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Hiccup awoke to a loud bang the next morning. He immediately scrambled to get up, but he forgot about his damaged leg. Immediately after moving it, he regretted it. The pain that his slumber had so mercifully numbed returned with a vengeance and Hiccup grasped at his leg, seething in pain.

He was momentarily distracted once more when he heard several subsequent, albeit quieter bangs. The first bang he hadn't recognized, but the repetitive bangs were unmistakably gunfire. Then it hit him; Toothless was here to get him. Or at least he hoped that was the case, or he was just a sitting duck.

After what Hiccup estimated to be approximately five minutes, the bangs stopped. Hiccup's heart started to race. What was happening? Had Toothless beat RD? Would he be able to get him out of here? Was he injured? His train of thought was interrupted when he heard someone coming down the stairs. He silently sent up a prayer to every god he could think of that it would be Toothless walking down the stairs. What was seconds felt like hours as Hiccup waited for someone to round the corner. When Hiccup saw who it was, his heart dropped. It was RD, limping but coming for him nonetheless.

RD made his way to the entrance of the cell and unlocked the door. He then pulled out his gun and pointed it directly at Hiccup. Hiccup thought for sure that he was going to pull the trigger, but he didn't.

"You. Upstairs. Now," he seethed, breathing heavy and laboured.

Hiccup obeyed wordlessly, trying not to show off just how much pain he was actually in whenever he put any type of weight on his left leg. Going up the stairs took a little longer than expected, but RD was never pushy as he was hindered by his own injury as well. Hiccup hadn't seen the wound, but he could only assume it was a bullet to the leg.

When they got to the top the bookcase was open, and the first thing Hiccup saw was Toothless. He was injured, had several cuts on his body, and was tied down to a chair, but it was Toothless and he was there. Pain tossed to the wind, Hiccup ran up to Toothless and immediately wrapped him in a massive, slightly awkward hug.

"Toothless, oh my gods, are you ok?" Hiccup didn't know why he asked that, the answer was obviously no, but it just felt like the right thing to say at the time. Before Toothless had a chance to answer however Hiccup had already planted a kiss on his lips.

It ended when RD came up behind Hiccup, grabbed his shirt, and pulled him off of Toothless. Hiccup could hear Toothless' angry growl at being forcibly pulled apart, but there wasn't much he could do. Maintaining his grasp, RD forced Hiccup to stand a few feet in front of Toothless and look at him.

"You were my best, Toothless," RD said, his grip on Hiccup's shirt tightening. "I had such high hopes for you. You were always so tough, ruthless, unforgiving! Then you had to go and let this one turn you soft. I can't have people under my employment becoming soft."

"Nothing about my work has changed," Toothless responded, and as he did so, Hiccup flinched. His voice was pained, even more so than immediately after he had returned home with the knife wound. He wanted to run up to Toothless and do whatever he could to make him feel better, but he was immediately reminded of the hand on his shirt as it jerked.

Hiccup stumbled for just a moment, but before he could recover the hand that had released his shirt was now on his neck, blocking off his oxygen supply. His eyes immediately shifted upwards and his hands flew to his neck, trying to pry off the offending appendages. As Hiccup gasped for breath he heard Toothless shift in his chair, struggling to get up but halted by his bindings, and RD continue talking.

"Yet here you are, attempting to kill me. I can't have threats like you in my operation, and you need to be punished for attempting something like this. So here's what's going to happen. I'm going to kill Hiccup here while you watch, and then I'm going to kill you."

Hiccup immediately stopped squirming and struggling, the words registering with his brain. He wanted to believe that Toothless would save him, that some miracle would occur and Toothless would save the day and both of their lives, but Hiccup couldn't foresee any possible way out of this.

"No!" Toothless screamed, attempting to jump forward once again. "Don't hurt him! If you're going to kill anyone, just kill me and spare him. He's done nothing."

"Tooth…less…" Hiccup choked out, using nearly the rest of the oxygen that had remained in his lungs. As he spoke, a tear started to roll down his cheek.

"No such luck," RD said with a smile that could only be described as evil.

Hiccup closed his eyes as the rest of his oxygen was forced from his lungs and the sound of a gunshot rang in his ears.

