Myka groaned as she leaned over to turn off the alarm clock on her bedside table. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, trying to wake herself up but it was no use, she was always tired lately. She never thought that raising three children could be so exhausting.

To be quite honest she never really thought about having children before, not even after she was married, it all just sort of happened. But planned or not she loved her children more than she knew she could love anything in the entire world.

Things had been pretty rocky with Sam lately, she had this knawing feeling that if it wasn't for the fact that he was the father of her children, they would have divorced years ago. It was as if her children came on cue, whenever things between her and Sam got bad again, BAM she was pregnant and then for a little while things would be okay but of course that never lasted long. Her thoughts were cut off when she heard some rustling coming from the baby monitor.

"Hello my little angel." Myka said as she walked into her daughter Seren's room. The little girl smiled and cooed at the sight of her mother. "How are you this morning?" The almost toddler just reached out her hands in reply.

Seren was the youngest; she was exactly a year old and six months as of last week. Seren was much different than her older two brothers, Myka knew that all way from the pregnancy. Myka used to excuse that to that to the fact that she was a girl but as the time passed she realized that Seren wasn't like any of the other children. She just barely started crawling, while by this time the others were walking and talking, which Seren also didn't do. She's been taking her to the doctors but all of them just keep saying the same thing; 'she's just a late bloomer.'

Mentally she was fine, she understood exactly what people were saying when they talked to her but she just wouldn't really communicate back.

"What do you say you and I go downstairs and make some coffee and warm milk before the men wake up?" Myka ran her fingers through her daughters little blonde curls. "Does that sound good to you?"


"Mommy?" Aiden said as he took a bite of his eggs.

"Yes?" Myka answered. She fed Seren another spoon full of yogurt.

"Do you think that after school we could go get some ice cream?" At this question the other two children looked over at their mother, a hopeful look in their eyes.

"Um-yeah sure." Myka smiled. "the hot weather is going to be over soon, so we might as well take advantage of it now."

"Yes." Aiden said as he fist pumped the air.

"Hello." Sam announced his presence.

"Hi daddy!" Pierce loved Sam, he wanted to be just like him. There were times when Myka would walk into her bedroom to find him wearing Sam's coat and hat, looking in the mirror trying to figure out how to tie a tie.

"Hello son." Sam rustled his hand through the little boys hair. "Good morning Aiden."

"Hi dad." The six year old replied absently. He unlike his brother, wasn't too fond of his father, he was the most independent out of all of the children, even the ones at school. Myka always figured it was because he was the oldest child.

"Did you sleep well?" Myka asked.

"Yes I did." He leaned down and kissed his wife on the cheek. "Well," He took a sip of Myka's coffee. "I'm off to work."

"Sam," Myka chuckled and gestured to clock on the wall. "You don't have to leave for another thirty minutes."

"I've got a meeting." He shrugged and with that he grabbed his suitcase and was out the door.

"Dad's got of a lot of meetings." Aiden said, taking another bite of his eggs.

"Yes he does." Myka sighed.


"Alright give me kiss." Myka told Pierce. They were in front of his pre-school; she had just dropped off Aiden at Kindergarten. He gave her a small, peck on lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." He said as she walked into the building along with the other kids. "Don't forget about the ice cream!" He yelled, turning around for a few moments to get one last look at his mother.

"I won't!" She laughed. "Alright girly," She turned to her daughter. "looks like it just me and you again.

For the rest of the day Myka and Seren went home for a few hours, than they went to grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. They went to the park but only for half an hour because they had to pick up the boys from school.


"Okay," Myka said as they walked into the ice cream parlor. "Go pick what you want. But remember in a small cone!" She yelled but it was no use because the boys already had their faces pressed against the glass that guarded the ice cream.

As Myka was paying for the ice cream a huge crowd, most likely for party, came bustling in.

"Here's your change." The man, working the cash register handed her the money.

"Thank you" She said. She looked around for her two boys but only found one. "Hey Aiden where's your bother?"

"I don't know." He shrugged and took another big lick from his chocolate ice cream

"Pierce!" Myka yelled. But there was no reply. She maneuvered around the shop trying to see if she could spot his little body. "Pierce!" Still nothing. "Aiden take my hand." She tightly grasped onto her sons sticky little hand and put it on one of the stroller handles. "Come on."

She ran outside and searched frantically. It was a pretty bare street, no one was really around, which one would think would make the search easier but that almost made it worse because if something did happened to her son, nobody was there to see it.

Helena sighed as she closed the book she was reading and set it next to her. She looked up to check on her daughter, Christina, who was swinging on one of the monkey bars.

It was days like this that were her favorite. She had the day off from work so she could spend it with her daughter. She really did feel bad for working o much but being a single parent isn't easy, someone has to pay the bills after all plus a raise a child at the same time. When she took the job of being the chief Medical examiner of the Washington Police Department she knew of course that it would be time consuming, but it paid so well and even though it was far from home, she figured that it would be nice for and Christina to have a fresh, new start.

Suddenly she heard a sniffling noise coming from the bench next to her. She looked to see the most adorable little boy sitting on it, rubbing his eyes with one hand while the other held an empty ice cream cone. She cautiously walked over to him, kneeling on the hard pavement.

"Hello." She said softly. The boy removed his hand from his face and looked at her. "Are you alright darling?" The boy just shook his head. "What's the matter?"

