Summary :Soul Eater runs from Death City because of the black blood that is slowly grating his mind, as he is leaving Death City, he saves a child from a Kishin, only to die himself, he wakes up as the Spirit of Hallow, only for MiM to make him a Guardian! "Dammit... This is so not cool." FrostXSoul. YAOI.

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Chapter 1 : Flee.

Soul 'Eater' Evans- though he never said his last name, simply Eater, was a Scythe weapon and Death Scythe,with very spiky white hair that's mostly held back by a black headband, three thick locks of hair stick out from under it, he has crimson eyes, slightly pale skin and shark like teeth.

He wears black blazer like jacker over a pale orange top, light brown trousers and black shoes. Overall, he was a pretty 'cool' guy, Soul was rather detached, very headstrong and stubborn, plays piano - albeit people may not have enjoyed the beautiful discord in his playing, referred a lot of things as 'cool' or 'uncool', was aloof with almost all people he came into contact with.

But Soul was a very loyal person, a genius with very strict judgement and had a great sense of awareness, usually remarkably calm and composed no matter how dire the situation is and had an impressively deep insight on various situations and people. He was often seen noticing important points that no one else had thought of, he had very set rules for himself, one of which was that as the weapon it was his job to protect his Meister.

Right now, Soul Eater was sitting in his room, clutching his hair as he thought deeply.

'Maka would kill me for even thinking it, so would the others probably, but I don't really have a choice, do I?' Soul thought to himself despairingly, 'I'm slowly goin' insane anyway, I'm gonna be dangerous, and hurting other people isn't cool' Soul sighed, reaching to his desk to grasp the framed picture of his friends.

Maka and him were in the middle, she had 'Maka-chopped' him for being lazy and he was holding his head leaning away from her as she shouted at him, slightly turned away from the camera as her moss green eyes glared at him.

Black*Star and Tsubaki were to the right, Black*Star facing the camera with his hands on his hips and his head tossed back in egotistical laughter as Tsubaki nervously tried calming him down.

Crona was slightly behind Maka and Black*Star, clutching himself as he wailed that he couldn't handle having his picture taken as Ragnarok, the demon sword being leered over his head, rearing a fist back to punch Crona in the pink haired head.

Death the Kidd, Patty and Liz were to the right of them, Kidd was screaming as he covered his golden eyes, looking through his fingers in horror as he was muttering about how asymmetrical he was, Patty was slightly hunched over clutching her stomach with one arm as she pointed at him with the other, laughing hysterically at his OCD spurt, Liz was leant slightly over herself, a disgruntled expression on her face as she watched the chaos around her.

Soul sighed. 'I don't want to leave this behind, so I'll take it with me..' Sliding the picture out of the frame he folded it carefully and placed it into his back pocket. he also took the scythe necklace Maka had gotten him for Christmas a few years back, putting it on he looked around, then taking Blair's pumpkin charm that she gave him and clicking it onto the chain necklace along next to the scythe.

He opened the window next to his messily made bed, a note paper clipped to a thin blanket that lays crumpled over the black quilt, Soul climbed out of the window, carefully making his way down, dropping down at a safe distance from the ground in a dark alley, he stared up at the crazily grinning crescent moon.

"This is it." He muttered, shoving his hands into the deep pockets of his jacket, walking swiftly down the empty streets of Death City, only to turn towards another alley as a child screamed, then there was malicious laughter. "Dammit, that's a bad sign.." He muttered, running down the alley to see a cowering black haired girl who looked around the age of five with a Kishin with black skin, a wolfish red eyed face with blades for fingers that were on very long arms.

"Hey, Kishin" Soul materialized a long black and red curved scythe blade from his lower right arm as he stepped towards it. "Pick on someone half your size, you mutt." He grunted, taunting the kishin who lurched around to hiss at him, only to stop short as his head was cleaved off its shoulders by Soul's blade.

"Too slow." Soul sighed, picking up the remains, a red soul which fit in Souls hand, he raised it by the wiggling red wisp on top of it, going "aaah" as he dropped it into his mouth, gulping it down he slurped up the drool that hung from his mouth, he walked towards the girl, who was shivering in the shadow of the alley.

"Hey it's alright, get going home, it's nearly midnight." Soul admonished lazily, slouching naturally, he watched the child look up at him, starting to run down the alleyway to his home, only to be pushed to the ground by Soul as a very fast Kishin suddenly appeared in order to strike its claws into the child, only for the claws to sink into Soul's back instead.

