It was a warm Saturday evening; the second Saturday of their first term, when the Head Boy and Girl had rounds together. Their duties included going around the school at night, turning out couples from broom cupboards, and handing out detentions to anyone who was out of bed after hours. Lily despised the days that she had duties with the so called cocky "Greek God" James. "That arrogant prat," she thought to herself, as she went to meet him outside the Great Hall.

James was whistling in a carefree manner, and greeted her with, "Oi Evans, think we'll catch any couples in broom closets today? If we weren't Heads, I would have loved to show you what I am capable of doing in a closet with you..." he trailed off with a wink. Lily caught herself blushing, and mentally scolded herself. "What is it, Evans?" said James smirked. "You've gone red as a tomato! It couldn't be something I said... Or is it?" said James suggestively. "Oh shut up Potter. That's none of your business." snapped Lily. He really got on her nerves and she decided to ignored him as he wriggled his eyebrows. They were near the courtyard now, when they passed a closet and heard muffled moans. James opened the door and cleared his throat. "Well, who do we have here? Michelle Davis and Andy Cameron from... Ravenclaw isn't it? What are you two doing out of bed? Get back to your dormitories at once. And you both will have detention for two weeks." said Lily in a firm authoritative voice. "Don't forget to button your shirt Michelle," added James sweetly.

Lily waited till they were well out of earshot and wondered aloud, "What do people even do in broom cupboards? I will never for the life of me understand."James whispered seductively, "Maybe you would understand if I showed you?" Lily hated being told she didn't know something. "Show me, then I might.", she growled. She realized her mistake when she saw the spark flare in James' eyes. Her heart began to beat faster. "Merlin Lily, you are flirting with him!" she chided herself. James took curled his hand around her waist and pulled her into the broom closet making sure that the door was shut. Then he leaned in and whispered "Are you ready for this Evans?" "Oh, what the hell. There is no backing out now." Lily thought to herself and responded by closing the few inches with a kiss on his lips.

Once. Twice. The third time it became frantic, searching. James tightened his hold on her waist, and Lily pulled on his hair and brought him closer to her. She felt her head explode with all the firework and heat. Nothing mattered to Lily at that moment, except him. Finally she broke off, gasping for breath and said, "I never knew you were so good. If I had thought our dates would have ended like this, I would have said yes ages ago," "Really Evans? Why don't you prove it then? Will you go out with me?" asked James enthusiastically. "Of course I will James! Oh yes I will..." and at that moment Lily knew that James was the love of her life.