A lone girl walks down the street. She shivers and tries to burrow herself into her coat. It wasn't much of a coat. More of a fine piece patchwork. A bunch of old coats sown together. You know to recycle? well anyway. She takes a left and heads for a rickety looking two-story apartment. She opens the gaate and closes it behing her after entering. She walks up the stairs on the side of the building and opens up room 202. She opens the door, turns on the lights and closes the door She drops her bag down on the table nearby, shoves off her coat and plops down on the table laying her head on the top for awhile. She stares at nothing for awhile, pondering. Then she just goes Fuck it I'm hungry and decides to start cooking. She opens the bag and pulls out some pork, A cup of instant noodles and some vegetables. She began cutting them up and pouring them in the pot with the meat and noodles. Then she stood there for awhile. Lost in her own thoughts. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even notice the door open and close. The person who entered made his way behind her. She didn't notice him slink his hands around her waist. The moment he spoke... thats when she noticed him.

" Fioooooooooonaaa? " he drawls. His hot breath hitting her bare neck. She freezes up. Unsure of what to do she stays still. Frustrated because she didn't react he bites her neck. Hard enough to leave a hickey but gently enough to send bolts of ecstasy through her body. Yep she was sure it was him. She greets him with a moan. Pushed forward with confidence he ventures further. Licking and biting her neck wherever possible. They continued their little session before the sound of a whistle pulled them out of their little world.

" Th-the food! " she said and went to the task of preparing it leaving her partner standing there looking dissatisfied.

Later after the food was prepared they're sitting opposite each other. Both eating the noodles she prepared. They each do their own thing. Him watching her with mixed emotions. Lust, love, care, and any emotion representing love. Her looking down and avoiding his gaze in embarassment. He sighs finishing his meal and reaches over the table to lift her chin up so she's facing him. He looks at her sternly but caringly.

" Listen " he says letting go of her chin to cup her cheek. She presses into his hand holding it and like it were her life source. He sighs.

" Listen... you know that you can always count on me to help you... okay? " He asks worried. She nods.

" Are you listening? you know you can trust me " He asks. She nods in confirmation that she was listening. He sighs again only in relief this time. He let's go of her cheek. She looks sad that he let go. But then he picks her up and carries her bridal style to her room. She only blushes in embarassment to wonder what he was going to do to her. But he only lays her down on her bed and gets in next to her. Pulling the covers around them he holds her close and gives her a kiss on the forehead.

" Good night " he whispers to her before falling asleep. Trust Filip to keep her company on a cold night like this. But who wouldn't be protective of this girl. Even this demonic war veteran.