Chap. 1

West City lies in ruins. Only a few buildings are left standing. Most of it is in shambles and the small amount of remaining people lie in hiding. They cower from the evil that has taken everything form them. The evil of two androids. A man and a woman by the numbers 17 and 18. These two for the last three years have single handedly destroyed one city after another. Taking down any force that stands against them… Even the Z warriors. Krillin, Tien, Vegeta, Yamcha, and even Piccolo were defeated.

One warrior has survived, but not to his pleasure. The boy, Gohan, has fought hard over the years, but for each tier of power he reaches the androids knock him down a peg. Today is not any different. In super Saiyan form, Gohan is pushed back by the woman, Eighteen. She has been keeping him on his toes as she hits his defenses with bone crushing blows upon bone crushing blows. The man, Seventeen, sits atop rubble and watches as if he was bored.

Gohan is barely able to stand, his hair flickers, his eyes blurry, but he refuses to let up. 18 fixes her hair as she crosses her arms. "You know kid, there's no shame in giving up you know."

Gohan, through blurred vision and bloodied teeth, replies with fire, "Never… I'll never give up…"

18 chuckles at him, "How cute." With lightning quick speeds she plants a hard fist into his solar plexus, lifting his breathless form into the air.

Gohan gasps and time seems to slow. He leaves 18's fist as he raises slightly into the air. He looks up and his face is met with a powerful kick that sends him flying through the air and into one of the last standing buildings. The building crumbles and Gohan lands in a crater of debris.

His breaths are labored and heavy. His body is bruised and broken. His pride shattered he fights back tears as the androids land in front of him. It starts to rain. Lightning and Thunder crawl through the sky as 17 slowly walks over to Gohan.

Gohan struggles to do something, but is too broken to do anything. His light fades, as he reverts back. 17 gets to him and crouches low. With a gentle gesture 17 turns Gohan over to face him. Gohan begins to lose consciousness, but 17 keeps him awake.

"Oh hey, hey, hey… Don't die on us now. We aren't done with you." 17 said cruelly, as if it were just a game.

Gohan begins to breakdown, "Why… Why don't you just… Just kill me…"

17 and 18 both chuckle, "Oh you small, simple child. You see… You're too much fun for us. I mean, you're not the strongest thing in the world, but you're more durable than these humans. But I guess that's just your Saiyan blood. Too bad your daddy died before we got to fight him. But we'll settle for you."

"Especially since we made the mistake of killing all of your friends." 18 chimed in.

17 nodded as he looked back at Gohan. "So in closing… We'll see you in six weeks. Heal up good for us." 17 said as he stood up from his position. He walked back over to 18, "Come on sis. I think it's time we retreat for the evening. Maybe we'll find a volcano to set off."

17 took to the sky. 18 looked back at Gohan once more. He stared at her with a hatred, and she could almost feel his burn. She left and Gohan was once again alone in the cold rain that felt good on his busted body. His tears disguised by the rain as he let loose. He kept himself awake, his anger flowing through him. He gritted his bloodied teeth and roared into the sky. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed around him. He finished roaring and passed out.

Everything went silent. Gohan blacked out.

The rain had let up. The sun shined through the clouds and a burst of light appeared. From the light a peculiar looking device formed. A tall yellow device, with a giant black 3 on its side, and a glass bubble on the top. From this device an elderly gentleman floated out. His hair was long and white with a light tint of lavender to it. His beard was the same, and he had a cane with him. His clothes were white and resembled that of Saiyan armor, but with loose sleeves and a Jedi like skirt.

The man looked around the area. His voice was gruff as he spoke to himself, "Well Trunks… Here we go again… For the last time." He closed his eyes and stayed still. His eyes opened wide, "Gohan."

Trunks collapsed his machine and takes to the sky. He flies quite quickly into the ruined city. Searching for Gohan he lands where Gohans crushed body lies. Trunks leaned down and places a hand on Gohans chest.

Gohans heartbeat is slow, and his breaths light. "This is not good. This should help." Trunks transferred some power into Gohans body.

Gohan regains consciousness, though not by much. He looks at the old man, "Who are you?"

"That's not important right now. What is, is that we get you to safety. I've given you some energy to keep you alive." Trunks informed Gohan.

Gohan just nods as he passes out. Trunks lifted Gohan from the crater and looked around. "I am… Midtown." He says to himself, figuring out where he was. Taking flight, Trunks moves Gohan to safety.

A few hours pass, the sounds of the storms lie in the distance. Gohan awakens in the dark of a ruined building. His head and body throb in pain. The clanging of what sounds like a spoon in a pot attracts his attention as he slowly turns his head.

