Ash and Pikachu were flying on Charizard to the region of Unova. Along with Sceptile, Totodile and Gible on Ash's belt and a new Pokedex to test-drive for Oak. It's a Pokedex built into a watch, but the watch can call, message, get news reports, let you carry unlimited number of pokemon with you and used holograms.

While flying Ash remembered his quick stop in Pallet and how he came to have more than just Pikachu this time around.

Ash and Pikachu had just went from his moms house to Oak's ranch, after being tackled by most of his pokemon, he was greeted with a flamethrower to the face. After wiping off the soot on his face, he noticed his giant fire lizard standing over him. After his reunion with Ash, Charizard went over to Sceptile, after sizing each other up, they started sparring.

"Ash my boy, I have something to tell you. There's this new region called Unova, with Pokemon that can't be found anywhere in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh. The best part is it has its own Pokemon League, so I thought it would be a good idea to journey there next. That's your 15th birthday present from me, might be a week late but still." The Professor explained while walking towards Ash.

"Really Professor? Wow I can't wait! All those new pokemon!" Ash yelled with stars in his eyes, Oak looked down at Pikachu who was just as excited as Ash to have new friends.

"I'll look after all your Pokemon here at the lab." Oak said to him but Ash refused, saying,

"Actually Professor, ill be taking more than just Pikachu this time. I wanna take Charizard, Totodile, and Gible." Ash said strongly, he looked out and saw the 3-mentioned pokemon practically hopping.

Well Totodile was hopping. So was Gible actually, but Charizard was shooting flames into the air. All the others looked dreadfully upset, but none more than a certain grass type.

"Hey Sceptile, you ok?" Ash asked him.

"Sceptile, Scep, ScepSceptile Tile." The lizard replied, pointing at Charizard.

Ash realized that Sceptile was disappointed that he was taking Charizard, his new sparring partner and best friend, away from him. Ash really didn't want to leave Charizard here so me made another choice,

"Well then, I can't leave Charizard here, but how'd you like to come too?" Ash asked, holding up Sceptile's pokeball.

Sceptile happily agreed, eager to journey again and prove his strength again. And with that, Ash said his goodbyes and took off on Charizard, heading to a new adventure.

Ash was shaken back to reality by Charizard's ear-piercing roar letting his master know they were closing in on Unova.

Charizard landed out-front of a place called Neuvema Town, and what looked to be the Pokemon Lab.

Ash and Pikachu dismounted the huge lizard, and Ash recalled him with words of praise. Then the duo walked up to the door, knocked and waited.

When it opened a girl with brown hair wearing a lab coat that looked about 19 was on the other side, she said to them,

"Hello, my name is Aurea Juniper and im the Professor here in the Unova region, how may I help you?" The woman called Juniper asked.

"Im Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and this is my buddy Pikachu," Ash introduced, "Pika Pikachu" Pikachu said butting in. "and I'm here to start my journey through the Unova region." Ash finished.

Juniper nodded and let Ash inside, when he entered he saw a kid with dirty blonde hair, an orange jacket and a camera taking pictures of 3 pokemon.

"Trip, this is Ash. Ash this is Trip, he's picking his starter pokemon." Juniper told him.

"This is Snivy, the grass type." Juniper started while the grass snake walked forward.

"This is Tepig, the fire type." Juniper continued while the fire pig stepped up.

"And this is Oshawott, the water type." Juniper finished and Oshawott patted its chest.

"Aw aren't you the cutest?" Ash said to Oshawott, who hugged his leg.

"Well Trip has you chosen?" Juniper asked, giggling at Oshawott.

"I pick Snivy." He said plainly, as Snivy stepped up.

"Here's Snivy's pokeball, 5 other pokeballs, and a Pokedex. Good luck on your journey!" Juniper said, handing him 6 pokeballs and a grey machine.

"Thank you. Now who did you say you were?" Trip asked, turning to Ash.

"Ash from Pallet Town, and this is Pikachu." "Pika Pikachu." They introduced themselves again.

"Pallet Town? Kanto Region? What's someone from the boonies doing here?" Trip sneered.

"Going to kick your ass in the Unova League, that's what." Ash replied while Pikachu laughed.

"Put your money where your mouth is. Battle outside. Now." Trip growled and Ash nodded, and they went outside, with Oshawott following.

