Why is it that I can't stop writing stories? I swore that my last story, Lost In You ( s/9254751/1/Lost-In-You) would be my last story, but it didn't take long for the writing bug to find me again… I hope you guys enjoy this one, I'm not even sure where this is going, so let's figure it out!

(My dearest readers, this was originally a Naruto fanfic, and I'm sorry for changing it on you all of the sudden, but no Naruto character would accomplish what I needed accomplished in this story.) Anywho, here's a key for all of the characters:

Alfred F. Jones = America

Natalia Arlovskaya= Belarus

Seychelles = Seychelles

Wy = Principality of Wy

Lukas = Norway

Elizabeta Héderváry = Hungary

Gilbert Beilschmidt = Prussia

All that Natalia Arlovskaya wanted when she walked into school on the first day was to have a normal year. She was a junior now, and after all of the misfortunes and mishaps of last year, it would be a great year to be under the radar. She wore a her dad's old, baggy sweater with leggings, her hair sporting pigtails and to top it all off, big bulky glasses.

She had completed her mission thus far, and she decided that it might be nice to go to the first football game of the season later in the evening. She had decided to abandon all of her friends, because there was a chance for drama. But now that she had no boyfriend, or any friends, she felt a lot more free. Lunches were always awkward, with not having any friend and such, but she made the most out of them by eating in a closet that was always unlocked near her locker.

She always ate her peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the dark, nestled in the corner where two of the three metal racks met. The gap was just big enough for Natalia to sneak in and cross her legs comfortably. From this corner, she could also listen to the commotion outside. She practically knew everything about everyone that way, but there was no one to share such gossip with, and no one would listen to her anyway.

While she was going back and forth between going to the game, or not going to the game in her dark closet, she heard someone wriggle the door knob. She hoped that it wasn't the janitor, or a teacher who wanted to cause her trouble for eating in a closet.

But before she could even think up another possibility, the door swung open, and the light poured in unforgivingly, revealing Natalia's presence and the presence of someone else. But as soon as the light appeared, it disappeared. The dirty blonde boy pushed a girl with silky, brown hair into the rack that had buckets and other cleaning supplies. Natalia couldn't believe her eyes, and she couldn't much less make her presence known. She couldn't move, and to top it all off she still had peanut butter and jelly in her sticky fingers, and she couldn't close her mouth.

She tried to make out the faces of the two lovers stuck together in the dark. But as the brunette boy moved to the girl with silky brown hair's neck, she made out the girl's face. It was Elizabeta Héderváry. Natalia pulled her knees up to her chest and pushed up her glasses to try to make out the boy's face.

Things were getting heated between the two lovers, and Natalia was growing more and more uncomfortable, but she needed to see the boy's face. Elizabeta was kneeling before the boy and tugging at his zipper, he moved to press his body to the metal rack and look down at Elizabeta, face flushed. Natalia's mouth hung open even wider when she noticed who it was, it was Alfred F. Jones. He was the school's newest student, and he hadn't been in school for more than a week.

Natalia had to shut her eyes when she realized where Elizabeta's mouth was going. She started to grow even more uncomfortable and nervous at the sound of it, she felt like she was intruding on their personal life. But when in fact, weren't they intruding on her personal life? After all, it was her closet. Not that many people knew that little fact.

Natalia heard the final grunts from Alfred, and she opened her eyes again when she was reassured by the sound of a zipper and the stirring of the two lovers. She saw Elizabeta give Alfred a kiss, and promise to keep this a secret. He told her that he'd see wait inside for a little while longer so that no one would see them together. Elizabeta nodded and slipped out of the room. Natalia scrunched her nose in thought, why would they need to keep this a secret?

Then she remembered something that she had heard in her history class from Wy and Seychelles talking over her. She sat in between the best friends, and they just assumed that she wasn't listening, or that she'd have no one to tell anyway. The latter more true than the former.

"Oh my God! Did you hear the Gilbert and Elizabeta are dating?" Wy had said, disregarding the lesson for the day.

"Oh my God, yes! Aren't they so gross together? She'll cheat on him for sure," Seychelles replied.

If Gilbert and Elizabeta had broken up, Natalia would have heard about it from gossip mongers like Wy and Seychelles. She stifled a gasp, Alfred and Elizabeta couldn't be seen together, because Elizabeta was still with Gilbert!

