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The sun broke through the gap in the curtains of Hiccup Haddock's room early on Thursday morning. The light splashed across the pale green walls and over the face of the sleeping teen, resting right over his eyes and rousing him from his slumber. As he sat up in his bed he took a good look around his bedroom. His gaze shifted to his desk, crowded with school papers, clothes, and other miscellaneous items, then over to the mirror on his dresser. His room was by no means big, but it was decently sized considering it was in the cramped condo he lived in with his father.

The 19 year old finally stood from his bed and nearly stumbled over his own two feet several times as he made his way to the bathroom. When he finally arrived, he clung to the sink like his life depended on it as he stared into the mirror.

"This is definitely the worst day of the week," Hiccup said to his reflection as he fumbled for his toothbrush. While he hated most days he had to wake up early to get to classes at New York University, he hated Thursdays the most because he had to be there 8am to 8pm. At least he could look forward to his two favourite courses today: Northern European History and History of Organized Crime. An odd combination of interests to most, but not that it mattered.

Hiccup didn't have any friends. He had his father to thank for that. Ever since Hiccup had come out to his father (and to this day he still wasn't sure WHY he had), Stoick had been on his case. Hiccup found out the hard way that Stoick was homophobic, so any guy Hiccup would try to be around would be scared off by his father, and the same with any girls because since Hiccup didn't want to be with one romantically, he shouldn't be with them at all. Hiccup tried keeping secret friends, but Stoick would just use his connections down at the police station and find out, so Hiccup just stopped trying. He had a feeling that if his mother was still around she would be a lot more understanding.

Hiccup finished up in the bathroom before heading back to his room, throwing on his favourite green shirt and a pair of blue jeans before heading to the kitchen. Not a very far trek considering the apartment was only around 800 square feet. The door to his bedroom, his father's bedroom, and the bathroom were in a little section just off the living room which was attached to the kitchen. Hiccup's room was the only room in the condo that had been painted. Every other wall was still the same plain white from when they bought the place. And Hiccup's room was only painted because he did it himself.

There was a time back when Hiccup's mother was alive where they had lived in a nice house on Long Island. It wasn't huge, but a comfortable size for the three of them. After she passed Stoick moved them into the condo, claiming it was because he didn't want to live in the house where his wife had died anymore. Hiccup knew that was completely untrue, that his father just wanted the money for his "after work activities".

When Hiccup walked into the kitchen he saw his father sitting at the table reading the morning paper. To say Stoick was a large man would be an understatement. The man was over seven feet tall and 400 pounds. And that was mostly muscle too, which made it even easier to scare off Hiccup's attempts at friends. You know, in case his position at the police department wasn't enough.

"Morning dad," Hiccup said, a little lacklustre knowing that he probably wouldn't get a coherent response. His suspicions were confirmed when all he got back was a grumble. While normally their morning conversation ended there, Hiccup decided to take another step that morning.

"So I was thinking I would take the subway to school today," Hiccup started as he poured his favourite cereal into a bowl.

"Absolutely not," Stoick said in response, not even looking up from his newspaper.

"Why?" Hiccup asked, reaching for the milk in the fridge. "It would be faster than having Gobber drive me with all the traffic."

"Wouldn't be safe for someone like you," was all Hiccup got in response. Now to some that may seem slightly like concern for their child, but Hiccup knew it as the thinly veiled insult it was. But not wanting to start an argument again, he let the subject drop.

They sat in silence for the next several minutes, the only sound being the crunching of Hiccup's cereal as he chewed and the sounds of the city outside their window. It was Stoick who finally broke the silence.

"I'm going to work now, I won't be back until late, Gobber will be waiting for you downstairs soon."

"You're going to be late again?" Hiccup asked as his father reached for his hat. "Why is it today?"

"Work, like always. The members of the Fire Breathers gang aren't going to catch themselves you know," Stoick replied, half out the front door.

"Liar," Hiccup mumbled after he was sure his father was out of earshot. He knew what his father did after work every day. At first Hiccup had been naïve, thinking it actually was work. But then one day back before he had come out but after his mom had died (a time when they actually had an okay relationship for a while), Hiccup had gone into the station to surprise his father with his favourite doughnuts, only to find that he had been gone for hours. Another cop at the station that didn't know it was a secret from Hiccup told him that Stoick had gone out with a few other officers like he did most days after his shift. Hiccup tried not to think about it because it just made him upset.

