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The day was bright and cheerful and as busy as every other day so far in the village of Konohagakure. The Yondaime Hokage-sama was to become a father soon, his 'wife' Kushina set to give birth any day now. At least, that was what everyone in the village believed. Truth of the matter was that, while yes Kushina was due any day now, it was not with Minato's child as the two were siblings in all but blood. In fact, they were literally siblings as Minato was married (secretly of course) to Kushina's elder brother. The reason for the secrecy? Konoha was rather… intolerant of homosexuality, and would be less than welcoming if it was discovered that their great Kage, Minato Namikaze, himself was gay and married to a male.

Kushina had always said he looked like a wimpy pretty boy. It just so happened that he was in fact interested in men and was actually the uke of the relationship. Now, though the majority of the village were opposed to homosexuality, among ninja it wasn't so taboo or wrong. Ninja took love where they could get it, as they knew that the likelihood of living long lives was slim, what with the chances of another war, dangerous missions, and the existence of the Bijuu (which were all more often than not sealed either into people or into objects until a host was chosen/found). Minato was working on changing the laws about homosexuality, trying to make it so that people wouldn't need to hide their feelings for their own safety. But thanks to the Elders of the council, it was a slow process.

One other reason Minato kept secret about his preferences was that there was one thing about members of his clan that would definitely have gotten him the worst kind of attention, was that certain members of his clan (yes, there IS a Namikaze clan, though most tend to not become shinobi or settle down in non-shinobi villages) could in fact become pregnant regardless of gender. It was a sort of bloodline along with the clan's strong wind chakra affinity/bloodline. For males, there were a few defining characteristics, such as their hair color. Oddly enough, when males were born to the Namikaze clan, if they were blond, it meant that they were 'carriers' of the ability to become pregnant. Their hair would have otherwise been blue-black, gray, or rich dark brown. Another was that they tended to have rather feminine features and build, which they often used to their advantage if they trained in the ninja arts.

The reason he hid this? He would be ostracized and alienated, and it would also be dangerous should enemies find out. Pregnancy would weaken him, enemies may take that as a chance to kill him. So Minato grew up honing his speed and other skill and not minding that people called him wimpy or girly, merely smiling goofily and playing up the role of someone that wasn't a threat. He was, however, a genius. He had quickly risen up the ranks from a combination of his skill and the fact that war was beginning to break out.

Now the war had ended, with him playing a big role and becoming famous, or infamous depending on your outlook, and he was Hokage. He had succeeded in his goal of being acknowledged by the village he loved, had married the redheaded man of his dreams, and had a child on the way. Life was perfect. Except for one thing; His best friend's pregnancy. Now, he was happy for Kushina-chan, really he was, but the thing that was worrisome was that she was the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki. Pregnancy itself was not an issue, the birthing would be though. The seal used weakened during childbirth and Minato was the only seal master currently within the village. Jiraiya-sensei was out on a recon mission and Arashi was also on a mission and would be away for at least another day.

He would need to be there to fix the seal after Kushina-chan gave birth. Even Kushina's husband was busy. The man would be there when Kushina went into labour, anxious to see his baby and be there with his wife, but it was likely that he might be unable to get there on time. Much as Minato wished he could ensure the man would be there with Kushina through the whole thing. He'd had to assign him that job. Minato's other concern was his own due date. It was highly likely that he could go into labour any second now himself. If both of them were giving birth, then the seal was in even more danger of being broken by that Kyuubi.

Well, it was time. Kushina had been escorted by Biwako-sama, the Sandaime's wife and a medic specializing in delivering babies, to the secret location. Minato would be going there shortly. No one was aware of Minato's pregnancy save for Biwako-sama, as he would need at least one person to help him when it came time for him to have his child. Not long after he thought that, he felt the first stirrings of the labour beginning. 'Damn. I had hoped I'd have more time. Guess you want to come out into the world, eh Naruto?' He thought, a hand wandering to his genjutsu/seal-disguised stomach. He'd learned of this jutsu to hide his pregnancy from a family scroll and used it as not even Byakugan or Sharingan would be able to detect it.

The one good thing about him being Hokage was he needn't go on dangerous missions. Minato hid a wince and began the trip to where Kushina was going to be giving birth. 'Our children will be like twins, almost.' He chuckled to himself at the thought. In little but a few seconds Minato was there at the cave, the barrier long set up and the anbu guards in place and on high alert. When he was inside and close to where Kushina was already in labour, he released the genjutsu seal and his fully pregnant stomach was revealed. He winced and rubbed his stomach as another pain made itself known. It looked like the two babes would indeed be born so close they could be twins.

