*sigh* Well guys here a new SenRu fic. Ru is VERY OUT OF CHARACTER here. Don't say I didn't warn you. Hope you all like it. I'd love to receive you comments and flames about the fic //though I hope there won't be any flames// any way this fic was taken from a movie…an old movie. So if you didn't like the storyline don't blame me...hehehehehehehe and there will be some songs in it…lots of surprises *grins*


Part 1

A tall slender figure was pacing the living room nervously, clutching his hands into tight fists.

"What's taking him so long?" he murmured, asking no one in particular "it's been two hours already"

"Will you stop getting on my nerves, Ru-kun?" another man who was sitting on the sofa glared at Rukawa's moving figure "you're driving me crazy."

Rukawa looked at his companion with worried eyes "but Kosh-san, aren't you at least a little worried? What if Akira didn't get the chance? His heart will be surely broken,"

Koshino sighed in defeat

"If you ask me Ru-kun, I hope he doesn't get it! I still think that Sendoh's talent deserves more than a low-standard bar"

"It's just at the beginning, Kosh-san" a young lady with lovely brown hair placed three glasses of orange juice on a small coffee table "surely someone will discover Akira-san's talent and pull him out to the surface"

"He should've waited for me Haruko" Koshino sipped some juice "I've given him the chance of his life, and where he is? In a low-standard bar. You two shouldn't let him go."

"Akira-san was……" Haruko didn't have the chance to complete her sentence as the three hard the doorbell. She raced Rukawa to the door, both of them were burning to meet Sendoh. However, she managed to reach the door before him and opened it to meet a frowning face of Sendoh Akira.

"Well?" Rukawa asked his lover nervously "what happened?"

Sendoh looked at his very worried lover and smiled warmly. He opened his mouth to answer him only to be cut off by Koshino's sarcastic voice

"So Sendoh?" Koshino walked to his friend "tell me, have you thrown your talent in the trash can? Have you buried your voice in that bar?"

"Not yet" Sendoh replied snoring "they told me to come by again tomorrow"

"There will be no tomorrow. Sendoh, you're coming with me now!" Koshino grabbed Sendoh's hand and stated to walk outside the apartment.

"But where you're taking me?" Sendoh tried to escape Koshino's strong hold.

"Yeah, where are you taking him, Kosh-san" Rukawa stopped in Koshino's way.

"I'll tell you later. I'll borrow your boyfriend for a couple of hours, so don't worry, and you better go now to the garage or you'll gonna be late for work. And you - Mr. Hardhead - are gonna come with me" with that Koshino pulled his friend out the apartment with him.

"don't worry dear. I'll be back soon and don't stay in that dirty garage too long ok?" Sendoh's voice echoed through the stairs.

Haruko and Rukawa stared at each other puzzled and then sighed in defeat.

"Well" Rukawa glanced at the clock on the wall "I guess I have to go now. Want any thing?" he looked at Haruko.

"No thanks, Kaede-kun" Haruko smiled at her friend. "Be careful"

"Ok, bye then" Rukawa reached his hand to open the closed door when he stopped mid-way and coughed loudly.

"Kaede-kun?" Haruko alerted and rushed towards him "Are you ok? what happened?"

"I'm fine" Rukawa replied quietly "I guess it's just because of the change in the weather, bye!"

He opened the door quickly and went out. Haruko watched the closed door for a few minutes uncertainly. A strange fear filled her heart.

//Why do I feel this way?//