Chapter 5:

These cats were fast as lightning!

The dancers at The Club stood looking nervously at the sudden stand off in their midst. The DJ continued to pump music, bravely ignoring the violence brewing on the dance floor. On one side Roman stood with Harry and Crimson behind him, on the other were Junior and his axe gang.

"Junior, you're looking a little constipated. What's the problem?" Roman asked, his one visible eye running over the men arrayed behind Junior.

"Why is he alive when the rest didn't make it? He left them behind, didn't he?" Junior shouted.

"And what if he did?" Roman shrugged. "He finished the job. The others failed. That's all."

"But-" Junior started but shut up when Miltia and Melanie appeared out of the group of people gawking at the fight. He didn't want to show his hand in front of the twins but couldn't lose the respect of his men either. "I don't want any backstabbers in my crew. The little shit left the others to die!"

Melanie frowned at Junior then turned to Harry, "What happened?"

Crimson and Roman shot Harry a quelling look before he could answer. Harry returned it with interest and adopted Melanie's bored tone to answer, "Roman and Crimson gave us a tough job because the guys said they could handle it. They couldn't and were taken out by…the other side. I made it, obviously."

"We don't have any room for weaklings. Good job, Harry," Miltia piped up.

"She's right," Melanie added glaring at the men behind Junior. "You all knew that when you signed up for this. We're not some afterschool care club, no one is going to hold your hand and wipe your snotty noses. If you can't hack it, don't run your mouth."

"Oh I don't know, Melanie. If one of them wants to lie on my lap and have me take care of their boo-boos permanently, I'll do it." Miltia said and slid her red claws against each other in warning. Junior cringed at the sound of Miltia blades and his crew looked nervously at each other at the threat of the twins.

Crimson laughed lowly which upped the tension in the group. The DJ gave up and cut the music and took cover. The woman in red started walking making the axe gang fall to the sides to get away from her. "Looks like not everyone is a pussy in this crew. Well said, girls. Now, someone get me that lobster dinner I saw earlier."

"Um…yes, ma'am," Junior stuttered and left after giving Harry one last ugly look.

Roman shook his head and shot Harry a suffering look. "You see that? I try to be diplomatic, I try to be polite, but all I get is arguments and grumblings. Crimson simply walks through them. Let that be a lesson to you, Harry."

"And what lesson is that?" Harry asked, despite himself amused by Roman's faux whining.

Melanie scoffed. "The lesson is that you don't argue with a woman."

"We're vicious." Miltia smiled sweetly at them. She linked arms with her sister and went to the bar, leaving Roman and Harry behind.

"So was that really the lesson?" Harry asked.

Roman sighed. "Not exactly but no point in arguing. Come, let's have drinks to celebrate. And, don't worry about Junior. You'll still have a job with us."


The next morning Harry woke up the girls' mother and made her breakfast. He made sure she dressed properly and brushed her hair. The woman chattered away at him, talking about her husband and her daughters. As she drank her tea, Harry stood behind her and cast diagnostic spells on her.

Harry needed a way to deal with Voldemort's memories desperately. Using them to help the broken woman was a way for him to subvert the man's ill-gotten knowledge. Unfortunately, much of the magic was either too delicate or too powerful for him to cast. So Harry did what he could to keep feeling like himself and help.

"Harry?" the woman said.

"Yes, Marry?"

"Would you like to go to the temple with me?" She smiled up at him. Harry found her eyes to be steady and her smile relaxed. It was a big change from how neurotic she had been when he had first met her.

"Sorry, not today. I have some things to figure out with the girls."

"Hmm? So which one of them do you like? You know you can't have both. Not that I mind, you're such a good boy," Marry said and went back to her tea.

Harry blushed madly. "I think they're out of my league, Marry."

There was a loud yawn behind him. Harry looked over his shoulder to find the twins in their nighties. He prayed they hadn't heard the latest attempt by their mother to set them up. He hoped they didn't notice him checking them out either. Living with two pretty girls was challenging in unexpected ways.

"You look nice, mom," Miltia said and gave her mother a kiss on her cheek.

Marry smiled. "Harry took care of me this morning. Isn't that sweet?

"Oi!" Melanie growled as she sat down. "Stop hitting on my mother, Harry!"

