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Chapter 14 – Finale

Cell remains floating in the debris of Earth. Rage flowing from his very soul. "How could this be?! Where did they go?!" He looks around the void of space. He notices the planets far and near. "They must be somewhere… I'll just destroy everything in my path till I find them!"

He flies to the closest planet and begins his destruction. From the other realm, Goku and the gang watch from the Kais orb. Goku looks back to Kibitoshin, "Have they gathered them yet?"

Shin shakes his head, "Not yet. But soon."

Gohan watches in terror and sadness as the universe slowly starts becoming nothing but rubble. He grits his teeth, flaring his power. Videl reaches over and places her hand on his, "I know. But with your power we'll stop this."

Gohan calms down. Goku sits back and meditates. Gohan stands up, "We need a plan. How will we lure him here?"

Old Kai shrugs his shoulders, "Can't. Not unless he can travel planes of existence. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll blow himself up."

Goku opens his eyes in realization. "He might not, but we can!" Everyone looks at Goku in confusion. "Shin, when they have the dragon balls make these three wishes. Restore full power and strength to us. Bring Cell to us. And finally restore Earth."

Shin nods, but Old Kai interjects. "In case you have forgotten, the Nameks can only restore one thing at a time. Restoring Earth will only bring the planet back. We'll need to wait a whole Namek year before you can bring anyone back!" This statement darkens the mood.

Goku chuckles, "Not if we have our own set of Dragon Balls."

Gohan looks at his father, "But Piccolo is gone. Kami is too. We have no dragon balls."

Goku smiles nice and wide, "That is why Shin will go to Namek and pick us up a new Guardian." There is a collective 'What?!' from the group. "It's easy, they have more than just one skilled guardian. Surely if we can get one to recreate the dragon balls we can get at least the one wish to restore the lives lost and the universe restored."

There's silence amongst the group. Old Kai is the most shocked, "Well… That's not a terrible plan… But what about the spirit bomb? How're we supposed to contact the universe?"

"You're a kai. Do the thing!" Goku responds.

Old Kai sits back defeated. See he knew, he was just hoping to not get involved. "Fine. Kibitoshin… make haste. And tell us immediately."

Kibitioshin nods as he dissipates into thin air. Goku turns back to Gohan and Videl, "OK guys, I have one more thing I have to do. Gohan, prepare yourself. Find us a wide-open location for us to battle. Luckily that wont be too hard, but we need to be a way from Old Kai and Videl."

Videl looked confused, "What do you mean? I'm fighting too. That's not negotiable." She was fired up.

Goku shakes his head, "You misunderstand. You'll get the chance, but as our last line. Old Kai will need protection while he convinces the universe to join our cause. If by chance Cell tries to kill the Old man we need you to get him safe." Goku smiles at her warmly.

She exhales slightly frustrated, "Fine."

"Good." Goku responds, "I'll be back as soon as possible." He puts his fingers to his head and disappears.

Gohan, Videl and the Old Kai are left. Old Kai shaking his head,"This sucks. I've been back in existence for one day and the universe is on the verge of being destroyed. Well, come on girl. At least I'll have some pretty company with me before I die." He floats away with the orb, "Gohan be ready to tell Shin where to send Cell. It's gonna get nasty."

Gohan nods as Old Kai leaves. Videl turns to him with a hint of worry. He takes her face and meets her eyes, "Don't worry. I think I can beat him."

She shakes her head, "I know. It's just… I'm gonna be sappy, I just don't want to lose you. You mean so much to me. And this last year, as awful as it's been, you and Trunks were my saving grace." She gives him a hug as tight as possible. "Please don't die."

Gohan breaks the hug and holds her chin up. Without words he kisses her. A sweet and simple kiss, that reassured her that he would be okay. He pulls away and flies opposite of her and Kai. She slowly starts flying away, looking back as Gohans image fades from sight.

Gohan finds a clearing and begins stretching. He quiets his mind waiting for someone to reply. A faint voice starts calling out. "Can anyone hear me?" It gets louder and Gohan realizes it's Kibitoshin, "Hello?"