But Natalia had to give Alfred credit, it was not even a full week that he had been at this school and he was already hooking up with girls in the closet. Natalia scrunched her nose in distaste, this meant that she would have to find a new closet if this was going to be an everyday occurrence.

Alfred checked his cell phone, which dangerously illuminated the room. Natalia prayed that the dark sweater she was wearing would help her blend in. Alfred walked to the door, and reached for the doorknob, then he finally smelled something that he had smelled since he and Elizabeta came into the closet. He turned around and sniffed the air again. He made his way around the room, and Natalia's heart was beating so loud that she was sure he could hear it.

Alfred finally stopped at her corner, and he sniffed the air once again. He kneeled down and squinted his eyes in the dark, looking straight at a cowering Natalia. When Alfred's eyes finally focused on her, he smirked and waved at her. Without saying a word to her, he got up and walked right out.

Natalia let out a long overdue sigh and she wondered what Alfred could have been smelling. She looked in her old beat up messenger bag for something, anything that could have given her away. But as she was searching through the endless papers on her bag, it came to her.

The answer was on her sticky fingers that were smearing the oil of the peanut butter everywhere. She closed her bag and searched around her for her sandwich, when she found it, she stared at it. Could it be that her favorite lunchtime treat had given her away? The answer seemed possible. She stood up and walked out of the closet quickly, then she threw away the traitor sandwich in the nearest trash can. That stupid sandwich had gotten her caught, and this was supposed to be the year that she spent unnoticed.

Natalia finally did decide to go to the football game. She went by herself, and she wore a grey wool sweater with black leggings, so as to blend in. She watched as the cheer team, which she was formally a part of last year, yelled and chanted with the crowd. Part of her missed cheering, while the other part told her that this was what was best, especially after the events of last year. What made all of this even more worse was the fact that she had gotten her backhand spring last year for try outs to make Varsity again, and she didn't even get to show it off.

The cold of the night started to set in. Konoha always had a decent football team, but tonight they weren't doing so well; the defense was sloppy and the offense was indecisive, making for a poor game. Natalia sat at the top of the bleachers, freezing and disappointed in the game. She left when there were two minutes left in the second quarter.

She made her way down through the bleachers and weaved her way through the fans, still holding out for hope. But if there was anything that she learned from cheerleading, it was that the first quarter almost always determined the outcome of the game.

Seeing as all of it was useless, she exited the stadium and started to walk around the fenced side to try to find her car.

Back at the game, it was the marching band's turn to perform. As the marching band was nearing the climax of the music, the crowd burst out laughing and cheering. Two people, obviously boys, ran across the football field, the whole one-hundred yards without fail or even slowing down. What was special about these boys, were that they were both stark naked, just tennis shoes and balls. But of course, to do a prank such as this, one had to wear a mask. They both wore super hero masks, one appeared to be Iron Man, the other Captain America, but it's not like anyone could tell, they were running so fast that it looked like a streak of skin and red or blue.

The two boys were heading for the other side of the football field, near the fenced area of the parking lot. They were planning to jump the fence and get into the getaway car.

Natalia couldn't find her car, because like her clothes as of recent, it was gray. She decided to stand in front of the fence and scan the area, because that way she could see a wider span of cars. The parking lot was so dimly lit though, that she couldn't make out what the color of each car was anyway. She scratched her head and paced back and forth.

Meanwhile, the two boys streaking were leaping carelessly over the fence. Natalia barely had time to think before she collided with the one in the Captain America mask and they fell over.

"Ow! Shit god damn!" the naked boy cursed on top of her.

Natalia stared up at the boy, and she swore that she had heard his voice somewhere before. He tried to get off of her, but the edge of his jagged mask was caught on her wool sweater.

"Hurry the fuck up!" his naked comrade shouted from the getaway car.

"I'm trying!" he yelled back. He then turned to Natalia and twisted his head to look at the approaching security guards. In a move of desperation, he took off his mask and left it stuck to Natalia's sweater. He tried to hide his face as he ran and jumped into the backseat of the getaway car. But it was too late, Natalia knew that head of dirty blonde hair anywhere.

It had to have been Alfred.

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