"Creep," Miltia whispered and shook her head sadly.

"I wasn't, you can't just say things like that!" Harry snapped.

"That's sad, you're losing out to your own mother in love. Step up your game, girls." Marry laughed.

"Mother!" the twins groaned in stereo.

"Ok," Harry said loudly, "That's my cue to leave. I'll be on the roof working out." He beat a hasty retreat out of the apartment. There was much he needed to think on.


The roof had a fence around the border, making it safe for residents to be on. A few clotheslines hung heavy with clothes. Harry stretched and enjoyed the early morning breeze. He focused his mind only on the sensation of his muscles stretching, the smells and sights around him.

After a while the girls showed up with their gym clothes on and joined him in his workout. Harry wondered how to talk to them about what was on his mind. The night before had scared him. He didn't want to be a criminal but continuing to work at The Club would only expose him to more jobs from Roman. The twins knew what they were doing and accepted their place as enforcers for the mob but Harry didn't think he could.

He liked the girls. They had been kind to him, had protected him, they were even teaching him how to fight. And last night they had stood up to Junior for him, which was something he knew was hard for Miltia to do. Both of them felt indebted and loyalty to Junior, the man had helped them when they had no one.

He didn't know what to do. He couldn't spit on everything the twins had done for him. They were strong and tough, he could rely on them, and they never judged him. The last wasn't something he could say about either Hermione or Ron. But then again, his best friends hadn't been criminals and had fought beside him in deadly situations.

"Are you going to keep staring at us or say something?" Melanie said from where she was doing splits.

Harry shook his head and realized he had been ogling the twins again. "Sorry, just a lot on my mind."

"About last night?" Miltia said.

Harry sighed and leaned against the fence. "Yeah… Guess you two want to know the details." The girls nodded so he began to tell his story. He looked for them to be outraged or upset but they took it in stride. When he was done he waited for their reactions.

"Melanie and I've been careful to not catch Roman's notice. He's insane. Being an enforcer for one of our territories is a safe enough job," Miltia said. "We'd hoped that's what you would end up as too. Anything above that and it gets riskier."

"If you hadn't trained you'd be dead now…damn it, this is trouble." Melanie moved to sit next to him, leaning against his shoulder a little. "But there's no way out of it. You'll just have to keep working hard. Because if you fail, they'll make sure you're not a problem any longer."

Harry frowned. "You mean they will kill me?"

Miltia shrugged. "That's just the way it is, Harry. If you mess up and cost them something big you pay for it. We're low on the hierarchy, so it doesn't matter much if we screw up every now and then."

"Well I'm not any higher than you are in the outfit," Harry said. "I mean I'm just a cook."

"Yeah but Roman, and maybe even Crimson, like you now. That makes things different. They'll probably give you more jobs to test you," Miltia explained.

"So what do I do?" Harry said, instead of asking 'how do I get out of it.'

"For now the only thing you can do is get strong. You don't know what they want you for yet. Maybe it will be for more heists or maybe they will want you as their personal errand runner. Either way, having the respect of enforcers is important in the group," Melanie said.

"What if…what if I don't want to do this anymore?" Harry said. The girls frowned at him but he pressed on, "Look, I'm not like you, I don't know how to handle this. Roman set us up to die, that doesn't make me want to work with him. I don't want to be involved in this."

Melanie groaned. "It's a little too late to get cold feet, Harry. It's not like you have a choice, do you? You have no background, no money, no family, no identity. How are you going to find a job elsewhere without papers."

Miltia continued, "You've got us, Harry, but this is all we have. It's not the best life, it's dangerous, but we've got respect, we've got a roof over our heads and food on the table."

"Respect?" Harry scoffed.

"That's right, respect. You try being without anyone looking out for you, try being alone and see how all these good people in society look at you. They ignore you, no one wants you to be their problem. You're less than human to them," Miltia said heatedly moving away from him.

"People only respect strength. It's important, Harry. The world isn't a nice place. It's a good place only for those who have money and someone to support them. For people like us, we've got to carve out our own existence," Melanie said soothingly. "It's tough but you're strong, you can do this. You've got us backing you up."

