Thomas was Alone. His eyes drifted over to Chris as he huffed and puffed, trying to hop over the next ledge. Thomas' eyes lingered on Chris' sculpted corners and firm edges. Thinking about them too long sent shivers up his spine and he turned away hurriedly.

"Can you give me boost?" Chris whined as he continued to hop repeatedly.

"Of course!" Thomas replied, always the helpful and patient friend. Thomas stood at the edge of the ledge and waited and Chris climbed onto his shoulders to jump up. His weight and his close proximity to Thomas was making his pixels enlarge. He was lost in his thoughts and accidentally tipped to the side and flung Chris off of him.

"What was that? You stupid block! I needed you to stand still for two seconds and you screwed even that up!" Thomas didn't hear any of Chris' rant, because he was too enraptured by his bright orange glow. "Are you even listening?" Thomas snapped out of it for a moment, then leaned into Thomas until their pixels were milimeters apart.

"I'd listen to you forever..." Thomas whispered seductively and pressed his front block face against Chris'. Chris gasped but pressed his block back.

"I love you" Chris murmured and Thomas blooped in satisfaction. He didn't have to be alone any more.