The Other Side

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Inugami: I just couldn't possibly leave you guys hanging for too long!

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Blair: ...Indeed that is very true...

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It was summer vacation for Negi Springfield and his friends, and his group, Ala Alba had ventured to Mundus Magicus to search for his father.

Upon arriving on the other side, Negi was startled to find that some of his students had stowed away for the adventure of a life time. Now, Yuuna Akashi, Akira Okochi, Makie Sasaki and Natsumi Murakami were more lost and confused than ever before.

Once again, Negi's secret of being a mage was discovered, and not only that, but Blair Nakamura and the rest of Ala Alba's intentions were revealed as well.

After much frantic behavior, Negi finally takes notice to a force that he had felt before. It was an eerie feeling full of hatred and bloodlust. Before he knew it, there was a stone spear that had pierced through his chest, and it came terribly close to his heart. His attacker was none other than Fate Averruncus, the white haired mercenary from the Kyoto school trip.

Kotaro Inugami and Kaede Nagase quickly went to action as they fought against Fate's comrades that had accompanied him from the other side. Setsuna Sakurazaki, Mahora's middle school swordsman, along with her master, Noriya Tan quickly went into action as they tried to defend against Fate's attacks.

All seemed lost however, for neither of the two had their weapons to even make a dent into the boy's magic shield. In the end, Asuna Kagurazaka, without much thought, used her kanka to destroy the box that sealed all of their pactio cards and equipment.

In the blink of an eye, the group was on the offensive, and Konoka Konoe was quickly making her way to Negi so that she may heal him. But just as she was about to reach the boy, Fate quickly appeared before her and unleashed a horrible petrification spell. Too bad for Fate however, for Setsuna came to the rescue of her girlfriend and shielded her with her wings, and just in time for Konoka to heal Negi!

While Noriya, Blair and Setsuna did their best to fend off Fate's comrades, Anya Cocolova, Haruna Saotome, Yue Ayase, Nodoka Miyazaki, Kazumi Asakura, Chisame Hasegawa, Chachamaru Karakuri and Noah Tokaido (Trim) were quickly coming onto the scene after hearing the explosions from the outside.

Much to their surprise, Negi was healed by Konoka, but the fight between Fate's team and Ala Alba had completely shattered the gate port.

Negi and Blair's stowaway students were at a complete loss as to what was happening before them, and before they could even get an explanation Fate had invoked a force teleportation spell that scattered the group to different areas of Mundus Magicus.

"This is my gift to you." Was what the white haired boy told the group. At first Negi had no clue what the boy was talking about, but as he figured it out with the sudden glowing of the ground he reached his hand out and hoped that his comrades would grab onto him. A giant pillar of stone had separated Negi's hand from his other friends, but lucky for him, Chachamaru had quickly used her robotic hand to grab hold of the boy.

There was a flash of bright light, and the forced teleportation had been completed. The next thing Negi saw was nothing but darkness.

Many hours later, Negi had awoken in the middle of a large jungle. His body felt as though elephants had just trampled over him, and his chest was heavy as though a paperweight was put on top of it. Looking around, Negi was confused and disoriented; he began searching his surrounding area and quickly found Chachamaru bathing in a nearby stream.

After getting the full story about what had happened, Negi did his best to try and contact his friends, but came up with no results. Chachamaru was overly concerned about Negi's wellbeing, for he had been burning up with a fever ever since the incident. Negi however was unbelievably stubborn and insisted on finding his companions.

While Chachamaru and Negi were trying to locate the members of Ala Alba that were supposedly in the same jungle as they were in, things were looking sad for Konoka and Setsuna. The two had been separated from one another when the teleportation had happened and without Setsuna by her side, the young princess felt even more afraid than before. Setsuna on the other hand was flipping shit and crying out for her beloved.

A similar situation had arisen for Chisame and Noriya, for Chisame's hand slipped out of her girlfriend's hand just as the spell reached its climax. After several hours, both Noriya and Chisame awoke in what seemed to be a large jungle.

The other couple in Ala Alba, Ako and Blair was more fortunate in their luck, for Blair had quickly grabbed Ako into a hug when the spell first started. The girl was also able to grab a hold of Akira's hand right when the spell sent them all to different corners of the magic country. The three of them ended up waking up in the middle of a desert.

Noah had found himself in the middle of a forest with Asuna by his side. As it had happened, the eighteen year old was trying to grab hold of the closest comrade he could before the spell happened. Asuna just happened to be the one that was right next to him.

The others whereabouts were a mystery, but some of them could be tracked with the Ala Alba badges given to the other members. However, the biggest problem was the fact that Yuuna and the others didn't have badges, for they weren't part of the club. This made locating all of them a lot more difficult than finding the others.

Negi and Chachamaru were determined to find the rest of their comrades and safely return to Mahora. The chances of them making it back before their summer vacation was over however would be impossible.

Negi and rest of Ala Alba are determined to return to the other world, and find out the truth of Nagi Springfield in the process.

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