Harry didn't know what to say. The conversation was going exactly like he didn't want it to go. The girls had survival mentality; they weren't concerned about morality or the law. No, they've never had the luxury to think about those things, they're not bad people, he thought to himself.

Melanie suddenly laughed. Harry and Miltia looked to her askance. "You know, this could be great for us. If Harry plays his cards right he could rise up in the hierarchy and we could move with him."

Miltia smiled widely. "Move up and away from Junior!"

"What? You actually want to get away from him?" Harry was stunned, they had never shown anything but loyalty to the bastard.

"Eh, I don't think it's too long before he'll expect us to be his girlfriends," Miltia said.

Melanie shuddered. "He's nice and all, but he's so old."

"Right, because being old is the only reason why you wouldn't want to go out with him," Harry said sarcastically. "You know he's just a douche bag."

The twins giggled. "You don't have to be jealous, Harry. Besides, if you want to save us from him you just have to rise in the ranks," Miltia said.

"Thanks, no pressure." Harry rolled his eyes, playing along with their teasing. Inside he felt his stomach clench in worry. He had been thinking of how to get away but the girls had tied their hopes to him – how could he run now?


The next few weeks brought a lot of changes for Harry. Whenever Roman or Crimson visited Junior had him work at the bar. That way if his superiors needed Harry, he was right there. So Harry got to learn a little about serving drinks and was stolen by Melanie every now and then to dance. Junior would grit his teeth and accept it.

Miltia and Melanie upped their training regimen along with Harry. They still didn't know why Harry sometimes got bursts of speed and other times just couldn't. The twins regularly outpaced him, moving fast enough to dodge bullets. That said, Harry had never felt healthier in his life. Lifting in the gym, sparring with the girls, and eating with Voldemort's refined palette had him growing strong at an unprecedented rate.

He worried for the girls however, they needed a teacher to take them to the next level but there was no one who could help them. By the same token they needed someone to find out why Harry couldn't move like they did. Secretly Harry imagined that it had to do with him being from another world. Perhaps there was something about the humans in the twins' world that was different.


Harry stood as stilly as he could in the courtyard of the apartment block. He was delving deep into one of Voldemort's memories. The man had mastered some of the most dangerous and volatile magic in the world. Such magic required a level of concentration and mastery of will that Harry had only experienced in life or death situations.

Harry felt that mastering his mind and will was the only way he could deal with the agony and disorientation that came with Voldemort's memories. It was also the way to learn occlumency and learn the sort of magic that was beyond him as he was.

Harry watched from Voldemort's eyes as he met teachers of mind arts and meditation. He saw those aligned with the light try to teach him about compassion and denial of self. To reach unification with nature and bend it to the will he would have to let his anger and desire go.

Obviously, Voldemort was not fond of this philosophy and he took what he could from them but found a way to flourish under the masters of dark arts who taught him about the mind. Their way was of control of self and surrounding. Such powerful mastery of emotion and ones own mind that they became slaves to one's will instead of the other way around.

Since Voldemort understood the latter way the best, it was what Harry was learning too. It reminded him of his years with the Dursleys. When he had learned to not show emotion. When he had learned that crying was letting them win. Even as a child he had made himself capable of letting his emotions go and just exist because that was the only way to survive. Harry realized that it wasn't until he went to Hogwarts and got spoiled by friends and acceptance that he forgot these lessons he had learned the hard way.

Something sharp sliced across his cheek. He leapt back and saw Melanie coming out of a spin. The tip of the blade on her right heel flashed red. He touched his cheek and his hand came away with blood on it. Melanie smirked at him and got into stance. Harry's heart raced, she looked divine.

He whipped his hand out making the blood fly at her. A silent incantation turned the blood into jagged red knives. Melanie ducked but the three blades followed her to the ground striking her across her arms and in her side. She screamed and jumped at Harry. Her legs spun in a flurry of anger.

Harry took the punishment on his arms, careful to keep the wand away from her kicks. The girls had taken an unhealthy interest in trying to break it during fights. Melanie threw a straight kick at him; he blocked it with his leg and realized his mistake when pain shot from under his knee. Melanie's heel dagger had plunged straight into his shin. "Fuck!" He threw out a punch at the girl's face that she neatly caught and twisted.

