Part 4

Pairings for this chpt: SenRu, MigAya and KoshHaru

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Two weeks later…


"Come in" Rukawa replied not taking his eyes off his book.

"Kaede-Kun" Haruko entered the room, carrying a tray "You must have a break…you've been studying for five straight hours now" {A/N: can you believe that?!!!! He's actually studying??!! And for FIVE HOURS??!!! I guess that isn't only OOC, it's the 8th miracle of the world}

Rukawa looked at Haruko and smiled "Only one chapter to go, Haruko. Then I'll have that break"

"As you wish, Kaede-Kun" she placed the tray in front of him, on the desk "I made you some snacks for you because I know you didn't eat lunch today as usual."

"Thanks, Haruko…I'll eat them later"

Haruko sighed, "You're exhausting yourself. You must eat properly so you can understand what you're studying"

Rukawa chuckled "OK, my beautiful nurse. I'll eat the snacks now, so you won't be angry with me"

Haruko blushed at Rukawa's remark: her face turned to a deep red color. Seeing Haruko's reaction, Rukawa couldn't help but to laugh. His laughter, however, turned into loud coughs.

Haruko's embarrassed face turned into a frown upon hearing Rukawa's loud coughing.

"Kaede-Kun" she said seriously "This coughing is getting worse everyday. You must go to see a doctor"

"I know" Rukawa said quietly, not meeting Haruko's worried eyes "I'll see one later"

"LATER…when?" Haruko exclaimed, "I said it's getting worse everyday and you say later. You should go immediately. It's your health we're talking about"

"Haruko, I'm sure it's…"

"Don't say it's because of the weather, Kaede-kun" Haruko cut off sharply, her hands were on her hips "I'm officially a nurse now and I can tell the differences between a lung disease and a weather susceptibility…you must go and see doctor at once"

"Haruko…I can't…not now" Rukawa shook his head.

"Why, Kaede-Kun?"

Rukawa sighed, "you see, Haruko…I'm busy with my exams, and at the same time worried about Akira…you saw how he was after that night in the club. Besides I don't have enough money to pay for medical fees…and I still have university fees to pay for. It's not the right time"

"But Kae…"

"I promise you Haruko. When I finish my exams, pay the university fees and settle things with Akira…I'll go to the doctor"

Haruko sighed; she knows that nothing would change Rukawa's mind.

"OK, but don't wait so long." With that she left the room.

Rukawa stared at the close door for a while, thinking of Haruko's words; suddenly he felt a sharp headache. Shaking his head to ease the pain, Rukawa focused to his studies again.


Sendoh was working at Takaeshi's electric shop with all his energy. After that fateful night at 'Tick…Tack…Boom' he had erased the idea of being a musician forever. He stopped talking about music with Rukawa, he stopped listening to music…he stopped doing anything     that may remind him of the dream of his life.

"Hey, Sendoh" Mr. Takaeshi called him.

"Yes, Takaeshi-san" Sendoh looked up.

"You're needed in Shohoku district, here's the address" Said the old man, waving a piece of paper in the air.

Sendoh raised an eyebrow; Shohoku district was is populated with high class people. However, He took a cap and went to the mentioned address without a single word.

When he reached the huge villa, a maid took him to a very big party ball and showed him a burned chandelier.

Immediately, he took out his tools, climbed a ladder and started to fix it.

His mind, however, started to wonder if someday he and Rukawa would have a home of their own. They don't need a huge house as this but a small apartment would be ok. A small apartment that they they're going to fill with love and happiness.

Sendoh sighed deeply, as he realized that the night at the nightclub not only had shattered his dream of being a singer but also his dream of being with his lover under their own roof.

Unconsciously, he started to hum a song he had composed a long time ago.

"I had a dream…a song to sing. To help me cope with everything…" he continued his soft humming as he worked, not noticing a beautiful lady entering the room upon hearing his voice.

When he finished his work, he was surprised to hear a clapping coming from behind. He turned this gaze towards the sound to see a young lady with black curly long hair standing in the entrance of the room.

"…Sorry…I…was…" Sendoh didn't know what to say as he climbed down.

"You're voice is so beautiful" the lady cut off, smiling warmly.

"huh?" Sendoh looked at her dumfounded. He didn't expect her to say something like this.

"You're lucky to have such a wonderful voice," the lady continued.

Sendoh snorted softly, a sad smile appeared in his face. "Lucky to have a wonderful voice that no one listens to."  he said softly.

The lady raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Well…I didn't have a real chance to show my talent. I was offered to sing in the 'Tick…Tack…Boom' nightclub once but the manager changed parts of the melody I have composed and blew everything…including all my dreams" Sendoh kicked himself mentally "anyway, I've fixed the lights…there was a burned wire inside there…can I ask who's going to pay the bill?"

