Ok guys, after the end of the eevee high school tale (Thank you for loving it if you read it), many of the readers requested that I keep writing stories like this. So here I am, back with the pokemon drama stories. This time, there's gonna be thriller/horror too.

Just so you know, there is a human cast in it. But don't worry. Its not them who play the main role, it's actually Luxray. The story is gonna change from normal point of view to Luxray's so you can always hear his thought. The story takes place in the fictitious city of Amolia in Sinnoh trainers cannot understand their pokemon and the pokemon roar and growl, not say their name like in anime (I want it to be more like the game).

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon or any song I might mention. Only the trainers are my own characters.

Normal P.O.V:

It was an early morning stormy day but nothing unusual for the Amolia city residents. It was the rainy season around and they had the storm coming. Most of them shut themselves inside their houses in storms like these with their pokemon inside. The pokemon Park was closed as there were no visitors in this storm.

But our story begins in the forest right outside the Amolia city. Deep inside the forest, there was a huge waterfall that fell from the mountains and the stream led past right beside the city of Amolia. The forest was famous for it's exotic pokemon species and strong pokemon and trainers were tempted to try their luck out around this place, but perhaps a little too much.

On the cliff overlooking the waterfall stood a pokemon with an extremely black fur and blue face and legs. The water was dripping down his main and it was dead cold but the pokemon paid no heed. His legs were stretched out, the claws dug deep in the ground and there was fury in his eyes. The rain beat down harder, thunder clashing loudly in the black sky.

The pokemon gave a roar and shot down electricity at a boulder ahead. It had such intensity that the bolder broke into a million pieces, it's debris carried down by the flooding water of the waterfall.

The pokemon shook his mane and looked back, angrier this and shot electricity in four different directions, causing a tree to break down and fall off the cliff down to the ground below with a heavy thud. A bolt of electricity came out of the sky straight for him but he did not flinch. Instead, he shot his own Spark to clash with the thunder like he did this on a regular bases. The electricity was blown off with a blast close to his face but the pokemon didn't even blink with fear.

He realized that the storm was dying out and as soon as it would be over, the humans would come along, claiming pokemon for themselves and he refused to be their prize. He dashed off, his paws thudding furiously against the muddy ground and in a few minutes, he was down the cliff and rushing through the wild bushes and trees and down the sloped path into the deepest part of the woods.

Luxray's P.O.V:

My name is Luxray. I will not forget why I exist. I will not bow to likes of the mere humans. The most cruel creatures of God.

I ran down the path as the storm died out. The rain had stopped and I could see the Sun emerging behind the clouds. I had to go hide.

I reached the bushes of my humble abode and pushed them up with my nose and crept in. Inside this bush, we had actually made a small den where me and my buddies, Mightyena and Absol lived.

"Back from the training?" Absol asked, casually. "More like forced to," I answered. "Well you can blame nature," Mightyena growled, not looking up at me. He was always like that. "You know the rules. When the storm dies out, the humans barge in."

"Do not agitate me with the humans." I warned him, frowning. "They don't matter to me." At this point, I was lying and my friends knew it. Maybe that's why I was friends with them and them only. They knew my past, yet, didn't feel obliged to fill the air with their philosophical ideas.

When I was a little Shinx, my mothers was taken away by those humans in a little red and white ball.


"Mommy what's going on?" A little shinx asked his Luxray mother. "Shh Darling. it's going to be ok," she answered, pushing the little shinx inside the cave and out of view. "I'm scared!" he said, poking his head out and peeping. The Luxray pushed her kid back with her tail and ran out into the clearing.

There it go!" A human called out and Shinx heard footsteps following his mother. He peeped out and saw a total of 10 kids running after the mother Luxray. He could see all of them. The thought that how each human looked so different from the others was amusing to him. He had seen pokemon all his life and they looked more or less the same as others of their kind.

He followed them around, still too young to understand the danger he was in. He listen to them talk. They made strange noises, each very different from the others. He heard them talk. "Let's just leave it alone!" He heard a girl say but he was too young to know it was a girl.