He cast a wand less spell to repel her from the hand that she had caught. She was thrown away and in the same instant Harry noticed a shadow growing large on the ground. He threw himself on the ground and pointed his wand up. Miltia was falling fast at him, her claws extended. He banished her into the sky and dragged himself away, putting his back to the wall of the apartment building. He needed a minute to heal his leg.

Miltia somersaulted in the air and landed on her feet. Both girls had gotten comfortable at being thrown by some invisible force. They had taught themselves to react accordingly.

"Very good, Harry. Your reaction speed has gotten very fast," Miltia said.

Harry watched curiously as Melanie healed herself. She seemed to glow for a heartbeat and the wounds left by his transfigured daggers just disappeared. It was another mystery that he hadn't figured out yet. It seemed like a common everyday sort of thing for the girls. He didn't want them looking at him strangely for not knowing what they were doing.

"You're getting stronger but if I go harder I can still take you," Melanie said.

Miltia shrugged. "We've been fighting for years, he can't learn everything in a few weeks. He's coming along fine."

"He needs to be faster. His weapon is made of wood. One good hit and it will be destroyed. Then what?" Melanie snapped.

"Melanie," Miltia reproached quietly.

Harry sighed. "She's right…I just don't know what we can do about it. I can keep training until I get good enough."

"You know Signal teaches students to make their own weapons. Wouldn't it be fun?" Miltia said.

Harry shot a look to Melanie, silently telling her to curb her temper. The white clad girl always made fun of her twin's obsession with school and becoming a huntress. She saw no point to daydreaming. "We should probably head to The Club. Junior is expecting Roman tonight, he wants me at the bar."

Melanie smiled widely. "Good, we can continue your training on the dance floor."

Harry groaned. "How is dancing training? You just like embarrassing me."

"Dancing requires coordination and rhythm. You've gotten much better with your footwork after dancing with Melanie," Miltia said.

"And it's fun embarrassing you." Melanie grinned.

Harry grumbled and followed the girls. Embarrassing or not, having the twins in his arms on the dance floor was great. It was too bad they preferred the faster songs, dancing to which felt more like a sparring session than dancing.


The laser lights of the club flashed red and white. The DJ was someone who moonlighted as the mob's hitman. The odd man wore the head part of a bear costume to hide his features. It reminded him of Luna's lion head that she wore to their quidditch games.

He was idly wiping glasses behind the bar when Roman approached him. "Roman," Harry greeted, reaching for the man's favorite drink.

Roman held up a hand to stop him. "Not thirsty. Two days from now be ready to go. We have a job planned for the afternoon. Hope you like trains."

"Love them, in fact. What does it have to with the job?" Harry asked.

"How do you feel about a classic train heist? Practically a rite of passage won't you say?" Roman smiled.

Harry didn't want to say that he didn't feel good about any heist. Although stealing was better than killing, so it could be worse. "Is this going to be like last time?"

"Possibly, but that's why you're along for the ride," Roman answered breezily. Harry stopped wiping the glass in his hand and glared at the orange haired man. "Now, now. Crimson and I will be there. And we will have some heavy hitters to help out." He looked up at the balcony where the DJ was set up and nodded. The man in the bear's head nodded back.

"I see, as long as it's not another set up for me to die," Harry said.

"Perish the thought, Crimson would toast me alive for taking away her favorite cook. What do you spike her food with? She can't get enough of it."

"It's made with love," Harry deadpanned. "The best spice in the world."

Roman threw back his head and laughed. "You're so fun to tease, Harry. Now I must go ruin Junior's day."

Harry leaned against the shelf with all the bottles and let the music wash over him. It had been a good few weeks. He had cooked, trained with the twins, spent time getting his mind under control, but it seemed the holiday was over. He hoped nothing would go wrong on this next job.

He watched as Junior's expression soured as Roman talked to him. Never one to miss the chance of seeing Junior unhappy Harry moved down the bar to where the man was nursing a whisky.

Out of the corner of his eye Harry noticed someone walking up to the bar. It was a girl around his age with a wild mane of golden hair going below her waist. Wide violet eyes danced in some private amusement. She attracted the attention of the men without even trying. Harry reached Junior's end of the bar just as she did. He shoved the bartender there out of the way. The man knowing Harry's new status moved off without complaint.

