigo mumbled as he reached into his bag and scowled as everything in his bag was soaking wet from being thrown in the fountain numerous times.

"Darling is my host." Miia simply said.

"I'm with them." Rachnera simply said thrusting a thumb in Ichigo's direction.

"They said they were going to deflower me." Papi told the officer who sweat dropped.

"It's deport!" Ichigo shouted at her. "And it means they're going to kick you out of the country and send your ass home!" Ichigo continued.

"Whhhhhat!" The blue haired Harpy cried before clinging to Ichigo and looking up at him. "Does... does that mean..." She began to say, her body trembling making Ichigo sigh as he pushed the Harpy behind him as he turned to the police officer.

"I'm all of their hosts." Ichigo told him, surprising the police officer. "The three of them are assigned to my household." Miia watched with wide eyes as Ichigo made a show to try and help the young Harpy.

"Alright, then I'll just need to see the paperwork for all three of them... Mr?" Ichigo lowered his face hiding it from the man before slicking his wet hair back and mustering up his most pissed off expression on his face that would send Arrancars running for the hills.

"My words not good enough?" He questioned making the police officer pale at the sight of the thug looking Ichigo, his body beginning to tremble before he got back on his bike.

"Right! Next time just be sure to have your paperwork on you and have a nice day!" He cried already peddling down the path making Ichigo sigh as he cracked his neck.

"Damn... now that's going to bite me in the ass, I just know it." Ichigo mumbled as he shook his hair back to it's original position before he was hugged by Papi.

"You did it! You saved the day! I don't know how but you did!" She cheered before Miia pulled her off of the annoyed teen.

"Stop hugging Darling you little brat! Go back to your host family, you're causing problems for Darling!" She hissed at the Harpy only for the blue haired girl to ready herself to attack the Lamia one more.

"You know, I was just about to step in but it seems you handled that officer pretty well. Although your method was a bit unorthodox." Ms Smith said making Ichigo scowl as he turned the suit wearing lady. "You got the job done at least." She said, Ichigo noticing the numerous plastic id's of certification in her hand.

"Ms Smith, what are you doing here?" Miia questioned.

"I was tracking down Papi." The coordinator explained.

"It's the terminator." Papi whispered up to Ichigo.

"You mean coordinator..." Ichigo sighed as he rubbed his face. "So what's up with this one, why she out on her own?" He questioned placing a hand on Papi's head.

"Well... how about we go back to your place, get you some dry clothes and we'll discuss it over some coffee? Hmm?" She questioned.

"Ugh... fine." Ichigo groaned. "One coffee, I've seen you mooching enough around my house ever since Miia moved in." Ichigo told her.

"Yuzu's a good cook." She grinned at him as the group began to walk back to the Kurosaki Residence. When they had entered the house, Papi immediately went to exploring the residence while Ichigo went upstairs to get changed, Miia setting herself down on her tail across from Ms Smith who got herself comfortable on the couch, Rachnera idly flicking through the channels from where she was situated on the lounge room floor beside Miia.

Once Ichigo walked back down the stairs Miia perked up as Papi rushed past Ichigo still exploring the house making him groan at how excited she was. Heading over to sit next to Miss Smith he sighed as she smiled at him.

"Well seeing as now you're dry and recovered, here, permanent certification, I figured you might be needing them. They're water proof and everything." She told him.

"Would of came in real handy twenty minutes ago." Ichigo muttered as Miss Smith handed him the cards which held a picture of Miia on one and Rachnera on the other with the information on both girls from height, weight, sex, race the usual stuff plus Ichigo's name as their host and the address of the Kurosaki household.

"Where's mine!?" Papi called out rushing over to the woman who smiled and handed the blue haired Harpy hers making Ichigo raise an eyebrow. "Haha! They got it all right! I'm amazed!" She laughed showing Ichigo her certification id, who patted the Harpy on the head before turning to the woman who was idly drinking her coffee.