"This is a 1 on 1 match between Trip and Ash. Begin!" Juniper announced standing in the middle.

"Wait!" Called a voice. From the bushes came a girl who looked 11, and she had large purple hair and plain clothes.

"Wait for what? Who are you?" Ash asked, a little annoyed.

"Im Iris, future dragon master and I wanted to watch the battle." Iris said as she sat down watching intently.

Ash nodded, Trip sighed and Juniper yelled, "Begin!"

"Snivy, I choose you!" Trip said calling out his starter.

Meanwhile, Ash was trying his best not to grab Charizard's pokeball.

"Totodile, battle time!" Ash said as he called his water Johto started out.

Totodile appeared on the field and started dancing around. Ash and Pikachu smiled at their friend, Juniper giggled, Trip was confused and Iris was annoyed.

"Stop being such little kids!" She yelled at them.

Totodile, Ash and Pikachu no longer smiled, but glared at Iris. Then turned back to Trip, who was putting away his Pokedex.

"Don't you know grass has a type advantage over water? That's basic." Trip taunted.

"Snivy, tackle!" Trip called, and Snivy charged Totodile.

"Dance." Ash said, as Totodile happily jumped up and down, and avoided the tackle.

"Water Gun!" Ash said while Snivy had its back turned.

A stream of water was sent from Totodile into Snivy, who was having trouble getting up.

"Snivy, leaf tornado!" Trip called to Snivy, who sent a swirling vortex of leaves at Totodile.

"Give me a challenge. Ice Beam." Ash said in a bored tone.

The ice beam broke through the leaves and struck the grass snake pokemon, knocking it out.

"Snivy is unable to battle, the winners are Totodile and Ash!" Juniper called.

"How did I lose? Its obvious we've got training to do." Trip said calling back Snivy.

"You lost because Totodile has more experience than Snivy, that's basic." Ash told him with a smug look, while Pikachu was rolling around on the floor laughing.

Trip growled and left after thanking Juniper.

Ash turned to leave until he felt something on his leg. He looked down to see Oshawott holding his leg.

"You want to come with me Oshawott?" Ash asked the blue otter on his leg.

"Oshawott, Osha-Wott Wott" Oshawott said nodding.

"I'll have to check with-" Ash started before Juniper interrupted.

"Of course you can take him Ash, just be careful." Juniper said holding out Oshawott's pokeball.

"Thanks so much Professor-" Ash started but was interrupted again.

"Please call me Aurea. Here's a Pokedex for you." She said handing him the grey machine Trip has.

"Actually I already have one." Ash said pointing at his watch.

After telling her all about it Juniper took the hand with the watch, and pressed some buttons before giving Ash his arm back.

"I put my number in, so you can call me with any questions." She said blushing a little.

Ash didn't notice and was about to thank her until she spoke again.

"This is for good luck." She said, as she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

After lingering on his cheek for a little too long, she leaned away smiling.

"Thank you Aurea, and thanks for Oshawott too. We'll win the Unova League together." Ash said as he petted Oshawott's head.

Ash and Pikachu were walking through the forest unaware they were being followed by more than 1 thing. They noticed one thing though,

"Iris comes out of the bushes." Ash said to a tree. Then the purple haired girl fell out of a tree.

"How'd you know?" Iris asked him.

"I'm used to it." Ash said and with perfect timing a familiar voice to Ash and Pikachu was heard.

"Prepare for trouble!" A feminine voice sang,

"And make it double!" A still feminine, but not as much as before, voice sang.

"To protect the world from devastation!" The first voice sang again,

"To unite all peoples within out nation!" the other voice sang.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket Blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!"

"Why the return to the old motto?" Ash asked confused. Pikachu nodded.

"Well it's always been out favorite. We aren't here for very long twerp just to tell you we've quit Team Rocket." Jessie said to Ash.

"Really? Why the change of heart? Does this mean we have a truce?" Ash asked confused.

"Well, after you saved us from Giovanni's ambush when we got back to Kanto, we got to thinking that if he really cared he wouldn't have tried to kill us." James said sighing.

"Yea and you're the first one to not only help us once, but a couple of times." Meowth concluded.

"So I guess we do have a truce twerp, so we'll be looking out for you. Nice to be protected by Pikachu rather than shot at." Jessie said while smiling at Pikachu.

"How will you find me?" Ash asked them. They just smiled.