"Strawberry sunrise, no ice," The blonde said to him, "Oh and one of those umbrellas." Her smile just about made Harry's heart melt. He chuckled at the request for the umbrella.

"Aren't you a little young to be in this club, blondie?" Junior grumbled, turning to the girl. Harry held himself from ventilating Junior there and then.

The girl laughed, "Aren't you a little old to have a name like Junior."

"Oh zing," Harry said as he mixed her drink. She turned to wink at him and Harry felt the tops of his ears burn. Junior shot Harry a loathing look.

"So you know who I am," he said. "You gotta name, sweetheart?"

"Yes, Junior, I've got several, but instead of sweetheart, you can call me sir!" She grabbed Junior by the balls and squeezed making the man squeal. Harry thought Christmas had come early.

He watched happily as the girl started interrogating Junior. The axe gang showed up to defend their boss but Harry held up his hand to hold them back. Technically he wasn't their superior, but he was under the twins' protection, which gave him de facto power. Not to mention he was Crimson's personal chef.

The girl was trying to find out about some woman. Harry tried to catch a look at the picture but couldn't make it out. He hoped that Junior wasn't running some sort of kidnapping ring.

"Look, Blondie, sir, if you want to make it out of this club alive, I suggest you let me go, now!" Junior choked out. Harry tensed; he imagined she wouldn't be making it out alive regardless. Junior couldn't let her go and lose respect.

"Oh, c'mon, let's kiss and make up!" the girl said is a playful way, following Junior to the dance floor. Harry just stared at her in disbelief. Junior was going to kill her for messing with him.

"Huh…okay," Junior said. Harry slapped his head in disgust. The girl was around Harry's age making her far too young for Junior. They leaned toward each other but right before they could lock lips the blonde threw a straight right knocking Junior through a glass pillar and into the bar. A bottle rolled and hit his head.

Harry couldn't help himself and laughed. "Drinks for you are on the house, miss!" he yelled.

"Awww, thanks! A fan! I'm so popular!" she crowed and shot him a bright smile.

The dancers started running out of the club but the DJ continued with the music. Before Harry could decide to intervene and stop the gang from attacking her the bracelets on her arms started to transform. They changed to become full gauntlet and arm guard piece.

She flew into the air as the gang rushed her. As she came down she turned so she could slam her fist into the floor. A great shockwave burst from where she landed and threw everyone to the ground. The lightshow turned to red. Harry wondered if the DJ was insane, trying to mix beats to her moves and match the lightshow to the mood.

With the speed she moved Harry figured she was trained like the twins. In that case he didn't really need to step in to protect her. Despite that he drew his wand and waited warily. The girl shot fire and kinetic blasts from her gauntlets, and moved so fast that the greater number of the mob was no match for her. She attacked mostly using her fists and legs, using her weapons to add speed and strength to her moves.

The DJ suddenly pulled out a machine gun and started spraying the dance floor. Harry whipped his wand out and spelled a shield around the blonde. The girl noticed the white shimmer around her but didn't break her pace as she zigzagged across the floor and jumped on the DJ's balcony. A double kick knocked him back. For a moment she was hidden from Harry's sight but he saw her again when she picked the DJ bodily and threw him off the balcony.

"Melanie, who is this girl?" Harry heard Miltia and the sound of her heels. Melanie was standing cross-armed looking at the blonde condescendingly. "I don't know, Miltia, but we should teach her a lesson."

The blonde changed the cartridges of her weapons in anticipation of fighting the twins. "Girls, I think we can talk this out, right?" Harry said. He knew the twins could be cruel and the blonde was powerful as well. He didn't see this ending well for either of them.

"Don't worry, I can handle them, cutie!" the blonde yelled to Harry and jumped off the balcony firing at the twins.

The twins tumbled back avoiding the bullets. Harry felt his blood run cold. He didn't want to see them die. He leapt over the counter but Miltia shouted to him. "We've got this, Harry, she's too strong for you."

Harry grit his teeth but held back. He didn't want the twins to be distracted if he entered the fray. They were used to fighting together, he would mess with their coordination. As usual the twins attacked in tandem while the blonde shot at them with her gauntlets. Melanie leapt and sliced bullets coming at her with her heel blades. At that point Harry knew he was outclassed. He had never been able to move at that speed consistently. At best he could snipe when the opportunity appeared.