He stayed behind them, hiding but going against his mother's warning. They had now stopped at a dead end near a huge oak tree. He flicked a little to the side, peeking at what they were looking at, only to see his mother lying weakened on the ground. He saw one of the kids throw a ball. The power of the ball was beyond the little pokemon's intellect but he saw his mother disappear into it.

"MOMMY!" The shinx gave out a cry that was barely audible to the kids over their own noises as they congratulated a blonde kid who was holding the ball, a wide grin on his face.

Shinx was pulled back into the grass and when he looked up, It was a little poochyena and an Absol. The pokemon were small, hardly any taller than him. "Your mother's gone," The Absol said, grimly. "He's right," Poochyena confirmed. "My mother can't be gone!" The shinx cried. When he turned around, the humans were already gone and that was the last he saw of them. He ran away from Absol and the poochyena.

Flash backs over:-

I never forgot that fateful day. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I had to fend for myself in the woods. Had my mother been there, it would have been easy. But it was tough to find food and defend yourself against the larger pokemon. Once, I almost died when I was nearly burned to death by a magmortar's flame thrower. But somehow, Absol and Poochyena found me and took care of me and I stuck with them since. I had to go many nights without sleep but now it was about to change.

I had trained myself into a Luxray and was ready to go inside the enemy territory to take my revenge. It has been eight years since then. I had never seen those kids again after that night, but I never forgot them. I could recognize their voices if I ever heard them again. I wanted them gone. I wanted them, i dare say, dead. But for this, I had to let a human catch me first.

"It's good the storm is over," I said, grimly, my brows furrowing down. It was a force of habit. "I'm going out. I'm going out to let one of the humans catch me and take me in." This time, Absol and Mightyena looked over to me. They up. "Good luck," Absol said. He knew I had been training for this all my life so no amount of coaxing would stop me. "You can always let go you know," Mightyena said. He was always the thoughtful one though he rarely showed any emotions. "We'll come meet you outside the city. You know, to keep you from going overboard." I nodded and then took off out the abode. I had only come back to say goodbye.

I ran and ran out of the bushes. I wanted to go to the clearing near the waterfall where the humans mostly searched for pokemons. I knew one would catch me.

As I reached the edge, I looked through the leaves. I was right. There were two of them. They were much taller than the ones I saw as a kid.

Normal P.O.V:

A silver haired teen stood in the clearing, his pokeball ready to throw out a pokemon when one jumped out of the grass. He was about 18 years old. He wore a black V-neck T-shirt with black jeans and crimson red sneakers. His silver bangs hung over his forehead, giving him an Emo look but by the soft expression of his silver eyes, he didn't look like one on the inside. Next to him, stood another kid about his age, only with blonde hair made into spikes with gell. This one wore a green t-shirt with brown jeans and a black jacket and black sneakers.

"Are you sure there are Luxrays around Chris?" The silver haired one asked the blonde one, obviously Chris."Yes Leo. Ian caught one here 8 years ago, remember?" Chris replied. Upon hearing his voice, Luxray was thrown back into his past.


The little shinx who had been following the kids heard them talking. "Ian, I think we just imagined it," said a blonde boy to his friend who was frantically searching for the Luxray. "No Chris, I know I saw one," Ian had answered.

Flashback's over:-

This little memory confirmed it to Luxray that he was looking at one of his enemies.

The blonde kid, Chris was the same guy who once believed his mother was nothing but a figment of their imagination, yet congratulated Ian on catching her.

This was a lucky stroke for the Luxray. He had found exactly the ones he was looking for. Though his original plan had been to sneak into the city and look for them but he had actually scored by finding them looking for one of his species. He did not doubt Leo as one of them though.

Luxray jumped out of the bushes, roaring loudly enough to grab their attention. Leo turned his head and smiled. Chris was smiling too, knowing he was right. "Go Flygon!" Leo said as he threw a very familiar looking ball and Flygon came out.

"Flygon, use Dragon breath," Leo ordered and it did, damaging Luxray. Luxray just stood there, not using a move, as a part of his plan. The boys passed it off as 'pokemon flinching' and Leo further told Flygon to use Dragon Claw. Once again, Luxray didn't do anything, much to Leo's amazement and Chris's relief. Finally, Flygon ended the battle with Dragon tail and a ball was thrown at Luxray, similarly to his mother.

