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Ch. 1

High up in the sky over the city of New York, above the clouds an immortal city was in silence save for the quiet whispers of nymphs and nature spirits, along with some of the minor gods and goddesses.

They were whispering about what was happening inside the throne room at that very moment.

A young demigod, only sixteen years of age stood before the immortal Olympian Council. Accused of committing treason against said gods and trying to bring about the downfall of Olympus.

The whispers were not about the demigod in question though.

No, the other immortals of the city spoke of another demigod. One who faced the same charges just a decade earlier. One who had risen above all others and achieved things no demigod should ever be able to achieve. He saved the rule of the gods not once but twice in less than five years.

His reward?

Accusations of treason against the gods from his supposed immortal family and a number of his so-called friends.

His punishment?

Eternity in Tartarus.

Or so they thought.

The whispers were about the actions of the gods and the fact that no one, outside of the council believed Percy Jackson would have ever conspired against Olympus, the place he risked his life countless times to protect.

But led by the spiteful goddess Athena, the verdict was unanimous. Even his own father agreed he was a traitor and a threat to the gods' rule.

Now it appeared the gods were trying to snuff out another powerful demigod before he could reach the status and level of power Percy Jackson achieved.

Inside the throne room, the gods and demigods had given their 'testimonies' and accounts of how the boy had betrayed them.

Zeus stood from his throne with master bolt in hand.

"Jacob, son of Hades, you have been convicted of treason against the gods. Your punishment shall be eternity in Tartarus. Any last words?"

The boy looked up, the betrayal and hurt from watching his friends and supposed family stab him in the back were gone from his features. Instead, he stared at the lord of the sky defiantly.

"Perhaps I won't be the one to give it but soon you shall all get what is coming to you. You create demigods, force them to live horrible lives, and then when they get even the slightest bit powerful, you cast them into Tartarus like the weak and pathetic cowards you are. First Percy Jackson and now me. One day Zeus and one day soon, you shall have to own up to your sins and they will rip you apart piece by painful piece. You want my last words? Fuck you!"

Zeus' eyes widened before he hurled his master bolt at the demigod, illuminating the room from the explosion.

When the light faded, all that was left was a charred piece of marble where the boy had been standing.

"Good riddance." Athena sneered from her throne.

Before anyone else could comment, lightning flashed and thunder crackled across the sky, louder and brighter than anything Zeus could create in his wildest dreams.

The Olympians were frozen until Apollo stood from his throne, only to collapse on the floor of the throne room.

Artemis jumped to her feet to check on him when Apollo's eyes lit up bright white. He spoke but the voice was not his. Nor was it that of his oracle. This voice was deep and the mere tone of it sent shivers down the spines of every single person in the throne room.

"The seal has been broken. The betrayed one shall rise. His bride and companions shall spread their wrath across the earth. They shall avenge the sins committed against them and no god shall be their equal."

The room was in silence.

Apollo's eyes dimmed and his body relaxed. He slowly stood up as everyone's eyes were on him.

"What was that!" Zeus bellowed.

Apollo slowly shook his head, "I have no idea. That was not the oracle. I was conscious the entire time but was simply an observer from my own body. Never before have I felt so much power. Whatever it was felt like it could have ripped my soul my body with little more than thought."

The Olympians were taken aback. Their faces were stark white with fear. No one spoke for a full minute before Athena asked the question they were all thinking.

"Who is this betrayed one?"

The Olympians looked between each other but none dared to venture a guess. No Olympian dared to speak. The only response came from the hearth where a small girl sat poking at the coals of the fire.

"He is back. If we are lucky, he will only do to us what we did to him." Hestia said softly, a lone tear falling down her face when she did.

"What? Who is it?" Zeus demanded.

Hestia turned to look at her brother, a look of hatred and disgust in her fiery red eyes.

"It should be obvious brother. Percy Jackson will be the one to end us once and for all. The only reason we are still here will be the reason we fall."


In the heart of San Francisco, a small tremor began in the middle of one of the main roads. Soon the tremor began to grow, shaking the ground and cracking the pavement. The quake intensified, shaking the entire city to its foundations. Buildings began to crumble and the citizens were in a panic as they raced around looking for safety.

At the heart of the earthquake, the pavement split in two as a large crevice opened.

Out of this crevice, a lone figure rose. It was clearly a male. His hair was dark as his eyes were closed. As the being rose from the earth, people began to scramble away in horror.

When it was fully emerged from the earth, a wisp of black smoke solidified into a small girl whose evil grin looked downright horrifying on her childlike face.

The man's eyes snapped open. They were milky white, completely.

"Lilith." The man spoke.

The small girl smiled, "Perseus."

The man's eyes flickered into a sea green color, making him look like any other human male. He was around 21 years old and his build was sturdy.

"Where is the family?" Lilith asked with a slight smirk.

Perseus grinned, "Gathering some friends. It is our first trip topside since our deaths and it seemed rude not to bring a gift with us."

"We are closer. Soon we will open the remaining seals needed and the horsemen shall descend as our Lord rises and takes dominion over this world." Lilith announced.

Perseus nodded, "Indeed. I have some things to attend to in the meantime. Family to see again and old friends to greet."

