Okay, I've been reading through my chapters and I have realized.

I don't like how I have written it.

So this is me saying that I will be rewriting the whole story, this will be labeled Rewritten and Completed, so I can keep a track of the improvements and stuff.

Cause yeah I don't want to serve you a fast made McDonalds when I can serve you a gourmet full course meal that will take a lot longer to make but will generally be more appealing and taste better.

And for those of you who didn't get that, I am just saying that I rather not rush out chapters when I can take my time and make them the best I can and get rid of the bad writing and decisions I made in the first edition of this story.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I just don't feel satisfied with the way I am portraying this story.

Okay, thank you for all of your reviews, favorites and follows, and I hope you read the rewritten story too.