Gohan replies, "Yes I can."

Kibitoshin smiles from his location on New Namek, "Good. The Dragon Balls are ready. Are you?"

Gohan cracks his neck and swings his arms, "Let's do it."

Kibitoshin nods, and looks at the Namekian, "Let's begin."

Cell flies through space, landing on planet after planet looking for his prey. If they weren't there he relentlessly destroyed the planet. His anger was rising as his destruction widened. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" He screams into the void.

In a flash of light he found himself in a new surrounding. There were purple and green mountains. Pink skies, blue trees, and a thin atmosphere. Cell was thrown off guard, "What the hell?" Gohan coughs behind him. Cell whips around, "Who are you?"

Gohan smirks, "I'm the one that's going to kill you."

Cell lets it sink in a moment and starts to laugh hysterically. "You?! Kill me? That's a joke. Who even are you boy? Where's Goku?"

Gohan slowly walks up to Cell, "I'm his son." There's a pause as tension rises in the air.

The two warriors stare each other down. Gohan with an over confident smirk. One that would rival the late great Vegeta. Cell looking unamused reaches for Gohan, "I've had enou-"

Before he could even finish Gohan planted a hard and deep punch into the gut of Cell. The creature was deep in pain, and stunned at the young person causing it. Gohan makes eye contact with Cell before planting another fist into his jaw, spiraling Cells body into the hard mountainside. He slowly starts sitting up as Gohan bounces on his toes, "You were saying?"

Cell gets to his feet, "You arrogant bastard. Fine. If I can't have Goku, I'll deliver your corpse to him instead!" He powers up and soars at Gohan. The two clash, fists and feet flying. Cell being held back as Gohan keeps on his guard.

He waits for an opening in Cells attack and hits him again. This time following him in the air and landing a ki blast into the creatures torso. The blast plants him into the ground as Gohan digs a knee deep into the gut of Cell, causing the new crater to grow even bigger. Gohan hops out of the crater and crosses his arms. "You know… I think I'm too powerful for you now. Everyone was so worried, but I haven't even broken a sweat."

Cell sits up and angrily stares at the boy, "Your arrogance will be your undoing." He spits blood out towards the boy, "I haven't even begun to get serious."

Gohan scratches his head, "Well I guess you had better start, otherwise I'll have you killed before my dad even arrives." Gohan turns away and starts walking.

Cell growls as he floats directly upward, "You dare?"

Gohan turns to him, "You gonna fight or what?"

Cell closes his eyes and exhales, landing in front of Gohan, "You may have caught me off guard with that barrage, but it won't happen a second time."

Gohan smirks, "I hop-"Now it was Gohans turn to be caught in midsentence. Cell had headbutted Gohan off his feet, allowing Cell to grab him by the ankle and fling him into the mountain. As Gohan recovers he's met by Cells' foot smashing him deeper into the mountain. He bounces off of Gohan and sends a high powered Ki blast directly into Gohan pressing him through the rocks to the other side.

Gohan rolls a bit before catching himself. His mouth red with blood as he snarls at the creature who now has the smirk. "Oh I'm sorry…" Cell taunts, "Are you angry now?"

Gohan gets up and yells as he charges his power. Cell grinning with excitement does the same thing as the two clash once more.

Meanwhile Goku is at King Yemmas desk, pleading for his help, "But King Yemma, I really need this warriors body returned. He'll be a great asset in saving our existence."

The Red godlike creature with the fierce Mahogany desk could only shake his head, "I'm sorry Goku. There's just too many souls to go through for me to just pull one out to return his body. I want to help but it would just take too long."

Goku looks defeated, "Oh man what to do?"

He's then tapped on the shoulder by a soul cloud, "Uh Mister… I think I know the spirit you're looking for."

Gokus eyes widened. "You do!"

The cloud shifted in what could only be described as a full body nod. "We pulled him to the front for you."

Goku looked back at King Yemma with giant puppy eyes as the red man sighed, "Fine. Bring him forth."