It only took Hiccup a few more minutes to finish off his bowl of cereal. He placed his bowl in the sink for later and grabbed his knapsack before heading out the door. After locking it, he turned down the hallway towards the elevators. It never ceased to confuse Hiccup as to why a fourty story building only had two elevators. However, seeing as he was on the twenty-seventh of fourty floors, he could generally get into the first elevator that came, but it would be crowded at this hour. Sure enough when the elevator came he managed to just barely squeeze himself in, but even though it was full it still stopped at every other floor on the way down with other people trying to get on. It was going to be a long morning.

When Hiccup finally got down to the lobby with everyone else in the elevator, he walked with the herd across the lobby and out the front doors. He immediately started searching for the car that was going to give him a lift to school. After a moment of searching the countless cars and attempting to look over the numerous pedestrians' heads, he finally saw Gobber pull up to the curb in the all black 2002 Lincoln Continental. Hiccup had to admit, sometimes the fact that Stoick made a smack-ton of money as the NYPD's head detective had its benefits. The car came in quite useful sometimes. This was not one of them however, as the subway really would be faster. Fortunately Hiccup didn't mind the driver.

"So, another lovely morning conversation with your father I assume?" Gobber asked in his thick accent after navigating away from the curb. Gobber was also a large man, but not quite as tall as Stoick. That was probably a good thing or he may not have been able to fit comfortably into the car for long periods of time. He had blonde hair, but he was balding at the top and had a mustache so long you could strangle him with it. That is, if you could get close enough to him without him knocking you off your feet with his strength.

"Yeah, it was real interesting," Hiccup responded, his voice laced with sarcasm. "He told me he was going to be working late again tonight. I'm assuming that means the usual tonight for him then?"

"You know I can't answer that, Hiccup," Gobber said. And Hiccup knew he was right. Gobber didn't want to lose his job, and that meant following orders and not telling Hiccup of Stoick's "travels". It was also why Hiccup actually took the car each morning instead of sneaking onto the subway; if his dad found out he would probably fire Gobber. Hiccup couldn't be responsible for that.

"Yeah, yeah," Hiccup said as he stared out the window, watching himself get nowhere fast in Manhattan traffic. He had started following a pedestrian with his eyes to see if she would beat them to the next intersection.

"So, today you have your Northern European History class, right?" This simple question perked Hiccup right up.

"Yeah, it's my first class."

"You should be acing that course, it is your bloodline you know."

"Just because I have a Scandinavian background doesn't mean I know the whole history, Gobber," Hiccup replied, smirking. Gobber had the same background as Hiccup and his parents, and he was quite proud of his background. It was actually Gobber that got Hiccup interested in his background and history.

"Well then start paying better attention in class!" Gobber said chuckling. "At least that's more relevant than that other course you're so interested in. The criminals one or whatever that is."

"A History of Organized Crime," Hiccup corrected, "and it's actually quite interesting. Studying mobs and gangs and stuff like that. It's cool."

"Ah," Gobber scoffed, "when are you ever going to use that?"

"Well I'd like to point out that it is kind of what my father is doing at work. We are actually studying the Fire Breathers gang a little. And besides, it's definitely more useful than the Northern European History class," Hiccup stated.

"Bah, you don't know what you're talking about, one day you'll see. You'll see that you should have taken even more courses on your history rather than this silly mob junk. Knowing the history could win you a million dollars or something! Or someone may challenge you to a trivia honour contest!"

"I'll take my chances," Hiccup replied dryly. They sat in silence for a few more minutes, Gobber focusing on weaving through the traffic, before he finally had to come to another full stop at West 4th Street. Hiccup finally realized why the traffic had been especially bad today; there was an accident at Broadway and West 3rd Street. Hiccup decided this was as good a time as any to take his leave. "You can just let me off here, I can walk it."

"Are you sure? We are at the wrong end of campus for your first class."

"Yeah, it's okay. Besides," Hiccup started as he opened the door, "my class starts in five minutes. I know I can walk the distance in five minutes. With this traffic I am highly doubtful you can drive it in that amount of time. Besides, we wouldn't want me missing a minute of history, would we?"

Hiccup didn't even give Gobber a chance to answer. He just gave him a wink, slammed the door, and ran off through the heart of campus. At least Hiccup had his classes and Gobber to keep his life interesting.

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