Luxray's P.O.V:

I had to admit, I didn't like it one bit to be trapped in this pokeball but I refrained from resisting its closing walls so I could stay with this kid.

After a while, I broke out of the ball and looked at the humans standing in front of me.

"I guess he is one of those pokemons who don't like to live in the pokeball," Chris said, mockingly. Leo just sat down, running a hand through my mane. I was new to the human touch and it just felt awkward. "Well, something tells me, he's gonna be my best partner," Leo just smiled at me and then they began to walk outside the forest.

Had I been usual wild self, I wouldn't have followed them but I did. I had to, if I was ever going to get my revenge.

A little while later, I found myself led to a park where there were lots of other pokemon with their trainers. I was shocked, horrified, no. The two of those words combined. These pokemon treated these two-legged creatures as one of their own kind, whisking about playfully and even eating of their own hands. I especially disliked the fact that there was so little vegetation and huge things that humans called, buildings and houses.

"Like it?" Leo, my trainer asked. "No," I replied but obviously he was a human and didn't speak pokemon. He took it as a yes. "I knew you would!" he had said. I rolled my eyes.

"Leo, I see you caught one!" Another guy called out. I looked up to see that he had brown hair that fell beside the temples of his forehead. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt that had black sleeves with black jeans and blue sneakers. He had his arm around the waist of what they called, the female human species. This one had long, flowing, wavy red hair all the way down the middle of her back. She wore Purple-ish pink mini dress that had ruffles on her skirt with bare legs and white joggers that had pink lines. "Way to go Leo!" she chirped.


"Let's just leave it alone!" the little shinx heard a girl say. She was looking over to the blonde kid ahead, probably Ian. "Rose, oh poor dumb rose! That's why you never catch cool pokemon! Because you let them get away!" A brown-haired kid replied, patting the little vulpix she was carrying in her arms.

Flashback's over:-

A recognized this sweet voice now. It was the same one, the only one that had stood up for my mother's freedom. What was her name? Rose? I guess it was because of her red hair.

I still didn't know the brunette guy. "Yeah Ryan," Leo called out to the bruette, immediately alerting me of the name of another one of my enemies. "A level 60 Luxray! You have outdone yourself!" Ryan commented giving a good look to me. "But he didn't even resist. Odd." Leo told Ryan. "Go ahead Luxray!" Leo urged me. "Go and play! I'll be right here!" He was smiling now but that didn't obligate me to do the same.

The slowly walked around, sniffing this new grass that had a strange new smell. I began to run around the field, looking at pokemon around me who considered these trainers as friends rather than slavers.

I sat near a tree, looking around. This was all so new to me. But I wanted to stay focused on my mission. To kill the 10 kids who had a hand in capturing of my mother. The kids were now evolved though. Chris, Ryan and Rose were only three on the list. The remaining 7 still unknown to me.

"Hi there!" I heard a voice behind me. When I turned around. It was another pokemon. He was purple and had spikes on his back. His ears were sharp too but I had never seen a pokemon like that back in the forest. Perhaps he came from somewhere else.

"What are you?" I asked, tilting my head in confusion. "I'm a Nidorino," he answered. Man, was he perky. I guess he has never known survival. City pokemon, I tell you.

"Chris is my trainer," he added. Oh, so they sent one of their pokemon to follow me. "He led me out to play." he said and I nodded. "Come one, I'll show you around," he said and began walking ahead. Good, cause I could use some information about my enemies battlefield.

"Ok," he said, stopping. "There are different types of pokemon around us." "I can see that," I answered sarcastically. "No, I meant stereotype," he said. "See those beautiflys over there?" he pointed and I looked then nodded my head. 'Those are obedience pokemon," he explained.

Those beautiflys used silver wind and then a bunch of fancy moves I didn't know and made a beautiful illusion while their trainers cheered. "They do contests," Nidorino said and then motioned me to follow around. I didn't even know what a contest was, nor did I care to find out.

