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Tea Stain Chapter 1

The Incident

Beast Boy was in the kitchen, waiting for Raven to show up to make her morning tea. He had planned to have her stuff set out for her when she came in. At 8:45 he got out the teapot and her favorite mug, a dark blue ceramic that said "Keep Calm and Drink Tea." At 8:57 he retrieved a teabag of her favorite flavor. At 9:00, Raven's expected arrival time, he was sitting at the table, bouncing his knee up in down. At 9:01 he was getting a little anxious. At 9:04 he put water in the teapot. At 9:07 he lighted the burner. At 9:12 the water was boiling. At 9:14 the teapot was whistling. At 9:14:27s he poured the scalding water into the mug. At 9:16 he put in the teabag and stirred the water. At 9:18 he added a pinch of sugar and a dash of creamer, just how Raven like it. At 9:23 Beast Boy was really worried. It was unlike Raven to sleep in. At 9:25 he resolved to bring the tea to her and heated the mug up in the microwave. At 9:27 he opened the Ops room door, just as Raven came walking through the door, and bumped into the demoness, spilling the hot tea down her white t-shirt (I know Raven usually doesn't wear white, but for the sake of the story just ignore it), leaving a dark brown stain. The tea dripped down her shirt, soaking her shorts and the floor.

The light bulb overhead burst and Raven gasped. No matter how many times she splashed tea on herself, she would never get used to the pain of it.

"Oh no." Beast Boy groaned. He couldn't help himself from staring. The white t-shirt was see-through when it was wet and as it was wet at the moment, it gave him a view of her black bra. "I'm so sorry. I was just bringing you your tea and I was getting worried because it was almost 9:30 and you never wake up that late and…"

"Well, now I have to go change. Thanks." Raven interrupted him, stalking off towards her room.

Oh man, Beast Boy thought. Now you've really blown it. She'll never forgive you for this one. I have to go apologize. I'll bring her another mug of tea and maybe then she will accept my apology.

In Raven's Room:

"Once we've changed, we'll head out there and kick is butt for this!" Rage shouted in Raven's mind.

"Did you see the way he looked at us?" Happy and Love giggled. "He had a perfect view of us!"

"That was so embarrassing. I hate it when people see us like that." Timid whispered.

"Shut up!" Raven hissed. "You're all giving me a headache!" Raven took of the ruined clothes and popped them in the hamper, pulling out grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt from the closet with her powers. Last night's research on magic went later than she had planned and she was exhausted. It's safe to say that she was not in the mood for any crap. She dressed herself and began meditating. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos," she chanted.

She had been peacefully meditating for only a few minutes when she was rudely interrupted by knocking at her door. "Well, I wonder who that could be." Raven snarled sarcastically, figuring it was Starfire asking if they could go to the "mall of shopping" together today. "Starfire, I don't…oh, it's you." Raven said when she opened the door with her powers, still sitting in her lotus position. Raven stood up and walked towards the door, noticing that Beast Boy was holding a mug of what smelled like her favorite tea. "What do you want?" Raven said in a softer tone of voice.

Beast Boy blushed, picking up on the quieter tone in her voice, he figured that that was a green light to continue. He began to apologize and hold out the tea as a peace offering, but unconsciously stopped when he saw what she was wearing. "Man, you look good in sweatpants,"he said, accidently speaking his thoughts out loud.

Raven blushed. He must not have meant to say that out loud. I'll just ignore it. "Thanks," she mumbled, reaching for the tea. Beast Boy felt a shiver go up his spine at her touch, as did Raven at his, when their fingers met on the mug of tea. Raven took the mug and sipped the tea. "My favorite, thank you." She commented as she turned around, and closed the door behind her.

Beast Boy couldn't help but stare as she walked away. She really looked good in sweatpants. Beast Boy sighed, and returned to the Ops room to play video games with Cyborg, all the while grinning at his fortune.

Raven let a small smile play out on her face as she resumed meditating and sipping her tea. She couldn't help but noticing that it had the perfect combination of sugar and cream, just how she liked it. "He really does care," Love and Happy giggled through their grins.

Today is going to be a good day. Raven thought.