"So why do you have Papi's id all of a sudden?" Ichigo questioned with slightly narrowed eyes at the woman who was still wearing her sunglasses, not caring the slightest that she was now inside. He saw her eyes move behind her sunglasses and narrowed his own sharper.

"Haha, well you see, Papi here is a frequent runaway so it's kinda of hard to find her a place where the host family will be wanting to put up with such, so I was just coming over here to force... I mean ask that you take her in since you've already so adept at dealing with two of the interspecies already. What's one more right?" She questioned with a smile.

"Wha!" Miia cried as Rachnera looked up with a raised eyebrow, however she had already mused something like this had happened and cracked a smirk in Ichigo's direction who's eyebrow was slightly twitching.

"So you were the coordinator that she ran away from." Ichigo mumbled. "Let me guess..."

"Yep! It's already been cleared with your father and since you're in fact a minor... you have no say." She told him triumphantly. "So Papi, welcome to your new home!"

"Really!?" Papi questioned with a wide smile.

"He's the one taking care of you so make sure you do what Darling says." Miss Smith told her as Ichigo hung his head.

"Okay!" Papi cheered.

"Wait do you really think this is a good idea!?" Miia questioned. "I mean we've already got that bitch Rachnera living her who is moving out any day now, I'm sure of it." Rachenera simply laughed in response. "It's only meant to be one host house per interspecies! It's not fair! Darling's mine!" She cired, Ichigo wondered if she had feet she'd be stamping them.

"It'll be just fine." Miss smith told her.

"You have no idea how to do your job do you?!" Ichigo shouted at her making her laugh.

"Alright then! Do go flying off again Papi!" Miss Smith told the blue haired Harpy.

"Don't worry! I may not be able to understand complicated things but there are some things I can remember. Cause that'll mean that I'll be able to be with my husband all the time!" She cheered hugging Ichigo's arm who was simply sitting their defeated. He swore that once he was of age he was voting against the current government. "Let's take a bath Husband! We can continue from where we left off earlier!" Papi cheered pulling on Ichigo's arm.

"Don't pull." He told her as she managed to get him off his feet and began pulling him down the hall. "I'm not taking a bath, I just got dry!" Ichigo cried out but Papi simply ignored him before dragging him into the bathroom cheering all the while, even for her small frame she was still pretty strong.

"You're taking this pretty well from how you were just five seconds ago." Rachnera told the Lamia as they heard the door slam shut.

"I'm an Adult, I can control myself." Miia said proudly.

"Is that before or after you try to molest Ichigo every other minute of the day?" Rachnera questioned making the Lamia glare heatedly at her.

"I have to agree with Rachnera on this one Miia, I thought you'd be angry that Papi's dragged Darling into the bathroom where they will both be naked, scrubbing each others bodies down." Miss Smith added making Rachnera grin. "If Ichigo's not careful he could be arrested."

"Sure having someone barge in on our house is annoying but as I said, I'm and Adult and Papi is simply a child, yep a child. Just a child." Miss Smith looked over her cup as she raised an eyebrow at her.

"Oh... Papi's the same age as you Miia." The lamia froze on the spot. "In all honesty Miia, among you three girls you're the youngest then Papi and finally Rachnera, but if you want to get all complicated with the issues, Ichigo's just about to turn sixteen where you and Papi are eighteen while Rachnera is turning nineteen. Ichigo's the youngest." Miss Smith told her before Miia cried and dashed for the bathroom with incredible speeds only that a Lamia could posses.

"I'll bathe with her Darling!" Both Miss Smith and Rachnera heard as Miia broke the door down causing a crash in the bathroom. Miss smith let out a small chuckle along with Rahcnera.

"You enjoy this don't you?" Rachnera questioned.

"I just find it amusing, to be honest this is the first host who has got along so well with his guests, even more so that he's the first host with numerous interspecies in his home. It's really changing how the program is seeing itself, there may be a few changes to it in the future."

"You don't say." Rachnera smirked as they heard Ichigo's shouts from the bathroom along with Miia as Papi cheered.