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Tohru walked into class smiling as usual. She sat down in her seat and got out her books."Hey Tohru!" Uo called."Did you hear that we've got some newbies in the class?" Tohru shook her head."No! How exciting!" Tohru said eyes shining. Uo rolled her eyes."Honestly Tohru!" She exclaimed."Its just some new ain't that special!" Tohru laughed."I just like meeting new people!" She said." Its so great, getting to know all about their lives and personalitys!" Uo shook her head."Whatever you say!" She said chuckling at Tohrus enthusiasim. Tohru looked around the class."I don't see anyone new." She said frowning. "Yeah, they haven't arrived yet." Uo explained. Tohru was about to say something but the bell rang. "Sit down and shut up brats." The teacher commanded. She looked around the room."We have some new students but they seem to be running la-" "MOMOKO! What the hell are you doing!" A voice interuppted. The door burst open and a little girl ran in laughing."Going to class!" She giggled. A girl with orange hair ran after her."This isn't your class,rabbit!" She snarled grabbing the runaway by the collar of her shirt."Aww...you never let me have any fun, Suki" The younger girl pouted. A girl with grey hair walked in behind them."Really. We've been in the school 10 minutes and already you've caused a fuss." The newcomer said glaring."Stupid cat." Tohru watched them in wonder."They remind me of someone." She thought."Hm...but who?" The orange headed girl glared back."HEY! Don't blame me!" She snapped."Its the kids fault!" The little girl waved at the staring students."Hiya!" She greeted happily. The two older girls glared at each other neither one blinking. "Okay! Will someone please explain whats going on?" The teacher asked hands on hips."I'm assuming your the new kids?" The younger girl beamed."Yep! My names Momoko Ulcaza!"She said happily."And thats Shisuke and Takara!" The two girls looked up at the sound of their sighed."I apoligize for my cousins behaviour." She said."My name is Takara Ulcaza." She pointed at Shisuke."And that idiot is Shisuke." Shisuke got angry again."What did you just call me, rat!" She yelled. Takara ignored her."Momoko,why don't you go to your own class?" Takara suggested. Momoko smiled and nodded."Okay! Bye!" She called before running off laughed."Hey! Its orangetop and the prince!" She said. Tohru looked at the two new students."Thats it! Its like Yuki and Kyo!" She realized. Well this is going to be interesting. The two Sohma's thought.

All everyone was talking about was the new kids. Tohru,Yuki,Kyo,Hana and Uo were walking along the corridor at break. Momiji ran up to them dragging Haru behind him."Hi Tohru!" Momiji greeted smiled."Hello Momiji!" She said. Momiji was bouncing up and down excitiedly."Oh Tohru guess what?" Momiji said brightly."We got two new girls in our class! Their names are Mizume and Momoko!" Tohru recognized Momokos name."Momoko Ulcaza?" Tohru asked. Momiji nodded."Oh! I just realized! Momokos exactly like Momiji!" Tohru said eyes wide. "Uh huh!" Momiji said."And Mizume's a lot like Haru!" Uo raised her none existent eyebrows."Are you sure you guys aren't realated?" She questioned. Yuki shook his head."I told you before, I've never heard of them in my life." Hana spoke up then."Strange..." She murmered." They're waves...they're identical to the Sohma's." Everyone but Uo and Hana thought the same thing. Does that mean...they're members of the Zodiac to!

After school finished, Tohru and the Sohma's stayed behind."So...you really think these guys could be...like us?" Haru asked. Yuki shrugged."I don't know what to think Haru." He said shaking his head in wonder. Kyo was his usual optimistic (ha!) self."Oh great! Thats just what we need! More freaks like us!" He muttered. Momiji looked thoughtful."So if they like us, does that mean we can hug them!" Momiji asked. Before anyone could respond they heard a voice." CUT IT OUT RABBIT!" Shisuke yelled chasing Momoko down the corrider with Takara. Momoko stuck her tongue out." You can't catch-" "MOMOKO!" Takara shouted noticing Momiji standing there."LOOK OUT!" Momoko collided with Momiji. There was a big POOF and a cloud of smoke engulfed the corrider. The smoke cleared to reveal... two rabbits! "Uh oh." Momiji and Momoko said in union.

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