The clouds parted as one singular one appeared. King Yemma took a giant stamp and with great intent slammed it on the paperwork. With this action Trunks returned to his form with great confusion. "Where am I?"

Goku hugged the old man, "You're dead. But no time to waste Gohan needs our help. We have a plan to kill Buu, so come now!" Goku spoke a million miles a minute before grabbing Trunks by the hand and disappearing.

King Yemma just shook his head, "What a strange man. Next!"

Goku and Trunks arrive on the battlefield. Gohan and Cell were locked in deep and the surrounding area looked desolate. Trunks looks up to the young version of his teacher, and how he did not recognize him. "That's Gohan? His power is so very intense. He's as powerful as Cell…"

Goku looked up, proud of his son, "He's very powerful. The problem is he's not used to it. He'll be burned out in a moments notice. That's where you come in. You can fight Cell. You're power is returned and because you died, it should be even more strong. I am about start a spirit bomb to erase that creature from existence. Old Kai and Videl are starting the process now."

Trunks can only keep his eyes on the battle. His spirit rejuvenated as he grips his cane. "Leave It to me Goku. Let's end this." Trunks transforms into his highest level and takes off.

Goku sets himself in the air and starts summoning the energy. He communicates with the Old Kai, "Let's do this."

Old Kai hears him and nods. He starts contacting all the worlds and systems who can hear him "Beings of the universe, I am Kai. A spiritual being from high above your dimension. It seems we have a horrible evil threatening our entire well being, and has destroyed countless planets in our galaxy. However we have a chance to end this evil once and for all, we need your help. Raise your arms or variable appendages to the sky. Focus your energy and help us to defeat this evil."

Goku focuses his power into creating the spirit ball. It slowly begins to grow, he looks up in cheer, "It's working. The people, they heard it. Keep it up."

The Old Kai nods as he continues his message, gaining the trust of the people to aid in their time of need.

Gohan continues the battle with Cell who seems to have a nonending power. Gohan is caught off guard as Cell snatches him by the throat, "You must be asking how I have so much power? Well you see, the other androids in me have limitless batteries, causing their power to be infinite. Mix that with my ability to grow and you have a perfect being." He slowly clamps down on Gohans throat.

"No!" Trunks yells as he removes Cells arm.

Cell is taken back, "What?! But you're dead…"

Trunks nods, "You're right, and very soon you will be too."

Gohan regains himself as he floats next to his teacher, "I'm glad to see you." Trunks nods and they both focus on Cell.

Cell regrows his arm, "Very well. I killed you once, I can do it again!"

They collide. Gohan and Trunks switching off strategy against Cell pushing the creature back. Trunks distracting Cell enough for Gohan to land heavy hitting blows to knock him down to the ground. Cell rolls over and attempts to get up. Gohan and Trunks land behind him.

Cell starts thinking to himself, "This is not good. These Saiyans are weakening me… But why don't they strike for the Kill..?" He sees a very prominent shadow on the ground. He looks back, wide eyes and all to see Goku, arms raised with the largest energy mass Cell has ever seen. "NO!"

"NOOO!" Cell screams as he flies towards Goku at lightning quick speed. Trunks immediately instant transmissions himself in Cells path stopping him short of Goku, and sending him back to the ground. Trunks immediately follows suit and stabs Cell through the back, pinning him to the ground.

"We end this today." Trunks exclaims as Cell tries to remove the blade holding him to the ground.

Gohan lands right next to Trunks smiling an exhausted smile. He looks over and his face changes to terror. There, standing hostage is Videl. She's covered in a Pink mass.

Cell starts to laugh as he morphs , turning right side up and removing the blade from his stomach now, and knocking Gohan and Trunks back. He motions and Videl flies right for him as she is completely engulfed in the pink substance, molding into the body of Cell.

Gohan cries in anger as he watched the one he loved be absorbed by this horrible creature. Cell Cackles, "Well what will you do now? Didn't know I could move pieces of my body individually now did you? Oh poor Videl, she loved you so dearly. Oh she has a message for you…" Cells voice changes into Videls, "It's ok Gohan. It's not so bad. You should join us." Cell laughs maniacally.