Hiccup felt himself fall to the ground with a thud and seethed in pain. He had landed funny on his leg, exacerbating the still severe pain. However, the fact that he could feel the pain meant that he was still alive. He was wondering if maybe he was dead, just having an out of body experience and watching the rest of the scene play out. However, when he heard two new voices bickering he figured that the less than likely scenario was not playing out. As he tried to focus on the new voices, he heard a thud behind him. Glancing back, he watched RD fall over, a clean bullet hole to the forehead. Glancing forward once more, he saw Barf and Belch were the two voices arguing, and they were untying Toothless.

"You're aim was way off," Barf claimed, waving one hand in the air.

"What are you talking about? It was clearly my shot that hit him!" responded Belch.

"You wish."

"Don't need to; I know."

"You're delusional."

"And you're just plain wrong."

"Guys!" Toothless finally interjected, setting their attention back to the ropes currently restraining him. As soon as they showed any type of slack, Toothless tore them off himself and ran over to Hiccup.

"Toothless," Hiccup smiled as he threw his arms around Toothless' neck when he kneeled down to his level. Toothless didn't even respond before he pressed his lips to Hiccup's in a quick, needy kiss. He pulled away when the twins started to whistle however.

"Hiccup, oh my gods what did he do to you?" Toothless asked, eyes immediately settling on Hiccup's clearly injured leg. It was a multitude of different colours, bent the wrong way at the ankle, and extremely swollen.

"It's ok, it's just my leg and I'm not in that much pain any more" Hiccup lied, but Toothless would have none of that.

"This is my fault," Toothless said softly, eyes downcast. "If I would have just stayed away from you from the start this never would have happened…."

Hiccup interrupted Toothless with another kiss, before saying, "Shush, this was not your fault. And if you would have stayed away I would never have been as happy as I am with you." Toothless smiled a little, but Belch spoke up before anyone else could say anything.

"Hey, Toothless, we REALLY should be getting out of here." Toothless' smile dropped and he donned a serious look.

"Right," he said as he stood up and picked up Hiccup bridal style. Together with Barf and Belch they walked out of the office and down the stairs. Hiccup tried to avert his eyes, but he couldn't help but see at least a dozen people lying dead on the floor as they walked. To him they may have been nameless, but they were special to someone, and now they were dead.

Hiccup didn't dwell on the thought much longer as when they arrived outside, he was greeted by everyone else. Stormfly with Astrid and another blonde girl he assumed to be Camicazi from Toothless' stories, Meatlug with Fishlegs, Ruff and Tuff, and Hookfang with a guy Hiccup actually didn't recognize. He would ask Toothless about them later.

When everyone saw them coming out safe, they all gave a nod and started back into their cars, driving off one by one. Hiccup, still being carried, was brought over to the black Lincoln where he was carefully placed in the front seat. Toothless walked around to the driver's side and as they took off, the conversation restarted.

"Alright, first thing's first. We are getting you to a hospital. But we just have to do one thing first." Hiccup was about to ask what he meant by that, but as they were half way back to the main road he saw everyone from before stopped and out of their cars, facing them. Toothless pulled over as well and stepped out, but did not turn off the car. Looking back to see what everyone was looking at, he suddenly heard a beep. A second later, the sky was alight with a massive fireball, rising towards the sky from where the farmhouse used to be. They all watched the inferno for just a moment before getting back into their cars and starting to drive once more.

As Toothless got back in and they continued on, Hiccup said nothing. He did, however, hear Toothless mumble, "The end of an era."

Toothless drove a little faster (and more recklessly) than Hiccup would have liked to the hospital, but he understood that he was worried. Plus it probably was for the best that he arrived sooner rather than later.

Toothless found a spot as soon as he pulled into the hospital, and as soon as the car was stopped he ran around to help Hiccup out of the car. Immediately picking him up again, Hiccup blushed a little as Toothless walked him into the hospital. It wasn't busy considering they were in a smaller town outside of New York (they decided they shouldn't go all the way back to the city before they got Hiccup to a hospital) and it was an off hour, so Hiccup got in to see a doctor immediately. Toothless had wanted to stay with him, but he knew that he had to fill out the required paperwork. Fortunately Toothless knew Hiccup had insurance and had taken his card, which he gave to the nurse at the desk. He didn't know how Hiccup afforded it over the years while only receiving an allowance from Stoick, but clearly he had his priorities straight.

