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Why did everything happen to her?

'I hate my life,' Kagome thought miserably, walking along the direction of the busy sidewalk that would lead her to who-knows-where. She was just too shocked to really care where she was heading, 'Why don't things ever happen to anyone else!?'

Of course she would never want anything bad to happen to anyone, but she was rather tired being the one specifically targeted by attacks, especially when something went horrifically bad like this.

'I wonder if anyone knows that I'm gone yet?' Kagome wanted to cry, but her current body wouldn't allow such an emotional event to occur, 'I feel bad for Takanashi-sensei.' Her teacher certainly didn't deserve anything like this to happen.

They would probably put the blame on her poor teacher because she went 'missing' on a school trip to New York and there wasn't a damn thing she could do at the moment.

Who knew America had demons that actually knew of the Shikon no Tama and coveted to possess it?

Because she certainly didn't...

'Just go back to the hotel and try to figure out things from there.' Kagome thought with some determination, eyeing her surroundings and noticing the details with her suddenly keen vision (though it was hard to adjust to the fact that everything seemed a lot dimmer and she couldn't even see certain colours) and noted she wasn't too far from the hotel.

"Mommy, look at the cute kitty!"

The fur on her back abruptly bristled in a sign of warning and Kagome instinctively leapt out of harms way and somehow managed to avoid the tight painful grip of a little girl.

Sadly, the only way to avoid such a thing was the jump into the middle of a damn street and she could only freeze in horror when a motorcycle sped directly in her path.

'Hah, the pathetic Shikon Miko – killed in an accident in the body of a cat and nobody would even know.'

However, the screeching of tires that practically deafened her caused her to finally open her eyes and the tires that could have run her over were only inches from her face, '...!...'

"A cat?"

She heard a voice mutter and couldn't react before she was picked up by two strong hands and brought to face-to-face with a very attractive male.

"Look! Captain America saved a cat!"

"OMG, Steve is soooo hot!"

"Is that really Captain America?"

Those were the only a few of the comments she vaguely heard with her now sensitive hearing from the gathering crowd, but she was more distracted by the bright blue eyes examining her small furry body with concern.

"You don't look hurt, but maybe I should take you back to Stark Towers just in case." The blond man said to himself and Kagome still couldn't really react when she was suddenly tucked against a broad chest and was speeding off with the man on the motorcycle (who was somehow driving the bike with only one arm).

Why did everything happen to her?