"I was at the ice cream shop," He choked out. "and I saw a squirrel, I wanted to play with it so I chased it but now I'm lost it. And I can't find my mommy." Another round of tears began to swell in his eyes. "And I dropped my ice cream!." He held up his dirty cone, he said it as if that were the worst part of the experience.

Helena heart ached for the poor boy. His lip was quivering as he tried to hold back his tears. She lightly wiped away the tears that had escaped and rolled onto his cheek.

"It's alright sweetheart." She whispered. "We'll find your mommy and I will buy you another ice cream cone. Does sound like a good idea to you?"

"Yes." He sniffed.

"Righty ho than." She smiled and held out her arms, the little boy reached out and wrapped his arms around her neck. "Christina!" she called.

"Yes mummy?" The girl answered.

"Come on dear, we're going to get some ice cream." At that statement she rubbed Pierce's back.

"Sam, answer your phone!" Myka yelled into her cell. She had been running up and down the block for ten minutes now, going into shops asking people if they've seen her son, each of them being completely useless. She decided to head back towards the direction of the ice cream parlor.

"Mom." Aiden said tugging at her shirt.

"Hold on honey." Myka kept pushing rushing forward. "Sam this is an emergency."

"Mom." Aiden said again but was ignored. "Mom!"

"Yes Aiden?!" Myka said exsasperatingly.

"Look!" He yelled pointing to a woman, who had just walked out of the parlor, holding a little boy who looked just like Pierce.

"Pierce!" Myka yelled, running as fast as she could, well as fast someone who was pushing a stroller and with a six year old clinging to their shirt could. "Peirce!"

At his mother's voice Pierce immediately turned and saw his mother running towards him.

"Mommy!" He reached out his hands and Helena gently set him down on the sidewalk. "Mommy!" He yelled again as he clumsily ran towards Myka.

"Oh my God." She breathed a sigh of relief s she wrapped her arms around his tiny little frame. "Are you okay?" She checked his body for anything.

"Yeah mommy I'm fine." He said. "I'm sorry. I was chasing a squirrel and I got lost. But it's okay because this lady helped me and bought me another ice cream because I dropped mine." He hung his head when he said the last.

Myka looked up to see a beautiful woman, with long black hair, standing off to the side, her arm wrapped around a little girls shoulder.

"Hello." Helena smiled and stuck out her hand for Myka to shake. "I'm Helena Wells. I found your son at the park nearby. I knew thatthere was only one ice cream store around this area so I decided to go there and wait for you, I figured you would return."

"I'm Myka Martino. Thank you so much." She shook the other woman's hand.

"Oh no matter, your son truly is a marvelous young man." Helena said. "And who are you?" She looked down at Aiden.

"I'm Aiden." The young man smiled a toothless smile.

"Hello Aiden." Helena suddenly noticed the young baby sitting on the stroller, her mouth covered in chocolate ice cream. "Oh my goodness," Helena knelt down so that she was level with the little girl. "you are the most precious thing I have ever seen." The little girl cooed and smiled at the woman.

Myka didn't say anything she just watched the interaction between Helena and her children. She was so entranced by this woman in front of her. She was beautiful and kind and so..elegant.

"You have beautiful children Myka." Helena said as she stood up.

"Thank you ." Myka smiled. "I take it this is your daughter?" She gestured to the young girl who stood off to the side, silently watching the interaction.

"Oh yes." Helena put her hand on her daughters shoulder. "This is Christina. Say hello darling."

"Hello." The girl said in a similar accent as her mothers. "Your son is very funny." She giggled.

"Oh Pierce?" She ran her hand through her sons light brown hair. "Yeah he's quite the comedian." The little boy just looked up and gave his mother a wide, devious smile. "Helena there must be some way that I can repay you."

"Oh no darling it's fine." Helena waved it off.

"No, I-I need to give you something in return. Anybody who helped my son the way you did needs to get something out of it." Myka smiled softly.

"Why doesn't she come over to dinner?" Aiden said as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

"That sound like an excellent idea." Myka smiled. Helena looked at the woman and children in front of her, all of them were so beautiful, they all stared at her with big, hopeful eyes. And the way Myka smiled at her just about made her heart stop.

"That sounds lovely." She finally said.

"Great!" Myka beamed. "Here is my address and phone number." Myka wrote down the information on a piece of paper that she pulled out of her purse. "Does seven sound good?"

"Seven is wonderful." Helena took the paper from the taller woman.

"Alright well see you at seven." Myka began to maneuver the stroller. "Goodbye. And thank you both so much. Say goodbye guys."

"Goodbye!" Aiden said. But Pierce ran up to Helena and tugged on her jacket, gesturing for the woman to kneel down, which she did.

"Thank you for saving me and buying me ice cream." He whispered in her ear.

"You're very welcome darling." She whispered back and the little boy threw his arms around her once again. After a few moments he untangled himself from the woman and joined his family.

"Bye!" He waved and Helena and Christina waved back.

Myka had never seen Pierce act that way with anybody before, except Sam. He never liked it, especially lately, when people touched him but the fact that he let this woman carry him was absolutely astounding.

'Who was this Helena Well?" She thought to herself as she made her way to her car. 'Well I guess I will just have to find out tonight.'