Eventually, tired and weakened, both Minato and Kushina gave birth. Thankfully, both babies were born healthy and strong. Kushina's child was a baby girl. Kushina got to hold the little one for a little, before she was taken by one of the assistants to be bathed and dressed. After getting to hold his own newborn boy, Minato handed him back to Biwako to wash and dress him while he moved to Kushina's seal. He would need to act fast. Despite being drained from having given birth not ten minutes ago, Minato's hands hovered over Kushina's stomach to reinforce the seal and force the Kyubi back. Then Naruto's cries and Biwako collapsing drew their attention. Minato looked over to see a masked man, holding his son while blood dripped from the kunai used to end Biwako's life. The girl with tufts of soft-looking red hair was wailing just as loudly as Naruto was, though the masked man hadn't grabbed her.

"Namikaze Minato, step away from the Jinchuuriki." The man's voice intoned, clearly threatening the innocent newborn in his arms. The newborn that like him possessed a tuft of blond locks which would become a full head of blond spikes. Minato's blue eyes narrowed after widening for a second. The man… He had to be after the Kyubi! But…. Minato looked from Naruto, his wailing (from the rough treatment) infant son, to Kushina's strained face to the seal and back again. He couldn't abandon his son. Nor could he allow the seal to erode even more. His mind whirred a mile a minute, like his namesake 'the yellow flash' that he was known for. He knew that he would need to choose one or the other. The man grew impatient though, and threw the infant into the air, kunai raised to impale the infant when he fell back down.

Minato acted then, moving like a flash to catch his son and land on the wall above the masked male. "As expected of the Yellow Flash, but what now?" he spoke casually as Minato noticed the exploding tags attached to his sons baby blanket. In a flash he teleported with the Hiraishin no Jutsu to a house farther away, where he removed Naruto from the blanket and flashed into the field outside of the house, cradling Naruto to make sure he was unharmed just as the house exploded. He had been successfully separated from his friend and sister-in-law. Now she was at the masked mans mercy. Minato sucked in a breath as pain shot up his leg when he tried to stand. A chunk of wood had pierced his ankle. He removed it and looked up, fierce determination swimming in his baby blue depths. He flicked the shard of wood up and the two were gone in a flash, the wood piece landing where they had been seconds before.

Minato and Naruto landed in another house, this one Minato's own house, where his many special kunai hung on the walls and where his Hokage cloak rested within the closest. Minato placed Naruto down on the bed, covering the wimpering infant with the clean bedsheet.

"Papa's going to go rescue aunty and your cousin now Naruto. Wait here for me my little one." Minato kissed his baby's forehead and Hiraishin'd away. It would take him some time to get to Kushina. He was glad that he had thought to add a hiraishin seal on her seal, but it would still take too long to get to her. 'Hang in there, Kushina-chan. I'm coming right now.' He thought.

[little Kyubi-chibi line break] With Kushina and masked ass- I mean masked man…

Kushina was strung up by black, inky-looking chains. Well, they looked like chains, it was the chains of the Kyubi's seal, black and corrupted. Her abdomen was exposed, the seal now no more than a black hole in her stomach. If not taken care of immediately, the seal would fail and Kyubi would be released. Kushina was sweating profusely, exhausted from childbirth and the strain of the weakened seal. The masked man was on the water before her, eye carefully observing the seal.

"What…. Is your… goal? Separating… Minato… from me…" Kushina's words were halting as she was breathing heavily. The man sneered, though you couldn't tell thanks to the mask he wore and explained how he would take the Kyubi and use it to destroy Konoha. Her eyes widened at that. He had to be crazy! Destroy Konoha? All that would do was nothing but to cause more pain and suffering. She knew what it was like to lose your village, your home. She wouldn't let it happen to Konoha!

The man then did something, pulling Kyubi out of her, and after it was out, she collapsed onto the rock she had been suspended above. Kyubi's eyes looked odd. Not the normal slit pupil, but tomoe'd and round-pupil… The Sharingan! She would recognize the eyes of the Sharingan any day, her husband possessing them after all. It was something only members of the Uchiha possessed. And…. If he was controlling the Kyubi, then there was only one person the man could be. She didn't get to think any more as Kyubi's attention turned to her.

