AN: If you're unfamiliar with RWBY I highly recommend doing a google search for it. It's a new anime that is just launching off and so far it's very entertaining. I'm writing this because episodes can't come out fast enough and it will be nice to drum up some support for the show this way.

Since the show is so new and at time of writing this only 4 episodes have been out, a lot of what I write will be AU because I will be guessing at the internal workings of the show.

Out of the Death Veil and into Grim Vale

Sirius was falling, any second the veil would swallow him. Harry leapt to his godfather hoping beyond hope to catch him. But even as he took his first step Sirius was disappearing into the grays and blacks inside the arch. There were shouts around him to stop but he didn't truly hear them. Sirius was just beyond the veil, if he ran fast enough he could catch him, he could bring him back. With that thought he jumped through.

For a horrible moment that felt like an eternity he was frozen in blackness. Then motion returned as if it had never stopped. "Sirius!" he screamed as he appeared midair in a street. Street lamps were casting amber light on the brick walls of houses and the asphalt. The sudden lack of noise gave Harry more pause than the change in scenery.

He looked around wildly hoping to find Sirius. He found two girls staring at him. From their features he guessed them to be twins, one dressed in a red theme and the other in white. At their feet were several men quietly groaning. One of them tried to pull himself to his hands and knees. The girl in white raised her foot and brought her sharp heel down on him. There was a snap of bone breaking and the man screamed.

"Miltia, shut him up," the girl in white said walking toward Harry. The girl in red nodded and viciously kicked the screaming man's face, knocking him out. Harry noted that red seemed to have bladed weapons on her hands.

"Did you see a man just come through here? He's a bit taller than me, long hair and a short beard?" Harry asked the girl in white. A part of him was thinking that he had stepped into something dangerous but was unwilling to let it deter him from finding Sirius.

"No, you're the only one who appeared out of thin air. I'm Melanie, who're you?" she asked in a bored voice but Harry could see the interest in her eyes. Any other time he would be excited that a pretty girl was looking at him like that.

"I'm Harry. You're sure you haven't seen someone else? He was right in front of me," he pressed.

"Yup, we've been here for I'd say at least fifteen minutes, cleaning out the competition for our territory. Are you with them?" girl in white asked.

"What?" Harry demanded in frustration. "No, of course not. I don't even know where I am, much less who they are."

Suddenly the girl in white blurred and Harry found her wickedly sharp three-inch heel at his Adam's apple. His eyes widened behind his glasses at the speed of the girl. He took in the long laced boots to the smooth skin exposed beneath her skirts and admired her balance. She stood as if she could keep her bladed heel at his throat all day. "You should step away before you hurt yourself," Harry said, thinking that he wasn't dealing with muggles. No muggle could move that fast.

"What if I don't feel like it, Harry, was it? Now tell me again what you're doing here," she said.

Harry, already tensed from the fight with Death Eaters, pointed the wand at her from his waist and called out, "Expelliarmus!" Melanie flew back the length of the street. Her sister, Harry figured from the facial similarity, jumped in the air and easily grabbed Melanie.

The girl in red stepped in front of Melanie, her red wrist claws glinting in the lamplight. "You have a dust weapon. Never seen one so unimpressive looking," she said, looking worriedly at her sister who was still dazed.

Harry pondered the term 'dust weapon' for a long moment, never hearing his wand described that way. I must be a long way from home, he thought to himself. "Look, I don't want any trouble. I just want to find my godfather, I think he came this way."

"Like Melanie said, we didn't see anyone. You're the only one who showed up. Are you a huntsman, by the way?" she had a sort of wistful edge to her voice.

Harry shook his head. "I don't know what that is." He cursed internally at losing Sirius. And to top it off he had landed in some odd place where people weren't surprised by magic but had different terms for it. "Hey where is this place?"

"Vale. Where are you from?" she said.

