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Extended Summary-In 1940 the quite town of Burgess lives on peacefully. It residents going to church on Sunday's and Wednesday's regularly in the Christian town. Where the women gossip and the men talk about the latest news. Everyone knows everyone and see few new faces in town except for the occasional traveler. One resident, Jackson Overland, lives to make those around him laugh enjoying life no matter should he be looked down upon and told to be looking for a young bride. He enjoys his family, friends, and life as it is and would not change if for anything. That is until a new face moves into town. An educated foreign man who will turn Jack's peaceful quiet life upside down. Alternate Universe, Jackrabbbit and other pairings.

Chapter 1 Church Bells Sing

In the small town of Burgess, church bells break the peaceful silence of the Sunday with its ringing in the early afternoon. A light breeze rustles the trees and makes the newly bloomed flowers dance, releasing their sweet aroma. A large crowd files out, all dressed in their Sunday best, of the stark white church in the center of town. The adults talk amongst each other, women gossiping and men chatting. Kid's running to play with their friends while their mothers yell after them to keep clean.

A large man with white hair and a short white beard stands at the front of the church clasps hands with the men and women of the town. Blue eyes bright as he laughs loudly dressed in black with his white collar showing proudly and polished black shoes. His little wife, reaching just below his shoulders with a soft smile on her lips and kind amethyst eyes, stands to his right side dressed in a long sleeve dress with a skirt reaching to just below the knee. A yellow and green flower pattern spread around against a purple background with a belt tied around her tiny waist of the same fabric. Her dark hair pulled back from her soft face with a broach of a hummingbird and legs are covered in stockings and peep toed brown shoes chatting lightly with the women and children that pass by.

A woman walks up, standing as tall as the woman in bright clothing, dressed in a light green long sleeve dress reaching her knees band a collar that reaches to just past her shoulders stocking covering her bare legs and black heels on her feet. Her honey brown hair pulled back at the bangs and some from the side to be pinned at the nape of her neck while the rest falls down her back in waves a large brim hat amongst her head.

"Wonderful service North, just wonderful. You look wonderful today Tooth, The color suits your eyes, " the woman greeted as Nicolas St. North beams a smile reaching from ear to ear.

Tooth St. North laughs, "Thank you Caroline it is one of your creations so of course it would look lovely."

"Thank you Mrs. Overland. I am glad you enjoyed it. You look lovely as always. Maybe your two children listened and where able to take some from it, da?" He mentions eyeing the two children standing behind her.

Caroline Overland just nods, "You would have to ask them yourself North and if you would like me to tailor or make either of you any more close just drop by the house."

North turns nodding to a girl looks to be about the age of 13, reaching her mother's shoulders, stands straight in a yellow dress reaching to her knees with short sleeves and a white shawl hanging over her shoulders. Her brown eyes sparkling as her hair, a few shades darker than her mother's, frame her face.

"I always listen to your sermons Mr. North.," she says lightly with a small smile on her face.

Her eyes shift to the boy beside her, standing just as tall as their mother, with stark white messy hair falling into light blue eyes wearing dark trousers with black shoes peeking out the bottom. A light blue dress shirt covers his torso, light grey vest lay open, and tie just thrown around his neck.

Her small smile turns into a light smirk, "Though I cannot say the same for my dear brother, Jack. I believe I heard him snoring at one time, but I didn't think your words were so boring." She flashes them a bright small as her brother, Jack, scowling at her.

"Da? Is true Jack?" North laughs turning to Jack as he takes in his attire shaking his head.

"Don't listen to the little shrimp," he smirks eyes glinting with mischief as his sisters interrupts with a 'Hey'. "I heard every word you said North. "

"Oh really," North runs his hand over his beard," then tell me my boy, what was message about today?"

Jack blanches as he looks around, "Umm, ahh, I think I hear Jamie calling us Emma. Lest go see what he wants." He tries to dash off but North just lays a large hand on his shoulder stopping him.

Jack's shoulders sag, "I'm sorry North. With the school year now out I have been working late to get all the small rooms cleaned after making delivers for Sandy all day. Everything has to be put up for the summer except for the one room for the summer student."

North shakes his head with a frown. "Jack, Jack, Jack, You only young man and will wear yourself thin with all running around you do."