"As you were the Jinchuuriki of the Kyubi, it is only fitting that he be the one to kill you." The man said as Kyubi's paw/hand came crashing down and shattered the boulder she was on. Minato landed on a tree a few feet away, holding Kushina in his arms. He grinned down at her, though his eyes were hard. It was like that time years ago, when he was still a new genin under Jiraiya-sensei. Only rather than Kumo ninja, this was a dangerous man that had managed to get into the barrier and kill Biwako-sama instantly. On top of that he could control the Kyubi. Minato narrowed his eyes. Kushina spoke, telling him that he had to stop the masked man, that his goal was destruction of Konoha. He silently flashed them back to the house were he left Naruto, who had seemingly fallen asleep. He chuckled slightly at that, cheered by Naruto's safety. Minato set Kushina down beside his child, asking her to look after Naruto, knowing that she loved the infant already. He quickly went to retrieve the baby girl as well, surprised to see small swirls of red chakra emitting from the infant which were so like that of the Kyubi. 'It seems that Kushina-chan's daughter absorbed Kyuubi's chakra while growing inside of her mother's womb.' That would make things interesting….

When he returned to the house to place the baby girl with her mother and cousin, Kushina questioned him about why he didn't go after the masked man immediately. To which he replied that her brother would kill him if he left Kushina to die like that. He then put on his trademark coat and said that he would be back soon. Inwardly he wished that Arashi and Izuna-kun were back. The two men would be needed to protect the village. Minato shook the thought aside and used Hiraishin to disappear from the room. Kushina placed her hand gently and protectively over her nephew and daughter. 'My precious child…. Things might not turn out too well, and Momma might not be here much longer. Naru-chan and you will be great friends, I'm sure of it.' Kushina thought with a small, somewhat sad, smile. She whispered a 'thank you' to Minato before he left.

"Oh yes, we need to name you, don't we? Well, If my guess is right and things don't end well, 'Biwako' might not be a great name to give you.. How about… Akemi?" The infant in question giggled happily and Kushina smiled. "Akemi it is then. Akemi Uzumaki–Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze" But Kushina had the feeling that the identities of both children's' fathers would be hidden, if the worst were to happen and one or both children were to become orphans.

[Kyuubi on a rampage this is a page breaker]

In the village of Konoha, the people went about their evening like any other day; Friends chatting at food stalls and sake bars, couples arguing fondly, children hurrying home for supper. It was a peaceful, happy little village. The old, retired Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, looked up from the paper he was looking at as he sensed an ominous presence. 'I hope everything has gone alright.' He thought to himself, worried for his wife Biwako and hoping that he was wrong about something having happened. They had taken so many precautionary measures, so surely things were fine.

The peace and quiet didn't last long as a masked figured appeared in one of the back roads of the village using his special teleportation jutsu. The man went through hand signs and slammed his hand into the ground, intoning "Kuchiyose no Jutsu." A puff of smoke appeared and the first building was smashed into bits as the great demon fox, Kyuubi no Kitsune, appeared from the summoning smoke. It was soon on a rampage through the village, Hiruzen dressed in battle armor and ordering the shinobi to defend the village until Minato could get there. It was a battle where many lives were lost.

When Minato arrived on the highest point on his head which had been carved into the Hokage Mountain, the village was already greatly damaged. Minato cried silently as he took in the damage, mentally calculating the number of lives already lost. Kyuubi took notice of him and turned to the hokage mountain, already preparing a Bijuu ball.

"You've noticed me already huh?" Minato spoke aloud as the Kyuubi unleashed his attack at Minato. Said man only raised a hand with his special kunai and used the seal to transfer the blast outside of the village. The seal could be seen by the ninja and they felt encouraged by their leader's arrival. The light from the blast could still be seen. 'So powerful. I'll need to be careful where I send it then.' Minato thought even as a figure appeared behind him. He sensed the attack and spun around, kunai stabbing his assailant. Or at least it would have, but it phased right through the man. The masked individual then grabbed hold of him and spoke.