"Now, see that Empoleon?" he said I looked over to an oak tree where sat an Empoleon with a fat trainer, a perfect match if you ask me. "He belongs to starter class," Nidorino told me. "The class that always ends up being someone's first pokemon. So you can guess they're always the most loved ones." I nodded at this. He looked heck strong.

"Now, see those bird pokemon on trees?" Nidorino pointed out in the trees and I looked. Ah, familiar faces. They were staravias. "They belong to unfriendly class," he said. "Just kidding. Bird class. They belong to those crazy bird catcher trainers that only train flying type. You can only guess they're hostile behavior to anyone who can't fly." He said and then sat down. I did the same.

I looked over to the fountain where I saw an extraordinary pokemon with pearl white fur with hints of golden in it. She had several tails, each ending with orange on its tip. I had never seen a pokemon with more than one tail.I still didn't see her face as she was drinking from the fountain. As she raised her head, she flipped the flaming headed bangs of her and flashed those perfect white teeth.

I looked at her. She was beautiful, unlike any pokemon I had ever seen. I bet she didn't even belong to this region, let alone my forest. She was a Ninetales. I remembered seeing one once in our forest migrating but I never saw another since. "I'll be off," Nidorino said. "Call me if you need me." He trotted away.

I walked over to Ninetales. I had known survival all my life so why would I be afraid to walk up and talk to another pokemon, especially a girl? We did this kind of thing all the time back in the forest. Why you shouldn't you do this in city life? I was about to find out.

I slowly walked up to the ninetales. She was sitting with her eyes closed, feeling the gentle breeze against her face. "Hello," I said, trying to keep my tone expressionless so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. "Oh I didn't see you," she said, immediately getting up on her feet. "You must be the new pokemon." I didn't know everyone knew about me. Word sure gets around fast here.

And you are Ninetales," I said. "Ummm hmmm," she answered. Her voice was polite. "I belong to Rose, that girl your boy billionaire is crushing on," she said, flipping her bangs. I got the part where she belonged to Rose but boy billionaire?

"Boy billionaire?" I asked. "Leonardo Voegele? The gym leader of Amolia city and son of a business tycoon. You do belong to Leo right? she said shaking a paw in front of my face and I nodded.

We walking along together now. "So you're saying Leo has a crush on rose?" i asked her and she nodded her head. The crushes and dating was one thing I was familiar with. Pokemon back in forest would do this all the time although not in public like humans did.

"But Rose is dating Ryan," she told me. The brown haired kid flashed into my brain. "So Leo doesn't really confess his feelings. He told me though sometimes but he knows that me being a pokemon, there is no way I could tell Rose." "So, do you like Ryan?" I asked. I was curious how these pokemons could feel towards their trainers emotions although I was still oblivious to those of Leo.

"He's ok," she answered as we continued walking. "These guys have been friends since they were 10. Back then, Ryan used to tease Rose all the time and they had many arguments but last year at a party, Ryan came out clean with his feelings and they dated since." I only bobbed my head up and down as I didn't know anything else to say.

"Ninetales?" I heard a voice ahead. "What are you doing?!" It sounded harsh and full of anger. I looked ahead to see a sleek pink coloured pokemon with golden spots all over him and sharp ears. "Liepard, It's not what you think," Ninetales said, rushing to his side and leaving me alone. He came on towards me, clenching his teeth and growling.

"What do you think you're doing, flirting with my girlfriend?" He snapped in my face. Girlfriend? So Ninetales was taken too huh? "I wasn't flirting. I was making acquaintance," I said, equally harsh. I wasn't about to let a city pokemon get the best of me. I took attacking position. Ninetales looked worried now.

"You stay away from my girl!" he snapped, angrier now. "It's her choice who she wants as friends," I answered, calmer now. I knew that giving answers calmly was the best way to make these type of pokemon angry.

"Sorry for the inconvenience!" Nidorino bust in from behind, pushing me back using his sharp needles. He made me look weak in front of that Liepard. "He totally didn't mean it!" Nidorino added and Liepard growled. 'Come on Ninetales. Let's leave!" he said and she followed him. She turned around to look at me then trotted behind him.