"Hey..." Soul coughed as the child gaped and shuddered in shock as he leaned over her. "Run, it's not cool for- " He coughed up blood, that was stained almost black. "A guy like me to save ya..." Cough. "And you to die too." He finished, slouching as pain numbed him, the child got to its feet, running as fast as it could while Soul gripped the kishin's claws tightly, preventing it from going after the child as its claws were stuck in him.

Soul's vision slowly went dark, as he saw the child disappear from his sight.

'I went out without hurting any of my friends... that's cool...' He thought sluggishly, as cold death swept over him.

The moon however, seemed to grin slightly wider as it fixed its gaze upon Soul Eater Evans' kishin shrieked in pain as it seemed to shatter into pieces, leaving a red soul floating lazily behind.

Soul woke hours later, inside his Soul Room, the eerie room and the Little Ogre was tutting almost exasperatedly, as Soul's eyes opened to meet with the ogre's very pale yellowish green ones.

"You've really done it now Soul." The ogre admonished wildly, throwing his very large hands up in the air. "You got us killed! Well, almost..." the ogre laughed dementedly, grinning impossibly wide. "But now... I can torment you for the rest of eternity!" it cheered psychotically, dancing on its heels.

"What to you mean the rest of eternity?!" Soul growled as he straightened up, glaring as the ogre walked towards the piano, tapping a few keys that resonated low notes, sending electric up Soul's spine.

"Your immortal! But you can't stay here... If you embrace your madness you'll be indestructible, you could be the strongest immortal out there, you could kill whatever you wanted with a finger!" The ogre had lapsed back into coaxing Soul into accepting the black blood again, causing Soul to narrow his eyes in irritation.

He then stood up, putting his hands into his trouser pockets, looking at the ogre as it walked towards him tauntingly, before saying coolly.

"I'll never accept madness, you know I won't, so why bother asking every time I'm here?!"soul growled at him, turning away from the demon that tormented his mind.

"i always hope you have changed your mind." The ogre said simply, clapping its hands together and grinning at Soul's back.

Soul walked over the the piano, sitting down at the cushioned chair, he tapped keys in a small repetitive rhythm at the bottom of the keys.

"That wont ever happen." Soul said firmly. Turning away from the keyboard to the demon. "So SHUT UP ABOUT IT!" He roared, baring his shark-like teeth at the stunned little demon.

It looked at him for a minute in silence, before letting out a exasperated sigh. "Fine, fine, for now. Soul Eater." It said maliciously, opening the large door into the darkness, stepping into it.

Soul grumbled, he sat there alone, thinking about what had happened. 'I died, but that stupid little demon said I'm immortal.. it can't lie... I guess I'll go see Lord Death, one last time.'

Soul woke up, groaning in discomfort as his back ached from sleeping against the uncomfortable brick walls for hours.

Getting up he dusted himself off, noting calmly that the tears in his clothes had been mended, and he felt a lot stronger. He made his way sneakily towards the DWMA, thoughts rushing through his head. 'It's around three in the morning... didn't really stay dead for long did I?' he thought after glancing up at the moon.

The moon seemed to fix its eyes on him, a shiver ran down his spine as a soft, but powerful voice breathed into his ears.

"Soul Eater Evans... Spirit of Courage, Music, and Death, you are very powerful, use it well." The voice said, he shuddered, what did it mean? Powerful? Yeah, he was a Death Scythe, but that was not what it meant, Soul walked down the corridors, making his way quickly to the Death Room.

As soon as he came into the room Death's voice called him, sounding rather serious and uncharacteristically authoritative.

"Soul, you died." He said as Soul came to a stop behind him, Death was turned away from him, peering into his mirror, looking at Soul who stood behind him inside of it. "You were chosen by the Man in the Moon to become an Immortal, you are strangely more powerful than alot of them, I wonder.. is that because of the black blood? Or that you are a Death Scythe?" Lord Death contemplated, twisting to look at Soul, who was staring at him calmly.

"What is going to happen now?" Soul asked him, looking up into the mask of the God of Death, "This 'Moon Guy' said I was the 'Spirit of Courage, Music and Death'." The Death God perked up in surprise, his seriousness forgotten.

"Oh really?" His voice was now goofy, and Souls sweat dropped. "That's interesting, I guess that's going to be fun. But Soul... You need to know something." Lord Death started, sobering slightly, his voice not as goofy as before. "Normal humans won't be able to see, touch or hear you, you are a spirit now. BUT!" he said as he saw Soul's eyes dull with sadness, slouching more. "Meisters and their weapons have much more perception than normal humans, so Maka and the rest will still see you hahahaha!" Soul looked at him in irritation.