The old man who rescued him was cooking something on what seemed like a stove. Confused Gohan looks around the room, trying to figure out where exactly he was. "We are in the old Capsule Corp building. Do not worry, the owners have not lived here for some time, and it's no target to the androids." Trunks informed.

Gohan slowly got up from the bed he was laying on. Gripping his ribs he slowly makes his way to Trunks. "How did you know about this place? Who are you?" Gohan asked finding a spot to sit.

Trunks looked at Gohan and chuckled, "Everyone knows about the great Capsule Corp. It's not like it's a secret. As for who I am… Well you can call me Trunkten." Trunks extended his hand.

Gohan looked at the old mans face. It rang a bell of familiarity to him, but it did not seem mistrusting. Gohan smiled and shook Trunks's hand. "Gohan. My name is Son Gohan."

Trunks smiled, "Pleasure. Now, you've been badly damaged and need to eat. I can only imagine the hunger you are facing."

Gohan gave a pained chuckle, "I doubt that very much."

"Oh?" Trunks asked. "How so?"

"You see… I'm not actually a human. I come from a alien race of fighters known as the-"

"Saiyans. Oh yes, I know." Trunks butted in.

Gohan looked stunned, "But… How could you-"

"Gohan, in all your years of life, how do you think someone would know? What types of people know about Saiyans?" Trunks asked.

"Well those who are Saiyans, and those who are relatively close to Saiyans." Gohan answered.

"So which one am I?" Trunks asked.

Gohan studied Trunks and sensed for his power level. His eyes widened slightly at what he felt. "Your power… It's enormous. You're a Saiyan?"

Trunks smirked, "I am. Well…"

Gohan, "Well what?"

Trunks shook his head, "That's an answer for another day. Come now eat. We have work to do starting tomorrow."

"What kind of work?" Gohan asked as he was handed a dish.

"Work to destroy the androids of course." Trunks replied.

Gohan nearly spat out the food in his mouth, "How? I'm too busted up and will not be ready for like six weeks."

"With these." Trunks pulled a bag from his shirt and shook it. The contents of the bag rattled and Gohans eye lit up.

"Senzus?" Gohan asked trying to contain his excitement.

"Yes. Senzu." Trunks smiled. Gohan tried to take the bag, but Trunks pulled away. "Not yet. You haven't eaten in a long time, and I doubt have had very much rest. So eat, and sleep. Tomorrow morning you can have one."

Gohan was feeling frustrated, "That makes no sense! If you give me one now we can take the androids by surprise and end this nightmare!"

Trunks shook his head, "It's not that simple. By that logic you assume that surprise will kill the androids. This is not true. Trust me."

Gohan was even more frustrated, "Trust you!? I don't even know you! You gave me your name, you're obviously a Saiyan, and you know how to defeat the androids! None of those have any clear definition to them… minus your name. How do you know the androids? Are you from Vegeta? Or are you a half-breed like me?"

Trunks chuckled, "I'll answer those questions in due time my young friend. But for now you must trust my judgment and relax. We have quite a long bit of time ahead of us."

Gohan opened his mouth to speak, but the searing pain from being angry cause him to sit back down and eat. Soon after they ate Trunks and Gohan went to sleep. And though Gohan hated to do so, he slept comfortably for the first time in a little over a year.

The sun of the next morning flooded the room in which Gohan and Trunks slept. The warmth hit Trunks first waking him up. He got up slowly, put back on his white armor and woke up Gohan. His first mistake was letting the teenage boy sleep. His second was poking him with his cane.

Gohan reacting to the threat immediately transformed into Super Saiyan and flung himself at Trunks. Trunks masterfully dodged and let Gohan crash into a wall. Gohan knew that exerting himself was a bad idea, and transforming was even worse, but he believed to be in danger.

Trunks walked over the debris and stood over Gohan. "Are we finished?"

Gohan looked at him, "Sorry Trunkten… I am not used to having a wake up call."

Trunks smiled, "Well here, take this and heal up. We have work to do." Trunks said as he handed Gohan a senzu bean. The boy ate it up, and with a few pops and an incredible sigh of relief Gohan felt like never before.

"This is wonderful! I feel as supercharged as ever! Ha ha!" Gohan did a backflip into the air.

"Yes, I'm sure you do. Now come. We need an open area to train in." Trunks said leading the way out.

So I hope you guys like this story. I have some great ideas on how to continue it. But yeah. I hope it's enjoyable to all of you readers out there.