Harry weighed what to say as he saw the beaten down men slowly get up and escape. The girls seemed to notice but were much more curious about him. "Most recently from London. How far would you say London is from Vale?"

The twins exchanged a look. The one in white, Melanie decided to speak. "Never heard of London... You're not from around here, are you?" she said, checking out his clothes in a very obvious way.

Harry realized he was wearing robes while the girls were in clearly muggle clothing. "How can you not know London?" he asked but then quieted as he caught a glimpse of the sky." There were two moons in the sky. One whole and the other with part of it broken. "Dear Merlin...I'm really not from around here." He slumped to the ground where he stood, simply staring at the sky. "You have two moons." He stared at the sky.

The girl in red, Miltia, shot her sister a worried look. Melanie shrugged helplessly and walked back to the boy with her sister. Miltia laid a hand on his shoulder and asked gently, "You've never seen the moons?"

Some part of Harry knew he should be doing damage control and coming up with an excuse but he was too stunned. "Where I come from there's only one moon."

Melanie gave a put upon sigh when she saw her gentler twin's frown. "Alright, you're coming with us," she said in her bossy yet bored tone. "If we leave you here Miltia is going to worry herself sick."

The boy stood up shakily with Miltia's help. "You don't even know me," he said.

"I'm Melanie and she's Miltia, you mess with us and I will slice your throat. Got it, Lightning?" The girl in white put her hands on her hips and fixed him with her most arrogant look.

"Name's Harry, not Lightning," he mumbled but let Miltia guide him.

"But you have such an interesting scar... Maybe you're a huntsman and you got into a fight and have amnesia, that would explain why you don't remember the moons," Miltia said eagerly in her soft voice.

Harry wanted to deny her the misconception but decided it was a good enough excuse. No doubt wherever he was people would think he's a loon if he kept on saying that until a few minutes ago his reality only had one moon. "Maybe you're right."

"Great, a brain damaged stray, Miltia," Melanie said with a snort. "Mom will blow."

It was the shy twin's turn to snort. "You mean if she sees anything beyond her drugs. We'll just tell him he's one of her hallucinations."

Harry was surprised to hear the amount of bitterness come from the red and kind twin as he had dubbed her in his head. "I don't want to make trouble for you with your mum."

"Don't worry about it. Between her visits to the hospital for her hypochondria and to the temple for her paranoia she won't notice," Melanie explained, her heels going click clack on the asphalt.

Harry plodded along, not really noticing his surroundings but wondering more about whom he was putting his faith in. Which reminded him, "So those guys back there, were they picking on you or something?"

"Eh, just the usual attempt at invading our territory to see if we've softened so they could move in all the way. Miltia and I took care of it. It's getting boring," she said.

"Your territory?" Harry asked, wondering how two cutely dressed girls could take on thugs that he'd seen laid out. Although, the speed with which Melanie had moved and the claws on Miltia's hands certainly were dangerous.

Miltia shrugged next to him. "We work for the mob, the area around the club is our responsibility," she said.

"Oh," Harry said, wondering what to make of that. They'd basically outright told him they were criminals, unless 'mob' meant something else in Vale. He decided to treat the situation as he did when he'd found out about the wizarding world and just take in everything.

"Everyone's gotta survive somehow," Miltia said.

"How old are you by the way?" Melanie asked.

"Fifteen," Harry answered.

"Same as us, cool," Melanie said with a smile. Harry thought she looked very pretty with a happy expression on her face.

Unbeknownst to the three a Huntress leapt from roof to roof, following them. She had seen Harry's entrance from nowhere and heard his conversation with the twins. After watching Harry disappear into an apartment building with them, she made notes and sent them straight up the chain to Glynda Goodwitch. A possible amnsesiac with unknown dust abilities would interest Goodwitch.

AN I'll try to do this in episode form. So this was one whole sequence. Next will be Harry settling in Grim world. I really liked the twins from their very brief scene in the trailers, so I'm adopting them in this story. Now go check out RWBY if you haven't already!