Well, I doubt anyone following this wants to hear it but I've lost my interest in this story. I'm not going to lay down any excuses other than I honestly don't feel like writing it. I'm sure some people may be disappointed and I'm sorry about that but if I tried to write it, it wouldn't be worth a damn. I dunno, just kind of fell out of this one. Right now I'm just focusing on Lost and Found and Seven Kingdoms. Timeless Warrior is also not going anywhere but since a lot of people seem to like this story, I thought I'd offer it to anyone who wants it.

Again, sorry folks but maybe someone else will finish what I couldn't.

Next chapter of Seven Kingdoms is done and Lost and Found almost done. I'm going to release them at the same time... I guess just cuz I feel like it.

Well if you want this, let me know. Basically first come first serve but I'll warn you, I don't have the chapters saved... If you find my account of Archive of Our Own, you can copy and paste from there.

Thanks for following and I'm sorry for the disappointing end...

Thank you to Phoenix Warehouse Productions for pointing something out to me. I will not be deleting this story. Perhaps one day I will want to return to it so I will keep it up if nothing more than so I don't lose the work put in. I will also update if someone else uploads their version. Again, I'm sorry but I don't want to lie to you guys, you're awesome.

ALSO: For those wondering, after Rick releases Blood of Olympus and I have a chance to read it... like 5 times... I am beginning the LAST (people ask if its the last a lot) installment of my destinies series. I'm actually chomping at the bit to start it as I miss writing that Percy.