When Toothless was finally done with the paperwork almost thirty minutes later he was told where he could find Hiccup and walked through the doors. They had put Hiccup in a room, and that concerned Toothless at first. It was just a broken leg, wasn't it? Toothless glanced at the doors of passing rooms as he walked towards where Hiccup would be. Some rooms had their doors open and he could see people in beds surrounded by family, some were alone, some were sleeping, and some doors were completely closed. The hallway was deserted as Toothless walked, and he picked up the pace until he reached Hiccup's door. Pausing for just a moment in front of the closed door, Toothless reached for the handle only to have the door open before he could reach it.

"Oh, hello Toothless," a voice said. As Toothless looked up, he realized it was none other than the doctor from unit 2402.

"Doctor? I didn't realize you worked out of this hospital now."

"I don't generally. But this hospital is affiliated with mine and they needed some extra doctors for a few days. It may not look like it but this place is actually pretty busy right now. Relatively speaking of course."

"Ah. But how is Hiccup? Is he ok?" The doctor paused for a moment before responding, and it put Toothless a little on edge.

"Perhaps he should tell you himself." Now Toothless was very unsettled. He raced past the doctor and into the room, stopping when he saw Hiccup lying on the bed in a semi-upright position. He was looking at the remote that reclined the bed and had a saddened look on his face that put Toothless in an even worse mood.

"Hiccup?" Toothless said in a small voice, barely audible.

"Toothless," Hiccup smiled ever so slightly as he looked up at the man. Toothless walked over to the bed and hugged Hiccup. As soon as he pulled away, he just had to ask.

"So, what's the diagnosis?" Toothless asked. As he did so, he watched Hiccup's smile fall once more. "It's just a broken leg, isn't it?"

"Well it is, but that's not the whole story. The bone and the leg are so badly damaged that they'll need to," Hiccup started before he paused, not sure how to say the next part.

"Need to what?" Toothless encouraged, needing to know but not liking the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that had been worsening over the last few moments.

"They'll need to amputate my left leg just below the knee." Toothless immediately wrapped Hiccup in another hug.

"Hiccup, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault." Toothless said, a tear running down his cheek.

"Shush," Hiccup said immediately. "This was RD's fault and no one else's. Now let's move on. I've scheduled the surgery, and they've put me in for tomorrow. I have painkillers until then, and my insurance will cover the surgery and a wheelchair."

"No, no wheelchair. We'll get you a prosthetic." When Hiccup looked like he was about to argue, but Toothless continued. "I'll pay for that since the insurance won't. It's the least I can do."

They finally pulled back from their hug, and Hiccup's stomach let out a massive grumble. Both men looked down, and then started laughing. Hiccup hadn't realized just how long it had been since he'd last eaten.

"Alright, I'll go look for something to eat, you stay put. Got it?" Toothless asked, already heading to the door.

"I'm not going anywhere," Hiccup responded, lying back down in the bed. He listened to the soft click of the door as it closed, and slowly shut his eyes while awaiting Toothless' return.

Thirty seconds later, he heard the door open again and his eyes opened.

"Wow, that was," Hiccup started before he cut himself off. It wasn't Toothless walking back in, but Gobber.

"Hello, Hiccup. Staying out of trouble I see?"

"Gobber, how did you…"

"Your insurance card was swiped. I tracked it." Hiccup had forgotten he had given Gobber access to his insurance card information just in case.

"But why?"

"Because your father worries about you Hiccup."

"I don't believe that."

"Then because I worry about you Hiccup. You had such a promising future, and now what have you become?"

"You make it sound like I've become someone different Gobber."

"Well you have. You're injured in a hospital and a few days back you left the scene of a murder with a gun in hand. You're telling me that before any of this happened, before you met Toothless, that you would have done any of this?"

"Maybe not, but I'm happy Gobber."

"Really, you're happy losing a leg?"

"You know what I meant. I'm happy with my new life."

"But what is this happiness costing you? And those closest to you?"

