He'd had that lazy look plastered to his face for as long as you could remember, ever since you first met him. It was like a mask to you. His way of pretending not to care. But you had been around him long enough to know that he did, in fact, have a heart, and that he was capable of showing vulnerability. Even if his face didn't show it, his others gestures gave it away. An almost invisible tremble in his hand, the slight hitch in his step. You could read him in between the lines, and at the same time, you knew he could read you too.

There were times when he lost his cool, rare occasions when his resolve completely fell apart. You hated to see him like that. You secretly depended on his indifference and dirty jokes to keep you together. You had seen every side of him, every secret. His anger, his happiness, his sorrow, his love. He held the burden of regret and pain on his shoulders, and it was one you shared with him.

People wondered when you two first met. It seemed that from the start you were always together. And even when you did separate, you always somehow managed to find each other again. The silver haired boy and the samurai girl. Shiroyasha and Kamaitachi. It had always been that way. And it would always stay like that.