"You could have said that earlier." He grumbled. running a hand through his spiky white hair that swept to one side at the back, looking at Lord Death's cartoon-ish hands slapped together.

"I could have, couldn't I?" Death hummed goofily, a smile in his voice, "But nevermind, you will have to find out what you can do, hmmm? What's an Immortal without their abilities! You will still have the Death Scythe abilities and black blood, you will still be hunting kishin, right?" at Souls nod, he continued "You should travel!" He finished, pointing a rectangular white finger at him.

"Hm?" Soul grunted, tilting his head in thought. "I guess I could, I wonder if-" The sound of a door slamming open and Maka screeching 'LORD DEATH! SOULS GONE MISSING!' made Soul stop and bury his face in his hands.

"So not cool..." He groaned, using his verbal tic as Maka, in all her sandy blonde hair that was tied into pigtails and Maka-chopping glory stormed into view,worry and frustration creasing her brows and narrowing her eyes.

"Lord Death! Soul is ..." She trailed off, staring at Soul slouched with his hands in his trousers, with Lord Death looking at her, hands clapped together, worry made way for anger, frustration turning into irritation as Maka glared darkly at Soul. "You! SOUL EATER EVANS!- " Soul nearly winced at his last name. " are SO STUPID! 'Sorry Maka, but I can't stay, I might hurt you or the others, that isn't cool for a guy like me to do. So I have to leave. Goodbye, Soul.'! Did you even THINK that we could help you, that we could defend ourselves against the black blood you IDIOT!" Maka cried, on the verge of tears as she yelled at him.

"MAKA-CHOP! THATS FOR WORRYING ME! MAKA-CHOP! THATS FOR WORRYING THE OTHERS! MAKA-CHOP! THATS FOR MAKING ME RUN ALL THE WAY TO LORD DEATH FOR NOTHING! MAAKAAAAAAAAA-CHOOOOP! THATS FOR BEING AN IDIOT!" She raged, pulling a thick dictionary out of Maka-knows-where and slamming it down into his head a total of 4 skull-crushing times. "Why are you so...frustrating!" Maka sobbed, tears rolling down her face as the others walked in as well.

"I..Maka... I'm sorry." Soul finished lamely, pulling her towards him gently, wrapping her in a brotherly embrace. "I just thought, I didn't want you guys see me slowly descend into madness..." He sighed, looking down at Maka's shaking shoulders as she cried into the crook of his neck.

"Dude, you didn't need to do that." Black*Star said, unusually sombre, locking him with a concerned stare, Tsubaki nodded gently, clasping her hands together in front of her.

Kidd , Liz and Patty were looking at him with varying expressions, Kidd was looking at him with a half-hearted glare, Liz with crossed arms and a soft stare, Patty was smiling at him, looking glad that Maka found him before he could disappear from Death City.

"Guys, I still have to leave... But for a different reason." Soul reassured as Maka stepped back to lecture him, at the confused eyes he gained he smirked slightly, jabbing his thumb towards himself. " I died, got killed by a kishin saving a kid." Maka's breath hitched, Black*Star looked down-trodden but confused.

"But how are you THERE-" He pointed at Soul. "If you are dead? Are you like, Sid or something?" He said stupidly, Soul laughed slightly, shaking his head.

"I got brought back to life, as an Immortal. told me I was the spirit of Death, Courage and Music, the only reason you guys can see me is because weapons and meisters are a lot more perceptive to souls that normal humans from kishin hunting, yeah?" Soul glanced at Death, who nodded sagely.

"So... I'm going to travel, I'll visit frequently and all that, but I want to find out my purpose, and abilities, and I guess I'll be hunting Kishin too." Soul nodded. "Yeah.."

They seemed resigned, but nodded, Maka squared her shoulders, punching him in the arm.

"You visit frequently Soul!" Maka's eyes softened, grinning slightly."Your the coolest weapon I'll ever have had, Soul." she finished hoarsely.

"Hey, don't count me out so soon, If your in a pinch just call me, I still have my cellphone y'know, just cause I'm immortal now does not mean I'm just going to stop calling!" Soul laughed, grinning toothily at them all.

They left, all reluctantly, Black*Star hugged him tightly, whispering 'Good Luck, bro.' and Maka walking very slowly behind everyone else, glancing back at Soul as if he was going to change his mind, and stay.

Soul waved , as soon as Maka left, he sighed, looking almost dejected.

I guess its the start of an interesting journey.

Lets hope it goes alright.

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