"We always to twerp, we always do." They said together before disappearing.

Ash smiled and said to Pikachu,

"Nice to know they'll be doing that FOR us instead of ON us right buddy?"

"Pi-Pikachu Pika Pikapi Pikachu" Pikachu said smiling like Ash.

"'Team Rocket and Ash friends'? Yea I guess so." Ash said petting Pikachu.

"Who were they?" Iris asked, really confused.

"Doesn't matter, now stop following me." Ash said as he and Pikachu walked towards Accumula town.

Right outside of Accumula town, Ash heard a cry of a pokemon. Ash and Pikachu sprung into action and took off, annoying Iris who was still following.

Ash and Pikachu came to a clearing and saw a bunch of Mienshao attacking another.

"Pikachu let's help it! ThunderBolt!" Ash called to his partner.

"Piiiika Chuuuuu!" Pikachu called as he jumped off Ash's shoulder and shot a yellow bolt at the Mienshao attacking the other.

The Mienshao turned, sized up Pikachu. After deciding they all ran away.

"Mienshao are you ok?" Ash asked, crouching now to where Mienshao was laying.

'Yes, I will be a fine thanks to you.' Ash heard in his head, he assumed it was Mienshao.

"How can you use telepathy?" Ash asked.

'Its not its aura.' Mienshao responded.

After scanning Mienshao with his Nano-Dex, he found out Mienshao was a female, had the ability Regenerator and knew Acrobatics, Aura Sphere, Brick Break and Duel Chop.

"Hey Mienshao, would you like to come on my journey? You'll be strong enough that you won't be turned on again." Ash said holding up a Pokeball.

'Actually, they didn't turn on me. I just beat them all 1 on 1 and they ganged up on me because nobody could beat me 1 on 1.' The Mienshao told him.

"You've never been beat in a 1 on 1?" Ash asked the Mienshao who nodded and accepted Ash's offer anyway. After tapping the Pokeball Mienshao was sucked inside.

Before Ash could open the ball up and let her out she came out by herself.

'Do I have to be in there? It was all dark and cramped' The Mienshao asked while shivering.

"Pikapi Pika Pikachu Chu" Pikachu added his 2 cents

"Yes Pikachu I know that's what you said too. Mienshao if you don't want to go back in there you don't have too." Ash told her while clipping her ball back to his belt.

So then Ash, Pikachu and Mienshao made their way to Accumula city.

As they got there they saw this kid standing in front of a Tepig.

"Get lose, nobody needs you! Heatmor get this thing out of here with fire blast!" The kid yelled, as his Heatmor came out and launched its attack.

"Mienshao block it with Aura Sphere!" Ash called as Mienshao shot the blue circle and it completely stopped the fire attack.

"What's the big idea?" The kid said, turning to glare at Ash.

"Me? What about you? Releasing and attacking your Pokemon?" Ash asked him.

"It was weak, it had to go." He said while glaring at Tepig, who looked down in shame.

"No it's not. If you say its weak that just means you aren't raising it right." Ash said strongly, with Pikachu and Mienshao nodding.

"Oh yea? Well why don't we battle to see who's right?" He asked smugly.

"Fine." Ash said simply, walking further back with Mienshao while Tepig sat in between them.

"Emboar and Heatmor let go!" This guy said calling out 2-fire pokemon.

"Totodile, Oshawott battle time!" Ash said calling out 2-water pokemon.

"Emboar heat crash, Heatmor fire blast!" The guy yelled.

Emboar was surrounded in a ball of fire and flew into the air, while Heatmor shot another star shaped fire attack.

"Totodile, hydro pump! Oshawott spin and use water gun!"

Totodile's torrent of water easily pushed back the fire blast and struck Heatmor. While Oshawott spun on his back while shooting water that prevented Emboar's circle of fire from making contact.

"Totodile, aqua tail! Oshawott Razor Shell!"

Totodile's tail glowed blue and slammed it into Heatmor, while Oshawott took his scalchop that created a water blade behind it and struck Emboar with it.

"Emboar, Heatmor, double fire blast!"

Then twin fire stars were shot at Ash's water types.

"Totodile, finish it with surf! Oshawott water gun on the ground!" Ash countered.

A huge wave appeared and took Totodile towards the fire types, while Oshawott's water gun propelled him into the air above the wave.

The huge wave easily dispersed the fire attacks and slammed into the fire types, taking them out.