Line Break

A group of girls in silver parkas and silver combat boots trekked their way through the wilderness of Oregon. They were searching for the cause of the devastation in San Francisco a week earlier. Thousands had died and more were injured trying to escape the massacre.

What it was that attacked, they couldn't get the same answer from any two witnesses.

They had little to go on other than the path of death that carved its way away from the city.

As they marched, their leader froze in her tracks. Sitting on a low branch in a tree in front of her was a figure she thought she would never lay eyes upon again. She gave her hunters the signal to wait as she cautiously walked forward. When she was ten feet away, she stopped.

"Zoë?" She asked still unsure.

The girl looked up and grinned.

"My lady," she replied in an almost mocking tone.

Artemis didn't seem to catch her tone as she walked closer. Before she reached her, another figure stepped out from behind the tree. A figure that sent shivers down the normally fearless goddess' spine.


Percy grinned, "Ah, I see you finally caught up. Well, not really. We've been waiting for you for a while now."

Artemis' bow appeared in her hand, "How are you here?" She demanded.

Percy raised an eyebrow, "All thanks to you and the other gods of course. Banishing yet another innocent demigod to Tartarus was the only thing that could free me. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long thanks to how cowardly you gods truly are."

By this time, the rest of the hunters were standing behind their mistress.

A girl with a silver tiara on her head looked at Percy in shock, "Impossible." She gasped before another huntress cut off any chance to say more.

"Watch your tone boy. No one speaks to her like that." A huntress sneered.

Perseus' eyes snapped to the huntress.

"Phoebe right? Well Phoebe, I'm really not a fan of that tone. I do believe an apology is in order here."

Phoebe's eyes narrowed as she pulled out her bow and notched an arrow, "Speak again and I'll end your return to the world of the living right now."

Perseus grinned, "Speak."

Phoebe fired an arrow but Perseus raised a hand, stopping the arrow in mid-flight before shaking his head in mock pity.

"Bad decision." He chuckled before his eyes flashed white. "You always were a cold-hearted bitch. How about I warm you up a bit?" He said snapping his fingers.

Black fire engulfed Phoebe's body as she let out and blood curdling scream. Other hunters tried to help her but nothing hindered the flames as she fell to the ground screaming and writhing in agony as she burned alive. When her screaming finally stopped, Artemis turned to Percy is shock and horror.

"I promise you the worst punishment imaginable boy. Zoë get away from that monster right now."

No one had noticed the amusement in Zoë's eyes as she watched one of her former sisters be burned alive.

"No, I think you are confused here Artemis. Percy here is my husband. He rescued me from the depths of Tartarus and brought me to our new home, the place that Phoebe is enjoying the hospitality of right now." Zoë said in an amused tone.

Artemis looked ready to pass out from all the shock. She had millions of questions running through her mind before she asked the one at the top of it.

"Tartarus? I put you in the sky."

Zoë smirked, "You did but your father cast my soul into Tartarus. What did he say again? Oh yes, a Titan does not deserve the honor of being placed among the stars."

Artemis' jaw dropped, "No, he wouldn't do that. That is wrong."

Zoë's amused expression vanished, "Are you truly that blind? As blind as I was following you for all those years."

Hurt flashed through the goddesses' silver eyes before they turned angry, "And you think Jackson is better? Look at him, he is a monster!"

Zoë smiled sadistically, "Monster? Close, but no. He is not human anymore so half-credit for the goddess, no gold star for you. But then again, I'm no longer human or Titan or whatever either. We are now much better off."

Artemis' eyes widened as Zoë's eyes flashed to the same white as Percy's had.

"Ah, finally seeing things clearly goddess?" Zoë asked. "Perhaps I should change that."

Artemis raised her bow, "I will cast both of you back in Tartarus."

Zoë glanced at Percy who grinned and nodded.

Zoë jumped of her branch as the goddess fired an arrow. Zoë knocked it away with a flick of her wrist before she waved her hand as the goddess was thrown into a nearby tree and stuck rooted against it.

Before the hunters could react, Percy flicked his wrist sending them flying backwards.

Zoë stopped right in front of the goddess.

"Don't worry my lady, we aren't going to kill you, yet. Today, you get to pass the message on to your family. We are coming and soon you will all be begging for forgiveness." She said before getting right up in the goddess' face. "And I promise we will not give it."

Artemis glared back defiantly at her former best friend, "I promise, next time I see you and Jackson, you will suffer for this."

Zoë's smile sent a chill through the goddess' body.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to make sure you never see us again." She whispered before pressing her thumbs against each of the goddess' eyes.

Artemis screamed in agony while Zoë just laughed. After a minute, she pulled her thumbs back revealing the charred eyes of the goddess.

"See, now you won't ever see us again. Bye my lady!" Zoë said cheerfully as she walked back to Percy only to be pulled into a highly inappropriate kiss.

When he pulled back, he grinned, "You look so hot when you get all vengeful." He said before turning to a crying Artemis as she reached around blindly for something to grab onto.

"Remember to pass the message along Artemis. And send my dad my best. I'll see him soon." Percy said chuckling at the goddess groping for something to help her get her bearings.

Artemis' head snapped in his direction. She began to glow, hoping to take her true from and kill Percy and Zoë but Percy just laughed and flicked his wrist, slamming her back into the tree again.

"Better luck next time goddess."

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