"I am" the lady smiled "how much do I owe you?"

Sendoh handed the lady the bill and then took the cash. He was about to leave when the lady called him. "Wait"

"Yes, Miss?"

"May I know your name, please?" asked the lady.

Sendoh blinked "My name?" he asked, confused.

The lady nodded

"it's Sendoh Akira"

The lady smiled and took out a card from her handbag. She scribbled down something and then handed it to Sendoh saying "take this card to the radio station's manager Miyagi Ryota and tell him that Ayako has sent you…I'm sure he'll help you a lot"

Sendoh took the card dumbfounded. He looked at Ayako, uncertain how to react…he thought that all his hopes to be a singer had died already…but now, the hope has risen again.

He glanced at the card and a beautiful smile lit his face. He bowed slightly to Ayako.

"Thanks for your help, Miss Ayako…I don't know how to return your favor?"

"If you really want to return my favor, go and be famous…your voice is a treasure, don't bury it"

"I will. I promise" Sendoh smiled "thanks again" with that Sendoh left, his heart was flying with happiness.


Rukawa was sitting on the pavement on the roof of the apartment building, watching as the sun set down the horizon. He sighed deeply…he felt so lonely lately and Sendoh was worrying him. Even though he tried to act normally infront of everybody, Rukawa knew that from inside Sendoh's heart was bleeding. He had stopped doing anything that it's related to music and that was hurting him, 'coz music is in Sendoh's blood, besides it was his long time dream to be a famous musician. A small smile across Rukawa's face as he remembered when Sendoh first told him about his dream…he sounded so sure that he'll make it by then…he even composed a song for it…it was his first song…

"I have a dream…" Rukawa hummed softly "a song to sing…"

Rukawa was lost in his deep dreams when two hands, suddenly, wrapped him from behind. He was startled and looked behind him to see Sendoh smiling warmly at him.

"You still remember this song, Kaede-kun?" Sendoh planted a soft kiss on his neck.

"How could I forget your first song?" Rukawa whispered softly "I would never forget anything that's related to you, Akira"

Sendoh chuckled, as he sat near Rukawa "Well that's encouraging…considering that I've been acting like jerk for the past two weeks"

"Don't say that…you were shocked…that's all" Rukawa held Sendoh's hand and squeezed gently. "I understand"

"Anyway, as an apology I bought you a small gift" Sendoh said, "and I had a little piece of news that will make you happy…which one do you want first?"

Rukawa thought for a moment "the news first"

"ok…read this" Sendoh took out a small piece of paper and showed it to Rukawa.

"Miss Ayako Kurome" Rukawa read the name on one face of the card and then read what was written on the other face "To Mr. Miyagi…Mr. Sendoh Akira is a friend of mine…please give him every help he needs"

Rukawa looked at Sendoh inquiringly, he didn't know that Sendoh had a friend called Ayako…and he doesn't know who that Miyagi guy was.
"What does this mean? Who is Miyagi? And I didn't know that you have friend called Ayako, Akira?" he showered Sendoh with his questions.

Sendoh laughed softly "one by one, Kaede…I can't answer all these questions. First, I have a friend called Ayako, though it's really nice for her to call me a friend. Anyway, I was called to fix some burned lights in Shohoku district..." Sendoh told Rukawa the day's events. Rukawa listened amazed at the twist of fate.

"Have you gone to the radio station yet?" Rukawa asked.

"No…I felt that I should buy you an apology gift first…besides I don't think I'll find him at this hour…I'll go there tomorrow morning" Sendoh smiled "now to your gift…you have to close your eyes first"

Rukawa looked at Sendoh suspiciously "Akira…you're not going to do some thing funny, right?"

"Me? Doing some thing funny?" Sendoh looked at him innocently "I want to surprise you, that's all"

"Ok…I guess I'm gonna trust you this time" with that Rukawa closed his eyes, suspecting Sendoh to steal a kiss from him. But he was disappointed when he heard Sendoh saying "you can open your eyes now, Kaede"

Rukawa was speechless when he saw what Sendoh was holding in his hands.

"A new guitar" Rukawa exclaimed "Akira…it's the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen…I'm so happy that you bought a new guitar"

"It's for you…you must learn to how use it too, you know" Sendoh handed the guitar to Rukawa "after your exams of course"

"No, Akira…I want you to have it" Rukawa returned the guitar to Sendoh "you're the one who'll need it"

"But, Kaede…honestly I bought it for you"

"And I'm giving it to you"

"As you wish…but you'll learn how to play it no matter what"

"Sing a song for me" Rukawa tagged Sendoh's sleeves like a five-year-old kid "I want to hear you singing 'I have a dream' with this new guitar"

"As you wish, my stubborn Kaede"

Sendoh hugged the guitar and ran his fingers through the strings. A soft music filled the air followed by Sendoh's voice. 