Everyone is stunned in complete defeat. Goku can feel the spirit bomb ready to go. Cell looks at Goku, "I guess you can't use that now. Your sons love will be lost forever."

Trunks grabs his sword and prepares to attack, but Gohan stops him, "Wait." Trunks and Goku look confused, "Let me join her."

"Gohan no!" Trunks interjects, "We are too close. I'm sorry but we can't sacrifice the universe for one girl!" Trunks prepares to attack again as Gohan knocks him back.

"Please." Gohan says, "I can't do this without her."

Trunks looks Gohan in the eye, unsure of what he can do. So he just looks away in sadness. Gohan walks towards Cell as his father screams for him to stop. Cell stares down at his young foe, "It will not be gentle."

Gohan shakes his head, "I don't care."

Cell laughs as his body opens up and snatches Gohan into it. Goku cries out in terror and Trunks can do nothing but feel helpless. Cell returns to normal size, but his power has increased 20 fold. It shakes the very foundation of where they stand as his malicious smile somehow attains higher evil.

Trunks picks up his sword and prepares to face his enemy. Cell looks at him and chuckles, "One last stand, before I kill you all. Everyone will bow to me. Everyone will suffer. And no one will stand in my way!" He starts to cackle. Laughing hard as he brings lighting around him.

Trunks holds steady. A tear runs down his face, "I am sorry Gohan. I failed you. But I cannot let him win." Trunks charges Cell sword at the ready. Cell smirks as he sets himself into a stance, preparing himself to attack. He charges back his fist but as he begins to throw it he drops to the ground in pain. Trunks' sword misses him by a mile.

Cell howls, punching the ground, clutching his abdomen. Trunks and Goku look confused. Cell cries, "NO! This isn't possible." He flies up into the air, his power causing a small hurricane of force. He clutches himself in the air as he battles something internally.

Goku looks up. The spirit bomb is ready. He looks back at Cell, who has a hand coming out of his mouth. He's choking on whatever force is making its way out. Cell can't hold it anymore as he regurgitates Gohan out of his body. In his arms is Videl. Gohan looks at Trunks, "Slice the bastard!"

Without hesitation Trunks dices up cell in a familiar fashion, he looks to Goku, "Do it now!"

Goku nods and with all his might throws the spirit bomb directly at the reforming pieces of Cell. They can't reform fast enough as they are engulfed in the spirit bomb. It's power from the universe overwhelming the very core and essence of Cell, who has the Buu entity in him. In a loud a painful scream he is disintegrated out of existence.

The skies clear as the victors gather around Gohan and Videl. She is very much knocked out and unconscious. Gohan tries to wake her up, "Videl! Videl please!"

Old Kai comes zooming out of thin air, "You did it! I can't believe that actually worked!" He looks at the very worried and very panicked Gohan, "Oh my. Here, allow me." Old Kai places his hand above Videl healing her with his power.

She wakes up in a start. Gasping for air and coughing up gunk. She falls into Gohan and looks up to see his very happy and relieved face. "Did we win?"

Gohan laughs through tears as he holds her close, "Yes. Yes we did."

The crew breathe a very heavy sigh of relief as they sit on the ground and relax a moment. No sooner than they relax Kibitoshin enters their mind, "Judging by the sighs we have won. That's excellent news. Um, I am here on Earth with the Namek Dende. He has recreated the dragon balls as instructed and we actually can make two wishes."

Gohan and party look happy at such news. Kai responds, "Well what are you waiting for? Wish for everything to be undone by Cells actions."

"And the androids!" Gohan chimes in, "I think we can do without them."

Everyone chuckles. Shin replies, "Very well. And what of the second wish?"

"Bring Goku back." Trunks responds. He looks at Gohan, "A boy needs his father."

Gohan smiles at the old man, and then looks to his dad. Shin responds, "Very well. I think we can do that."

