Authors Note - I'm excited for this story and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I will! #R&R

Chapter 1 - Finding The Book


I groan out in frustration as my alarm clock goes off this morning. I sigh and reluctantly get out of bed. I decide to go for a walk this morning before I head off to school. I threw on my track outfit and plug my earphones into my ears and leave the house. I start jogging until I stop and take in my surroundings. I find myself in the woods. The creek glittered as I strolled down the banks admiring its power. Watching as each little stream of water colliding with another combining the two into one. I walked past a creek and admired it. I'd always loved nature, just not that nature that happens you get your period.

I took a deep breathe and smiled. I jogged back to my house and showered. I picked out my outfit and threw on a jacket because this morning it was a little chilly which is rare for Miami. I went downstairs and picked up my bag. I grabbed some yogurt and my house keys and mumbled a quick goodbye to my father. While I was walking, I pulled up my shoulder straps on my book bag so it covered my shoulders and wasn't sliding off. I tugged my hood up and continued my journey. I sighed once I reached school grounds. I yanked my hood off and walked through the double doors of Marino High. Everyone in the hallway payed me no mind as I went to my locker. Not even five minutes later the Austin M. Moon walks in and gains the attention of everyone. I roll my eyes.

Ah, Austin Moon; bad boy (No surprise there). He isn't too open with his feelings and does the unexpected sometimes. He's one of those types where you have to expect the unexpected. You never know when he may snap at you, ditch class, talk back, get into trouble, etc but most importantly, you never know when he may talk to you. Yeah, he doesn't talk that much yet Brooke Benson tries to strike up a conversation everyday. It honestly gets annoying and I'm pretty sure he agrees as well. He may not talk that much but one things for sure; he certainly has 98% of the female population drooling over him. That 2% that isn't drooling is my best friend Trish and I.

We don't fall for guys like him and we never will. Speak of the devil Trish comes up to my locker and smiles.

"Hey girl, what's new?" She asks.

"Nothing much, Code 'B'." I roll my eyes. Code 'B' is the code name Trish and I came up with for Austin.

She rolls her eyes, "I'm not surprised. He's everywhere we don't want him to be."

Before I could utter out a word, the bell rings.

"I'll see you at lunch." I sigh and wave goodbye.

"Okay, bye. Besides I can't be late for Chem class again, Mr. Hacks will throw a fit." She rushes off in the opposite direction while I head off to journalism class.

I arrived at journalism class just in time because Ally Dawson is never late to class. I sit at my usual sit and wait for class to start. Mr. Britebart comes in and starts speaking.

"Okay class, today I'm going to give you all an assignment," everyone but me groans and complains. When they quite down he continues. Now before he actually can continue, Austin walks in. He doesn't say a word just goes to the back and takes a seat at his desk, throwing his feet on it like he would do his living room coffee table at home. Mr. B rolls his eyes. "As I was saying before I tell you what the assignment is, I'm changing seats." That sentence earns another set of groans and complaints.

"Now whoever I sit you with will be permanent for the rest of the semester. No ands, if's, or buts." He says sternly.

He grabs a seating chart and starts reading off names.

"Jason and Marisa
Amber-Lee and Holly J.
Leonardo and Rico
Austin and Ally-"

After Austin and Ally was called from the list I spaced out. I snuck a glance back at Austin and this seemed to catch his attention. He caught me starting and smirked and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and turned around but before I did I could see every single girl in the room glaring daggers at me. I sighed and turned my body fully around so it was facing front.

"Okay so now that you know who your paired with, I'd like you to go take a seat next to your new partner." Mr. B smiled.

Everyone got up and moved but Austin and I. I was hoping- no scratch that, praying that Austin came to where I was. I absolutely hated the back of the classroom. Just sitting there made me feel 'dirty'. Seeing that he wasn't going to get up, I grabbed my stuff and plopped down next to him, annoyed.

"Hi I'm Al-" I got cut off.

"I know," He rolled his eyes. "I'm not new here after all." He snapped.

I flinched when he snapped at me but I should've expected that. I said it once and I'll say it again; with Austin Moon you have to expect the unexpected. I didn't say a word after he talked.

"Okay class now that your in you new seats, you guys are going to do a little project well known as 'It's Me And It's You'. Your going to be doing this with your new desk partners and it's basically one of those 'about me' projects. I'm giving you two weeks to learn about you partner. After that you have to write an essay about what you've learned. When it's time for the projects to be due, you each will come up and present it to the class and from there on your final grade will be determined."

Great not only did I have to sit next to Austin but now were partners in a project I can't inch my way out of.

"By the way, this will be a huge percentage of your grade."

He had me right then and there. I'm one of those goody-two shoes types who cares about her grades to the point where I'll die if I get lower than a 96%. I guess I had no choice at this point, I had to do this. Either that or I fail. Great.

I had a free period next so I spend it in the library. I decided to look for a book that might help make this project easier. My eyes were scanning shelves before they came across the perfect book:

How To Snag The Schools Bad Boy

I picked it up and ran my fingers over the cover. It's like I was meant to have this book.

"Guess who got a job at the library!"

"Ahh!" I scream dropping the book out my hands.

"Shh!" Other people yelled at me.

Trish rolled her eyes and picked up my book.

"How to snag the schools bad boy?" She read the cover aloud and smirked. "Really Ally, really?"

"Well," I grabbed the book from her. "It's gonna help a ton with this stupid project."

"Project?" She questioned.

"Yeah. Austin and I got paired up to do a project in journalism class. It's one of those about me projects and we have to get to know each other then write an essay about what we've learned."

"Man, that must suck!"

"Gee thanks Trish." I said sarcastically.

"Well anyways, how many pages does this book have and what's it about?" She asked.

"Um," I flipped to the end of the hardback book. "26." Then I flipped the the back of the book and read the little summary.

Are you a nerd?

Um, yes.

Are you upset that you've been paired with the schools bad boy?


Does he never talk?


Well then this book is perfect for you! Throughout these 26 pages, you'll gain all the information you'll need to learn how to grab the attention of the bad boy of your school! All you have to do is follow each rule step by step and he should be yours by the time your finished reading! Now before you get started I shall warn you that this book has some steps that may sound a bit ridiculous. Anyways, I'm Claire Todd, and this is my bad boy book guide for you!

I finish reading and open the book; flipping through it.

"Looks interesting and very helpful." I comment.

Trish nods. "Check it out."

"Don't have to tell me twice." I say and speed to the librarians desk handing her the book. Hopefully, this is my key to not failing that project. Well, we'll see.