Caroline comes to her sons rescue, "With the war not many have been looking to getting new clothes but more alterations. Even then many are trying to do so on their own to save money. Also with Jacks father in the war Jack has been very good at trying to keep our heads above water and being the man of the house. I am just glad they only took my husband and not my husband and son."

Tooth butts in at this point, "If you ever need anything all you have to do is ask. You are such great friends of ours and we pray every night for your husband's safe return. We will start praying that fortune comes your way as well because you all do so much for the town."

"Yes of course my wife is right." North pats Jacks shoulder, "All you have to do is ask and I am proud of you my boy. Also I wanted to talk to you about singing in church next Sunday. It has been awhile since we heard you sing."

Tooth squeals with a giggle, "Oh that is a lovely idea, North. You just have to Jack, please?"

Laughing Jack replies, "I will see what I can do but I don't see why not. If you just get me what you want me to sing so I can practice."

"Why not come by the house Tuesday for dinner at the house and you can bring him the music sheets then." Caroline mentions with a large smile.

North rubs his belly, "As long as there are your delicious cookies involved we will come by and bring little Melody with us."

"Yes, we left her with a baby sitter as she was running a small fever the last couple of days, but would love to see her playmates, Jack and Emma, again. I don't know how you to do it, but young children just adore you."

"I am sorry to hear about little Baby Tooth," Emma says as their daughter looks just like her mother. "I hope she feels better soon."

Jack smiles saying, "It would be great to play with her again as I am sure she needs some cheering up after being sick. Maybe, mother, we can invite the Bennet's over as well, as Sophie is not much older than Baby Tooth, and Jamie would never miss one of your meals." He smirks again before "I am also sure Mrs. Bennet would like to have her children entertained for a few hours."

"I will talk with Tammy later about it then to see if she will join us." Caroline agrees.

Tooth moves to Jack buttoning his vest, "You will make a woman happy and proud one day Jack if you just find her. I hear there are many fathers looking to marry their daughters to someone who will take care of them. You're 22 now Jack and should find you a pretty wife who will take care of you."

Jack turning a bright red knocking her hands away from his vest, "Sorry, Mrs. Tooth. I am just not ready for such commitment yet. You know what I care about is my family and having fun with the kids."

Caroline smiles fondly looking at Jack, "Yes one day he will make a great father should he ever settle down. I will not push him though because he will find someone in his own time. I am just blessed for my two children no matter how much of a hand full they are."

The small group laughs amongst the chatter around the lawn of the church. The children laugh as they continue their play of tag on the peaceful day. It is interpreted as a car honks it horn driving on the dirt road in front of the church as warning to stay out of its way. A man in a grey suit driving the open car with mud and a scowl on his face as it putts through town, the back piled high with bags.

In the passenger seat with long legs propped up on the dash covered in a dark brown suit pants and dark brown shined shoes. An arm slung along the car door the brown suit jacket pulled taunt against what looks like muscles a tan hand lightly gripping the side his head down covered by a brown fedora and matching the suit a green feather sticking out of its darker brown b pulled down low over the eyes of the passenger.

The car speeds by coming to a stop in front of the Sandy's General Store. A tall man steps out brushing his suit down. He pushes his hat back on his head as he looks up at the sign of Sandy's General Store. Paying no mind, his back to the group of people staring from the church.

Jack's eyes roam the back of the tall at least 6 foot muscular figure from shoes that shine in the high sun up to toned legs. A slim waist with broad shoulder and strong arms can be seen through the tight jacket. The suit showing off the assets of the man while covering the obviously tan body can be seen as the man talks to the driver unloading the bags of the car. Never acknowledging the attention he is getting from the town residents. The hat covering the hair of the man's head as the door of the store opens and without turning he grabs a couple of bags walking in the door as it lays open for the driver to bring in more bags.

Even though Jack did not see the face of the man, oblivious the murmurs of the man who is now out of sight, his head is spinning. Who was that? What is he doing here? Does sandy know him? Is he passing through or a new addition to the town? That was one fine looking man and how can I meet him? Jack shakes harshly his head at the last thought as he blushes turning back to the North, Tooth, his mother, and sister. Did I really just think that? He notices his sister giving him an odd look but all he does is shrugs to her turning to participate in the conversation at hand though his mind is preoccupied by the new man in town.

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