Goku and Gohan cheer excitedly as the wishes are made. Trunks loses his halo and takes a heavy breath in. "Man I never thought I'd miss breathing."

Everyone looks to Goku, but he still has his halo. Gohan looks concerned and Goku looks upset, "Hey! What gives?!"

Old Kai groans, "You use the Dragon Balls how many times and you don't know the rules? You died of natural causes. The dragon cannot bring you back."

Gohan looks sad, "You mean I still won't have my father?" He looks away holding back tears.

Goku walks over and puts his hand on his shoulders, "It's OK Gohan. I'll still communicate with. And I'll see what I can do about getting some more days to visit."

Gohan nods as he gives his father a final hug. Videl and Trunks stand at the side as Trunks prepares to leave. Gohan lets go of his father and walks over to Videl. Goku smiles at the girl, "Take care of my boy. And if you see my wife, tell her I miss her. Especially her cooking." Gohan chuckles. Goku looks at Trunks, "Thank you."

Trunks nods as he puts his fingers to his head and phases out.

The crew arrive back on Earth, right outside capsule corps. Gohan chokes back some tears as Videl holds him. Trunks looks around as people start reviving. Even some old faces come back to fruition.

Gohan looks seeing Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha all reappear waking up from a deep slumber. He runs over to Piccolo, "Mr. Piccolo!"

Piccolo looks at the boy, "Gohan?! What happened to you? You're… taller."

Gohan smiles widely, "It's a long story, but we have plenty of time. Come I'd like you to meet my girlfriend."

Gohan introduces Videl to everyone as Trunks walks around, witnessing all those coming back to life. "So who might you be?" A very gruff and intense voice asks him.

Trunks turns around to see his father standing right in front of him, "Just a passing shadow. Helping to change an otherwise bleak future."

Vegeta walks up to Trunks and inspects him, "You're very familiar to me. Did I know you on planet Vegeta?"

Trunks laughs, "Oh no. I'm someone much closer than you think. But if you'll excuse me." Trunks taps his father on the shoulder as he walks past to Gohan. "Gohan, we must speak a moment."

Gohan nods and turns back to Videl, "I'll be back in a moment."

She nods and turns around back to the group. When all of a sudden she hears a loud and excited voice scream her name, "VIDEL!" She whips her head around to see her father, The Great Hercule Satan, charging at her with great intensity. Her eyes well up with tears as she runs to the man jumping into his arms.

Gohan smiles softly as he follows Trunks. Trunks tosses out a capsule with his time machine in it and starts it up. Gohan looks saddened, "So this is good-bye?"

"I'm afraid so Gohan. I taught you all you needed and watched you become the hero you needed to be." Trunks said as he was preparing, "Don't ever stop being what this world needs Gohan. Or what she needs. I'm very proud of you and your accomplishments here. And even prouder to be your student." Trunks turns to the boy, "Thank you Gohan. For one last adventure." He puts his hand out.

Gohan looks at it as he brushes past to give the old man a hug, "Thank you Trunks."

Trunks pats the boy on the back as he breaks the hug. He looks back at the group and smirks. "Well… It seems you have one last surprise waiting for you."

Gohan turns around, and is stunned by what he sees. There amongst his friends is his father. Goku looks back at Gohan and smiles largely. Gohan runs to his dad and gives him another large hug. "But how?"

Goku chuckles, "Turns out Kais aren't immortal but they can transfer their life force into another. So the Old Kai gave me my life back."

Gohans eyes welled up but he was going to stay strong. He looked back towards Trunks, but the old man was already taking off. They made eye contact as Trunks waved good bye. In a stroke of light he was gone. Gohan nodded to the light as he turned back to his father and friends. Videl walked up with her father as they all started congregating into the giant dome building.

Trunks arrives back home in his own time. He's greeted by his family. His children and grandchildren. As he sets foot on the ground his son, who resembles Gohan greets him, "Successful trip?"

Trunks smiles warmly at his son, "Oh yes. Now help me to my room. I need to rest. It is time I do that for once." He jokes. "It is time I finally do that."

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