"Well that's that. Totodile, Oshawott return. Great job." Ash said while sucking the water starters back into their balls.

After this weird trainer guy flipped shit and left, leaving a very sad Tepig behind.

"Hey Tepig, you okay?" Ash asked it crouching down to the pig.

"Tepig Te PigPig." The pokemon said to Ash sadly.

'Ash, it seems the Tepig wishes to accompany us.' Mienshao said

"Really? Ok Tepig sure you can come." Ash said while holding out a Pokeball.

Tepig happily poked the Pokeball and was sucked inside, and very little resistance was given.

"Ok, we caught a Tepig." Ash said while petting Pikachu and Mienshao.

"Mienshao, aura sphere on that tree, please." Ash asked her.

Mienshao looked confused but obeyed, and shot a blue circle at the tree in question.

After the sphere slammed into the tree, a person fell out of the tree, not just any person,

"Iris, what are you doing?" Ash asked her,

"Well I-" She started but was cut off by a loud scream.

"What was that?" Ash asked but Pikachu and Mienshao could only shrug.

'Should we go see?' The fighting type asked.

"You'll fit in pretty well around here. Lets go!" Ash said, then he took off with Mienshao following.

Iris sighed and ran to. After they came to a clearing, they were shocked. Ash saw a girl about 14 with red hair, a yellow hat and green top with matching pants and shoes being chased by 2 Beartic and another Beartic unconscious on the floor.

"Stop taking off like that! What a little kid!" Iris complained.

"Nobody asked you to follow. We have to help her." Ash said running again.

"Only little kids run!" Iris yelled after him, but didn't move at all.

"Charizard and Gible double flamethrower!" Ash said calling out his 2 duel types.

Charizard and Gible launched 2 torrents of fire at the Beartic. The 2 ice types turned and shot ice beams at Charizard and Gible.

"Gible, dig! And Charizard fly up!" Ash called.

Then Gible burrowed his way underground while Charizard took off with a flap of its wings.

"Gible, rock smash! Charizard dragon rage!"

Gible smashed one Beartic with his fist glowing orange, and Charizard slammed a glowing blue orb into the other, effectively knocking them both out cold, like the other one.

"Hey are you-" Ash started before he was knocked to the ground in a hug by the girl in green.

"Thank you so much!" She kept repeating, but still didn't let Ash up.

"No problem, but what's your name?" Ash asked, not bothering trying to get up anymore.

"Its Georgia and thank you for helping me." The girl named Georgia said. She suddenly became aware that she was on top of the boy, and quickly got off, blushing.

"Sorry about that, I was just really scarred that those Beartic would hurt me." She said helping Ash up.

"No problem, I've been through worse. Im Ash from Pallet Town, this is Pikachu, and this is Mienshao." Ash introduced, dusting himself off while gesturing to his electric and fighting types.

"Pika Pikachu!" Pikachu said hopping back on Ash's shoulder.

'Nice to meet you.' Mienshao said bowing her head while standing at Ash's side.

"Oh, Charizard Gible, this is Georgia." Ash said calling to his other pokemon.

They both roared and Gible glowed white. He grew and changed shape, and after the light vanished, Gible was long gone, but in its place was,

"Gabite! You rock!" Ash yelled.

"So Georgia, I want to be a Pokemon Master. What about you?" Ash said, petting his new Gabite.

"I want to be a dragon buster, I specialize in ice types." Georgia said eyeing Charizard and Gabite.

"Does that mean you don't like Charizard and Gabite? Because that's gonna be a-" Ash started but was interrupted when Georgia put a finger to his lips.

"No these two are an exception. They saved my life." Georgia said as she petted Charizard who pulled away with a grunt.

"Sorry Georgia, let him warm up to you. He's had some bad experiences with people. Try Gabite, he's friendlier." Ash said petting Charizard, who relaxed under Ash's touch.

Georgia reached out to Gabite and hesitantly stopped but Gabite leaned in for her and touched his head to her hand. Georgia smiled and rubbed his head.

"See, nothin too it." Ash said, calling Gabite back. Georgia smiled and nodded.

"Ok Charizard, could you take me to Striaton City?" Ash asked, Charizard didn't even hesitate before crouching down, telling Ash he would.

"Ash? Would it be ok if I went with you? I don't really feel safe by myself with my Beartic fainted." Georgia said pointing to the fallen Beartic Ash saw earlier.

