Brave Phoneix

[Mahou Shojou Lyrical Nanoha]

-Instrumental, part 1 (first 30 seconds)-

[There's a backround emerging from the darkness, looking like the ground of the Data Realm through which Calumon ran during the first episode of Digimon Tamers, through the wires run small streams of energy]

-Instrumental, part 2-

[On the backround emerged the Digimon Battle Force logo]

Te to te no nukumori ga

[Kanna and Calumon are sitting on a bed as a light orb passes by, they look at it]

boku o tsuyoku suru

[Takato and Riley are in the park, they see the light orb as it passes by]

Tsumikasaneta omoi

[Ryuu holds Tatsuya in a headlock, with Gumdramon and Dracomon next to them, they stop as they see the orb passing by]

sora o kakenukete

[Chie, in the skatepark and holding her skatespeeder, sees the orb passing by]

Kaze ni naru kono negai ga

[The DigiDestenied with their Digimon are seen standing in the forest and see the orb passing by]

namida sae kawakashite

[Satoru is leaning on a street lamp as the light orb apporaches him, he pops it with his finger and it dissolves into sparks]

Tokihanatsu chikara ga

[Nate, Laura, Erik, Agumon and Sparrowmon see the orb passing by]

ken ni nari

[The orb turns into a DigiGnome and flies away, revelating seven shadowed figures]


[The seven shadowed figures are the Shadow Tamers; the camera slowly zooms towards the shadowed figure of Arisa. The shadowed figure dissapears, revelating to be Zyra who rises her head]


[Zyra put on her goggles, jumps on her skatepspeeder and rises her arm with the D-Pod flashing and blinding the scene]

owari wa hajimari no uta

[Belphemon roars, while BanchoLeomon rises his sword, with the DigiDestenied watching the scene, hidden]

Habataita tori no uta

[Ophanimon and Chihiro are seen fighting Lilithmon]

Tatakau imi o miushinawanai de

[Daemon sacrisfices his life to save Lilithmon and Zyra, Leviamon is seen stabbed by Craniamon]

inori yo hoshi ni nare

[Barbamon is seen being impaled by Ophanimon]

Ima wa

[Nora glances at the distance, acompanied with Dynasmon and D'Arcmon, as a wind blows]

tomo ni moyashita honoo o

[Lucemon is seen transforming to ShadowLord, destroying the castle]

ashita e no tomoshibi ni shite

[The Tamers, DigiDestenied and Rangers are seen facing him, Zyra and Beelzemon watch from distance]

Furuete mo ii kara

[Zyra gets suddenly engulfed in darkness while standing]

gutto mae o miyou

[The camera zooms to her head, while she's having her eyes closed]

Kono mune ni

[She opens her eyes as the camera zooms back, making Zyra realize she's sleeping under a tree in the park]

chiisa na yuuki to

[She stands up as a wind blows, blowing seven different colored feathers into the sky, making the 7 Sin Crests appear as some sort of projections]

kiseki o...

[Zyra glances at the sky, and turns back realizing she's acompanied by Chie, Takato, Satoru, Ryuu, Riley, Akuma, Tatsuya and their respective Digimon partners who all are smiling, encouraging her]


[Zyra turns her head back, smiling and looks at the sky, seeing the orb of light which turns into a DigiGnome and with a giggle, flies away]