The twins had the blonde on the defensive with their rotating attacks. Both Melanie and Miltia cut in her several times but the blonde managed to heal herself in the same way the twins did. Suddenly the blonde was thrown back, but she got up swiftly and used her gauntlets' fire to propel herself at the twins faster that even before. She took Melanie by surprise. This only served to make Miltia furious who attacked the blonde furiously with her claws.

By then Harry had fought the girls enough times to recognize when they were falling into their favorite combination attacks. Miltia had unconsciously done the same. That would be a mistake against him but he hoped that the blonde who hadn't ever fought them before would be caught by the attacks.

Miltia cut into the blonde's face, barely missing her violet eyes. Melanie appeared from above plunging her bladed heels into the blonde's shoulders. The blonde screamed in pain, closing her eyes for a split second. Miltia took the opening to backhand the girl with her claws.

The blonde spun in the air from the force of Miltia's blow and fell to the ground. The twins stood, breathing hard over her. Miltia idly removed the tufts of hair she had inadvertently sliced off when she hit the blonde.

The fallen girl stared at the falling locks from Miltia's claws in horror. Harry felt a sudden rise in the temperature of the room. It felt like it was boiling. The fallen blonde jumped to her feet, her golden mane seemed to be made of fire instead of hair and flames licked all over her body. Her eyes, which Harry had admired, were a glowing red.

Harry's heart raced in fear for the twins but he didn't sense the same sort of menace that Voldemort exuded or other dark creatures he had met. So he held himself back. The blonde attacked with a fury unseen before. She moved so fast that she might as well have been flying on a racing broom. The twins couldn't match the speed as the blonde threw an uppercut at Miltia, making her fly from the floor to balcony. She caught Melanie mid kick and slammed her into the ground. Melanie groaned and rolled on her stomach but didn't get up.

Harry thrust his wand out in a stabbing motion throwing out a sizzling bolt of lightning. It hit the blonde, slamming her into a far wall and snaked across her body for a long ten seconds of agony. He ran to Melanie who was groaning on the ground. "Melanie! Melanie!" He knelt down to look at her face to make sure she was breathing.

"I'm," she coughed, "fine. Healing already. Check Miltia."

Harry felt relief flood his veins and left her there to run up to Miltia. He found her similarly recovering. Below Junior had gotten his hand on a bazooka that he was firing at the blonde. The girl was drunkenly dodging fire because her limbs were still twitching from electric shock. Again fear for the girl's life gripped Harry. He had attacked her to stop her from hurting his friends but that didn't mean he wanted Junior to kill her.

He took a moment to check his surroundings. Everyone was either knocked out or had run away. Harry was free to use magic. He cast an impedimenta at Junior, slowing his movements. The blonde took the opportunity and rushed at him gracelessly. The punch she threw broke Junior's jaw and knocked him out. She shot up his bazooka and destroyed it too. Finally she fell to the steps leading up to the bar, breathing hard.

Harry wiped the sweat off his brow and went back down to the bar. Melanie had already dragged herself off the floor, and Miltia was safe on the balcony. He reached behind the bar and grabbed a drink. He took it down to where the blonde was sprawled and sat next to her.

"Your strawberry sunrise with the umbrella," he said. He put an arm around her to help her sit straight and felt the tremors going through her body. He winced at the memory of what he had done to her. The spell was dark magic, not simply an elemental spell. It was going to hurt her for a while.

The blonde breathed deeply. "Wow, you sure are nice." She took the drink and sipped it slowly, twitching every now and then. Behind her back, Harry cast a healing spell to relax her muscles and the counter-curse. He wasn't surprised to see that most of the damage the twins had done to her had already disappeared. "You don't look like you should be working here," she said.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Well, you cheered me on when I was picking on your boss and you're being nice to me even after I beat up your girlfriends. Shouldn't you be trying to kill me, right now?" Suddenly her violet eyes grew round. "Wait, are you poisoning me! Is this poison?"

Harry shook his head and snatched the drink from her hand to take a sip and return it to her. "No, not poison. And, I already got my revenge for you attacking my friends."