Ash nodded but realized he would have to walk to Striaton, as Charizard couldn't carry him, Georgia and Mienshao.

"Well, sorry buddy looks like we can't fly today. Maybe later." Ash told Charizard who was upset he couldn't help, but was sucked into his pokeball.

"Ok well lets get going!" Georgia yelled, grabbing Ash's hand and dragging him away, after returning her Beartic. Pikachu and Mienshao took off after their master who was pulled away.

After arriving in Striaton City, Ash and Georgia were sitting in the Pokemon Center waiting for Pikachu and Mienshao to come back from Nurse Joy. They were fine aside form being tired.

See what happened was,

After Pikachu and Mienshao caught up to Ash and Georgia, they saw Georgia and the weird girl Iris yelling at each other.

They figured it was because Georgia was a 'dragon buster' and the other one was a 'dragon master'. Pikachu hopped back onto Ash's shoulder and received a stroke under his chin, and Mienshao walked to her master's side and got a pat on her head.

Ash had just had enough of their yelling, and decided to take action.

"Ok, ok, that's enough! Georgia, stop harassing and Iris, we aren't little kids." Ash said wrapping his arms around Georgia's waist, stopping her from charging Iris.

"Ash let me go! I wanna give her a piece of my mind!" Georgia yelled trying to break out of Ash's grasp. Iris was about to yell again but something came out of the bushes.

"Twerp! Get away!" Jessie yelled jumping behind Ash.

"Yes they're coming!" Jams said also hiding with Jessie.

"Everybody run!" Meowth called getting behind his partners.

"Who's coming guys?" Ash asked looking at the Trio.

"Who are they?" Georgia asked him.

Before anybody could answer a Liepard and Watchhog followed by 2 people in white suits came out from where Jessie and James had.

"Liepard hyper beam!" "Watchhog, you too!"

Then twin orange beams were shot at, a cowering trio, the arguing duo and a protective trainer.

"Pikachu, ThunderBolt! Mienshao Duel Chop!" Ash yelled taking action.

"Piiiika Chuuuuu!" Pikachu cried stopping both beams with a yellow bolt of electricity.

'Eat this!' Mienshao said chopping both pokemon with her glowing arms.

"Still cant beat us!" They cried tossing out more pokemon.

And that's how they ended up here. Ash managed to ditch Iris again; he was getting real sick of her 'little kid' nonsense. While Ash didn't like it, Jessie and James left already, thanking Ash for his help before tipping him off that Team Plasma was behind that attack.

A light on the counter beeped, and Nurse Joy came out and called,

"Ash and Georgia, your pokemon are ready!"

Ash took back all his Pokeballs, while Pikachu hopped up on Ash's shoulder and Mienshao returned to his side. Georgia took Beartic's Pokeball and looked at Ash petting Pikachu and Mienshao.

She realized now that Beartic was all better; she didn't have an excuse to be with Ash anymore. She didn't want to leave him yet. He made her feel so safe. She didn't know why but she really wanted to keep traveling with him.

"Hey Ash, your new to Unova right?" When he nodded she continued, "Well how about we travel together? I could help you get around better, and you could protect me more." Georgia said that last part quieter.

"Sure Georgia, what do you guys think?" Ash asked turning to his pokemon.

"Pikapi, Pikachu Kachu Pi!" Pikachu yelled jumping over to Georgia's shoulder and nuzzling her cheek, like he does with Ash.

'I like her better than the other yelling girl. I believe she will be of more help.' Mienshao said letting Georgia pet her.

"Ok then, Georgia will come with us through Unova." Ash said receiving cheers from Pikachu and Mienshao, and a bone-crushing hug from Georgia.

Ash was shocked at first, but still he wrapped his arms around her, letting her rest her head on him. Neither of them could explain it but they both didn't want to let go, but all good things must come to an end, as Nurse Joy proves this true.

"Ash and Georgia, here's your room key." Joy said smiling.

Ash and Georgia reluctantly pulled apart and headed down the hall to their room.

After getting ready for bed, Georgia got into bed wondering why she didn't want to let go of Ash earlier.

Ash got into bed with Pikachu on his chest and Mienshao at the foot of his bed, wondering why he was so excited to be with Georgia.

They all went to sleep, wondering what Unova would bring next.