He was kissing his neck, leaving his mark on the pale and easily bruised skin his voiced called his name out making Sebastian shudder in hope he doesn't ask him to stop and let him carry on, to long has he waited for this moment for it stop now, he doesn't even think he could stop even if he tried, everything was black and red in his eyes as the heat took over his body…sometimes being a demon had it disadvantages…

Ciel is reacting beautiful to his touch of his hands and lips and how his body is pressed up against the thin frame of the 17 year old. The servants are dismissed for the weekends and all appointment cancels he will have the young Lord tied to the bed to himself "Seb…astian!" Ciel cried out as the demon bite down on the once smooth skin, the taste of his blood made it even more sweeter for him as he could taste the taint of his demonic bond as the reminds of his the teen innocents, pulling back he licked the blood away and looked down at the half undressed boy panting at him.

He realised that he was buried deep inside the teen, his black and red clouded is gone as he looked down at his master, Ciel laid on the bed his eyes half closed bruises coved his skin along with scratches and bites littered his being, his realisation didn't end there he knew a problem would surface at some time down the line where this will happen again as he has now marked Ciel as his though mind, body and his soul "Get of me!" Ciel ordered hoarsely, the demon pulled out of him Ciel wince as he felt his butler pull out of his body and the feeling of blood and semen followed and rested on the bed sheet

"I'm sorry for my action My Master." Sebastian said as he watched the blue hair teen curl up on himself

"Get the bath ready Sebastian." Ciel said without looking up from where he was lying.

It was a couple of awkward months later, while Ciel was sat in his office looking at his cup of Earl Grey tea that Sebastian placed on the table for him "I want to talk about what happen." Ciel said, the demon looked at him and then closed the door

"What is it you want to talk about young Master?" Ciel looked at him

"Sebastian..." he stopped he couldn't get his words out as he looked at him

"Maybe it will help if I explain things Ciel." He offered, Ciel nodded but still not drinking his tea but feeling a little sick "Every well, as you are a young demon yourself these affects will not bother you until you are older. Every demon will get an..." he stops and think about the word he is looking for "An urge. We get these urges reproduce and sometimes they cloud our judgments and actions."

"Stop reproduces?" Ciel said stopping the demon in his tracks

"Yes my Lord."

"You are trying to breed from me!"