She grinned mischievously at him. Harry was sad to see her great mane was a little lopsided now after Miltia's attack. "So you're not taken then. I'm Yang." She put out her hand.

Harry took the gloved hand and smiled. "I'm Harry, nice to meet you. Why are you here, anyway?"

"Eh, an interview. What did you shoot at me, I can't shake it?" she shuddered.

"Sorry, when I saw you beating the twins, I lost it for a second and went overboard. It will pass in a day. You're already recovered a lot, I'm impressed," Harry said, trying to not feel too guilty. "So what's this about an interview?"

She rolled her eyes up as if trying to remember. "I'm not sure I can say…technically, you're a bad guy. You still haven't told me how someone like you can be working for the mob."

Harry grinned, thinking he had deflected her from that thought. "Like someone told me, we've all got to survive somehow. Besides, I'm not a bad guy."

"So you're a good guy who works for bad guys?" Yang chuckled.

"Hey, I could've poisoned you but I didn't." Harry grinned back. She stood up with a laugh getting ready to go. "Before you go," he said, and reached for the side of her hair that had been shorn off. His wand was carefully tucked in the sleeve, close enough to cast magic. Yang looked nervously at him as he ran his hand through her shortened hair. As his fingers reached the ends the locks began to lengthen and within seconds were back to normal.

Yang pulled her hair around her shoulder so she could pet it and marvel at the restoration. She looked at him with an intensity that made him self-conscious. Before he could say anything she grabbed him and dipped his head back. Her lips were upon his in a second and soon he was tasting her strawberry sunrise flavored tongue in his mouth. It was as if magic, liquid fire, and tingling ice rushed over his skin and in his veins. It was very different than Cho's kiss.

Yang broke the kiss and smiled. "Hey, see you around some time?"

Harry nodded more than a little bamboozled. "You know where to find me."

"Next time I'll fight you." Yang bared her teeth in fierce smile.

Harry's heart raced as he watched her go. He was intensely happy that the twins hadn't seen that whole episode.


Glynda Goodwitch pressed repeat on the tablet watching the scene of Harry Potter casting a shield around Yang Xiao Long to protect her from bullets. "He can displace his own aura to protect another? Incredible."

"I'm not sure, ma'am. He doesn't seem to use his aura much. It's very erratic. It's almost as if he doesn't know how," the huntress on surveillance duty added.

Glynda looked up at the woman dressed in a green cloak, her deep hood hid her face. "How can that be, Robin? His transmutation skills betray a high level of training."

"But, as you've observed yourself, his skills are unorthodox and by his own admission he is from someplace with only a single moon."

"You don't honestly believe he is from a different world altogether, Robin." Glynda did not look amused.

Robin shrugged but the cloak hid most of her gesture. "He is unusual, ma'am. In other news, it seems that Crimson has taken notice of him."

Glynda Goodwitch's eyes narrowed. "Is he compromised?"

"I cannot say. I have only observed her watching him beyond asking him to cook complex dishes for her."

"I see, then we must move fast before she learns of his talents." Goodwitch stood. "I'm going to fly out there tonight. Have you set up the meeting?"

Robin nodded. "Yes. A rival gang will start trouble on their way to work tomorrow. It will separate the twins from him. You will be able to speak with him privately."

"Thank you for your good work, Robin. As always, keep all you know of him to yourself. Oh, any observations on Yang Xiao Long?"

"She lacks subtlety but has spunk. I like her. She will be good for Beacon," Robin said happily.

Glynda sighed, "So she will be a discipline problem."

"I was a discipline problem, ma'am and I turned out great," Robin said.

Goodwitch pinned the senior huntress with a glare. "You continue to be a problem, Robin Greenhelm." Seeing the woman hunch, Goodwitch softened her tone, "but you were always talented. Miss Xiao Long will be admitted to Beacon."

"Thank you, ma'am." Robin bowed and melted into the shadows. She had kept the recording of Yang kissing Harry from Glynda. It would make good blackmail material someday.

(Chapter end)

AN. Whew that was fun to write. Some of it wrote itself. How do you all like the revelation of who our secret agent huntress is? And Yang too of course. Also curious to hear your reactions to the twins response to Harry's situation. Cheers!