I woke with Solus hogging the blanket, leaving my body out in the open. The good thing was that there was no one to see us.

Hey, I muttered, give me some blanket!

S'mine, he murmured sleepily. He looked at me through squinted eyes and my annoyance evaporated. I could never get over how cute he looked when he was half-asleep.

Instead of grabbing the blanket, I stood, donned my coat and walked into the kitchen to hunt for some breakfast. I thought we had some bread leftover from dinner… no? So I would have to hunt for something to eat.

Solus was curled up in bed as I dressed in long pants and a hooded jacket. I stopped at the door and tied up my boots before heading out, my bow and arrows slung on my back. After my years of practice, I was quite a good shot. It took an hour to get to the Gate and I dialled the address to an uninhabited planet rich with meat.

I was on the planet for two hours before returning home with a good amount of meat. Solus would definitely be awake now, and wondering where I was. Undoubtedly he would be sitting in the Jumper waiting for my life-sign to turn up. I dialled our home address and ran through and all the way up to our home in the mountains. By the time I got back I was flushed from my run and panting slightly. I was not as young as I used to be.

Hello, my love. Solus came out of the Jumper and held out his hands. I passed him one of the animals and we got to work gutting and cleaning them – just one of our rituals. Once we were done, Solus lit a fire and I arranged the cuts on a spit.

You stole the blanket again, I grinned, laying back.

But it gives me a perfect view of you, he said innocently.

Stop it, I snickered.

Why? We're alone, you know. We've been alone for ten years.

That part was true. When we'd arrived on this planet, the first thing we did was build a house in the mountains, where no one could bother us. For a whole year, my friends from Atlantis came to visit every few weeks, bringing news and updates. We learned that most of the Wraith had been given the therapy and were now unable to feed. Atlantis, once a beacon of hope for this galaxy, was now famous. Everyone on every planet wanted to meet the Lanteans who had freed the galaxy. Evan had been to so many meetings that he'd grown tired of them.

Paul completed his year and then went back to Earth to be with his wife. Keith and Susannah had married not long after I'd left, and should be celebrating their anniversary for ten years soon, if they were both still alive. Sometime just over a year after I'd left, Atlantis stopped communicating and I couldn't dial the address. Either they had gone back to Earth, or were destroyed. I hoped that they were back on Earth.

Solus and I spent nearly every moment together. With Atal, I had always wanted time to myself, but with Solus I wanted to be with him as much as possible. I knew that I'd made the right choice by leaving Atlantis, and I would miss them always, but my place was with him. We did almost everything together: hunting, stealing, eating, sleeping, and working. Twelve years into our marriage and I was still as in love with him as I had been back then. Now I was thirty-eight and starting to show signs of age. My muscles were as strong as ever, but smaller in stature and my body had lines and wrinkles. Solus was aging too, but at a slower pace. He looked like he was in his mid-forties, which was old by Wraith standards. He was subject to the human habit of growing old and he thought it was a blessing. That way, when I died he wouldn't have to live an eternity without me. He'd said so himself.

Once, Evan had come to visit and brought a Jumper. He said it was a gift from Atlantis, and left it here for us to use. It had proven itself useful for many heists and planetary vacations. In Earth terms, it was our car.

You're so full of it, I laughed, turning the meat over. He pulled me into his lap and I curled up on him, my hands resting on his chest. The early morning sun gently touched our entwined bodies, warming us.

I'm glad I found you, he murmured. I don't say it enough.

As am I, I smiled, stroking his cheek. He put his finger to my chin and lifted it so I was looking in his eyes.

You're the one thing I can't be without. Solus leant in and kissed my neck, moving his kisses up to my jawline and to my lips. I opened my mouth to him and closed my eyes, savouring the moment. His scent was all around me and I broke the kiss, breathing deeply.

Do you fancy going on a heist tomorrow? I asked.

Where do you suggest?

I'm thinking of Latira.

Never liked that planet, Solus sighed. You know, we should become bounty hunters.

Don't start with that again!

Why not?

I kissed his cheek. My time for fighting is coming to an end. I'd rather not be subjected to the dangers of a life as a bounty hunter, as being with you is all I need.

Still, it's been years since we had any real fights. Don't tell me that you don't miss it, even a little bit.

Smiling, I took the meat off the spit. It's been ten years. You know that my time as one of the Lanteans is over. I am satisfied with the life we have made for ourselves. I shot him a cocky smile. Although I would not mind collecting that sword I found on Croesus.

Your collection of weapons is big enough, he chuckled. Why would you need another sword? You've got bows and arrows, guns, spears, swords, armour; the works.

My love, I am a collector, collecting anything I deem as useful. You like that about me.

No, I love that about you. I have to say, those scented candles you collected were absolutely fragrant, as were the gauntlets for my last birthday.

It wasn't even his real birthday. We'd decided that his birthday would be the day we arrived on this planet and I'd marked the date on my address device.

That night, Solus and I had a cheerful dinner before hiking up to our getaway near the top of the mountain. It was a place where we couldn't be detected by technology, and where we went to spend nights celebrating love. I was happy to be going on a heist (how I loved the satisfaction of a good raid), but tonight I was with Solus.

You do know that I wouldn't go to any other planet if it meant that I can't be with you, I said to him as we hiked.

I know. He smiled warmly and touched my hand. Love had never been so right.

Yes, I would forever remember Atlantis and my loved ones there fondly, but I had a new life with my husband on the planet that I now called home, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

As we arrived at the shelter – just big enough for two people to sleep in – we cleaned it out and lay inside, our bodies moving in synch. It was this that I loved most about him. He made me feel like the only woman in existence and the only woman who had ever been loved before. In turn, he told me that I made him feel like he was in love with a goddess who was perfect for him in every way. Due to this, I knew I belonged with him.

Later that night, I was drifting off to sleep with my head on his shoulder.

I love you, he whispered, kissing the top of my head.

As I love you, I replied quietly. I could hear his heartbeat under my hands; ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom… I could hear his steady intake and exhale of breath. My body was moulding into his side, fitting like a puzzle, proving that we were meant to be together. There was no one else for me to be with and nowhere else for me to be.

I was with Solus. I was home.


Authors Note

This story was a long ride, for both you and me. It was very difficult to write at times, but this is the end of Molli's story. The idea came to me in a dream and I wondered what it would be like for a runner and a Wraith to fall in love. After talking with my friend Emily, this story was born (thank you Emily!). Solus was a character that I could love, and I hope you loved him too. The whole structure, on Microsoft Word, is similar to the book 'The Secret River', separated into seven parts and the speech in italic.

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Originally the ending was completely different. I had Molli and Solus escape Atlantis in a Jumper just after it landed on Earth at the end of 'Enemy at the Gate'. They stayed on Earth for a while and then returned to Pegasus using the Jumper hyperdrive and a ZPM. But that wasn't the ending that this story needed, so I changed it around completely. It's a tale of love and friendship, and both themes are consistently shown throughout.

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