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Chapter 10: The Halloween Masquerade Ball

Practically sprinting to the Great Hall with excitement, Hermione found herself curious about her partner for the ball...

I hope he's intelligent...

Upon arrival, they all stood in a line, and were then partnered, by Professor Sprout. Hermione greeted her partner politely, as they set off to the drinks table. The Head's had managed to get The Weird Sisters as their main band, along with some other local performers. Hagrid's pumpkin's added the perfect touch, along with the rest of the scenery. It looked amazing – and so did the students.

'Students! I would like to announce that the ball has officially started! All students leading up to fifth year are to be off to bed at ten o'clock, please! I would like to take a moment to congratulate everyone who had to do with the planning of tonight! It looks spectacular. Also, Mr. Filch will be checking everything at the drinks table! Students – sneaking in Firewhiskey, or any other muggle alcohol substances, is severely punishable. Last but not least, the ball was arranged with the idea of house unity in mind. Thus, no students are allowed to reveal themselves to each other, until after the ball! There are spells in place to prohibit you from introducing yourselves to your partners, until after midnight. Enjoy!' And with that, Headmistress McGonagall walked off, to join Professor Flitwick at the snack table.

'Sooo... You're in your seventh year?' Her partner asked.

'You could say that. I'm one of the war heros, back to repeat my seventh year.' Hermione replied.

'Very interesting! I'm here for the repeat of my seventh year too. I guess that eliminates a couple of people.' He answered, laughing.

His laugh sounds so familiar! Maybe he's in Gryffindor.

'I guess so. Do you like the band?' Hermione decided to ask, since she saw him eyeing them with apprehension.

'I do, actually, I grew up with classical music, but they're great for dancing. Care to dance?' He asked.

Well, he can be pureblood, half-blood, or muggle-born, but he's such a gentleman!

'I'd like that, thanks.' And with that, they set off towards the dance floor.

The evening was quite enjoyable for all the students, with great entertainment, food, drinks, and company. Hermione's partner was impeccable – offering her drinks at appropriate times, listening to what she had to say, making jokes, and best of all... Not stepping on her toes!

As the last dance came to an end, Hermione (out of breath), said "Thank you for the lovely evening! I had a lot of fun. We can probably take our masks off now...'

'Thank you, my fellow student. I had a nice time, too. And yes... On three?'


'One... Two... Three!'

Taking her mask off, Hermione gasped.



'But... You were so nice! And I actually had a decent time, and-'

'Don't worry, Granger, I'm shocked myself. Perhaps we should go to our common room now? The majority of students are leaving.'

Feeling slightly rejected that he wanted to escape her presence so quickly, she simply said 'Uhm, yes, okay.'

Frowing, he walked away, without waiting for her. She walked after him, at her own pace, deep in thought.

Once they were in their common room, he turned back to her.

'Thanks, Granger.' And with a quick kiss on her cheek, he turned and left.

Speechless, red as a tomato, and shocked beyond belief, Hermione managed to mumble 'Goodnight', just as his door swung shut.

The next morning, Hermione was up at 6. She had slept peacefully, to her greatest surprise, but she wanted to get to classes before Draco was up.

So what? He hates me, then has a good time, then he's mortified when he realizes it's me, then he kisses me? And since when is he "Draco", Hermione?

Draco on the other hand, didn't feel like going to classes at all. He didn't know what he was feeling, why he was feeling that way, or how he happened to be feeling that way.

I actually had a really nice time... she has such a nice laugh. Woah, STOP. We're not even friends... she's probably so mad at me...

Alas, the day trudged on, and finally Hermione finished her last class. Fleeing to the common room, she rushed in and...

'Hey 'Mione.'


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