His mouth felt so good around him... so wet, tight, hot...
"and then I," a lick, "stopped by the X-School," gentle suction, "and taught some kids," oohhh, that felt nice, "the meaning of fear..."
If only Wade would shut up, he could fully enjoy the blowjob he was being given.
"You listening, Petey?"
A grunt and the Spider's hips bucking towards his mouth was his only answer.
"Peteeyyyyy..." he held his hips down with one hand, the other coming up to stroke the cock in front of him, "answeerrr meeeeeeee."
The Spiderman sighed, glaring down at his partner. Sure he could easily overpower the merc, but he didn't want to accidentally smack the other's easily damaged but still overly large ego.
"Hmm?" the mercenary gave an 'innocent' look and rested his head against Peter's hip, his hand coming up to stroke slow, teasing circles to his younger lover's inner thighs, "Yes, Baby Boy?"
"I want you to suck me."
The other's once scarred, now 'pretty', face broke out into a grin. "Cannnn do."