"I win." As the air around him distorted and warped. 'He's using a spatial jutsu as well?' But then Minato was gone in another Hiraishin flash. "You certainly live up to your name. But next time I will get you." With that, the man vanished through use of his own teleportation jutsu. He reappeared near Minato before the young Yondaime could fight against the Kyuubi again. Minato eventually came up with a plan to deal with the man's strange abilities and threw a kunai at the man, followed by charging up a rasengan and running towards the man. The man had put shackles on his wrists with a chain connecting them. It was clearly to trap him after all, as the kunai flew through the masked man's head harmlessly. Seconds before the masked man could declare victory, Minato flashed to the kunai that was just behind the man and spun to shove the rasengan into the man, slamming him into the ground. It would be enough to kill most men.

Then man somehow survived and even stood back up. Minato had placed a hiraishin seal on the man when he connected with the rasengan, and was able to flash to the man. He then put a contract disruption seal on the man, to remove his control of the Kyuubi. The masked man took this as his sign to leave for the moment. He left with a promise, that one day the Kyuubi would be his. That first hurdle over, Minato now had a freed, and still rampaging, Kyuubi to stop. His chakra was running low already though. Minato let out a sigh, wishing again for Arashi to be there. He used Hiraishin to return to the fight against the Kyuubi, Hiruzen having been able, just barely, to hold him back long enough for Minato.

He used Kuchiyose to summon the boss toad summon, which landed a bit in front of the Kyuubi.

"Yondaime, you haven't called me in a while… GAAAAHH Kyuubi! The seal failed then? Kushina-chan?" he asked.

"She's alive. Safe with Naruto…. And her daughter" He left the rest unspoken, Gamabunta understood the implications and felt relief. 'Bunta was one of the few that was aware of Kushina and him not actually being together as anything other than good friends and that Minato had been pregnant at the same time as Kushina's pregnancy. The way Minato had paused had made him think that the redhead's child was stillborn or had been killed, it was a relief that the child had survived. He would have chuckled imagining the trouble two children with the parents they had could get into growing up, were it not for the serious situation they found themselves in. The situation was dire indeed.

"So. How are we going to do this? The only way is to seal it away with either a new host or into a sealing item capable of holding Kyuubi's power." Gamabunta asked the human on his head. Minato grimaced slightly, already a solution popping up in his head. He would need to seal the Kyuubi into an infant for the best chance of success. The only infant he could possibly use was his own baby boy, since Kushina's child likely had chakra too close to the Kyubi's for the sealing to be successful.

"I'm going to use Shiki Fuin. Can you hold the Kyuubi down for a moment?" Minato asked of his long-time friend.

"It'll be hard, even for me. But I'll give you as much time as I can." The large amphibian agreed. He rushed at the demon fox and soon enough had him pinned beneath him. Minato meanwhile gathered as much of his chakra as he could for the transfer of a large object. Soon Gamabunta landed on earth where the Kyuubi had once been. He sadly returned to the home of the Toads, Mount Myoboku. He had the feeling that he would never see that brave human again. Back with Minato, he and the Kyuubi appeared a great distance from Konoha, Minato also carrying Kushina who held Naruto to her chest securely.

"I have to set up a barrier quickly…" Minato spoke, though he wouldn't have enough chakra for that as well as using the jutsu he would need to use in order to accomplish this task. Kushina touched his arm, bleary eyes determined to help her dear friend, Kage, and brother-in-law.

"Let me. You need all your chakra… For what you have in mind…. Though… It is not something I would agree to, if there were any other way… Naruto's life will be hard." Kushina spoke softly, knowing that Minato would not change his mind about this. She knew it pained him to do this to his own child, but knew that there was no other choice if they wanted to keep the Kyuubi from coming back later without a Jinchuuriki to restrain it. She used her chakra chains to create an impenetrable barrier, neither of the two of them able to notice the man that entered before the barrier went up.

"But he won't be alone. He'll have Arashi and you and Izuna-kun. He'll make friends and find someone special when he's older… I know he will." Minato spoke with conviction, believing in his son to be able to overcome any obstacle in his life. "I've confirmed a few things in this fight. First, the masked man will bring about the great calamity that Jiraiya-sensei spoke of. Second, Naruto will be the one to stop him. This child who's godfather is Jiraiya-sensei, and is the nephew of the previous Jinchuuriki, will open the future as a Jinchuuriki.

"I don't know why, but I'm convinced of this." Minato's eye shone clear with the belief he held about Naruto being the 'Child of Prophecy' Jiraiya-sama of the Sannin had spoken of a while ago. Naruto, and Kushina's little girl, had been born with whisker-like marks on his cheeks, as if he was born to be the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki.


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