"Before all this I had no one close to me," Hiccup spat. Gobber flinched ever so slightly before he responded.

"I'm sorry you think that way Hiccup. I'll head out then. Just please, please be careful going forward. You only get one life. I have faith that you can make the right choices. Don't make me wrong." With that, Gobber left the room before Hiccup could say anything else.

Hiccup was left alone with his thoughts for the next several minutes. He couldn't get what Gobber had said out of his head. He didn't believe that his father was really concerned about him, but he did realize that Gobber cared about him more than he had originally thought.

His thought process was interrupted there as Toothless returned with some food from the cafeteria. They ate mostly in silence, but neither of them minded. When they had finished, the side effects of the painkillers kicked in and Hiccup started to get drowsy. Slowly but surely Hiccup fell asleep in his bed, and Toothless in his chair.

The next day was a blur for Hiccup. He woke up when the doctor came into the room to get him prepped for the surgery. Toothless stayed with him as long as he could, but once he was being wheeled into the operating room there wasn't anything else he could do. He was given the anesthetic and was under in a matter of seconds.

When he woke up, he was back in his hospital room, Toothless pacing back and forth at the bottom of his bed. Hiccup shifted a little, and the rustling of the sheets was sufficient to alert Toothless to his consciousness.

"Hey, how you feeling?"

Hiccup tried to speak, but his throat was dry and it came out as a cough. He started to reach for the water on his bedside table but Toothless beat him to it. After greedily swallowing the entire glass in three gulps, he was able to answer.

"I could be worse." Hiccup glanced down at the bed at that point, taking note of how there was only one bump for his foot. Lifting the covers, he looked down at his left leg and internally flinched. He made sure to keep it in as he knew Toothless would feel even worse.

Before him was half of his former leg, cut off just below the knee and bandaged. The bandages were stained a dark crimson, and Hiccup had to resist the urge to touch them. When he looked up he noticed Toothless had stepped out. He wondered why but he understood when Toothless walked back in with a doctor in tow.

"Good to see you're awake," the doctor smiled as his eyes skimmed the chart at the foot of Hiccup's bed. "How are you feeling?"

"A little groggy and there is still some pain in my leg."

"Well that's all pretty normal. So Hiccup, here's what's going to happen now. We would like to keep you in the hospital for a few more days for observation and to make sure everything goes smoothly, but you are free to leave after tomorrow if you so desire. Tomorrow we will get you fitted for a prosthetic, but you'll be mostly in a wheelchair for a few weeks. When you do get the prosthetic though you'll need to take it easy when using it at first. Any questions?"

Hiccup's brain felt like it was mildly overloaded with all this new information added on top of the grogginess, so he just responded with, "Not that I can think of right now."

"Alright then. If you can think of any don't hesitate to ask. I know that this can be a lot to take in but the more information you have the better." The doctor then proceeded to take out a pad of paper and scribble something on two of the sheets. Handing them to Toothless, he explained. "These are for when you decide to leave. One is a prescription for painkillers, and the other is a referral to an excellent physiotherapy place." With that, the doctor left Toothless and Hiccup alone.

Glancing down at the papers he had been given, Toothless recognized the referral to the physiotherapy place. He had heard about it but having been injured a few times himself over the years, he knew of a place that he thought was better.

"I know a better physio place than this," Toothless said offhandedly.

"Toothless, I'm not sure if my insurance…"

"Forget your insurance," Toothless said definitively. "I'm only going to allow the best of the best for you, and if that means I have to pay extra for it, then so be it."

"Thank you Toothless," Hiccup said, a genuine smile gracing his face. Toothless just smiled, mind wandering to making all the appointments he would have to make for Hiccup's prosthetic and physiotherapy.

Days passed, and Toothless never left Hiccup's side for longer than necessary. He even had one meeting with the rest of the gang leaders but he had arranged it in the hospital meeting room so that he wouldn't have to be too far away. Gobber never came back for another visit, but Hiccup was sure he was watching in his own way.

When the day came for Hiccup to leave the hospital, they were both ecstatic. Both were yearning for privacy and the comfort of their own beds, a luxury one does not appreciate until it's gone.