Sendoh:                                                         I have a dream, a song to sing

To help me cope with anything

If you see the wonder…wonder…of a fairy tale
you can take the future even if you fail

I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream…oh yeah

I have a dream, a fantasy…fantasy

To help me through reality
and my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile

I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream

"Come on Kaede sing with me" Sendoh gestured.

Both:                                                              I have a dream, a song to sing

To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail

I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream

"Never forget your dream, Akira" Rukawa whispered.

"I won't" Sendoh cupped Rukawa's face "do you know why not, Kaede?"


"'coz you are my dream"

Rukawa looked away, blushing. "well, my dream is a little bit different from yours" he whispered.

"Really…what is your dream, darling?"

Rukawa looked at the dark blue sky with dreamy eyes "I dream of you standing on the stage of the opera house…in your first performance…and everyone in Kanagawa is there to hear you…with the TV cameras all over the place and the press reporters fighting to get an interview with you and the radio station is airing your songs and music 24 hours a day"

"well…that was thoughtful" Sendoh cupped Rukawa's face again and turned it towards his, locking their eyes together "I'll make sure that your dream will come true one day, Kaede…I promise" with that their faces came close together, their eyes slowly shut down and their lips were about to meet… 

"There you are" Koshino's voice came from behind. The two were startled and looked at Koshino with wide eyes. Sendoh rolled his eyes; another moment with Rukawa was ruined by non other than his 'best' friend.

"Hi, Kosh-san…long time no see" Rukawa greeted Koshino, trying to save the situation.

"Hi, Kaede-kun…how is your exams going?"

"Fine…I've got only two exams to go"

"Good luck with them"

"Were you looking for something Kosh?" Sendoh said, trying to prevent himself from jumping up and strangling Koshino to death.

"Yes, you" Koshino said, grinning "I have some piece of good news"

"Wow, seems that today is full of good news" Rukawa exclaimed. "Akira just told me great news"

"What news?" Koshino asked.

"Do you know a lady called Miss Ayako Kurome, Kosh-san?" Rukawa asked.

"Yes…she's the editor-in-chief of 'Music' magazine and a big music fan at that…and her fiancé is the manger of the radio station"

"wow…you're so lucky Akira" Rukawa jumped from excitement.

"wait a second…what's going on here? And how did you know about Miss Ayako?"

"Nothing much" Sendoh shrugged "I was called to fix some lights in her villa and she caught me singing while I was working, then she gave me this" he handed Koshino the card.

"Well, pal" Koshino returned the card after he read it "seems today is full of good news as Kaede-kun said…anyway, Mr. Boom came to my office today and I kicked him out violently"

"Mr. Boom?" Sendoh and Rukawa looked at each other, puzzled.

Koshino laughed "I mean Minami…after that night in the club, he became Mr. Boom"

Sendoh and Rukawa laughed.

"so he came to your office, why?" Sendoh said after getting his self-control back.

"He wants you to sing in his club" Koshino said "I said to him to forget it…no way you're going to sing in that place again"

"You're right, Kosh-san" Rukawa hugged Sendoh's waist "Akira doesn't need that boom"

"Well…that's not all" Koshino smiled "today I called a friend of mine…he owns a record company and he's welling to sign a contract with you, Sendoh"

"What?" Sendoh asked in disbelief "you mean my songs will be recorded and published?"

"Yup…yup…yup…I came to take you to him now" Koshino said "he invited us to his house to meet you and listen"

"Oh, Akira" Rukawa hugged Sendoh, spinning their bodies in circles, "I sooooo haaaappppppppppyyyyyyyyy for you…I feel sooooooooo excited and proud and…." Suddenly Rukawa felt lightness filling his head and was about to pass out. Fortunately, Sendoh managed to prevent him from falling on the ground.  

"Kaede, what happened?" Sendoh asked worriedly.

"Nothing" Rukawa leaned on Sendoh "I guess I'm a little bit tried" he coughed softly.

"You probably studied too much…let me take you to your bed" Sendoh said, holding Rukawa supportively. He then turned to Koshino "I'm sorry, Kosh…I can't come with you now. Maybe some other time"

"Ok…I understand"

"No, Akira" Rukawa pulled himself away "I'm fine, you can go to your appointment"

"But Kaede, you're tired…and…"

"No…Akira" Rukawa insisted "you go to your appointment…besides, Haruko won't be late today…she'll be home any minute…please go. This is very important to you and me"

Sendoh looked at Rukawa for a moment and then sighed in defeat…"ok…if you insist…but promise me to go straight to bed and have a good sleep"

"Ok…I promise" Rukawa smiled.

"Come…I'll walk you to the apartment" With that the three friends went down from the roof.


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