"Are you crazy!?" He asked me as soon as Liepard was out of earshot. "What did I do wrong?" I asked him, confused. He facepalmed himself with his paw then looked at me. "Look," He explained. 'Don't you know how to flirt with another pokemon's girlfriend?" I shook my head. Back in my forest, I never did these petty things. "Well you just got yourself a crash course." He said. "Those are the purebred class. It means that pokemon trainers bring two adult parental pokemon of the same species together and they make an egg. Liepard and Ninetales are one of them. And their trainers, Ryan and Rose are planning to breed them sometime later."

I understood now. So it meant that Ninetales belonged to Liepard and I couldn't hang out with her. Well, I wasn't about to let a city pokemon get in my way. I had to get close with that Ninetales if I ever hoped to kill rose.

Nidorino left again, rolling in the grass which I found pathetic so I walked along until I saw Ninetales again. I walked up to her. I thought that she was alone but as soon as I pecked her another hello, Liepard jumped from behind the trees and pinned me to the ground. He snapped his teeth at me and howled. "Didn't I tell you to stay away from her!?" he growled. "LIEPARD!" Ninetales cried and tried to stop him.

Then suddenly, Liepard was getting off of me. It took me a minute to realise that he was being pulled away by Ryan. As I rolled onto my sides, Leo was with me in a second, patting me to calm my nerves and it worked.

"What is wrong with you?" Ryan asked, pulling the Liepard back as he was still resisting. Rose was on her knees, patting Ninetales.

"I think you should take Luxray home," Chris told Leo who agreed. "Well, come on Luxray. It's ok," he said and I followed along, the Liepard still growling at me.

I followed my trainer along the streets, looking around the building. I was used to feeling the soft earth beneath my paws but this was a new feeling. These humans had built up some black, hard surface on which we walked.I came to a thickly vegetated area and I immediately liked the smell. There was path that led through it and when we reached the end, there was a whole new world.

Normal Point of view:

The Luxray stood, overlooking a giant pool that had tiles floor all around it. He was used to feeling the smooth surface so it felt odd to him. "Follow me Luxray," Leo said and he did. Leo opened a glass door, leading the Luxray in a huge room.

The room had a king size bed, a dressing table, a huge flat screen TV with an Xbox and playstation 4. There was a shelf of books to the right and the left side was access by the glass door. The pool was Leo's personal pool where he often had pool parties. This was the backside of his mansion. The front door was for the family and for gym challengers.

"Like it?' he asked but the Luxray didn't answer. "It's ours." he added. Leo sat on his bed and immediately fell back on it, sighing. "It gets lonely here," he told his pokemon, believing it won't understand. "But now that I have you. I'm sure I won't be." He said no more because the boy was so tired, he fell asleep.

Luxray sat outside by the glass door which was open and overlooking the woods. They weren't really woods but just a huge orchard.

Sometime later, Leo felt himself be shaken and he found himself waking up. "Wake up Leo!" Rose urged him and he snapped his eyes open. 'Rose," he said nervously. "I didn't hear you come on!" He was on his feet na minute. He led her out through another door in the house, taking her to the kitchen for a drink.

Luxray's point of view:

I sat outside the door, pawing the strong smooth surface made outside the door. "What is this strange thing?" I said to no one. "It's a porch silly," I heard Ninetales. I turned my head to the right where the voice had come from. She came and sat next to me. "Humans build it to have a strong surface to sep on when they exit." She was smiling.

I stood up, took a few steps away from her and sat down. "I don't want to get in trouble with Liepard," I said. "Oh him! He's not here," she chirped and I seemingly relaxed.

"So, boyfriend huh?" I asked. "Yes, unfortunately," she mumbled. I stood up and walked towards her, still standing. "I'm not really an expert," I began. "But aren't you suppose to choose your boyfriend yourself?"

"No," she answered. "My trainer decided my boyfriend for me and since then, Liepard has been possessive of me. That's why nobody else tries to be friends with me. So I liked it when you talked to me."

"Well you can talk to me anytime," I said, casually. I had to win her trust. She just smiled at me. "So you're trainer is having a party?" she asked me. 'Leo's having a party?" i said, tilting my head and she nodded. "There's going to be a lot of people and their pokemon," she told me. I wasn't excited but maybe this wasn't such a bad idea.

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