Hiccup had been forced to leave the hospital in a wheelchair, seeing as his prosthetic would take at least a few days to be made. Fortunately it was no problem for now as Toothless pushed Hiccup's chair and the hallways and elevator in their building were sufficiently wide. The only problem arose within the unit at the stairs to ascend to the bedrooms. Hiccup was going to say something but was silenced as Toothless gingerly picked him up bridal style and started to carry him up the stairs.

Hiccup was about to say something once more, but something else caught his eye and silenced him. On the floor in the hall was a piece of cloth, and upon closer inspection he saw it was a tie. Glancing further down the hall Hiccup's eyes also spied a hastily discarded suit jacket and belt.

Toothless immediately turned into Hiccup's room and set him down on the bed. This time it was Hiccup that cut Toothless off.

"Why was there a suit sprawled all out over the floor?"

"What?" Toothless asked, mildly perplexed, but then it dawned on him. "Oh. When you texted I was at Joe's funeral. I ran home to grab my gun and change into something a little more appropriate for the impending confrontation."

"Wait, who's Joe?"

"No one you know," Toothless replied, a little too quickly. Hiccup's eyes narrowed as he examined Toothless' face, looking for Toothless' giveaway. Sure enough, Toothless' eyes shifted in just the way that Hiccup knew meant he was lying.

"Bull. Tell me the truth Toothless."

Toothless sighed. He hated how Hiccup knew his tell, and no matter how hard he tried to control it he just couldn't sometimes.

"Joe was the convenience store owner." Toothless looked at Hiccup to gauge his reaction. He was really hoping Hiccup would stop his questions there, so that he wouldn't have to explain that Joe had had a wife and several children. Granted Toothless had made sure they would be taken care of, but he didn't want Hiccup to feel any guiltier than he had to.

"Oh," was all Hiccup said, eyes downcast. He realized that he really should have let Toothless keep that little secret. The guilt from that night started to creep up on him again, even though he did it to save Toothless. He needed a change of subject and fast. "So what were you going to say before I asked?"

"I was going to tell you that, well, during the meetings I had while you were in the hospital, I was chosen to take over RD's position in the gang." When Toothless had finished saying this, he immediately looked away. He knew exactly what Hiccup was going to say and unfortunately, there was more.

"Well then you can just leave can't you? You said you don't like doing this, so you can just let someone else take over!" Hiccup said with excitement.

"That's the thing, I kind of can't."

This only served to confuse Hiccup. Perhaps he didn't know enough about the nuances of the mob. "Why not?"

"Do you remember that guy at the farmhouse that was standing with Hookfang? I'm not sure if you've met him yet; his name is Snotlout. He thinks Hookfang should have taken over, but I can't in good conscious leave the mob in his hands. I fear he may go power crazy like RD did. I would leave it to Stormfly if anyone, but I fear I may be leaving them to an internal war. And who knows, Hookfang may even get mad and come after us. I just can't risk that. I did try to get the others to consider breaking up the gang, breaking up the territory, but this set up, this way things are run, it's all they've ever known. They feel like they can't leave it."

Hiccup murmured in understanding. So the mob would survive. He didn't know why he had momentarily thought that maybe it would all come to an end, that Toothless and he would live a peaceful life together, but if Toothless were the leader maybe things would be better. Or at least he hoped. But as he was lost in his thoughts, a previous conversation he had had with Toothless came to the front of his mind and he just had to ask.

"Toothless, how did you organize everyone to come and help? I thought you said you were worried if you went to the others that one of them would stay loyal to RD and tip him off."

"Well I was worried, but the fact that you were in danger as more important. They seemed to like you so I appealed to that fact. I actually learned they all have backstories of their own, we just never knew about them. We all had a little bit of a hatred for RD that we all never showed for the same reason. If you think about it it was you that brought us all a little bit closer together and helped us finally get rid of RD. I'm just sorry it cost you so much." Toothless shifted his gaze away once more, but Hiccup grabbed his chin and forced him to look at him once more.

"Hey, don't you go feeling bad for me. It was a price to pay, but look at the peace there can be now." When Toothless lifted an eyebrow, Hiccup added, "You know what I mean." As Hiccup pulled Toothless into a hug, he could only imagine a brighter future for them.

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